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1997 Tlie Rock 



V.' ' '" , ■>■■, ..'>,. v-;. r.»>" 

HPfflw" ■ ' rt-/J 

> ,'1 



3 1649 00207 4802 


373.7448 The Rock, Plymouth 

ROC South High School| 


••it J 


■■■..; ^:^ .':■'. ' :^>;— 

^W ^^^^^'^'^^'^^ 

'W^'-''- '-''' 


StMdenit Life • 

I ftxA 



People • 





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^i^tf^A' S^fi'^d S^^f^^t^ 


* Supiricment 

1 . • .y . <V ■ 

No metier wiiere yoa cotiio Iroiii or ynuil; :U b ^' lI;; 

^''^;i:e d#Q:f iis rpoii ' o m ■ [^ :;') (m 

■^ l■^'^ iM ;> 

V 1 i' T"* V" , \ 

'97 The Rock 

Volume VII 

Plymouth South High School 
490 Long Pond Road 
Plymouth, MA 02360 
Enrollment: 1,319 

f^mS ■ 



11 till! 

From thefjSti£ Plymouth South 
Stepped Out siimvk^ay from the Eagle 
mascot and trAwj/ons, they have con- 
tinuously himt^ffa took on A New Look. 
The sUidenjKDody, and even the school, 
itselCr hjB grown in numerous wj ^ 

Fo/ZowSOvjirwhelmed at first, the (flass 

.nd thei 

ior Class graduates, so 
t remaining Plymouth mLagles. The class of 1997 
ids as the last class to start their four 

year high school journey as Plymouth 
Blu^^fi!(gl^»>ai^ finish the transition 
Mymouth South Pan- 
d, but certainly not 
I or our friends at 

'rclassmen conti *- 


to the next 

is still a fond memory in 
11 Panthers. Both have 
i§de eiiwFihous strides to preserve the 
traditions, we have worked so hard to 
accomplish. As we see our Reflections, 
we remember, what once was, and 
dream what is going to be. 

Jesse Telford works on his conditioning 
during football practice by running on 
the rubber track around the varsity 
playing fleld. 

Lesley Desauliners and Jen Gilman, long-time friends, 
take a break from working on their pastel self-portraits 
in Mrs. Sykes' AP Drawing class. 


Casey Wibben, Kim Hough, Tracey Kelly, Maureen Couture, and 
Virginia Reisig decorate the team's cars before going to the away, 
night game against Plymouth North. They tied the Eagles 0-0, and 
later in the season shut them out 2-0. According to the team, "it was 
the best day of our season." 

Nick Sutton gets his blood tested by a Red Cross nurse during a 
Blood Drive on November 15, 1996. National Honor Society 
members volunteered their time to assist. 

Senior Sandy Hemmings can sometimes be seen prowling around 
various sites in Plymouth as the Panther. 


Jon Shea holds the only trajedy to come from the Back to 
School Dance. ..a I'allen ceiling tile, which Mike Jezierski 
took out while playing volleyball. 

Stacey Foskett and Loychai Sisouvong get caught on their 
way inside to warm up after a chilly Octoberfest. 


■^1 #^ 




jd|K ^S|^^ 

4 Student Life 


'For Halloween, Rob LaGrutta displayed his new cross- 
dressing apparel, and discovered that being a female "ain't 
quite bad!" 

of Inquiry 

Part of what makes 
P.S.H.S. unique is the di- 
verse pool of students and 
the many different lives 
they lead. In the summer, 
many students found that 
their lives became more 
laid- back, and others found 
themselves working jobs, 
as their friends played at 
the beach. Some dreaded 
the start of the school year 

because it interrupted their 
relaxing summers, while oth- 
ers looked foward to it be- 
cause it brought relief from 
their "fourty hour work 
weeks". The start of the year 
brought long, tiring sports 
practices, rigorous classes, 
club meetings, along with 
memorable events such as 
the Back to School and 
Homecoming dances. 

"Sometimes ifs 
hard to organize 
my time so I can 
deal with school 

ctivitieSy and 
a social 

Student Life 5 




\ \ 





The Back to School Bash 

. . .a Imb tirjcm 


Senior Yearbook editor Andrew Pinto works with other , 
members lo get the decorations set up behind the scenes I 
right up the last minute. 

At 7:30 p.m. on September 20. 1996. 
people dressed in their casuals and began to 
crowd around the doors of Plymouth South 
High School. Erin Dyer 
remarked. "It was cool 
having at least one dance 
where we could dress 
normally, and not have 
to worry about looking 
perfect." The Back to 
School Dance is just one 
of the Yearbook's major 
fundraisers, and this year 
$750 was raised in ticket and refreshment 
sales. The evening began with an exciting 
game of volleyball, with a back-drop of great 

"The DJ was jumpin', 

the music was 

thumpin', and the 

crowd was a bumpin' !" 

-Andy Vickery 

music provided by Sean Westgate, Yearbook 
Advisor. The students enjoyed listening to 
everything from oldies like "American Pie" to 
songs of the present like 
"Sabotage", "Down", 
and "Crossroads". The 
party went on until 1 1 :00 
o'clock, with people 
dancing, laughing, and 
having a grand old time. 
Jessi Green explains, "1 
liked seeing everyone 
again after the long sum- 
mer." Indeed, this dance was a wonderful way 
to kick off a long year. Hopefully there will be 
more good times like that in the future. 

Warren Matthews and Adam Shea work up a sweat from 
hours of non-stop dancing and "gettin down". 

Kate Hurd and guest enjoy each others company away 
from the dance floor at the dance. 

8 Student Life 

i Deanna Mahoney and Kristen Thomas are 
ail smiles as they dance the night away. 

Mrs. D'Ambrosio, Ms. Petrocelli, and 
Sarah Delory work together to blow up 
balloons before the dance. 

Student Life 9 

Lauren GustalsDii, along with her brother and aunt, watch a woman 
weaving a blanket in Huilloc. Peru. 

Amber Dickerson and Dutch friend, Sophie Tax, hide in the shade of 
the trees of the Open Air Museum in Amhem. Holland. 

Tobey Geller smiles despite the strenuous work of planting a tree in 
the hot sun of Jerusalem, Israel. 

Jessy Villano poses with the Beatles at Madame Tussaud's Wax 
Museum in London. England. Jessy commented," The whole trip was 
awesome, but hanging with the Beatles rocked!'" 

10 Student Life 



* 3 

^^^^a ikt- 

L Ml^t^ ^^^l^^^^^^^^^^^l 

Crossing Borders 

...ujkm did (joii gcyUu kwmwvY 

The summer of 1 996 was a popu- 
lar summer to travel outside the 
United States for many students 
and teachers at P.S.H.S. Some 
traveled on sports programs, some 
on community service projects, 
and others on odysseys for cul- 
tural experimentation. Holland. 
Peru, Zambia, Zimbabwee, En- 
gland, Australia, Monaco, Italy, 
and France were all places of in- 
terest this year. Living the every- 
day life with foreign families, 

shopping in foreign markets, and 
visiting historical landmarks all 
contribute to the excitement of 
traveling. Through traveling, 
people come to see and learn so 
much about culture and language 
that differs from ours in so many 
ways; they can truly appreciate 
the variety of architecture, 
lifestyle, and cultural traditions. 
Junior Tobey Geller 

informed,"Some days it got up to 
125 degrees in Israel." Morag 
MacLachlan also commented, 
"Australia was beautiful, espe- 
cially the city of Sydney." 

Whether in Plymouth or in a 
foreign land, students emarked on 
adventures of all kinds. 

Morag MuL'Lachlan and her sister 
Catriona pose in front of the White Half 
Shells of the Sydney Opera House in 
Sydney, Austraha. 

Brie Cronin and her foreign exchange 
friends relax on a fountain in Rome, Italy 
during their European Odyssey. 

Student Life 

Jon O'Neill shows off his stylish dreads 
created with Hour and eggs. 

Erin Johnson. Janelle Dubiiis. and Jamie 
Caveney head towards the girl's locker 
room to check out their attire. 

As Caitlin Bythewood struts down one of 
the many runways at P.S.H.S, she models 
a hippy motif with her bell bottoms. 

Seniors Emily Carroll and Steve Infascelli 
prefer to take the casual and comfortable 

12 Student Life 

On the Catwalk 

Mike Jezierski displays his feminine side while bored on a Thursday 
night at Angela Naples house.. 


... ^ TO loo- imj fo^ Uu page,! 

"Hey, nice shirt!", "Right Said Fred." Are you too 
sexy, too preppy, too trendy? Maybe you don't consider 
yourself too anything, as most people at Plymouth South 
consider their style. 

Each student at Plymouth South has their own idea of 
style, whether they know it or not. Even if their style is 
simply jeans and a tee-shirt, maybe that is their idea of being 
"way too tired" to care about clothes! As Angela Naples 
comments, Warren Mathews agrees, "Sometimes I swear 
I'm blind in the morning." This is evident through Warren's 
display of mismatched clothes. 

Whatever their view on fashion may be, whether they 
spend 10 minutes or two hours in the morning to get dressed; 
spend $3 dollars or $90 dollars on an outfit; students of all 
styles can be found "doing their turn on the catwalks" of the 
hallways at PSHS every day. 

Sally Szwed and Brie Cronin show off 
their favorite pairs of vintage bell-bot- 
toms. They usually shop in thrift stores 
because of the cheap prices and one of a 
kind styles. 

Student Life i3 


Mr. Hanna gets a first-hand taste of the new pie-throwing 
Senior favorite at Octoberfest. 

It may not have looked like the most 
promising of days for Octoberfest. However, 
the cold, gray morning hours quickly turned 
into a mild, sunny after- 
noon. The festivities be- 
gan as the rest of the 
school was entering their 
fifth period classes. 

The wide variety of 
music, put on by Mike 
McCleavy and Andy 
Vickery, was a sure fire 
way of getting everyone 
into a great mood from the start. As the day 
progressed, Seniors enjoyed activities rang- 
ing from football, soccer, and volleyball, to 

It was great to see the 

seniors having fun at 

Octoberfest, but next 

time use paper plates,- 

not metal. 

-Mr. Hanna 

Red Rover, Tug-of-War, and frisbee throw- 
ing. In past years, the infamous dunk tank has 
been a popular way to get revenge on that 
"special" teacher. How- 
ever, this year pie-throw- 
ing replaced this Senior 
favorite, and was equally 
successful, and quite a 


The Senior class 
had Ms. Petrocelli to 
thank for putting together 
the days events, as well 
as Senior class officers and other staff mem- 
bers that participated. There was a ton of great 
food and friends; a good time to be shared. 



Students show off their strength while engaging in a 
friendly game of Tug-of-War. 

Kellie Gates was the hands down winner of this years 
potato sack race. 

14 Student Life 

v\ here are the lunch ladies when we need 
licni? Mr. Purdy tries to prepare lunch for 
he Seniors... 

Student Life 15 

Pal Shannon, Liz Moreland, Jackie Jitiam. 
Mike Riordan. Andy Manson, Maureen 
McLaughlin, and Be\y Titus pose tor a 
group snapshot. 

^' '^^V 





"Red Rover. Red Rover, send Janelle 
Dubois over.. .and Lauren Smith. Erin 
Johnson. Jamie Caveney. and Beth 

Pat Gorse throws a fast-ball to one of his 
friends in a Softball game, one of the many 
activites students took part in. 

Erica Leili flashes herOctoberfest shir 
show off her school spirit. 

16 Student Life 

Lyn Dienhart and Tracey Kelly enjoy each other's com 
pany, as well as the sights and sounds of Octoberfest. 

Steve Spillane attempts to do the Macarena? 

Student Life 


Meghan Shaw rings oul her mop al the Pilgrim Manor 
Nursing Home. 

Taking Care of Business 

...dtuf oAvi datj 

"Paper or plastic? How may I serve you? 
Would you like fries with that?" In addition to 
sitting through classes all day, many students 
often find themselves 
serving the public at their 
after school jobs. Whether 
they fry burgers, pump 
gas, or sell clothes, the 
students of Plymouth 
South High School are 
working hard for mini- 
mum wage. In fact. Se- 
nior Sean Kelley puts it at 
best. "Having a job is pretty much a waste of 
time, but at least I get money to pay for all of 
mv food." For some students, their after 

"Working at Star Mar- 
ket isn't the greatest of 
jobs, but it gives me a 
little extra cash." 

-Mer Kay 

school jobs provide the money to pay for col- 
lege and various other expenses like: car insur- 
ance, gas. yearbooks, and dances. You can find 
students all over Ply- 
mouth working at a wide 
variety of places; Star 
Market. Friendly' s. The 
Sheraton, Peaceful 
Meadows, Lechemere, 
and Agway just to name 
a few. Working during 
high school years pro- 
vides students with a 
strong work ethic and builds character; two 
qualities vital for success in the job markets of 
the future. 

Sean Kelley sharpens skates at the M & M's store located 
in Cortage Park. 

Kristy Barbieri rings in an order as Jamie Caveney wipes 
down the front counter before the end of their shift at the 
Dunkin" Donuls in Manomet. 

18 Student Life 

Velle Coady rings in a grocery order at the 
5tar Market in Cederville as the consumer 
issists by bagging them. 

Kara Gushing takes a message as Carie 
Hadaway works a cash register at the Hanes 
Bah store in Cordage Park. 


■ '1 


h^^mHB^mk »«■*** ^ 








■ -f^g^ 


^SjiS^P^; ^' fl 


^ B|i|i|B t- ,, JH 


B^^jf IT 






(Middle)- Ethan Stiles stocks the baby 
food isle at the Stop & Shop in Manomet 
after school. 

(Top)- Derek Goodwin washes a 
costomer's window while working at the 
Mayflower-Sunoco gas station and conve- 
nience store. 

Steph Sellman answers a customer's ques- 
tion while working at a cashier station at M 

& M's. 

Student Life 19 



Plymouth South 

..Im iM,1h/ faiC'iam 

And the wait goes on. ..and on. ..and on. 

Students who drive to school found that there are 
many hassles attached to the privilege. Not finding a 
parking spot close enough to the building seems to be 
a pet peeve, while many complain that the wait in line 
to leave the parking lot after school is the worst. The 
bumper-to-bumper traffic jam is constantly held up 
by the buses that leave the parking lot at 2:05. 

Most have a problem with not being able to park 
in teacher parking, when teachers may park in the 
student lot. Students make the best of the situation by 
leaving the occasional tire marks, various forms of 
noise pollution, and in the winter, one cannot escape 
the snowballs being thrown overhead. 

Jeanna Pierson and Michelle Kearney relax on the trunk of Jeanna's 
car while waiting to meet a friend after school. 

Tiina Ritval stops to pose for a quick picture, but she really wants to 
get going to beat those buses! 

Everyone scatters as Josh Tony revs his engine a few times before 
leaving the parking lot. 

20 Student Life 


Derek Goodwin displays his masculinity through 
his monster truclc. 

"What Has Been 

Your Worst Driving 

Experience? " 

"I received a really big speeding 

ticket for racing on the highway." 


"I broke down in the middle of 

the night between exits two and 


-Brendon Dillan 

"Singing to Tori on the radio, Jen 
Oilman and I ran off the road and 
plowed into a little kids play- 
-Lesley Desaidniers 

"When fish-tailing with Andrew 
Pinto on a dirt road, I was pictur- 
ing my own death, and the last 
thing I was going to see was 
Andrew's ugly mug and my 
-Mike Riordan 

"While sitting in the ejector-seat 

of Warren's van, he stopped short 

thrusting my face into a milk 

crate, making me bleed all over 

the place." 

-Ryan McKenzie Norton 

Gary Knight is bustin' out with the "phat jams" in 
his Wu Tang mobile. 

fj^ Student Life 21 

Haunted Hallways 

Josh Toney, Jim Semer.Ryan Prifti, and Chris O'Malley get read;| 
to go trick-or-treating regardless of their age. 

Many students participated in the Halloween 
lostivitiesatPSHS. Students expressed their spirit by 
dressing from head to toe in scary and creative 
costumes. Through the hallways, you could find 
anything from angels and elves to ghosts and gob- 
lins. Many find this as a way to escape the monotony 
of the everyday routine of the school year. 

To many, Halloween is the greatest time of the 
year. It is a time to dress up, a time to act goofy, and 
the best part of it is, you get free candy for it! 

Students, as well as faculty, enjoy the "trick or 
treat" of this holiday. You will most likely see your 
favorite teacher in the spirit of this festive occasion. 

Code Blue! Emergency in the cafeteria! Here Dr. Andrew 
Pinto administers a shot to collegue. Dr. Brie Cronin. 

Chad Pittsley gets caught "clowning around" in the hallway. 

Jen Pearson and Michelle (I mean Mike) Adelmann enjoy 
the spirit of Halloween. 

22 Student Life 

On Halloween this year, our school was 
blessed with the presence of God, other- 
wise known as Mike Riordan. 

Debra Cressey poses as her favorite 
past time, television. 

Ms. Wolf may appear to be a cute, 
cuddly bunny, but don't be fooled.. 

In case you get lost during passing 

time, just look towards Ryan 

Horton, she'll direct you. 

Angela Naples impersonates 

Courtney Love impersonating 

Minnie Mouse. 

Student Life 23 

Mike Adclmann ;iiul Jessv Villano 

Homecoming Court: Row 1: Kristy Abbasciano. Tracey Kelly, Loychai 
Sisomoiig. Lyn Dicnharl. Row 2: Mike Riordan, Steve DeCost. Queen: Jen 
Karbotl. King: Tyler Fairchild, Mike McCleavey, and Joshua Hill 

Zach Raasch. Sean Delaney, Jon Shea 
Brandon Churchey, Karrie Oilman 

24 Student Life 

When you wish upon a star... 

Ethan Gorham, Becky Chapman, and Pat Griffin. 

^ j^^pT^j^ 

^ j^^ 


WKKf^r V* Jrik lJ^^^ 




799<^ Homecoming 

At 7:30pm on November 22nd, students began 
crowding through the doors of Plymouth South High 
School to attend the 1996 annual Homecoming dance. 
The theme of this years semi-formal was "Celestial 
Fantasy". The cafetorium decorated with glimering gold 
and silver stars and moons, set the mood for a romantic 
evening for the students and staff attending the dance. 

About halfway through the night the music stopped 
and the dancing paused long enough to 
announce this years Homecoming Court. The nominees 
for Queen were: Kristy Abbasciano, Lyn Dienhart, Tracey 
Kelly, Loychai Sisouvong, and Jen Karbott. For King the 
nominees were: Mike McCleavy, Mike Riordan, Joshua 
Hill, Steve DeCost, and Tyler Fairchild. In the annual 
tradition, last years King and Queen, Steve Huntly and 
Ann Willard returned to crown Jen Karbott and Tyler 
Fairchild as the new King and Queen. 

With all the girls in their beautiful dresses and the 
guys in their suits dancing to the sounds of the DJ, this 
magical night will not soon be forgotten. 

King Tyler Fairchild with Queen Jen Karbott. 

Lisa Hamihon and Tim Keenan. 

Virginia D'Ambro.sio and Plymouth South Alumni. Scott Ballum. 

Student Life 25 

True Colors 

...shining through 

Jen Karbott and Mr. Rothwell spori the same shirt, jeans 
and shoes to top olT "Twin Day". 

Spirit Week is a lime when .students let 
llieir teal spirits shine through- dressing from 
farmers to twins, students take pride in their 
school w hile having fun. 
This week consisting of 
Farmer Day. Tropical 
Day. PCIS Day. Pajama 
Day. Twin Day. and Teal 
and Black Day led up to 
the annual Pep Rally. 
This year the JV and 
Varsity cheerleaders per- 
formed together for the 
first time ever. The slide show, provided by 
Student Council and Nancy Green displayed 
the efforts and highlights of all the Fall sports 

"I like being a Senior 

because we were the 

center of attention at 

the Pep Rally." 

-Karen LaPointe 

teams. The Freshmen turned out to be the 
overall winners in "Penny Wars", while the 
staff conquered the "Spirit Link" race. The 
$330 raised from the 
Penny Wars was donated 
to charity. The special 
lighting and sound 
effects were produced by 
Andy Vickery and Mike 

The activities at this 
years Pep Rally, were 
well recieved by both stu- 
dents and faculty alike. This day proved to be 
one of the best Pep Rallies yet and stands as a 
basis for all future Pep Rallies held at PSHS. 

Yearbook staff members: Brie Cronin, Jessy Villano, 
Andrew Pinto, Angela Naples, and Virginia D' Ambrosio 
announce winners of the Senior Superlatives. 

Mike McCleavey and Andy Vickery provide the sound for 
the 1996 Pep Rally. 


Student Life 

Rhiannon Varmette participates in the 
festivities of the Pep Rally with other Band 

^^Hnn^B ^*^>..:-^:.^- :-^'^\. 

.it..^,.,t£^m. S 








Brie Simon, Allison Witmer, Kristen 
Haskins, and Shauna Prifti, take a break 
from their strenuous cheerleading activity. 

Coach Dorr gives a pre-game speech to his 
players in order to get them fired up for the 
Thanksgiving Day Game. 

Karen LaPointe is all smiles while she 
watches and enjoys her last Pep Rally at 
Plymouth South. 

In her sunglasses. Hawaiian print shirt.and 
lei, Meghan DcLa is ready for the tropics. 

Student Life 27 







•V. \:^.Si V ' r^ VJ 



I ^ 

ft- V 

•; m 

*A ? «i 


■J. -i ■■ * tJ 

V ^ /« 






« > 


# # 







Erin Holmes opens her notebook and busily works on an 
assignment in her Sophomore English class (British 

Lauren Buckman and Jessie Shaw work on their batik 
project during Mrs. Glendye's sixth period AP Art class. 

32 Student Life Divider \Vj 

knior Andy Manson wisely utilizes his time in study hall 
)y experimenting with new hairstyles and expressions. 
)bviously, pigtails was his favorite. 

the Brain 

The many academic 
choices Plymouth South 
High School students 
must make, become ap- 
parent at the end of each 
year when they are is- 
sued a course selection 
sheet and a course de- 
scription booklet, which 
describes the dozens of 
classes that are 

available to them. PSHS 
offers courses of all lev- 
els, so that students may 
work at a pace best suited 
to their style of learning. 
Some students find them- 
selves taking up most of 
their time with hands-on 
classes to plan a future 
and prepare for what lies 

"Senior Year is 
more fun. The 
teachers step- 
to a new level 
to keep our at- 
Jention & pre- 
pare us for 
college/ ^ 

'Shannon Gill 

yy ^ 

Student Life Divider 33 

Expressions of Life 

Senior Lesley Desaulnicrs shudes her sell-pDrtruil draw- 
ing during Mrs. Sykes' Studio Art AP class. 

In addition to doing hours of school work, 
working part time jobs and contributing to 
various school groups, many students also 
enjoy taking art classes. 
Sophomore Chris Paine 
commented, "Art class 
is a great experience." 
At Plymouth South High 
School, the arts include 
classes such as Theater 
Arts, Music Theory, Ce- 
ramics, General Art, and 
Drawing. Although 
many students like taking art classes and have 
fun learning the basics, the curriculum also 
offers a variety of advanced classes for those 

"Art allows me to test 
the boundries of my 

imagination and to ex- 
press my inner self." 

-Ryan McKenzie Horton 

who wish to further challenge their creative 
ability. This is particularly true for senior Jessy 
Vi llano who expressed, "This year I am taking 
three art classes because 
next year I will be going 
off to college for art edu- 
cation, and this is great 
preparation." Student 
work is often displayed 
throughout the halls and 
a community wide art 
show is enjoyed every 
year. While it is true that 
"beauty is in the eyes of the beholder," the art 
students of Plymouth South High School are 
certainly showing their true colors. 

Senior Jaryl Frazer scores his pinch pot in Mrs. Glendye's 
fifth period ceramics class. 

Adam Burke, a Warner Brothers animator, and Plymouth 
South Alumni, explains how tlip books are used in his 
profession to Mrs Syke's Drawing class. 

34 Academics 

Nicole Cicone works on her pop-art 
planting in Mrs. Sylces" seventh period 
Portfolio Prep, class. 

Academics 35 

In Biology class, as Kristen Finn reads the ' 
steps in the lab procedure, Justin Leach ' 
looks through a compound microscope. 

Seniors, Derek Varasso, Joel Perry, Wayne 
Mullen, Jeff Pierce, Janelle Dubois, and 
Danielle Gill all work on their Physics lab. 

Mrs Trepanier"s Physical Science students 
take time to finish last nights homework 
and catch up on sleep before class begins. 

Mr. Westfield explains the Pythagorean 
Theorem to his seventh period Geometry 

36 Academics 

The overhead projectors provide an alternative teaching 
method for Mr. Dorr to give his students notes. 

Dissecting the problem(s) 

From Sesame Street to Wall Street, math is 
evident in everyday life. As some students prepare 
to venture off into the buisness field, they study 
Consumer Math, others 
choose to build their skills 
by taking general math and 
Senior Math courses. Yet 
many other students prefer 
to take Algebra, Geometry, 
and Calculus to enhance 
theirproblem solving skills. 
Along with strengthening 
their skills, these courses 
also supply students with a strong foundation to 
build off of in their science classes. Senior, 
Dorothy Moyer noted, "I found that my Pre- 

"The variety of Sci- 
ence courses offered at 
PSHS, allow me to 
explore my future in 

-Brienne Necole Cronin 

Calculus knowledge was useful in my Physics 
class because I was already familiar with the math 
it focused on, where some students were learning 
it for the very first time!" 
Aside from Physics, 
the Science department 
offers Physical Science, 
Biology, Ecology, Human 
Anatomy and Physiology, 
Chemistry, Astronomy, 
and also Oceanography. 
Included in the Science 
curriculum, is the hands- 
on laboratory expierience needed to further ones 
education in this field. Here are our future medical 
professionals, scientists, and mathematicians. 

Mrs. McNiilty helps prepare Rachel Andrade tor her 
practicum by memorizing the names of the bones. 

Scott Christian works diligently to develop an egg-drop- 
per for his Astronomy class with Mr. Petrangelo. 

Academics 37 

Lyn Dienhart and Darcy Morin prepare to 
shoot their arrows during archery. 

Mr. Ahneida and Ms. Aheam tai<e a breai< 
from teaching their gym classes to plan 
their further use of the gym. 

Steve Morse practices his forehand during 
his fifth period gym class. 

Mrs. Anderson demonstrates how to per 
form CPR on the Rescue Annie doll dur 
ing her fifth period health class. 

38 Academics 


eart of the Matter 

Gym classes are required throughout a stu- 
dents high school career. Although some students 
dislike changing for gym and breaking out in a 
sweat, others enjoy gym and view it as a much 
needed release from their school day. Many stu- 
dents find themselves taking more than one gym 
class because they failed one (or more) 
semesters(s). Students who have passed the course 
are only required to participate in the class every 
other day. Freshmen and Juniors meet on Tues- 
days and Thursdays, while Sophomores and Se- 
niors meet on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fri- 
days. Some students who carry a full course load 
are unable to fit all of their Health, Gym or 
Science labs into their schedules. So, they are 
allowed to report to their lab instead of their gym 

,..iti cM obcHJitmMm 

and health class. 

Opposite gym days. Freshmen and Sopho- 
mores are required to take a health class. This 
course helps students get a better understanding of 
how to lead a healthier lifestyle. Seniors and Jun- 
iors may take a health and fitness course taught by 
Miss Tagiieri first period. Health classes also 
teach stress reduction techniques, as well as proper 
nutritional values. Freshmen and Sophomores are 
taught about drugs and alcohol, physical fitness, 
and sex education to name a few. They are also 
taught CPR, and are given an opportunity to be- 
come certified and review the Heimlich Manuever. 

By the time Seniors graduate, they have a 
better understanding of their bodies, as well as a 
better understanding of the world around them. 

Amanda DeCosta works on the universal weight machine 
to exercise her lats. 

are your 

"I like to tease Miss Ahearn." 
-Melissa Morin 

"Archery is my favorite activ- 
ity in Gym." 

-Melissa Anderson 

"Gym is a good way to get rid 
of some energy." 
-Andrew Manson 

"It's fun as long as you don't 


-Jackie Jitiam 

"It's a complete waste of the 

academic mind." 

-Sean Kelley 

"We like gym because Mrs. 

Briggs lets us play tennis 

while all the underclassmen 

have to walk the track. She 

loves the Seniors." 

-Sandy Hemmings and 

Kim Brunkhorst 

Around the World in 
Seven Periods 

Kerri Bocacci types in her English essay for Mrs. Leonard';' 
third period class. 

Students at PSHS are required to take at least 
three )ears of a History course and tour years ot an 
English course in order to graduate. 

Spanish. Latin, and 
French are the three foreign 
languages offered at Ply- 
mouth South. There are a 
variety of different levels 
t)f these courses, ranging 
from introductory to A. P. 
In class, speaking, writing, 
and cultural aspects are all 

In the English curriculum, vocabulary, gram- 
mar, and literature are all part of the four year 
learning experience. However, there are some 

"Learning a new lan- 
guage not only opens 
up your mind, but also 
a new and exciting 

-Andrew Pinto 

activities that are unique to the individual grade. 

Where as, there are not as many options to 
choose from in the English Department, there are 
many alternative courses to 
satisfy the required History 
classes. PSHS students can 
choose from a variety of 
classes within this field. 
Some of these classes 
include: Psychology, Soci- 
ology, U.S. History, Euro- 
pean History, World Civi- 
lization. People and Cul- 
ture, Intro, to Social Sciences. Economics. Justice 
and Society, and International Relations. In turn, 
traveling the world in seven periods. 

Mr. Robinson works on his lesson plans during a break 
between first and second period. 

Senior Brendan Bither uses the Language Lab during 
Mrs. GledhilTs fifth period Spanish class. 

40 Academics 

Careers in the Making 

. . .wotkmq tovjcmji Hie, mum 

Nick Pasolini finishes setting up the "to go" 
tables for lunches. 

Although many High Schools provide only 
academics, students at Plymouth South are fortu- 
nate enough to not only have the technical studies 
program, but student re- 
sources as well. These in- 
clude priigrams such as 
Child De\ elopement. Fash- 
ion Design. Culinary Arts. 
Cosmotology, Interior De- 
sign, Home Economics, the 
Bank and the DEC A school 
store. Students participat- 
ing in these courses are able 
to let their talents and creativity shine through. 
While enjoying themselves, they are on thier way to 
building a career in these diverse fields. Aside from 

"Fashion design is a 

break from all my 

other classes, and it 

gives me a chance to 

expand my creativity." 

-Tiffany Roberts 

aiding students, Student Resources also contribute 
towards the community. The Panther Cubhouse 
provides teachers and community members with a 
con venient daycare for thier 
children. SouthsideFaireis 
open to the public to enjoy 
food prepared by Culinary 
students. Cosmotology sup- 
plies patrons with an oppor- 
tunity to receive cuts and 
styles of their choice. 
Cosmotology also offers a 
discount to teachers and staff 
members. These courses not only allow interaction 
with the public, but lends to a valuable learning 
expierience as well. 

Erik Meigs stocks the shelves of the DECA store to 
prepare for the grand opening. 

Ryan Horton completes her first project in fashion design 
a pair of pants. 

42 Academics 

Ms. Briggs takes her lunchtime to visit 
with her son, Dereic, in the Panther 

Pam Richmond practices setting hair on 
her manequin during her Cosmotology 

Academics 43 

Marcos Reizakis takes a plate iilT ot the 
lick press. 

Da\e Sherwood, in the Carpentry Shop 
works on extracting a nail from the box. 

up to design a project on the computers in 

Mr. Joyce demonstrates the technique of _,^_^ 
fixing a car battery to his students. W \ 

44 Academics 

Jon Cook works on laying out a letter head on one of the 
many hght tables in Graphic Arts, 

Tools for the Trade 

...coiiitkuMiy caxmi 

Students involved in the Technical Studies 
program learn many skills and have the opportunity 
for many hands-on experiences. This year the Tech 
program only allowed four 
shops to continue to be bi- 
weekly. Meanwhile the rest 
of the shops changed to 
three periods a day and the 
rest of the day was filled 
with academic classes. 

This year Tech Prep 
continued it's fourth year. 
This is a two year program 

in which college credit can be earned in high school. 
If a student earned a B or better in the course, the 
credits can be transferred to Cape Cod Community 

*'My Tech experience 

has benefited me 

now, and I'm sure it 

will continue to do so 

in the future." 

-Loretta Gifford 

College. An advantage to this program is that, if the 
student knows they want to attend 4C"s. you can 
start earning college credit now. 

Seven of the tech 
shops spend two or three 
times a week, in related aca- 
demic classes, using text 

It's a way to show that 

PSHS Technical Studies 

students can compete with 

the best. District, State, and 

National competitions are 

where PSHS students prove to other schools that our 

Tecnical Studies students are just as good or better 

than others. 

Mr. Mello measures and cuts a heating duct as Tony Silva 
looks on. 

P.J. Mattola puts the final smooth touch on his carpentry 

Academics as 

Seniors Nicole Richl, R>an Horlon, An- 
gela Naples, and Bevy Titus form a study 

Jamie V'oiinic takes advantage of her 
Senior pri\ iledge to study outside during 
her lunch. 

Chris Tibbets uses his study to fuel up for 
his cross country meet. 

Mike Adelmann carefully examines the 
mystery sauce on top of his mini-max. 

46 Academics 

Munch n' Crunch 

. . .giMM a bnmJc! 

Study and lunch are a student's time to take 
a break from school and get some work done. 
Many students participate in sports, school activi- 
ties or have a job after school. Study gives these 
(students the opportunity to finish homework. 
Whether or not students take advantage of this 
time, is up to them. If you are a Senior and you 
have a study first or seventh period, you are 
allowed to leave the premisis and be free. This is 
one of the infamous "Senior Privledges". 

Lunch is a time for students to socialize and 
eat!!! Though the meals are sometimes question- 
lable, people still seem to enjoy them. In fact, you 
can see students purchase doubles of some of the 
more popular lunches. Chicken fillet, chicken 
nuggets and the pizza seem to be the students top 
choices. And, with the addition of the snack line, 
which provides the students at PSHS with a wide 

variety of ice creams, chips, and bottled fruit drinks, 
there are certainly plenty of choices. 

Not only are studies and lunch periods time to 
unwind and relax, some students volunteer their 
time to various tasks. Whether it be working in the 
Main Office or helping Mrs. D'Ambrosio in the 
Science Labs, students often find time in their busy 
schedules to help out within the school community. 

Others use this time to make up tests or home- 
work assignments that they have missed or have 
"forgotten to do." All in all, students find these 
periods to be both rewarding and sorely needed. 
Junior Sarah Delory explains, " I use my study to 
catch up on missed work and especially to study for 
my vocabulary, so that it is fresh in my brain for the 
next period." Many students appreciate the impor- 
tance of their studies, for it's rumored that this will 
be the last year in which they'll be allowed. 

Donald Comperchio used his study time to catch up on 
lomework that he did not get to finish at home. 

...milk was .20 cents? 

...lunch was .75 cents? went outside for recess 
instead of back to class? were cool if you popped your 
chip bag to open it at lunch? 

...everyone clapped at the kid who 
dropped their lunch tray? 

...charging your lunch when you 
forgot your money at home? 

...they took away the ice cream 

line at PCIS if someone through a 

plate away? 

...there were only six people 

allowed to sit at a lunch table at a 

time when you were at PCIS? 

...carrying a lunch box was 

babyish and you had to bring your 

lunch in a paper bag? dismissed and got to 
go out for lunch? 

and... still had snack time? 

Ms. Petrocelli stays organized by keeping 
her tests and quizzes on the Science Lab 



Mike Landry hands his ID card to the lunch 
lady to purchase his pre-paid lunch. 

Erica Jones leaves Mr. Hesiin's Computer 
Science class, where she spends three pe- 
riods a day designing programs. 

Sophomore Jessica Quero figures out 
problem she ran into during Compute 
Science class. 

48 Academics 

niors Tim Wood and Brian Silva concentrate on blue 
ints using Auto-CAD 13. 

Entering the Info Age 

Computers are not just in computer classes. 
They exist in every department of the school, 
assisting everything from automotive to math 

There is a wide vari- 
ety of software that students 
have at their fingertips. 
Whether it is planning a 
monthly budget, research 
projects, fixing a car, or 
building a house, no matter 
what the use, computers 
are definitely more efficient 
than conventional means. 

Computers are also used to make life easier; 
organizing teacher's grades in spreadsheets. 

"It is a great place to 

learn the technological 

skills necessary to get 

a successful job." 

Erica Jones 

accessing the Internet, or e-mailing your distant 
friend you met on-line. 

Many of the technical studies shops integrate, 
making many computer 
projects possible. As an 
example, CAD/CAM will 
use their computers to de- 
sign the blueprints for a 
house, while carpentry does 
the actual building of the 
proposed house. 

Some of these students 
go on to get jobs in desktop 
publishing, computer programming, or as a secre- 
tary, while others will go on to a two or four year 
college. So, take advantage of these vital tools. 

Dave Peterson, in his final year of Computer Science, is 
brushing up on his award winning skills, from last years 
VICA competition. 

Mike Staruski is diligently working to fill a spread sheet 
in Mrs. Gregory's fifth period class. 

Academics 49 

Tray Perry, Sean Dagget, Jenna Pierson, Nicole Krous, 
Erika Nordgren, Rob Silva. Shannon Thibeadou. Jillean 
Perry. Damon, PJ, Chaz Ward, and Michelle Kearney stop 
to take a rest after the long drive to the Bone Thugs and 
Harmony Concert before going to see the show. 

Mike Jezierski, Warren Mathews, Adam Shea, Sally 
Szwed, Ryan Horton, Brie Cronin, and Erica Lelli. 

50 People Divider C-^ 

Vlichelle Mello and her friend stop fora Kodack moment 
akcn by the yearbook staff on their way to their lockers 
x-lore homeroom. 


As one peers around 
a corner they can find 
students learning, not 
only in the classroom 
from their teachers, but 
from their peers, coaches, 
advisors and life in gen- 
eral. Whether they are 
dressed up in skirts and 
suits or sporting the ca- 
sual look in jeans, bell 

bottoms, or courdaroys, 
students express a style 
unique to themselves. 
Every day creates new 
experiences which adds 
to a person's style, 
origianality, character 
and the "Panther Pride" 
of PSHS; as most stu- 
dents choose to take the 
path less traveled. 

Hands and feet are all alike 
But gold between divide us 

People Divider 5i 


what once was. 





H^^^^Hk%-^ Jj^^^l 


*;. .. 





p, J^ .B^^H 





Senior Class Officers: Loychai Sisouvong (secretary), Lyn Dienhart (vice-presi- 
dent), Stacey Foskett(treasurer), Ryan Hurley (co-president), Sliip Lucey (co- 
president), Ms. Sheila Petrocelli (advisor). 

Senior Homeroom Reps: Row 1: Stephanie Sellmen, Jamie Howe, Kelly Gates, 
Loychai Sisouvong, Nicole Boyden, Meridith Sullivan, & Tracey Kelly. Row 2: 
Steve DeCost, Shannon Gill, Laura Slowey, Jessy Villano, Katie Burns, Liz Moreland, 
& Jessie Shaw. 


Kristy Ann Abbasciano 

Ha ppiest Wien: Everjone around me is happy. 
Quote: The trouble with talking too fast is you may say 
something you haven't thought of yet -Ann Landers 
Fav. People: KA, MA, JA, GA, VMD, JL, JD, RB, JB, 
MC-3, GB, OB, TG, JT, MM, DG, EF, KG, LA, AM, 
DG, SB, DS & SG. 

Memories: 3A, Skiing, Proms 95-96, DD's, rafting, 
runs, Hyannis, July 4. MV, New Years, Summers, 
Friendlys, MM's, HC, driving lessons, announcement 
girls, shopping, waabam, sports, bar, and All the other 
stuff I can't say. 

Activities: field hockey, Softball, basketball, SADD, 
Peerleaders, Interact, school council, bands, school 
committee, lab aid, office helper, girls state. Student 
Gov. Day, HR rep. Renaissance. 
Thanks To: my family, friends, Mr. Souza, & everyone 
else who has entered my life and made it priceless. 

Justin D. Alberti 

Quote: "A rare and different tune." 
Fav. saving : "WEKEEPAGRUVEN" 
Fav. People: JG, JM, JH, RH, CD, SO. JC, EF, HS. 
Ambition: To become an enviommental engineer. 
Memories: VW Bus, 4C MMT sessions with buds 
Hobbies: Mountain biking, phishing, bowling, camp- 

Bi ggest Kick: Kicking big 
Tech: CAD 
Thanks To: My parents 4 supporting me no matter what 

Jeremy Allan 

Nickname: Jay 

Fav. Saving : AH American tomorrow? 

Fav. People: Jenna, Family, Booty, Pigpen, Meat Vis, 

Ames, Dep, Chad, Jeff, Emma, EU, MG, Mr. Kirby, Mr. P, 

Mr. Muir 

Ambition: To own my own company, Pro. Mt Biker 

Ha ppiest When: With Jenna, at The All American Diner 

with the usual crew 

Memories: 180 in the Dart on the rotar)' to Falmouth 

Hospital, Mini <3olf at Super Sports, Sweet 16, Back 

parkinglotatFalinouthhospital,Spaghettisauceat Emmas, 

Crash and bum in the Dart. Halfpipe at Loon Mt 

Hobbies: Mt Biking, Blading 

Big gest Kick : Strassel's Raptor, 212 

Activities: VICA 1,23,4; Lacrosse 

Thanks To: Mr. Kirby for all the words of wisdom 

52 Seniors 



David P. Ames Jr. 

Nickname: Amesie 

Quote: "You are what you make of yourself, not what 
people make of you" 
Fav. Saving: "As long as you know it" 
Fav. People: JB, MG, PS,"CW, JT, Meat, Booty, Vis, Dep, 
PG, SD, Raz, Hero, Summer Crew, teachers, and the rtst 
know who you are. 
Ambition: To be successful 
Ha ppiest When: With my girl and friends 
Memories: Summer 96, tree pumpkin 
Bi ggest hick: Meat's dead arm, 21 2, zone, Breakfast Club 
Tech: Auto 
Thanks To: Mom, Family, Mr. Fairbanks & Mr. N. 

Shannon Alisa Ames 

Quote: "Your God is dead and no one cares - NIN" 

Fav. Saying : "I'd rather try and make a fool of myself than 

not try at all." 

Fav. People: AlUson, Kim C, Jeff. Cohen, CaitUn, JC, NR, 

RO, seniors 96, Mr. Kirby. VICA friends, SM, JA, RH. 

Ambition: To be a rich and famous model 

Ha ppiest Wlien: Getting into trouble, Going to Boston 

Memories: Prom, Tom Petty. Wesley's class, getting lip 

pierced. The Cure. Florida, Hollywood CA., leaderships, 

sign stealing, CedarviDe, snow boarding. The bus, (VW). 

Hobbies: Skateboarding, relaxing 

Activities: SADD 1, 3; PRIDE 1, 3,4; Colorguard 1, 2, 3; 

VICA 1,2.3,4 

Tech: Cosmetology 

Tlianks To: My Mom and my friends for standing by me 

no matter what happened. 

Shaun E. Anderson 

Stacey Anderson 

Lauren E. Anthony 

Nickname: Pumpkin, Lau 

Quote: "Where ever I'm living, I'm having a big 

bash." SA 

Fav. People: Jacqui, HM, LB, CR, LC. SA, JM, JP, 

JC, and everyone else I forgot. 

Ambition: To be happy 

Ha ppiest When: With friends 

Memories: Helen's house, Levis, Vielees, 3rds, Red 

Devil, Grapenuts, Congo, MBO, Clearys party. Bourne 

Rd, Prom, Homecoming, out the window. I hate Jello, 

foodfight. Farm, darts. Barney, me neither. South 

China. 4:20,Sherry, dungeon,go carts, brownies, 

Coreys house 

Hobbies: Birdwatching, hanging out 

Activities: Soccer 1 , 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1 .2; Homeroom 

Rep 3. 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Mike, & Friends 

Meredith Lynne Arruda 

Fav. People: Jacqui, Buck, SH, SOJVIM, EC, AS. KR, 
DM. JP, JS, CC, SC, KS, SF, CF, NC, AM, EF, LH, TK, 
AL, JB, People who made me think, Robert Smith, Andy 
Warhol, Vesty 

Ambition: To leave suburbia and become a writer 
Memories: The Cure, X-mas tree shop. Trainspotting, 
Home made hats. Red Carpet, Prom 96, Dinner Dance 
%, Psychobio 

Big gest Kick: The mediocrity of this school. 
Activities: Tennis 1, 2; Field Hockey 2, 3; Winter Track 
3, 4: Spring Track 3. 4;Cross Country 4 
Tlianks To: God, Family, Friends, Mr. Brown. Myself, 
and all the people who frustrated me, giving me some- 
thing to write about. 

Seniors 53 

Jarrod M. Askin 

Nickname: J-Rock. JA 

Quote: "A mind is like a parachute, it only works when 

it's open." 

Fav. People: Nikki, Mom, Dad, Kristin, MK, PK, TK, SK, 


DD, RH, MC, KH. JB, KS, DR, Nana, Papa, AC, SG, BB. 

AMBITION: To become a pastr)' chef 

Happiest When: At shows chilling with Nikki and Kris 

Bi ff ^est Kick: Chris Crone PHP 

Activities: Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Lacrosse 3, 4; VICA 1,2, 3, 4; 

Wrestling 2 

Tech: Culinarj' 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Hanly 

Joshua J. Banville 

Nickname: JB 

Quote: "You can fool some people sometime, butjoucan't 
fool all the people all the time.'" - B.M. 
far.ffop/g. Booma.DM.MS.Squigs.Zampv.PW.CD.TF'. 
Ted-D, WM, JP, SS, Stona, WF, BS, JK, SkeUett, DG, JM, 

Memories: 698-R.H., Churchey 's. Nam, Prom, Montreal, 
Camping, Cooks,BllD*s,renwav,Jack,Holc,W.V., Board- 
walk, ViUe, Pks, WHITEHORSE, Hockey rink. Ski Trips, 
Sluev's, WZLX. Lloyd's, not being allowed anywhere, 
STdvVE,Steph's. The STATE 
Ha ppiest WIten: With friends, skiing. 
Hobbies: Skiing 

Activities: Golf 2,3.4; Baseball 1,2J,4 
BiggestKick: Mugsy,Spillane,Bom,Po-Po,Townies,SkeOett 
TJianks To: Family and close friends. 

Brian Bacci 

Nickname :: Bach 

Quote: "If he were here, I'd ask hun if I could lick his 


Fav. People: TB, SB, MB, DB, Adam, .Justin, Leo, Matt, 

Nicole, Clirissy,JC,JM,JA,CR, DE, SMC. JM, EATS 

Ha ppiest When: Just kick'n it at Jakes pond, per 6 

Hobbies: Sign collecting 

Bi ggestKick: Greim. Lagruda, Leo's dog, Plymouth 50. 

Ambition: To marry a big fat lady who is loaded. 

Memories: Times at Jake's, Sobriety, man with a gun, I 

saw my dog this morning. 

Activities: Soccer 1,2, 3,4 

Thanks To: Tina, Shawn, Mom, Dad, God bless you all. 

Melissa Pauline Bates 

Nickname: Melis. Lissa, Batesy. 

Quote: " Wliat I have learned is that they teach you how 

to make a living, but not how to really live." K.S. 

Fav. Perso nal Saying: "Sick a duck" 

Fav. People: CM,DH,AS,KS,TD,RA,AB,GP,MU,CM, 

JP, Lassie, Shorty. JH, JJ, JT, DB, SJ, RA, lA, CI, PAT, 


anyone else I missed. 

Memories: Mortin..Ieff, Homecoming, Matt, The bench. 

Car Go Crashy, The Bus. UNO, The Beach 

Activities: NHS 3,4 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Gram, Mike. Tim, Steve, Nikki, 

and everyone else who put up >vith me, and to the ones who 

gave me confidence to be the best I love you all! 

Matthew Walter Bailey 

Nickname: : Bailey, Phat, Kariya, Mario. 

Quote: "Have no fear, but be fair" - Cha. B. 

Fav. People: : DB, JB, SD, GD, ED, PB, KB, BE, GB, 

CB, DB, A.I, SE, RH, CC, SN, BM, Nana, Nanny, 

Grampy, Cha, SB, MB. 

Ambition: To be a printer, become a Canadian citizen. 

Ha ppiest When: Playing hockey, family, Cha's. 

Gramps, ED's, Sandy's, Chris, listening to music. 

Memories: Montreal '93, Forum, NJ, France, Switz, 

Jeep toolin', little kid, 5 and 8 grade, D-radng, summer 


Hobbies: Skin-boarding, Golf, St Hockey. 

Activities: Hockey L 2, 3, 4, VICA 2,3,4 

TECH: Graphic Arts 

Thrntks To: Mom, Dad. Family. Mr. S. Mr. J. Mrs. 

Corbett Mr. Hart, Chris, Cha and Sean, GOD, Me. 

Tina Lynn Bender 

Nickname: Bina,Tec. 

Quote: The Poem "Footprints" and "The Difference" 

Fav. People: Melissa, Holly. Desire, Laura, everyone in 

chorus, my family. 

Memories: Phantom, Prom, D.C., Bourne High 

AcftVtft'ev; Chorus. Drama.SYEC.SYC, Young Women's, 

Women's Choir, National Honor Society. 

Thanks To: My friends for being there for me when I need 

some<me to talk to and my parents for their love and 


54 Seniors 



Brandon Dale Either 

Nickname: Bitha, B, B Funk, Fatty, Brandomie 

Quote: "How do you get this thing off ?" Skip Lueey 

Fav. People: Family, Amy, Ronnie, Prince, Dn, A and J, 

CD, Hogie, Big Cat, Mg. LD, TK, Eats, RL, CA, DD, Jay, 

Bird, Skip, SM,NB,NS, JK,DC,DB,JM,GL,SG, Goofy, 


Ambition: To make the D team 

Happiest When: With Amy and friends, playing ball 

Memories: Amy's yard. Gazebo, Saco, Jose, The Wizz, 

Toadies, Sledding in the powerlines, Dreyfus, pumpidns 

Hobbies: Skiing, gambling, paintballing 

Bi ggest Kick :: SR5, Sammy, Bourne Scenic Park, The 

Greim Militia, Bowen, Greim's scams, Rob's Worms 

Activities : FootbaU 1 , 2, 3, 4 Selling Wristbands 

Thanks To: GOD, family, Amy, Southies, Teachers, The 

Football Team, Coach Hanna, Dorr, Murphy, The Docta, 

and Leskowski 

Gregory Stephen Bougopoulos 

Nickname: Bougops 

Quote: "If it wasn't for disappointment, I wouldn't 

have any appointments"-TMBG 

Fav. People: Family, SO, MD. MM, MB, WM, SM, 

ME, and anyone who I have not mentioned. 

Ha ppiest When: Sleeping 

Memories: Cardsharks World Tour, Vegas Nile!, 

TMBG Live, Ellis Island, Salem, Harvard Square, 

MUN Trips 

Bieeest Kick: B-rated SciFi movies 

Activities: Track 2; MUN 3,4 

Thanks To: God, Family, and Friends 

ScoTT A. Blanchard 

Nickname: B, Scooter 

Fav. People: OG, KS. AS, GS, RB, DJ, BB, EC. JB, MB, 


Memories: Dirthole, Street hockey. Big Screen, Samoset, 

Hartford, Ginger, Wiffleball, Starwars, Christy's 

Ha ppiest When: Watching T.V., Wrestling's on 

Hobbies: Martial arts and street hockey 

Thanks To: Family and Friends 

Nicole Marie Boyden 

Nickname: Nikki, Snappahead 
Quote: "You never know what you'll wake up to tomor- 
row, so have fun today!" 
Fav. Saying : Whatever! 

Fav. People: JN, PS, WW, AW, OS, JH,SW. LD, CC. KM, 
A R, Moses, Family, and the rest of you know who you are! 
Happiest W/ien: Hanging out vrith friends, partying, not in 

Memories: Jess and Pat, Junior Prom, Allison's crazy 
parties, 4tli period study, the Beastlie, Scott spazzing, the 
lunch table, Friendly's, Brigham's, PURITY with BiU, 
Gantos, Jared Purser. Senior Year, Octoberfest 
Thanks To: My mom and stepfather for putting up with 
me, my sisters for aggravating me, Mrs. Goodwin. Ms.C, 
and my teachers. God, and, of course, my friends for 
always being there for me when I needed them! 

Keri Jean Boccaci 

Nickname: L. Bocca, Papa 

Quote: You don't realize what you have till it's gone. 

Fav. Saving: Jen don't worry about it, relax 

Fav. People: Leighann, Adam, Jen, KB. *ML, CB, JT, KC, 


JT, BS, Family, Auntie, Kate, JBC Crew, The Squad, Sr. 

Dance Class 

Happiest When: With Adam and out with friends 

Memories: Eastover, Prom '96, 1527,Subaru, C-Camp, 1- 

7, Fair,Shaws, Ready go, 20, BM, Dancing, MV, Canal, 19, 

CCW, Times with Adam, Mike and .Jen 

Big gest Kick: Tliat's bad. Matty. Jen's Cluelessness. CRX. 

55, my side kick, PP, P-fest '96, false nights, Benny's, 


Activities: Cheerleading 1,2,3, Capt. 4 

Thanks To: Mom and Dad for all the love and support, 

Adam for always being there. The Moimtain Moms and 

all my closest friends, I love you all! 

Daniel A. Brandt 

Quote: "The past is gone, the future yet unborn, but 
right here and now is where it all goes on.'"-B.BOYS 
Fav. People: Family, DN, DD, TF, CR, DV, JM, JP, 
WF, JB, LC, SP. RP. TP, JK, SH, SL, ME, KH, BB, JL, 
JD, AEJ, NL, DC, BOM, JG. CL, and everyone else 
Happiest When: With friends 
Memories: Green Monsta, TH, Prom, Lobster boat, 
Tyler's. Tyson Ski Trip. Red Sox, BC, MV. Stowe, HF, 
Shows, WHB, Capt. John. July thirds. Skiing 
Big gest Kick: Skiv, Luce, Ridge, Paasch, the Crew, SS, 
JL + AL 

Activities: Soccer 2, 3, 4, Golf 1 
Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Jess, and friends 

Seniors 55 

Janelle Lynn Breton 

Quote: "Swinging from a lusli tendril of green, burrowing 
under the forest edge, to yet another unseen, sliining your 
sliine witii a brightness to blind, peeking out through 
brambles ofwhich thorn and leaf intertwine, you swiftly 
scamper up the moonbeam, only to flirt along theoutskirts 
of many a dream . . ." 

Fay. People: Amber Keddy, Harry C, Bevy, Beth, Jay 
H, Laura, Dirk, Jesie, Amy, Ray, Andy, LB, AS, TF, .IV, 
EL, TD, TR, Adam, SK, Dory, LD, BH, MB, NR, CD, 
WVI, RA, SS, Mom, Dad, Mike, and the rest of my family. 
Hobbies: saxophone, mouthharp 
Memories: Chuckle, Outward Bound, JFK swim, camp- 
ing, cran game, brig bandits, club, drkrm meetings, UPF, 
LCCres, sec, faces, sMing, closets, cool kids, cherades 
Ambition: *To live out all my dreams* 
Thanks To: Keddys, Mr. Brown, Holts, Mr. D, Mom 
and me* 

Mark Brownlee 


Lauren Buckman 

Nickname: Stoner, Plugs 

Fav. Personal Saying : What is my name SKIP 

Fm'. People: Gildog, Zappa, Mojo, Squiggs.Banville, MS, 


Ambition: Ride hogs across country. 

Ha ppiest Wlien: With BOM, at NAM, burning wood 

Memories: RChouse,JB's,S.stains,WHB,Cook's,Bud"s, 

Winter 3, MBO 

Hobbies: Relaxing 

Big gest Kick: Becktondumps, Z ripped, P stew, 

Spillane, Munchie 

Tech: Culinary 

Thanks To: Family and friends. 

56 Seniors 

Nickname: Kim, Kimmy, Kimbo, Kimba, Little Mac 
Quote: "Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't 
walk l)ehind me, I may not lead, walk beside me and just 
be my friend." -CAMUS 

Fav. People: Family, Anthony, SH, JC, JW.CT, TW, .IS. 
KS, JP, MB, NC, JC, JA, RH, SN. CF, and all my friends. 
Ha ppiest When: I am daydreaming, drawing, or with my 

Memories: Keywest, concerts,at the beaches.Montreal, 
Boston with Sonja, time withTM, talks with Sandy, the 
cruise, Feb. and every day after, camping. Prom. Summer 
92-96, KAPPA-SIGMA, dress ups, old friends, car. 
Bi ggest Kick: Just Anthony, flower, shotgun. 
Tluutks To: Mum and Dad for their love, Sonjia and Em 
for being my best friends all the way. and Anthony for 
always being there for me. ' 

Nickname: Buckman, Bucky, and Crutchy 

Quote: "There will be an ans\ver, let it be." 

Fav. People: Mer,Bec,CC,KG,EC, JH, JS,NR, JC 

Ambition: To be happy in life 

Memories.' Psycho. Bio.dying hair with Gerrior.Scrabble. 

sweet 16, crutches. 

Big gest Kick: lunch table gang 

Thanks To: My family, friends, teachers, and HAL 900 


Greg Budgell 

Nickname: Budg 

Fav. People: Boot}, Ted, MB, CD, PR, RH, ND, MW, AF, 

BB, MC, NS. JA, Culliiar>' Crew, and everyone I might 

have missed, KH 

Ambition: To be a Chef 

Memories: P.M.P.B. Boston Commons, New Years %, 

Steve Miller, 95, Zepher. 

Hobbies: Concerts, Patrying, Music 

Happiest When: With friends and partying 

Big gest Kick: Booty 

Activities: Lacrosse 3, 4; Track and Field 2,3; VICA; 

Student Council 

Tech: Culinary 

Thanks To: Friends, Family, Mr. N., Mr. Levy, and God 

Justin Buler 

Jennifer Michelle Burgess 

Nickname: Jcnney 

Fav. Saving: "Check vou later!" 

Fav. People: KH. PR. DM. CM, KD..IN. TR. GB, MC..IA. 

MB, NS, and all the rest of you, you all know who you are. 

Ambition: To move to Jamaica 

Ha ppiest When: Partying with friends 

Memories: Newport, the weekend, How?, The 4 C's, 

Phish-a-fish, Um, I want to buy these. 

Bi ggestKick: KatieandPawn's brawl's, Jared and Mark, 


Tech: CuUnarv 

Thanks To: Mom and Dad for all your love and support 

I love you! 

Kathleen A. Burns 

Caitlin Ann Bythewood 

Krista Anne Callichia 

Nickname: Kate, Katie, Little Girl 
Quote: "Friends are the ones who help clean life's 
messes, even if they didn't help make them." 
Fav. People: Matt, Jessy, Jenn, Meg, SC, MS, JT, 
KA, MM, RP,LM, MM, AP, ES, EN, Wolf, PS 
Memories: birthdays, nicknames. Prom '96, "2- 
FA", pool hall, the goat, gym falls, Canobie Lake, 
New Years 96, FR13, WC, Camping, Jared 
Bi g gest Hick: Hobart; Liz 

Ha ppiest When: Out with friends, playing softball 
Thanks To: Family and friends for always being there 
for me; Matt and Jess for putting up with me. 
Ambition: To live life to the fullest 

Nickname: Lint; Clin 

Quote: It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool 
than to speak and remove all doubt 
Fav. Saving : I don't procrastinate!! I just forget.. 
Fav. People: My family. Justine, Dave, Jifer, Bcvin,"THE 
VIRGO", KD,'CB, and J, Father K. 
Ambition: to be the dictator of a small nation 
Ha ppiest When: laughing until my arms hurt puddle 
hopping, screaming, driving with Jen. 
Memories: This is a path there are tracks.: My many trips 
to the ground, chasing Bill. Elk noises. Book Nazis, Haz- 
ards and Headlights, Do policemen use Algebra? Rabid 
DC, squirrels, Dave. 
Big gest Kick: Cowboys and carhoms! 
Thanks To: The inventor of the wonderbra. I love you! 

Quote: "He who increases knowledge increases sorrow." 
Fav. People: Kim, Bobby. DannicUe, EP, Babs, KB. KM. 

Ha ppiest When: with friends, finding what I'm looking 
for..J.xx)k Kim look-. 

Memories : Redcar,what'sup,SteveMiller,CRX,thecut 
he know s my name, 3rd floor squeaks, beach sleep, birds, 
punpkins, splinters, tests, sleepovers, late night, crumb, 
stalking, unplamied events, A and R. S in my hand, ^'MCA 
Bi ggest Kick: Drive bys, .Jen 'sduelessness. my car, army 
crawls with Bridget Katie's fish, babs, PP. Pfest '96 
Thanks To: Mom for always being there and l)eing my 
best friend, Joe for tiiking care of me. Dad for being you, 
Kim for being my bestest friend luid Bobby for watching 
the otlier side. I love vou all ! 

Seniors 57 


La LIRA Lee Campbell 

Laura Campobasso 

Katrina Carlton 

Nickname: Law, L. Lace, Lorenda, Bunny 
Quote: •'What to leave in What to leave out" -Seger 
Fav. Personal Saving : In a minute 
Fav. People: Peter. Duane, Bird, TAH, extended, JC, 
KS, JS, NC, TW, DY, CQ, You know who you are! 
Ha ppiest When: With Pcter,in the hole, other close 

Memories: "The crew", lock n load 96, ?, BE, Con- 
cord, Chevette, SSP, Goin to Nam, Strawberry Hill, 
Pizza, WV, x-mas 95(limes), ATW w/ Peter, 
IHOP,Greenbean and the Purple Jimmy, Trunk, Ice 
cream runs, WB Gang 

Big gest Kick: TAH toast 96, Go Mart, Heard it 
through the grapevine. Rednecks, Jacuzzi, Duanes 
Jerky, DUM 

Thanks To: MOM, Peter for truly being my best 
friend, and Duane for being there always. 

Quote: "You can fool some of the people all of the time, 
and you can fool all of the people some of the time, but 
you can't fool all of the people all of the time" 
Fav. Personal Saying : "No, I don't think so." 
Fav. People: Mommy, Daddy, Nancy, Kara, Grammy, 
Foffy, Granny, Boss, Carole, rest of family, DD, DC, 
TB, GM, SS, S, JC, T, NP, DB. MB, NF, PS, NB, JJ 
Ambition: To be healthy and happy in whatever I do 
Happiest When: With friends & family, visiting Ire- 

Memories: Field trips, Prom, summers in Hampton 

Hobbies: Soccer, cycling, singing, listening to music 
Bi ggest Kick: Wanna Bees, clueless people, freshman 
Activities: Womens choir, soccer, community service 
Thanks To: My family, my friends, my teachers 

Emily Alice Carroll 

Nickname: Emma 

Quote: "In the real world as in dreams, nothing is quite 

what it seems." 

Fav. People: Eli, Chris, Jenna, Johnny, Mum, Dad, 

Gramma, Jo, John, Jacqui, Phipps, JA, CF, MP, LB, LK, 

JJ, DM, JA, KA, Lila and Kelly 

Happiest Wlien: Playing Softball, in NH, cooking with 

nenna. with ray two favorite men 

Memories: Summer95/96, 18th hole, thedrive-in.DW,the 

fiesta, the mailman, softball 96 

Bi ggest Kick: Eli. Jenna's dishes, the nun, dads cheering 

Activities: SoftbaU U3,4; Band 1^3,4; Interact 3,4 

Tlianks To: Dad for teaching me how to play. Mom to 

whom I owe my life and happiness, Chris for all you do. 

Gram for the guidance, and Eli for tlie memories 

Michael J. Carreiro Jr. 

Quote: 'To reach a goal you must set one Brst" 

Fav. People: GB. JA, NS, JB, DM, BB, CR, MB, RH, SS, 



Ambition: to become a professional chef 

Ha ppiest Wlien: With family and friends 

Hobbies: Woodworking and roller blading 

Activities: Wrestling and karate 

Tech: Culinary Arts 

Tlumksto: Mom. Dad. Mr. Levy. Mr.Nedue. Mrs. Martin. 

Mrs. Strauch, Mrs. Riordan, Mr. I^oranger, Mrs. Aheam, 

Mrs. Hanley, Debbie Holbart, Mr. Russo, Mr. Perreira 

and everyone who has supported me. 

Nickname: Trina 

Fav. Personal Saying : Whatever, Yeah right. 

Quote: "Live life and be happy!" 

Fav. People: Jay, Danielle, Shannon, Marjie, Debbie, 

Erica, TW, JJ, KA, KG, RP, VD, KT, MB, AB, TC, 


Ambition: To be happy! 

Happiest When: With Jay, having fun 

Memories: The field: Junior gym 

Thanks To: Mom, Jay, Kathy, Joe, Bongiovanni, 

everyone else I've forgotten. 

Jennifer Casey 

Nickname: Jen, JC 

Quote: "It is better to be bated for what you are than to be 

loved for what you are not" 

Fav. People: Family, Wayne, Steph, SH. EP, TP, SP, KC, 


Manomet kids 

Ambition: To be happy & successful in whatever I do 

Ha ppiest When: With friends 

Memories: Steph's partics,JBsbashes,Churcheys,Stoagics, 

signs, wanderer, skiing w/ Tay, make me a bird, toy stops 

at Star, cliffs, cops and robbers. Prom, oct. test, my house, 

July 3rds, hockey games, the cape w/ F'm, Montreal 

Bi ggest Kick: The Tempo, Shauna, the silver bullet 

TImnks To: Mom, Dad, Jess, and friends. I love you!! 

58 Seniors 

Jamie Lynne Caveney 

David Cerrato 

Jonathan Bradley Cesero 

Nickname: Jaini, Caves 

Quote: "Never fall in love unless you're loved back" 

Fav. Saving : Seriously though, just kidding 

Fm: People: Family, Ryan, FJ, JD, TC, BF. JH, CM, DV, 


JC, CCP, EP, SH, SM, JK, Karbs, JL, LD, LA, CL, CR, 

LC, CBD, AJ, SUZ and the P's 

Memories: Hamnierhawking,herrii^pond,bucks,Ryan, 

Lori's, New Years %, Haszz, Prom, Conn cottage, Gloria, 

bridge jumping, deadlines, SDD %, RGP, footparties, 

cheezaronies, laundrymat, headlights, stowe, puddles 

Bi ggestKick: Ca thumper, BS Horses, DY noises, stoagies, 

Tempo, elbows, (BS, CA DD Helmets?) Pro beach 2000 

Activities: Soixer 1,23,4; Track 2; SADD 1 

Thanks To: Family and friends, I love you!!! 

Nickname: Dave 

Fm: People: Laur>Ti, RC, CL, LC, WF, JL, SS, SH, ,IM, 
MM, MA, DB, JC, the Drudes, and everyone else 
Ambition: To be happy and successful 
Ha ppiest When: Not working, 4- wheeling, when it's snow- 

Memories: Churchies, period six Lloyd, Florida, Vegas, 
the Tempo, RC Christmas eve, Sacco river, Attitash, 
NFNF, Jake's pond, STNF 
Hobbies: mountain biking, skiing, snowmobiling 
Biggest Kick: DH's, Ford Gang 
TItanks To: My Family 

Nickname: Cesero, Carpool, Carw ash 

Quote: "The only things in life you regret are the chances 

you didn't take." 

Fav. People: Jen, Mora, Dad, AF, JC, KB. CP, SH, KH, 

CT, MG, JG, J A, KM, SN, RN, Cul/staff, & the rest know 

who you are 

Ha ppiest When: With Jen, Fausner and Friends 

Memories: Limo, UNOS, Jr. Prom, RI, Anthony's house, 

China Town, Auto Theft, Abbott Cars, Shipping, Parties, 

The Gimp, Trooper, Concerts, gym. Browns class 

Bi ggestKick: Anthony and James 

Hobbies: hanging out. Music, Movies, Arcades 

Activities: Wrestling, Skiing, other sports, work 

Tech: Culinary Arts 

Thanks To: Familv, Jen. and Friends 

Rebecca Bliss Chapman 

Julie Marie Chase 

Erin E, Cleary 

Nickimme: Becky 

Quote: "This above all: To thine own self be true''- WS 
Memories: Newsies,lunchtable chats, DM concerts, pranks 
w/Christina, everything w/Ethan, surprise sweet 16, Aus- 
tralia, Breaking in at L's, Lilly pond, 16 Paul Wylie, 
Beckmunch, Yianna, presidency, grampy, Mark, .loe, all 
4 yrs of highschool, flashing, Hawaii 
Fav. People: *Ethan*(elephantshoe), Christina, Melissa, 
Theresa, Dave, Buckman, Mom, Dad, Doug, Deanna, 
Mum, Dad, Holly, Steve, Mr. Hicks, Mr. W, Mrs. Tripp, 
JB, the Hardimans, JC, the neighborhood girls, KD, EF, 
Dottie, SM, JP, Cindy, Nana's Pcm, Camryn, Jenny. Jen. 
I^ychai, Mike. Gills. Kellie, PG, DRMS... 
Ambition: To make a difference 

Thanks To: Family, bestf riends, Ethan, Teachers, I love all 
of you -Thank you- 

Nickname: Jules/Marie,Babies,July, Juliet, Chase, Ma'am 

Quote: "No matter how many are around us, we are still 

alone. We must be our own lantern, we must find our own 

way."-GC "If we don't change the direction we arc going. 

we arc likely to end up where we arc heading."-? 

Fav. Sayin g: True friends are forever tang. 

Ambition: To do the Lord's work and succeed in life. 

Ha ppiest Wten: Praising the Lord with song: hanging out 

with friends; reflecting by ocean; helping others. 

Menwries: FIL, CH, YG, Salem, MV, Bickfords. coin 


Hobbies: Piano, photography, and all artistic works... 

Biggest Kick: .FW, GC, .ID, FR. AW, teaching SS. youth 


Tech: ElectTOiiics Lab 

ActivUies: NHS. VICA, Pride, SADD, Varsity Softball 

Thanks To: God for making everyday better than the last 

MGT, my family, boyfriend, friends, and teachers. 

Nickname: Cleardog. Bridget 

Quote: "Take one day at a time!" 

Fav. Savins: For real! 

Fav. People: Meg, Wit, SM, SP, SS, KC, CH, KM, Ross, 


Amb ilivn: Make lots of money 

Memories: Car rides. Proms, Montreal, Loliapalooza, 

#funniest, parties, snowbanks. Wits, foots, July 3rds, lies. 

Shank. Gloria! Cottage, Pondx2. F1>A. Who's there? 

Sacco, Ross, drivcbys, HBchase. 80 niph. Meg-MIA. I 

gotta go! dirt roads, pig, shock, talks w/pig jr.. Do I have 

totell? You loveit,ch(x:-mayo,prcniium.BFS,LL, shanks, 

temper, lime girl, times w/Meg, coach 

Thanks To: Mom luid Dad for being there! Meghan for the 

shoulder to cry on and a special friendship! Ross for the 

laughs! And Scott! I love you all! 

Seniors 59 

Where Will You Be 
10 Years From Now? 

"Married and have a career in 

Child Psychology." 

-Jennifer Rivoire 

"I think I will be a rich and 

famous model and hairdresser." 

-Shannon Ames 

'■ "I'll be 27." 

-Allison Laffan 

"A Secret Service Officer." 
-Jason Miller 

"Dealing with computers in some 

form or another. Hopefully as a 

computer animator or computer 

aided designer." 

-Jason French 

"Starting my career 

in whatever." 

-Chris LaChance 

Nelle Lizbeth Coadv 

Quote: "Our doubts our traitors and make us forget the 
good weoft might win by fearing toatterapf'-Shakespeare 
Fav. People: SF,KS,KGa.izzyJLC^L^S4nfa,Sparky. 
Kwana,TR,DM,TK JC.BH.TD, & Everyone else you 
know who you are. 

Ambition: To earn success and always be surrounded by 
family, friends, and Laugjiter. 

Memories: Prom, Colby. Wahnee, Phantom, Maine 96, 
Gump, NYC w/Kev, France, XC States, Vaca. w/ Fosketts, 
Boston, Garmet dist^ Star, Mama Mia's, Boat Ramp, Ball 
Bi ggest Kick: I>aughing w/ Stacey, Mun sock, The Kid, JJ 
Hobbies: Tai Chi, Restauranting. vegging out 
Activities: X-C 1, 2, 3, Capt4; Winter Track 3 . 4; Spring 
Track 1. 2, 3; MUN 2, Prom Comm. 3; Student Coun 3, 4 
Tliaiiks To: Mom. Dad, Russ, Leanne, Kevin,& Stacey 
whom w/out High School would not have been the same! 

Christopher Max Cohen 

Fav. Saving: Cool Cat , Jack Nut, John 
F'av. People: Jen H., AU of them. Geek, Curtis, Pokie, 
English, Gilligan, Sprite, Auto Crew, Hey Pal Wo 
Pal, Wesley, Andrew, Pat, Arich, Jay, John, Tim, Elob 
M., Brendon H., Jeff, Mike, Shaggy, Cheri, Amy Jones, 
Leah, Danielle, Nicole, Ryan Light, Gina, Pam, Anj, 
Dave, Jack Nuts, Sherman, Jay & Crystal, Larson, 
Lopez, Amy M., Deanna S., KH. MB, Nikki H, Jen N, 
Tara C, MF, Nice Shoes, Ke\in S, Christian. Dave on 
the Bus, Crystal & her Mom, Jessica E, Burnout, 
Wayne M. Oakie, Big.Pete, Erin L 
Memories: Ow - who threw that, I can't look down-I'll 
get hit, hey Pal dance, Waynes hoase, Laces, Bowling 
Ambition: To be an Auto Mechanic like Mr. F or Mr. N 


Nickname: Kimbobly 

Quote: "Nothing left to do, but smile, smile, smile." 

-Grateful Dead 

Fav. Saying : "smile and nod" "Shut up!" 


BTJT,GM,CW.KW,GW JMJDECA bunch &,all others 

Hap piest When: with friends, out of school 

Memories: w/Brady Bunch-Clothes shopping the greenbox 

Bi ggest Kick: The backyards w/ my "Buds" The bus 

Thanks To: My family for their support; my friends for 

being arround; all the teachers that took the time to help, 

especially Joe McStowe; all the people that gave me a 

chance and all my illusions for helping me escape. *special 

thanks* to my parents for helping me & always caring. 

Desirae Lee Colantonio 

Nickname: Soapy, Dizzy Desi 

Quote: "The only obligation which I have the right to 

assume is to do at any time what I think is right" Henry 

David Thoreau 

Fav. People: Honour, Kim, Lisa, Jenn, Sara, Ti wa & Keli, 

& my family: Stephen, Seth, Mom, Dad, DD. 

Ambition: to be an English teacher and have a family 

Memories: BSO, Phantom, 6-FIags, Dan the man, Sheri! 

Bi ggest Kick: Hatchet man, Skillies ice cream. Jolt! 

Ha ppiest \Vhen: With Fab 5, singing, in chonis, or reading 

Activities: Chorus, Women's Choir 

Tech: Pre-School 

Thanks To: My parents, Mr. KeUey, FAB S, Mrs. O, Mrs. 

M, Mrs. Fry, Mrs. Thorton & Mr. Petrangelo 

KiMBERLY Anne Collins 

Quote: "You're a friend who walks in when everybody 
else walks out"' 

Fav. Personal Saving: Krista, you're blocking my view 
Fav. People: Family, Krista, Fahy, Chrissy M, Mikey, 
Jenny, Babs, DM, CM, KB, JH, RM, NC, KC,LS, AD.SL, 

Ha ppiest When: finding what I'm looking for 
Memories: Surfin at Pearl Jam, Friendlys, Beach sleep, 
chewables, 2nd floor. All nighters, mail boxes, Alanis, 311, 
Jigglers, Chix soup, boats. Juice, Basements, sock, red car, 
roof, lists, games, unplanned events, whitenaf, v-chair, 
toris. Beach, Frogallegga, battles, % Prom, CRX, Gulf, 
late, Newcombs, hotballs, texaco, Oct #2, 1-7, BLBoffles, 
VeronicaOld houses, Dropout, Fahys crvin, PP 
Bi ggest Kick: Swinging Guns, Jeas Cluelessness, Babs 
Thanks To: Mom for all the love. Dad for always taking 
care of me- 1 love you always with all my heart. 

60 Seniors 

Suzanne Marie Colonna 

Nichiame: Suzy Q, Bob 

Quote: "Ah, Make the most of what we yet may spend. 

Before we too into the Dust descend; 

Dust into Dust and under Dust,to he. 

Sans Wine, sans song, sans singer, and sans end!" 

-From Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam 
Fav. People: Guy, Laura, Rob, Steve, Jenn. Maureen, 
Jackie , Martin, Tiina, Jessy, LD, DM, DM, BT, PS, SO, 
CORRENE, and everyone else-I love you all!!! 
Memories: Model UN-The roof, The BIG K, MILES 
STANDISH and Ranger Rick, The White Party Van, 
Water Wars at Tiina's, Swannie's class with Bev and 
Mike, 5th period gym class and NUTMEG! 

Joshua Connell 

Nickname: Quinten, Superfly, Mustaine 
Quote: "I will always remember the children of Novem- 
ber. The news of the fall,sounds in the hall, clock on the wall 
licking away. Cease the day, I heard him say life will not 
always be this, look around, hear the sound. Cherish your 
life while you're still around dream theater" 
Fav. Saving: That's pretty rocking, Savre Boha 
Fm\ People: JM, MP, SX,"bL, JD, JF, SM, EM, JP, MB, 

Ambition: To go to Berklee, and play faster than Elliot Fisk 
Happiest When: playing guitar, listening to dream theater 
& w/ friends 

Bi ggest Kick: Crashing through buildings 
Hobbies: Ju-Jitz w/ French, Alkido, & Kung Fu 
Tech: CAD/CAM 
ThanksTo: Josh. Mr.G&Mr.F& Randy & Kevin Murphy 

Amy Elizabeth Conso 

Nickname: Gonzo, Stinkbomb 
Fav. People: Brandon, Tracey, Lvn, Wilson, Joe, 
Shipurly, MR. KS. JM, CM, LH, LE, ES, SP. JC, BT, 
SS, SH, MC, SG, KG. AD, RL. BM, Stink, Bither 
family, Soccer team 

Happiest When: With Brandon . friends, and team 
Memories: mouse, pumpkins. Homecoming, Jose, 
Prom, U-Mass, Yellow Skittle, Give it to Lyn!, Yea 
Bean! me no chinky, rice rocket, cracker, I'm in the 
middle. Boogie queer girl, I like you and all but... 
excuse me what, do it or ya nothin, I wouldn't do that 
to my friend, hey baby say hi, all better bandaid, brat, 
Octoberfest Bomb Sqaud, W.W.!, Rafting, um... hi, 
eggs, SR5 

Biggest kick: "Gonzo we're coming soon!" 
Activities :Soccer 1, 2, 3,capt 4 track 3. 4 

}£moi pv<^t/it^ 

Jessica Rosealie Cook 

Nickname: Ed, Marquita, Cookie 

Fav. People: Alison, Stina, Meg, ABC , GM, JH, MF, 

CI, DC, JH. C.I, LJ, Pablo, ME, SO,M JP'S. Demolay, 


Fav. Saving: What's in the box? 

Happiest When: With the clique, driving in All's car 

Memories: Rolling down the hill, the beach, Rockland, 

the clicker guy 

Biegest Kick: Chipmunk boy, the fish, cow car, flo, 

larkin, DEMOLAY, Dan aka Tommy, Stina and Pat, 

M r. Tedeschi, scaring Matt and Shawn, Spooky World 

Thanks To: the clique; I love you guys,and my mommy, 

i love you too!! 


1. Friendly' s 
2. Mama Mia's 


1 . Pasta 

3. The All- American Diner 

2. Pizza 

4. Isaac's 

3. Chicken 

5. The Ming Dynasty 

4. Lasagna 

5. Chinese 



1 . Jeep Chero 



. Friend's House 


2. Volkswagon Bug 
3. Ford Mustang 

2. Friendly' s 
3. Beach 


4. Ford Explorer 
5. Thunderbird 

4. The Backyard 
5. Mall 



2. Christy' 

3. Eddie Ban 

4. Filene's 

5. Surf Sho 




1 . Romeo & Juliet 
2. Grease 

3. Dazed & Confused 

4. Independence Day 


. Misi 

ion In 



Seniors 6i 

Marjorie Candace Cote 

LiAM O'Brien Coughlin 

Christina Crawford 

Nickname: Marjie 

Quote: Life-it can lift you up, it can drag you down"- 

-The Indians 

Fav. People: Squeaky A.K.A. Michelle, Dawn, Jen, 

Justine. DG, DS, EF, KC, TW, DP. SM, Chicken, ME, 

KQ, Papa's Crew, and everyone else 

Ambition: To live life to the fullest. 

Memories: Camping with Squeaky '95, Whitewater 

Rafting '95, Salem '95, Prom '96, Crash '96. Papa's. 

Biggest Kick: Working with Melissa and Chicken 

Ha ppiest When: With Friends 

Thanks To: Mom. Dad, The Boys, Goldie, and All My 


Nickname: Cough, Buas. Sweetpea, Sillystring, Mail 
Quote: I live in the village, I walk where I go to, I keep my 
friends around so I have someone to talk to - Beastie Boys 
Adrock Mike D MCA Mike A 

Fav. People: Corey, Chad, Rian, Mikes, BOM. CO, ^Uke 
S, STIFF, CM. TC, ME. Jesus. PR, Prifds, Kissyfur. Jim, 
Jess„JM. Captains Country . DC, SS,JT, LA, J A, DH, DW, 
RA, DF, JH, JP, DB, JP, JG, Vill, Your Name Here, LD, 
Closes, Mom, Dad, God, Manomet, NS, SH. 

Memories: The Island, Cooks, falling out of the car, 
Whoopie Pies, Crash w/Dave, Jamaica w/Lauren Smith, 
Lauryn Drude & Taylor Plimpton, McDevits 
Activities: Soccer 1,23 Lacrosse 3,4 Capt Foods 2,4 
Tlianks To: Mom. Dad, Brie, Brendan, Colleen, Corey, 

Fav.People: Family.Becky, Joe, Jen, Meredith, Buckman, 
Camryn. EF, MS, SL, JJ, VR, KC, MAIL man 
Memories: Schoony, the Tree, falls, pranks with Becky, 
newsies, out the window, park?, proms, slecpovers, Dith, 
waterfront, Tom Petty, Dave Matthews twice, 
sweet 16, flashing, fechics. Bourne and TL, UD, Simon, 
rusth rusth. Joe, YR, Lissa and Sar, Lunch table chats, 
Vermont, watching the MAILman. 
Thanks to: Mom, Dad. Rich, and the rest of my Family & 

Debra a. Cressy 

James Joseph Crosby IV 

Nicholas James Robert Crosby 

Nichmme: Red, Pip 

Fav.People: AW, AC, JC, KW. AC, MI, AI, RC, BS, PW, 

Family, SC, Mrs. Hanley, Mrs. SL Cyr, PS. MD, JC, JJ 

Ambition: To get married a be succ-essful. 

Happiest When: Not at work or school. 

Hobbies: Dance 

Tlmnkslo: My Mom, Dad, Brian, Donna, Billy, I love you! 

62 Seniors 

Nickimme: Crosby, Croz-Dog, Dum 
Quote: "Knowing many, loving none, bearing sorrow, 
having ftin."The AUman Bros. 
Fav. Personal Saving : Party at Crosby's house!!! 
MD, TW, BC. Green Bros JH. DM, neighbor Jen, THE 

Memories: IHOP, Concerts, My Beach, The Hole, 
Skippin" with Faasner. Talks with Pete, Breaking and 
Entering, cars. Grand Theft Auto. Parties(mine espe- 
cially). July 3,camping/rafting trip, flags, wandering , the 
bulkhead, Christy's night, Montreal, good house, roof 
riding, mad SS, Troop. 

Bi ggest Kick: Red Rocket, Hurley, Fausner Cesero, 
JaimeCTAH), Jeff 
Thanks to: Family, Friends and Troop 

Nickname: Johnny-5 

Quote: "As long as we have today, who needs tommorow" 

Fav.PeQ/)/f. Michelle.JC.CD.JP.GS.CR.MO.RM.RC. 


Ha ppiest When: With family and friends 

Ambition: To succeed in whatever I do 

Menmries: Late nights, Sox game, the rocks. Independence 

Day, B's Birthday. Joe's House, the Beast 

Bi ggest Kick: Pygmy, the monkey, stretch, B- man 

Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 2 

Thanks To: Nana, BilU, MICHELLE, rest of family and 

friends. Especially Mom and Paps for always being there 

for me when I needed you most. 

Alyssa Beth Cunningham 

Jason Curtis 

Kara Lizabeth Cushing 

Nickname: Lys, Lyssa, Bubbles 

Fav. Personal Saving : Or Something 

Fav. People: Earn. LS. RG. GB. JC. GM. KC. SC. SM DC. 

CI, GM, LS, BS, and summer friends 

Ambition: To be chillin' in Ft Myers under the hot sun 

glancing at all the homies 

Ha ppiest When: With friends and Rich 

Memories: Stacey's buffet, EL, NH because I was with 

Rich, MV, the Clicker guy in Rockland, our beach 

Bi ggest Kick: The Clicker guy, the bathroom noises at 

Stacey's buffet George and his Afro Puff hair!! 

Tech: Marketing Education 

Thmiks To: FamUy and Eriends.LOVE YOU GUYS!!! 

Nickname: Cushy, Clarabell 

Fav, Peop le: *Paul*, Key, Shauna, Steph. Aimee, EEC, 


CM, CP, JP, Manomet Crew. Squad, Family, *Mom & 

Dad*, D's and C's, the Robishaws 

Ha ppiest Wien: With Paul and out with the girls. 

Memories: shopping with Big Liz, 18th "s, NHtrips.FLA, 

Jukebox dancing, 16 B-Day, Jinuny's,3rds, WHB, Proms, 

Homecoming, girl's nights out movie nights. Josh's, 

Churchey's, cheerleading 96, "Myrtle Beach", dressing 

up, parties in the playroom. Manomet Elem., 9th grade 

with Key, Shauna's ladybugs, meat on the wall, road trips, 

times with Paul, Aimee & the girls. 

Tlianks To: Parents, Paul, Aimee, Friends, Robishaws, 

D's &C's, for being a special part of my life and for always 

being there. You will always hold a place in mv heart I 


Thomas Dam 

Sean William Daggett 

William C. Carpenter 

Nickname: Tom 

Quote: "Today's the day! Yesterday was nothing. Get out 


Fav. People: Family and Friends 

Ambition: To be sucessful and rich 

Memories: College fcst, ACC, sixth period study, soccer, 

summers, the Bomber 

Activities: Soccer 1, 2, 3; Tennis 2, 3, 4 

Tlianks To: Family, Friends, and Mr. F 

Fav. People: Nichole, BM, DC. JV, PS, EB, CW, GK, JP, 

RS, JR, PF, and everyone else you know who you are 

Ambition: To become successful and happy in whatever 

I do with my life. 

Ha ppiest When: With Nicky and hanging out with friends. 

Big gest Kick: John Vogel's Impressions 

Memories: Spooky World Trip, Last Summer. 

ActiviHes: VICA 1.2,3,4 

Tech: Electrical 

Thanks To: Mom, The SHEANS and THE KRAUSES 

Seniors 63 

Virginia Marie D'Ambrosio 

Nickname: Ginny, Gin, Sneaky, S , Berjunior 

Quote: "And if you hold on to what you think is your tiling, 
you may find you're missing all the rest." - The D.M.Band 
Far. People: Mom, Dad, Joe, Christina, Anth, Hoob, 
Kristy, Scott, Steph, Justine. Shan, Dan, Jessie Shaw, 
Meg, Jenn, Lorctta, My big brothcr-AJ, My little bro- 
Chris,VV'arren, Cheese, Cindy, Erica, Deb. G, Jacqui, Em, 
Kim, Jones. Deanna, Jen B, AP&AN-VB, Field Hockey, 
& Tennis Crews, Mr. Westfield, Mr. Rapose, MO secre- 
taries, Tlie Cusliings, & everyone who makes me smile. 
Bi^^estKick: People w ho think they know it all, but really 
don't have a clue. - "'F. (T) Y. come again!!", ditch, keys. 
Memories: AllthefunstuiTwedidthatcan'tbementioncd, 
Thanks To: Family, Friends, Kristy, Scott & the Ballums, 
Miss Aheam, Mr. Westfield, Sean, Mrs. W, and everyone 
else who helped me get to where 1 am today and be the 
person I an>. Thanks! I couldn't have done it with outyou! 


Nickname: KJ, Davin Maria. Kimba 

Quote: "It takes only a second to say goodbye, but a 

lifetime to forget" 

Fav. People: Mom, Dad, BQ, PR, EM, AG, SB, MB. 



Ambitition: To be a cosmetologist and to be happy 

Happiest When: With Family and Friends 

Memories: Family trips, Florida '93, '95, Boston '96, 

the good old days, Cosmo v.s. E.W., summer'96, Pam 

and IbowUng,Bob'sshoes,Octoberfest? Porky, Ming, 

Jimbo, I miss you! Frosty. 

Biggest Kick: Nichole D. 

Activities: Soccer 1, 2; VICA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Tech: Culinary 1, 2; Cosmetology 3, 4. 

Thanks To: Mom, DadJVlDJD.and friends!! LOVE 


Stephen David Decost 

Quote: "Always keep your face to the sun, and you 
never see the shadows." 

Fav. People: KS, JH, KD, EB, NG, BG, KG, MG, 
KW, PG, MY, DD, CW, EA. CH, AM, KS, BD, JG, 
RM, Brass Section 

Memories: Tour '95, '96, Annapolis, Washington 
DC. Crusaders, GBYSO, Band, Citrus Bowl, Jaguar 
Biggest Kick: Shategua, playing a solo before 30,000 
people in Rich Stadium in Buffalo, NY, "B", Madison 
Scouts, Bob's car- the Jag 

Activities: Band l-4,Stage Band l-4,Wind Ens. 2- 
4,Drum Major 3-4,Brass Ens. 2-4,Drama 4,Chorus 3- 
4,Interact 2-4J'eer Med. 3-4,School Com. 4,Student 
Dir. 4,H.R. Rep 2-4,Sci. Fair 1, 3, 4, SEMSBA 1-4. 
Thanks To: Mom. Dad, Jen, Karlie, Mr. Porter, Ms. 
Wolf, Miss Whittle, Band, Mrs. Glynn, Drum Corps 

Carrie DeGutis 

Megan Claire Dela 

Charles DeLaney 

Nickname: Pigeon.Cawwee 

Quote: "People come and people go but 1 1 ive on forever" 

-Edgar A. P. 

Fav. People: Raychl and Tristan, Lizabee, Jason, Bean, 

Jaime, Ryan, Tony, Matt , Bryna, Adam, Monie, Orion, 

Kingston Kids, madd shouts to all Southie kids, The 

morning table,the BHC kid.s,and most of all, all the East 

Coast party kids. 

Ambition: To succeedin videoproductionandtotripalong 

the East Coast 

Happiest when: At raves with friends. 

Hobbies: Video art 

Bi ggest Kick: Pheebsy 

Tech: Graphic Arts 

Thanks to: My mom and my family 

Nickname: Dee, Megi B, Megnut, Hizell, 8-ball 

Quote: "What drives you on can drive you mad!" 

Fav. Personal Saving: "Hey, hey, it's all good." 

Fav. People: Family, Hizousc, Killa Hill, Shoob, Als, 

Jess, MA, KB, RP, JRx2, AP, AT, EN, KISH, JD, SW, 

SK, NO, MM, VD, KA, JHx2, SH, JC, AF, KH, MBB, 

HD & JH... R.I.P. Jared much love !!! 

Ambition: To rule the universe and have all of the 


Memories: All the times we did all the things w/all the 

people we just can't talk about!!! 

Bi ggest Kick: Jenn's crashes -Jinx, stumped ya, I'm 

sorry officer I didn't know it wasn't legal! the giriz 

Thanks To: Moms, Dads, Miss Wolf, Chelle, my 

friends, and "everyone out there fightin' the beast!!" 

Fav. People: Ma, family, Layne, Ca, MF, JT, KB, TM, 
SL, LM, MD, SC, JL, KP, TT, TS. McLeans, RS, 
Randy, KG, EJ 

Memories: With Layne, Montreal, shooting star- 
C.M, The Cape, W. Pen, Hunting with Layne. Linda, 
TM looking pretty, TC's hair, Mike's, A-Bomb, TT, 
GrandAm, Layne's secrets 
Bi ggest Kick: Scott and Ross 
Thanks To: Mom for being you. Jen for always being 
there, Layne and Ca for being my best friends, and an 
extra special thanks to Mike for being that protective 
brother, I love you! 

64 Seniors 

Anthony James Deltano 


Christopher M. Deptula 

Nickname: Tony Boloney 

Quote: "With great power conies great rcsponsibilty"- 

Peter Parker 

Fav. Perso nal Saying Have a Nice Day. 

Fav.Pepole: Celena. BD, SM, GC, JM, MBT, DB. JN, 


NP, PD, SD. BR, Cindy Lou 

Memories: The tomb,Bash NH,Rupert and the best of 

the club,the blizzard 

Hobbies: Turnning back demons, and righting wrongs 

Biggest A'ic<r; Big Joe.the club,Jefrs sayings. 

Tech: Culinary: 1, 2, 3, 4 

Thanks to: Celena. Moni,Carl,and all the people that 

I have stepped on along the way, your flat heads will 

forever show my path to greatness. Bah Weep Granaha 

Weep-nini Bong (Universal Greeting) 

Nickname: FB. Denoncourt 

Quote: "Small minds discuss people" 

Fav. People: Eric,Bri,HS,SG,KD.PR,SA,CO,KB,JG, 

Ambition: To be successful,and marry Eric 

Ha ppiest when: With Eric.friends under the stars 

Memories: Nights with Eric,Proni,Feb 4th,Cosmo 

vs.Ew first night Seaeonk withfriends my room my 

blazer Dec. 4th. 

Bi ggest Kick: Bri's driving, shop 

Tech: Cosmo 

Thanks to: Eric - 1 love you Family, Friends, and Bri 

Nickname: Dep,Chris 

Quote: "Never look back, always forward." 

Fav. Personal Saying: "Don't worry about it" 

Fav.People: Booty.Vis,Meat,PiUA,MG,SF,AR,SV, 

and everyone else I missed 

Ambition: To have fun and be successful 

Happiest When: Playing sports, or with friends 

Memories: Senior year, All American Diner 

Bi ggest Kicks: Meat's dead arm, 212, zone, Techies, 

Ted's - Laugh, Hyundi - roll. Vis's parking. 

Hobbies: Sports 

Actvities: BasebaU 1, 2, 3. 4; Golf 4; VICA 2, 3, 4 

Tech: Electrical 1, 2, 3, 4 

Thanks to : Dad, Mom,DJ, Shannon, Shane, family, Mr. 

Kirby, Mr. P, Mr.Muir, Russo, and Everyone I missed. 

Lesley Ann Desaulniers 

Quote "Rest within yourself so I may rest there too and 
resting make a place for you to rest in me" -Monica: "Life 
shouldn't be lived in search of meaning but lived for the 
experience of simply being" - Sean O. 
Fav. People: Jen, Lau, RP, JC, SO, SS, BE. LD, JD, SH, 
KC, JP, CD, EP, CR, CD, JH, and all the rest I Love Vou. 
Biggest Kick: Stevie "W", Gilman, cool crouds. What? 
Ha ppiest Wfien: On stage, with Jen, riding the "P' 
Ambition: To "Be" 

Memories: Weekends 1994, the onevette 
Hobbies: Acting, Drawing, Dancing, washing bowls 
TItanks To: Geronimo &Monica for your light and true 
inspiration.Mom for your infinite love and beauty. Mrs 
Sy kes for your iaspiration, support, and love.Finally, Jen, 
no one has ever offered me more love.Thank You for yoiu' 
boundless beauty, in every sense.The love and gifts you've 
given me are endless. 

Seniors 65 

Mark Desautels 

Kristie L. De Stefano 

Theodore J. Dickerson 

Nickname: Dezy 

Quote: "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once 
more; or close up the wall with our English dead. 
-Shakespeare, The Lite of King Henrj' V, Act V, Scene 1 
Fav. People: SO. GB. MM. SI. .1 R. PS. MR. .IS. SF. NC. 

vvM, al. jj. sc, jv, jh, am, jp 

Memories: New York Ellis Island, Harvard Square, 
Salem; Card Sharks World Tour 95-97, Vegas Night 
Biggest Kick: Plan 9 from outer Space 
ActivUies: CC 1,2, 3, 4; Track 1,2,3,4; Winter Track 
1, 2, 3,4; MUN 3, 4 

Quote: "If you've built castles in the air, your work 

need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now, put 

the foundations under them."'-Thorcau 

Fav. People: JAPHETH, Lisa, Caitlin, Jen, Steve, 

Lauren, Matt, Jim, Artie, Rachel, ACE, the Mountees 

Memories: The plan, Matt singing, "Free Huey", the 

circus, breaking the record 

Activities: Chorus 1,2,3,4; Drama 2,4; Interact 2J 

Thanks To: My family. Aunt Maureen, JAPHETH, 

Li, Scan, Matt 

Quote: "'May be going to hell in a bucket, but at least 

I'm enjoying the ride" - JG 

Fav. Saving: Hi ! 

Fav. People: WM, Red. Boomer, JB, ML, Stork, 

Bracelet. JW, MS. MB. DF, MM, Manometians, 

Cedarville Chapter, KC 

Ambition: To be happy, and to be rich 

Happiest When: Not at school, at Stairs, Benders w/ 

Cedarville Chapter. 

Memories: Canping at WCB, Home run hitter, Betty 

Macia, Golf team, walking home w/ Red from Parties, 


Bi ggest Kick: Josh & Boomer fighting. Red. Wayne 

aggravating me. Reds secret language. Stork's 

stories, Bracelet, Mr. Almeida 

Thanks To: Friends, Family, All the people who 

showed me love, Miss Wolf, Mr. Almeida, CC. 

Lyn a. Uienhart 

Brendan Russell Dillion 

Charles Thaddeus Daniels 

Nickname: Lynchin, ARMS OF STEEL, SWOOSH 

Quote: "Somedays you're the bug; somedays you're the 


Fav. People: Mom,Claire,Tracey,AmyJoe,Rick,Fresc, 



Larry . Shipcrly. & VB team 

Menwries: Joe, NZ, Bentley, Loon, Cracker, For Real, I'm 

in the middle, he waved to me, I like you and all but... mi 

no chinky, yellow skittle, all betterband-aid. um...hi. Can 

I be you?, queer girl, 5 hours baby. Big Red, boogie. Bio 

Van, the 2 week silence, Oktoberfest, track sliding, Jello, 

zero girl, raro, do it or vou're nothing, rafting, cheese, 49, 

eggs, ma-taa, 1882, RICE, & Mr. Cookie Face 

Bi g gest Kick: PUMPKINS, the beast, Caroluia, LM&SO 

Tltanks To: My family, Tracey, Amy, Mr. Kahrl, Mr. 

Rodman Ms. Metta, Mr. Rothwell, & Mrs. Hutchinson.I 

Love you all ! 

Nickname: Bruce, Dillon. Dill-dog, He who Knows all 
Quote: "If God is that which determines good or ill, let 
my conscience be my God. - Bruce Russell" 
Fav. Saving: We are the product of our past experi- 
ences & dreams for the future, so dream on. 
Fav. People: TD, NE. SM, BR, GC, JM, SD, ES, LC, 

jc. np, jh, db, mt, js, cm, k 

Ambitions: To be an artist and writer 
Ha ppiest When: I'm with you 

Memories: Blizzard. Salem, Art, School, the cottage, 
the faire, California, the Tomb, Octoberfest, Meals 
ready to eat, Physics. Our Town; Life, love and death 
Big gest Kick : the irony of the irrelevance of life 
Thanks To: Mrs. Sykes, Ms. Stevens, Tony, Bruce 
Russell, My family, those who approached me with an 
open mind. 

Nickname: Charlie, Bro 

Quote: "We live, we die, and death not end it"-JDM 

Fav. People: James Douglas Morrison, Judd, Curt, 

Lindsay. Ryan, Dirty. Mongo, Bub, Tone. Rusty, 

Crosby, Jen, Emilv, Angela Costa. Marisa, Carrie. 

OD, Mr G, Mr F, Mrs Sykes, Josh, Sada 

Ha ppiest When: Bowling And with F'ricnds 

Memories: Joe's house. Perpetual Rythm, Cypress 

Hobbies: Bowling and Skatin" 

Biggest Kick: Joev F. Costa's derranged acts 

Tech: CAD 

Thanks To: Everybody 

66 Seniors 



Thomas F. Dinon 

David M. DiSanto 

Michelle Elizabeth Ditmars 

Quote: "Work is for people who don't fish." 
Fuv. Saying : All righty then 

Fav. People: Todd, Rob, Dave, Melissa, Mark, Bill, 
and the rest of the computer science shop. 
Ambition: To go to college and get a good job 
Ha ppiest When: I'm with my friends 
Memories: Salem trip junior year, VIC A competi- 
tions, and all four years in computer science 
Activities: VICA, Tech prep 
Tech: Computer science 

Thanks To: My tech teachers Mr. Heslin and Mrs. 
Morton. Thanks to all of my academic teachers over 
the years. Also special thanks to my friends for 
making the past four years in high school fun and 

Nickname: DiSants, Davey D, Captain, DeSarr 

Quote: "You can get more w ith a kind word and a gun 

than a kind word alone". -Johnny Carson 

Fav Sayin g: If you try your hardest to do something, 

than what ever the outcome you can't be disappointed 

Fav. People: Family, CQ, BB, BC, SH, AC, JC, LD, 

DH, GL, ME, MA, JM, CL, JP, BE, BB, TD, RL, RC, 


Ha ppiest when: With friends 

Memories: Campgrounds, signs in yards, times with 


Hobbies: Playing football, paintbaUing 

Activities: Football 1,2,3, captain 4 

Thanks To: Family, God, coach Dorr, Coach Murph, 

Coach Hanna and teammates 

Biggest Kick: JCallstars. eggwars, Bowen, pumpkins 

Nickname: Shelly 

Quote: "If you love something let it go and if it doesn't 

come back. Go Get It!" 

Fav. People: Nick, Chrissy, Laura, Steve M., CF, DN. 

LS, KC. CL, .IM, BM, JK, KG. LD, LB, ME, SH, WF, 

and everyone else! 

Ambition: To be successful and relax! 

Ha ppiest When: With friends, at the beach and getting 


Memories: The Strand, 17th b-day, movies w/Nick, 

.Joe P., Sox, Joker. Slowey 's. Prom, Montreal, The last 

night, scrapes, TX, 12 days after march, late-late 

nights, Dave Matthews, and many more to come! 

Bi ggest Kick: Chrissy's mood svvings(and mine), SS 

Thanks To: My family, and a special thanks to Nick 

for always being there for me, I love you all! 

Lauryn Drude 

Janelle Lauren Dubois 

Kim Vanessa Dubose 

Quote: "It's better to be hated for who you are , than be 

loved for who you're not" 

Fav. People: Dave. Erin. Lauren. TP, WF, SS, CL, LC, PV. 

AD, JC, JC, .ID, Dave's Family, The Flynns, and everyone 


Ambition: To be happy and successful 

Memories: NFNF.STNF.Standingoutside.Florida. RKPS 

summers, pinkyswears, tracktiilks 95. talks at Tay's, 

Devestate, BOP, Sam D's, The Tempo 

Bi ggest Kick: Polynecius-CL, Bugs, Cheeseburgers, Erin. 


Activities: Soccer 1,23 

Tlianks To: Mom, Dad, Elizabeth, Kari, Hali, Friends, 

Thanks - 1 Ixive you. 

Nickiuime: Doobs 

Quote: "This day, like all others, will pass, but who you are 
will endure forever." 

Fm: People: Family, Erin, Ty, J-oel, Jaim, EJ, SH, JHZ, 
Karbsy. BM, JC, SP, LD-2, CH, LS-2, TP, SL, LM. RA, 
Memories: NH 95, FL 95, Snores, Grease, H4SZZ, Bucks, 
DCH. times with Tyler, Wendy's, CL, Semi formal 92, 
Tom Petty. D. Copperfield, Alanis. Prom %, New Years 
94, 95, %, T.A.S.B.E.P, TT, animal, 4 wheeUng(puddles», 
headlights. The Fairchilds, & The LaChances 
Biggest Kick: Erin's driving/fits. Mascara. Jaim's obses- 
sions, EJ/JH's Attitude, Jen's Dancing, Spillane 
Activities: Cheer 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1,2, 3 
Tlianks To: Mom, & Dad, for loving me, & friends for 
always being there for me, 1 love you all ! 

Nickname: Dubose, Kimmy D. 

Quote: "Don't let yesterdays disappointments over- 
shadow tomorrows dreams." 

Fav. People: Junior, Summer, Nikki, Mike, Bug, Nathan, 
ND, ST, Danielle, HM, KT, JS. SS, FS, BS, CC. HN, JP, 
GK, KL, JF, B.ID, BBD, KM, JD, Jarcd Purser, Family 
Memories: Icecream, 7th Grade, Junior. Sununer of 93, 
ST. Thomas, .lunior and Mike's singing, Nikki's driving. 
Conn. College, Six Cents (MC), Party Van, Greenmachine, 
Texas, Chinese Firedrill, Get-A way Car, Shaggy, Kerry's 

Biggest Kick: l^eola, Sue's Cleaning, Heather and Kendra 
Thanks To: Fainilv and Friends 

Seniors 67 

Most Outgoing 

Steve Morse 
Becky Chapman 


Most Talkative 

Steve Spillane 
Sandy Hemmings 

Most Fashionable 

Corey Raacsh 
Kara Cushing 

Most Technically Inclined 

Phil Strassel 
AlHson Tamosaites 

Most Artistic 

Lauren Buckman 
Adam Shea 


Joe Shibley 

Deanna Mahoney 

& Mike Eaton 

Class Wits 

Sean O'Keefe 

Liz Moreland 

& Steve Spillane 

68 Senior Superlatives 



Stacey Foskett 
Steve Morse 

Most Athletic 

Tyler Fairchild 
Darcy Morin 

Most Likely to Succeed 

Jen Kerrigan, Loychai Sisouvong 
& Skip Lucey 

Most School Spirit 

Katie Gerrior 
Mike Riordan 

Class Musicians 

Mike McLeavy 
Jacqui Hoyt 

Best All Around 

Tyler Fairchild 
Jen Karbott & Becky Chapman 

Most Unique 

Warren Matthews 
Bev Titus 

Senior Superlatives 69 

Michael Paul Eaton 

Mark English 

Melissa A. Eager 

NU-kimme: Eats 

Quote: "It's not what you got, it's what you give. It 

ain't the life you choose, it's the life you live." 

Fax: People: Family, SI, BC, Maureen, J- Bird, Slime, 

Moose, A-Tram, Leo-D, BB, Bitha, KM, SAW, BOW, 


EM.TD, MD, DF, TF, TD, DC, Chumps. NC, Skull 

Ambition: To live a rich, long, and happy life. 

Ha ppiest When: With family, friends and Maureen 

Menwries: Simimer vacas, JCALLSTARS, Class-meet, 

Atlantic, Myles Standish, sledding in PWR LNS, 

halloween, dreyfus 

Big gest Kick: Bowen. Ratboy, Semer, Pumpkins, Kris M, 

Liam. Waffers, Egg Wars, sledding in PWR LNS, 

Nate, Laason, Bacci 

Activiiies: Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3; Track 3, 4; 

Winter track 4 

Thanks To: Mom and Dad for putting up w ith me, Andrea, 

and friends like Wayne and !\ls. Duertlen. 

Nickname: O.D.E. 

Fav.People: Kerrie, JC, GM, SS. CH, CH.TH,AT, 


RM, WM, TD, EV, MK, TS, JN, RC, SB, JG, SA, 


Ambition: To wander the Earth. 

Ha ppiest when: With friends,alone,night time at 


Memories: Going on trips with Sid,Jay's room, sis 

walking in,hate mail,krusty,sessions!! 

Big gest kick: Lollapalooza, Montreal, summer 


Thanks to: Everyone close to me,and everyone I call 

my friend. 

Nickname: Thelma, Missa, Rarissa 
Quote: "Time is fleeing now they say. Take time to look 
inside and face the change"-Queensryche 
Fav. Saying : Shudup 

Fav. People: Mom, Frank, Family, Todd, Tom, Petey, 
Mark, Robbie, Jay, Both Jens, Ang & her family, 
Carpenter, Lillian, sexy Bill, Mickey, The Smiths, Every- 
one else I can't remember. 
Ha ppiest when: with all my crazy friends 
Memories: Gym Class-Briggsy! "scuze me, I made a 
swoosh!" "Shop time!", "Todd stop poking me in the 
forehead" Swinging at Ang's, Dirty Jokes, Chair Dancing 
Bi ggest Kick: Jenn- if-er's sneezes, all the guys, Jen was 
in "love" w/ making "swooshes"; Just Jay, squirrel story 
Thanks To: my mom for never giving up on me when I was 
wTonglyes I admit it) to Frank for being my Dad, & to all 
ray friends & family for loving me. 

Tyler H. Fairchild 

Anthony Fausner 

William Brian Ferguson 

Nickname: T 

Quote: "If you're not going to compete, then I'll dominate 

you." -MJ 

Fav.People: Fam, Chris, Jay.Skip, RSH. DB, JB, BOOM, 


JD. BD, aw, EP. JC, JK, GS, DG, JL, TC, SS. LC, CR, 


Ambition: To have something big named after me. 

Ha ppiest Wien: With fam & friends, helping the elderly 

Memories: Kevwest, Baystates, FA, Fenwav, DCAMP, 

EWAB, Red C " 

Bi ggest Kick: The SkeUet Chant, CapLSkip, Stevies, BIG 

HEAD, KS, Doing Mornings, Keg taljdng smark, Hunchy , 

Activities: Basketball 1,2; CaptJ,4;Soccer 2,3,4; Tennis3; 


Thanks To: M&D,Coach Swan,K,Hanna,BCIub,RD,FA 

Nickname: Australia, Fausdog 

Quote: "Wliat good friends we've had, what good friends 

we've lost along the way."-Bob Marley 

Fav. Saving : All mv funny noises 

Fav. People: Kim, James, Jon, Jeff, SH, SN, RH, CT, KH, 


& all my other friends that I forgot. 

Hap piest When: with Kim and friends 

Memories: The beach, Abbott, Cars, the good house, 

China-town, Skipping with Crosby, Auto theft, IHOP, 

Concerts, roofriding, Brown's class. Blowing 6oo dollars, 

Unos, Montreal, Scotties, Breaking & entering, Scottie and 

Red, Trooper, Tlie Gimp, Hitchhiker, DayafUr, Jeff the 

stuntman, Scasset 

Bi ggest Kick: Crosby, Cesero, Abbott, Red Rocket, Scottie 

Hobbies: Hanging out. Lifting weiglits, Masic 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Kim, and Friends 

Nickname: Billy, Bonecrusher 

Quote: "If you want something done right, do it yourselt". 

Fav. People: Hank, Jash, Meagan. TF. CP, CO,'rP, AW, 

JC, CD, Manomesians. MD. Debs, Coach Loranger 

Ambition: To be happy and successful 

Ha ppiest When: with friends, with Meagan, on the mat 

Memories: Cooks. The Fatty, Red De\il, July thirds, BJ4, 

Prom, C-shot, Buds, Sloth, Cow Picking 

Hobbies: Canoe repairing specialist 

Activities: Cross-Country 1,2; Track 1,2,4 Wrestling 1, 

2,3, Captain 4 

Tluniks To: Mom. Dad, Sean, Jill, Meme, Papa, Folsoms, 

Coach IvOranger, Roakford 

70 Seniors 


Erica Ferraro 

David S. Fetterman 

Erin Marie Flynn 

Nickname: Rica, Erickey 

Quote: '"If you don't tr>, don't complain if you fail." 
Fay. Saving: But anyways; ntvermind 
Fav. People: Stcph, Ogla, DG, SG, KF, IKX KO. EL, AS, 
PS, TW, CB, .IJ, MC. TC, ND, KG, PA, KL, DB, KG, DS, 
KG, JH, VMD, JR, TZ, AW, Peanut, JD, BC, KW, MG, 
SIdppy Linz, SI, DM, LM, KA, LD, MH, MS, JPA, EN. 
AD, Miss Aearn, Briggs, Liiddy, Mrs. M, Mrs Fry, Mrs. O, 
Tag, CWJVIrs. Crowley, Pizza Guys, Grampa 
Ambition: To become a Police Ofticer. 
HaooiesI When: with friends; playing sports 
Memories: Prom 96, Bri§gsie's,*Gym classes*, dinners at 
Mr. Stan tons, Dunkin' Donuts, The "Anouncement Girls", 
B-Bay, House of Pizza, Bike rides. The Racoon 
Bi ggest Kick: Pizza Guys, Briggs, The Gills, Office Girls 
Activities: SoftbaU 1. 2, 4; BasketbaU 2, 3, 4; VICA 3. 4 
TItanks To: Family, Ogla, Friends, Miss Aheam, Briggsie 

Nickname: Fetta 

Quote: "If we don't take action now, we settle for 

nothing later." -Rage 

Fav. People: Family, Steph, MG,AH, JS, DM, AD, 

MM, SI, JT, CT, 8B, JH, MJ, SF, ME, JC, PS. RH, & 

anyone else I forgot. 

Ha ppiest When: With all my friends and family 

Ambition: To be successful in all that I do. 

Memories: Joe's cottage. The Octagon, Corrolla 

Biggest Kick: Bacci, Jezierski, Eats, Infa 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Mike, Ben, and all my friends 

that helped me. 

Quote: "It matters not how long we live, but how." 

Fav. People: Family, Jill, Lauryn, Jessie, Mailman, 


Drude Family 

Ambition: To see the world before I die. 

Memories: DVST8, the pond, Boston, Ireland, Cereal, 

Zed, The mailman sidewalk, Marthas Cranberries, 

DM band. 

Bi ggest Kick: Bob's Cars, Zed, Morse, Fowler, Drude, 

Smith, Wesley, Barara! 

Activities: Field Hockey 1; Soccer 2; SADD 2, 3, 4; 


Hobbies: Piano, walking, and fishing 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Family, and Friends - I love 

you all! 

Henry Folsom 

Stacey Marie Foskett 

. • • ft A Si Z 

Camryn G. Fowler 

Nickname: Hank 

Quote: "■Ul walk it just takesa little longer."- Led Zepplin 

Fav. Saving: Yea later 

Fav. People: Bill, Erin, Josh. Piersons, JT, NS, RP, SP. 

MP. CU, GL. KS, BB, LS, ML, Manomecians, BH. MC, 


Ambition: To be happy and successful in life. To make it 

through boot camp. 

Ha p piest When: With friends and girlfriend 

Memories: Buds, Cape Cod Ave., White Horse, Prom, 

Wrestling, Independence Day, S-fest, hanging out with 

Dove, Beatings 

Big gest Kick: The Devil, Manomet 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Piersons, Fergusons, Holmes', 

Cobbs, Ellen and Ronny, Coach Loranger 

Nickname: Spacey, Daisy, Foss 

Quote: " If you imagine it. you can dream it. If you can 

dream it, you can achieye it" 

Fav. People: Nelle, Mags, Tiina, Pat, Kwana, Infa, Liz, 

Bev, AL, AP, BC, BH, CT, DM, JK, JJ, JR, KG, KS. LD. 

LS, MD. MW, SC, TD, TK, and everyone else I got to 

laugh with. 

Ambition: To make all my dreams come true. 

Memories: Model UN, Colby. Wahnee, phantom, 

Ptijebago. CURE, Prom, Homecoming, swims, sunimer. 

Golf, Tai Chi, XCJeUo, MASC, Canoeing, Mama Mia, 

Gamiet District, Frisbee. T w/ LS, Soph. Semi, Girls Slate, 

XC States 

Biggest Kick: Laughing w/ Nelle. Sparky, and the kid 

Activities: XC l,2,3,4;CapL4; WHS3,4';Trackl,2,3,4; 

Class Treasurer 3, 4; Student Council; Interact 3, 4 

Tlianks To: Mom,Dad JamieJNelle.Miss Wolf&friends. 

Nickname: Cammy, Kinny, Roon 
Quote: "Life's a bowl of punch, go ahead & spike it."-NH 
Fm: People: Regan. Mom, KR. EC, NL. PB, MB. J A. CC, 
CH, DH. CR. JR, SK, MK, SS, EF, JM, MC, BH, JT, CC, 
BC. MA, DD, SH, SM, MH, EC. JH, AS, JA, JC, DW. BF, 
DR, LC, JT, Ash, Wes. eyer)one else. 
Happiest When: watching the mailmam with friends 
Memories: Mailman. Blondie, Hoyts, NH, cereal. Sarahs 
Band. Fun, Phish, Shootyz, Ski trip. JH. JA. my B-day, 
Guardrail, UVM, VOODOO Sarah, New Yeai^i, Great 
East, Snowboardlng, HAFA, White Horse, Turtlehead, 
Roogcoon, camperscare, slash puppies. Dayes House, 
Nick, Christina's B-day. POTA. Lunch table chats. Mom 
Bi g gest Kick: Cn)nc, MorscBojington, Zed, Mike, Kelly, 
Flynn, Breton after a few, R/\RARA, FFFF 
Thanks To: Mom,Roog.Gramray,Dad,Gretchanthedog 

Seniors 71 

Jaryl Frazer 

Jason Robert French 

James Gabriel 

Nickname: Chickcnwings, Bam Bam, Oreo, Freezer 
Quote: "Do it to the man that would do it to you, but 
make sure you do it first. Either I will find a way, or I 
will make one. The world is mine. Whatever!!!" 
Fav. Saying: If you wanna battle, I'm ready for war. 
Face it, I'm the only god. Shuckyduky 
Ambition: To become a movie star. To take over the 
world. To keep my brother safe forever!!! Stay Real. 
Ha ppiest When: I think of my future & MS. I'm alone 
Memories: Thank vou Michael Secore for being there 
every day of my "life. Rockville/MS/JL/LD/JN/DG/ 
MG/HL. Cambridge/BR/NF. Plvmouth/MB/HB/NR/ 

Bi ggest Kick: Watching my brother grow up. Life!!! 
Activities: Soccer 4; Track 3,4; Basketball 4 
Thanks To: Michael Secore, Grandma, Mom, Kevin, 
Atiba, Nicole, Jaime, Rasheem, Leaann,Jill,Marianna 

Nickname: Frenchy, Jay-bird, Dr. Smooth 

Quote: "Awaken to yourseir' 

Fav. Personal Saving : But anyway... 

Fav. People: Warren, Vic, Jesse, Ryan Huge, Miguel, 

Mr. Shea, Shteevie, Melissa, Paul R. Masi, Johanna, 

*S Anne M*, Tom, Matt, Tiff, Kala, Nichole, Big V., 

Caitlyn, AlUson, Mike, Mr. G, F, and P 

Ambition: To make a contribution, stay forever smooth 

Memories: "The lake", Trampin', Chums, Friends, 


Hobbies: Martial arts, writing, thinking, developing 

Bi ggest Kick: "Swoosh", "Skuz me", Alberti, "Oh 

yeaa", Mr. Connell, Hugs, biology, Wolfie, quake 

crowd, CAD, October-Fest, and C. Orange 

Thanks to: Mommy, Daddy, Family, most definately 

my friends, Pen-pal( Katie), and everyone else that has 

momentarily slipped my mind. I love you all!!! 

Jennifer Jeanne Galvin 

Kellie Ann Marie Gates 

Katie Anne Gerrior 

Nickname: Jenn 

Far. Personal Saving: Sometimes youjust have to say: 
"What the hell", "I Love Myself' 
Quote: "Of all the people you will know in a lifetime, 
you are the only one you will never leave or lose" 
Fav. People: Those who are true to themselves(Jus) 
Ambition: To dance under the light of Broadway 
Memories: deck sessions with Jus, CRAZY REIN- 
DEERS, Karaoke with Heath, Saggy Baggy Elephant, 
*the roof*, pool hall, MORTON PARK NIGHT, w/w 
rafting (KT) playground, "Never Say Goodbye", 
satelite dancing, the 1st six, my movieland, Papafreen 
Eyes, Boom Biddy, ying yang 

Bi ggest Kick: Laramee'sMouth,CRAZY REINDEER! 
Ha ppiest When: there is coffee & good conversation 
Thanks to: Family.God, Fate & good timing 

Nickname: Kell, Kamikazi woman 

Quote: "The healthiest competition occurs when 

average people win by putting in above-average 

effort" - Colin Powell 

Fav. People: PA, JC, DG, SG. TG, KL, EL, the soccer 

team and the DDE's 

Ambition: To travel the world and be successful in my 

nursing career 

Memories: Friendly's, Braintree, the rotary, prom, 

How's the water, gym '95, Octoberfest, slecpovers & 


Big gest Kick: D+S's driving 

.Activities: Soccer 2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Pride 3,4; HR Rep 


Thanks To: Mom & Dad for teaching me to be the best 

I can and not settling for less 

Quote: "The goodbyes make the journey hard as hell" 
Fav. People: BilUustine,Buckman.Sullivans,Furtado, 
Mafflni,the crew,Gills,Bliss,Hurley,Jenn,the squad, 
the Bibbo's,EF,AF,CD,BB,CR, MD. Mrs M, Fry. 
Ha ppiest When: Driving.Big Luce with friends, party- 
ing with the crew,with Billy 

Memories: Sleeping at Kate's, Homecoming 95, Hallo- 
ween, Kay's, NewYears, Pontiac, Feb. Vac, more than 
victor, H20 rafting, GUY, beach. Seafood Shanty. 
Gas, RedCarpet dancing in Kate's street,GapKids. 
colleges, Dannielle's, Matt's clothes. 2AM drive. 
arguingw/Jarred, Taking off. 
Biggest Kick: Mrs. Hutchinson,Biirs Mom,Big Luce! 
Thanks To: Mom,Dad&Bill for putting up with 
mcJanine&Jenn for always being thercNana.Mrs.M 
&Fry for all you've taught me,West Coast Gang& 
Auntie Donna. I love you all, you're the best! 

72 Seniors 

James Giles 

Nickname: Giles 

Fav. People: LK, JA, MB, KH,NS,GB.SH, MP, JP, 

JM, ND, and anyone I forgot 

Ambition: Make a lot of money 

Ha ppiest when: Riding, hanging with friends 

Memories: River Rave '96, Soutihwick'96, 1 8th b-day 

Big gest Kick: George 

Tech: Culinary 

Thanks To: Mom, Da, nan, gree, the rest of the family 

Danielle Alicl^ Gill 

Quote: "It takes only a moment to say good-bye but a 
life time to forget." 

Fav. People: KA, MC, KG, EF, DS, MS, DR, JJ. 
DD girls 

Ambition: To be successful at whatever I decide to do 
Ha ppiest When: Out with the girls, and guy shopping 
Memories: Prom 96, Ice, OJ, Friendlcy 's, bee, sleding, 
water fights, shopping, stickers, trash barrel, couple 
mems., birthdays, Hyannis. MV, driving lessons, DS 
laugh, melanoma, "Emma", 8 for3, highway men, L3S 
Activities: Pride 1,2,3; Lab 3; Office 4; Library 2,3,4 
Thanks To: My family and friends, with out you I 
could not have made it. Thank you for all the lectures 
though long at times. I also thank you for having 
confidence in me. Shan, thank you for being my best 
friend, with out you, I could not have made it. I love 
you ail very much! Thank you all for everything! 

Ryan Gilden 

Nickname: Gildog 

Quote: "Death makes angels of us all and gives us 
wings where we once had shoulders smooth as ravens 
claws."-Jim Morrison 

Fav. People: CB, BE, MB, DM, NZ, JP, SS, CD, MO, 
RB, CP, JB, JG, RA, TD, MS, WM, PW, BB, SL, SM, 
WF. LC, CR, ML, SB. RC, MM, BB, HF, JP, BE, JH. 
Ha ppiest When: With B.O.M., listening to music 
Memories: Redbird, Tyson at Joel's, Montreal 3,4, 
White Horse, T.OJ., Winter 3, Suramerl,2,4, war at 
Ruds, Nam, Churchey 's, S -stains, car chase at punchies 
Bi ggest Kick: Stevie, Dave, Squiggie, Ingus, Zappa. 
Thanks To: Family for putting up with me and friends 
for putting up with me at Buds. 

Shannon Angelina Gill 

Quote: "Isn't it strange that we talk least about the things 

we think most about" -James D. Newton 

Ambition: To become a pediatrician 

Fav. People: Kristy, BC. VMD, EF, Danielle, KeUie, JJ, 

DR, Debbie. Mer. AW, Devin, Diane, Jim, Lori, Nana, 


Ha ppiest When: Out with the girls, having fun 

Memories: Times with Damiy and Mer, Hyannis, Prom 

'%, DD girls, MV, motonnan, BW, PAC, Friendly's, 

Summer, T 

Bi ggest Kick: Danielle being "nap happy." 

Activities: NHS 3,4; Ub 4; Office 2,3,4; HR Rep 3 

Thanks To: First and foremost, to my family, without all 

of you I would not have been able to face my diallenges and 

conquer my goals. To my friends, boy you guys are great! 

Danielle though everything may not have been peachy. 

you were always there for me. I love you all! Thank you! 

Seniors 73 

Jennifer Gillman 

Derek Goodwin 

Patrick Francis Gorse 

Quote: "If you want it, go out and get it yourself." 
Fav. People: Holli. Kris, Sara, SD, SW, BS, CR, LD, 
CM, 'J", JH, JM, KR, NZ, JC, JG, JS, CO. CJ, AW, 
EG, PC, KC, DM, DA, EC, MC, GD, JD. AH, KG, SH, 
CG, MJ, MS, EF, AL, JT, EY, M+M, JK, Runt, LF, 
Memories: Lost Dog, Nile Raids!, Sliiing?, No, vour 
not. Crash 180, GNU's, Pipes, Aruba 93, DEC 94, 
*Box Whatever. Guys, Biclv's, Harvard, Clepto, Tol- 
erating Nate, *Kicker Thumper, The 3rd, Montreal, 

Activities: Soccer 1.2.3: Track 3.4:SADD2.3.4.HR. 
REP. 2, 3, 4 
Bi ggest Kick: Holl's and Glcd 

Nickname: Meat 

Quote: "When the dam breaks, the river flows." 

Fm.People: Pete. Mike, Skellett, DD, JB, JG, JK, 

CD, CB, Z, MB, JS, JT. DM. CM, CH, PR, RC, JH, 

DF, MB, and the rest of you. 

Ha p piest When: At the track, S.O's shop, Sunday's 

with Joe, Out with friends. 

Memories: Prom night, LTD V. LTD, 3n traffic 

stop, rescue 1, 2.8. K bridge. The Zone, Mike's 

truck, F250. 

Hobbies: Burnin' wheel. 

Bi ggest Kick: Skellett 

Tech: Automotive 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad.Karen, and everyone else 

Nickname: Pat , Gorse, Gorsey, Tigger, Lurch 

Quote: "No matter what you do or where you go, always 

remember who your true friends are." 

Fav. Saving : No problem 

Fav. People: Family, Cindy, RM, VR, RR, DW, MH, JI, 


Ambition: To be successful 

Happiest When: With girlfriend, friends, playing sports 

Memories: Carver Prom Jr. year, summer senior year 

Hobbies: Mountain Biking 

Bi ggest Kick: Rob's hair after he takes his hat off 

Activities: Football 1; VICA 23,4. 

Tech: Carpentry 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Cindy, Family, Vikki, Rob, Robin. 

Angela and everyone at work. 

Patrick David Griffin 

Michael Guarnotta 

Carrie Elizabeth Hadaway 

Nickname: GrifT. Pat-Daddy 

Fav. People: Ryan. Mike. Matthew, Matt, Cara, 

Scottie, DR. Meri, EP, JP, BG, JM, KPx2, J A JC. AF, 

RMx2, DN. JW,SM, LK, BC. KG, MM, KS, Broph, 


.Ambition: To be Successful like my dad. 

Memories: Rafting,Camping,Pipes,Peak's,Gnu's, 


Punchy's,Curls,Hootie,MONTREAL,Super S,The 

end of the World, Abbott faced. Breaking the rules, 

Eric's van, Joseph, Jackhammer, Long Dan, Texas, 

Terry D, OT win, Cbl, Old Orchard Bch. 

Bi ggest Kick: Hurley 

Activities: Hocky 1, 2, 3, 4 capt.. Lacrosse 3,4 capt. 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad. Duggie, Ma, Krissy. Uncle 

Danny, Ryan, Cara, Other Family and Friends, God. 

Nichuune: Key, Rizzy 

Fciv. Saying : I^dybugs Ladybugs! 

Fav. People: Dad, Family, DJ. Kara. Shauna. Renee, SS. 

KM. JD, SA. RP, PR, EC, EJ. 

Memories: Fishing with Dad, movies at Kara's, parties in 

the playroom. "Well what's in her Knee'.'", Manomet 

Elem., Renec's lesha, ELEPHANT, The Quest, dressing 

up, Shauna 's ladybugs, dancing by the Jukebox, videos 

with Shyla. WHB, "Myrtle Beach", KC's top. Dad, State 

comp., Salem. Wall, Cocoa-S.P, 9th grade with Kara. 

Bi ggest Kick: Tye Tye and Shauna 

Tlianks To: Mom, Family, DJ and Kara. I love you all! 

74 Seniors 



Jennifer Margaret Hankard 

Sean Hanrahan 

Jennifer Ellen Harding 

Nickiimne: Jeiini, Hank 

Quote: "Pale blue colored Iris, presents the circle and puts 

the Glory out to hide. 

Fav. People: Jen. Artie, SD, KD, MF, DB, DG, TD, SC, 

SM.CN, JM, mm. CI, MG, CB 

Happiest Wien: I'm with Artie and my weird friends 

Memories: Family dates, SEMSBA, neon gloves 

Hobbies: Singing. Playing piano 

Biggest Kick: Cliorus, Astronomy class 

Activities: Chorus 1,2,3,4; Women's Choir 3,4; Dinner 

Theater 23,4; Drama 2; SEMSBA 3; Student Director 4 

Tlianks To: My Family, Budda(Artiel, Mrs. Arana, Mrs. 


Nickname: Ronnie 

Quote: "Never give up, never slow down. Never grow old, 

Never ever die young." '-James Taylor 

Fay. Saying: "How can I be skinny when I'm living phat!" 

Fav. People: Skip, V, Ran, Jut, PW, Jay, T, DN, CL, A- 

Bomb, MG, Moose, GL, Leo D, BB. DD, BigCat, LC. NS. 


SW, CMJR, BB, KS, RL, FootballTcam 

Memories: CCP, South Eleni, Hunts, Paintball. Egg Wars, 

Pumpkins, BSP,I^llapolooza, V's Basement. T"s House, 

Red Carpet Inn, Fenway, Lloyd 6, Football, SLB 

Hobbies: Rhymin' and Stcalin' 

Big gest Kick: Skip's IDT. Hogan's Driving, Jut, Greim, 

Activities: Football 1,23 capt.4. Track 3,4, NHS 3,4 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Brian and friends. 

Fav. Personal Saxinf- : RNOTFLAM; yeah...and? 
Fuv. People: Santo, JH. ME, Robin Goodfellow, AM, 
Darkseed,BM,CB,CS,G W,CH,MB, Mikey O, SC, KC, 
MF, MM, AS, Alex, JP, YO, TL, Renton. CD. MG, JR, 
Hamm, Spanky. Stinkey Bob, CI, TD. SM, CH. Pat, 
Spigot, the new kid and all my other droogies 
Ambition: To be somebody 

Ha ppiest When: In Vienna,Yosemite;snowboarding 
Memories: The bus; Sev. Pr. Study; hazards & head- 

Bi ggest Kick: LIFE; ACO book ending;Caitlin's 
driving; the worst toilet in Scotland 
Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Chris, Jenni, CC. AV. Clin. 
Haylev Ann, Frank Rothwell, SF, LL, AT, ST, SA, 
CW, DB, SM. SO.KO, AH's. TD, LH, LM, PM ,RB, 

Christine Faith Harmon 

Brendan Sean Hathaway 

Sandra Hemmings 

Nickname: Chrissy 

Quote: "So. this is what it's like being an adult?" - E.V. 
Fav. People: Michelle, Laura, Elisc. Liz, Krista, Jen. Keri. 
Dan, Kim. NR. Chris, MT, MS, Ben. DG, BS, KM, DC. 
TR. lb, aw, NC, RG. Sqaud, LD, SH, EP, JD, DDGirls, 
JK, JM, Bacci, BM, Szwcd, LS, Scth. WF, AM, SM, CR, 
JS, JP, MG, JW, AC, JT, GL, everyone else 
Ambition:Be happy Jive in the Caribbean 
Happiest When: With friends, at the beach 
Memories: Blue Bumoers, Ross, forks+knives. Ski trip. 
Prom, Montreal, Babes, Hyannis, BIG20, out to lunch, 
MD B-Day, LH B-Day, LS Bash, Snr. year, JM car, 
sledding, pillow fights, DD cookies, gocarts, minigolf, tests, 
CCM, Rudy,B*,Billf. probe, came.sand wich. Chocolate?, 
garage hits, tanning, LCM. 

Bieeest Kick: Slowey 's tank, Babs, Snobs, DD Shoes, Katie 
Thanks To: Mom+Dad, thank you so much, I Love You!! 

Nickname: B-Dog / Keefa Toofas / NED 

Quote: "It's hard to stop thinking, It's hard to believe that 

the one lying next to me can't hear me breath." 

Fav. Saving : That which does not kill me only makes me 


Fav. People: Family.Lvnne,Justin,RiseAgain,Fall From 

Grace. NB.BL, JP, NR, SH, BB, BHCKids, All Friends, 

Mana Mecias and the Duquettes 

Ambition: To succeed in life and be happy 

Ha ppiest When: at shows, witli Lynnc and Friends. 

playing shows with Rise Again and Fall From Grace 

Memories: Brefass with N-Dog, WEB Woods, HC Shows, 


Bi ggest Kick: MJ, Talcs from the Hardside, Liam's Dee, 

NB, BL, 6th Periood 

Thanks To: Mom &Dad, Lynne, Justin. RA. VFC. and 

anyone who has hellped or has had an impact on my life. 

Nicknames: Sandy, Squeak. Deno. and Beaker 

Quote: "Everyone dances their own ring around the 

sun, nobodv's fmished we ain't even begun." 

Fav. People: KB, AF. JC, CT. JC. JW, EL, BC. KG. 

TW, RH. SN, RH, Dave. Jimmy 

Ambition: To be happy, have fun, and enjoy life 

Ha ppiest When: With friends, being a kid 

Memories: Concerts, parties, paddle boating with 

Erin, walks, Jr Prom, the good house, Anthony's 

brothers cars, Chris' cars, Montreal, neighborhood 

girls, old friends, friends who are still with me 

Hobbies: Art Art Art Art Art Art Art Art 

Activities: Field Hockey I, 2, 3 

Bi ggest Kick: Jim & his dog, bro Dave, Uncle Jimmy 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Dave, family and friends 

Seniors 75 

Jennifer L. Higgins 


Joshua J. Hill 

Quote: "We are all going our seperate ways, but our 

memories will last forever " 

Fav. Saying: Keri. don't worry about it. wrong world 

Fav. People: *MIKE*, Keri, Shannon, IS, CH. DM JCW. 

KC, KC, HC, RM. J K, MS. AM. JM. JP. JO, SP, AK, NR, 

JG, LA, KB, BW, JLX3, CG, 

Ambition: To live my life to the fullest 

Ha ppiest When: w/ Mike, in MV, out w/ my friends 

Memories: Prom %, Sununer 94, Limo, ride, Van Halen, 

fort, 22 fair, red, Subaru, Chrissys basement. Jays, C- 

Camp, Cars, 55, times w/ Mike, Adam, & Keri. Dudrur 

*Marthas Vinyard* 

Big gest Kick: That's bad, Benny's, JefT! Jay, Cuz!! Big I 

Activities: Cheerieading 1, 2, 3, 4 

Thanks To: Mom&Dad. Deanna, Maureen&the rest of 

my family, to Mike for always being there, his family, & all 

my friends, I couln't have done it with out you. 


Nickname: Hill. Killa Hill, 

Quote: "If you can't swim in this world, your bound 

to drizzound!'' 

Fav. People: Jared, ODE. Jenn, Meghan, Chaz, Jay, 

Steph, Becky, Nick, AL, Gary, Jessie, Chriss, Jodie, 


Ambition: To be a fire engine 

Bi ggest Kick: West Wind Shores, Scusset beach, HA! 

HA! HAAA!, Salad bottles 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, My loving girlfriend and 

everyone that helped make me what I am today. 

Nickname: H-Bomb 

Q»ofg; "Good, never letit rest; untillyourgood 

is better; and your better is it's best!" 

Fav. People: Geofl,Sean,Justin,DM, X-C& Track Crew, 

Fetta, Croke, Pendog, lunch table. 

Ambition: To be an officer in the Coast Guard 

Ha ppiest When: Riding the Avalanche 

Memoiies: Mullica Hill, Lynn Woods, Sunday River. 

Pushups, Slick 50, Brown U., Harborview 

Activities: Class Treasurerl, Soccer 2, 3; X-C 4; Spring 

Track 2,4; Indoor Track 3,4; Yearbook 3,4; PeerLeader 

23; PRIDE 4, Wrestling 1, Mt Bike Club 3,4; 

Thanks To: Gram. Mom, Dad, Adam, Jake, Alicia, My 

Teachers, Coaches, & everyone who has pushed me to 

achieve my goals. 

Catherine E. Horan 

Ryan McKenzie Horton 

Nickname: Katie, Katron, Cookie, Snackwell, Katy-did 

Quote: "Life's a bowl of punch. Go ahead and spike it!" 

Fav. Saving : What?!, Ya I'm gonna cry! 

Fav. People: Dawn. Catlin. .len. Pam. AF. JC. KD. JC.IW. 


Ambition: To be happy and successful in life. 

Memories: Hampton. Newport, the Blvd.. the beach. The 

Party Wagon at Crosby's, the 4C's. How???, the cops. 

Petty. Statue of Gloria. Maine, Beanys. House, 

Happiest When: With family and friends. 

Biggest Kick: Jarrod A and Mark B, Jen's mopey moods, 

Caitlins, Racoon, Dawn's love life. Ring-Dings, Crosby 

and Anthony, Davin's Attitude 

Tech: Culinary 

Thanks To: Mom. Jimmy, Family, Mrs. Riordan, & Mrs. 

Martin. I Love You ABI 

Quote: "Nothing is ever the sanie as they said it was; it's 

what I've never seen before that I recognize." -Diane 


Fav. People: Mike. Erica, Abe, Andrew, SS, AN, NR, NC 

WM, BH, & anyone else who ever made me laugh 

Ambition: to become famous in my own right. 

Memories: Any to>vn, Vandi's, cruisin'. the strip, Sally's 

gams, Operation Kill Joe, the Horseman, Boston, Probe 

riding, Perish, Bike, on Raef, Stanky, The BIG D, the Art 

girls. Soap Operas, the meaning of life, lulu, & Richard 


Thanks To: Everyone I've ever known who has left a piece 

of themselves behind, and lulu for showing me the way. 

76 Seniors 


Jamie Beth Howe 

Quote: "People are like fortune cookies. It's what's 
inside that counts." 

Far. Personal Saying : "You know that." 
Fav. People: Chris. KW, KC, KS, family and every- 
one else 

Ambition: To be childless 
Ha ppiest When: With Chris, friends and BW 
Memories: Prom, dinner dance, pond, cavalier, 
English-ear incident 
Bi ggest Kick: Allan S. 

Activities: DECA 2,3,4: DECA officer 3,4; Student 
Council 4 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, John, Chris, and God for 
getting me through the toughest years of my life. I love 
you all with all my heart and I could never repay you 

Jaqueline T. Hoyt 

'ickname: Jacorino, Jacqui 
Fav. People: Meredith, Karen, Erin, Emily, Jen, Kim, 
Jill, Virginia, The Band, AP, JV, JS, JMAC, LK, JA, 
KA, CF, LB. JJ, EL, RH, TG, DG, DM, MR, AM, 
Jason, Mom, Dad, JF 
Fav. Saying: Who rules! For real! 
Memories: 311, The Cure, Friendlys, BWA, DPW, 
Prom, Study, Lunch, Boyfriend game, Dodge, Charger. 
CL, Aggie, Wind tunnel, watching the mailman, home 
made hat. 

Ambition: To nver be a grown up. 
Activities: Softball 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Field Hockey 
2,3.4; SADD 3,4; PRIDE 3.4. 
Thanks To: My family, Jason's Cat and Jaqui's cat 

Ryan James Hughes 

Nickname: HUGE 

Quote: "Taking away the moments that may up a dull 

day." Pink Floyd 

Fm: People: AliLson,JA,BC,JC,ODE.JF,SKI,DR,CD, 

JL, JR. ST, AN, DF, and everyone else I know. 

Ambition: To be successfuL 

Ha ppiest When: With Allison, listening to music, in my 


Memories: VW Bus, CCCC, VICA Chums, River Rave, 

HORDE, Prom, Jay's House, Sessions, Accidents, 

powerlines, riding downtown, Scusset Beach, STP 

Hobbies: Mt Biking, Bowling. Hockey 

Bi ggest Kick: SKI. with Justin 

Activities: Hockey 2,3.4; VICA 2,3,4; ML Bike Club 

Tech: CAD 

TJtanks To: Family and Friends 

Jennifer Marie Hull 

Ryan Hurley 

Stephen C. Infascelli 

Nickname: Jen, Jenny 

fav. Saving : Arrr... 

Fav. People: Mom, Dad. Laura, Jaqui, Karen, Erin, 

Kim. AP, AN. JJ, Nessa, And Family. MD, JP, LK, 


Memories: Friendly's, Racing, My Charger, MV, 

DPW, The Lounge, Getting Lost with Karen, Study, 

"Gump". Drive-By's, Friday Nights, Christy- runs, 

Aggie, Summer 1996 

Thanks to: Mom, Family, and Friends 

Nickname: Hurldog, Hurtz 

Quote: "It's better to have and not need, tham to need 

and not have." -SGT. RidUn 

Fav. Peoplr: The 3 Stooges. Al Biindv, Ron, Jeremy, 


DR, AF, GB, KD, PR, JB, MS, KS, KG. CT. & everyone 

else I forgot 

Ha ppiest When: ABBOTTFACEDwithfnendsorwomen 

Memories: ABBOTTFACED 93-97, PIG ROAST. 


ROCKET, Jack HAMMER. SCOTT in prison, Chelsea, 

The Rez, H-Room, OLD ORCHARD Beach 

Bi ggest Kick: ADNSLEY, John MARANO, ROCK ON 

Thanks To: God, Family. Friends, and the Griffins, The 

Martines, and the Hennesy family for always being there 

for me. 1 love you all very much. 

Nichuiine: Infa 

Quote: "Never slow down, never grow old" -Tom Petty 

Fav. Saying : Just remember left, right, left, right.. 

Fav. People: Kimmy. Rose, Ali, Croke, Nelle and Stacey, 

Eats. Moe, Tracey, Lyn, Tibs, Seth, Eager, RJ. Saw , DH, 

JC, Dez), MR, BK. MK, JT, Fetta, Klsh 

Ambi tion: The all American dream 

Ha ppiest When: with friends and family, running trails. 

Memories: X-C 95, States 95, Camp Foss 95+%. Jamaica, 

OCL Mile 96, LalM)r Day. 

Big gest Kick: Laughing at Nellc and Stacey 

Activities: X-C 1,2_3,4; Capt 4; W. Track 3.4; S. Track 


Thanh To: Mom, Dad, Sis, Grammy. Mac, Grandpa & 

Nana who are my biggest Fans. Friends who put up wiUi 



Seniors 77 


Christian Lee Ingemi 

Justine Angelina Jencyowski 

Michael Jezierski 

Nickname: Princess 

Quote: "Therefore my beloved brethren be ye stead- 
fast immovable always abounding in the worl< of the 
lord, for as much as ye know that your labor is not in 
vain, in the Lord." 1 Corinthians 15:58 
Far. Saying: I don't Ivnow what you're talking about 
Fav. People: David, M J, .JH 2 CM, MG, SK, PK, SL, 
DH, ABC, AI, MI, CI. AC, JC, (AD, JD, LM, SM, HM, 
EM), Mr.C, Mr.G, Mr. Rapose 
Big gest kick: Ambrose Eskevar 
Tech: Electronic Technology 

Thanks To: Jesus, Sister Mama, David, Mike for the 
VCR training and '"my family". 
Special Thanks To: Daddy, Nana, Auntie Marcia & 
Bella, Uncle Frank & Mark, Grandma, Mom, Papa, 

Quote: "In the time of your life, live-so that in that 
wanderous time, you shall not add to the misery of the 
world, but shall smile to the intinite deUght and mys- 
tery of it." -William Saroyan 

Fav. People: Katie, Jen, Ricky, Marjic, KC, EF, TW, 
Memories: Octoberfest, Salem, Eagles 95, NH, Dear 
Abbey's w/ Caitlyn, Dinner Dance, Katie gettin gas, 
July 3, Mona Lisa, Lunch table chats. 
Bi ggest Kick: Becky Chapman and Danielle Gill 
Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Anthony, Nicole, Gramps, 
the aunties, Mrs. M, Mrs. O and Jen 

Nickname: Ski 

Quote: "If it ain't broke don't fix it." 

Fav. People: Ry, AS, CI, DF, EL, BH, AM, AN, SC, 

PS, and the namless others that I love plus my fam. 

Ambition: To play hockey professionally 

Ha ppiest When: Playing hockey or skateboarding 

Memories: Fetterman, B. Hathaway, hockey states 

Hobbies: Skateboarding, rollerblading 

Bi ggest Kick: B Hathaway, Fetterman, Hughes, 


Activities: Hockey 23,4 

Tech: Electronics 

Thanks To: Fam & friends 

Jacklyn Jitl\m 

Quote: "If you're gonna MACK, you gotta lean." -Mickey 
Fav Saying: "\Vhats up guy", "Hook me up please!" 
F'av. People: Maureen, Anthony, Ryan, Bev, Jessie, Liz, 
TR, JK, Chalet Boys, AP, JH, DM, LK, AL, SF, NC, MA, 

Ha ppiest When: WithHerbert,clothescritiquingwithMo, 
in DC, and laughing at Andy's hair. 
Memories: Hiding behind the skivvies, wearing garbage 
bags, Plinioth Plantation, Live coni-ert, gettin gas, plastic 
jewelry, MARION, sleeping with the jacket, "You made 
cookies", prom toes, Mike's bird poop, Mary J. 
Ambition: To be a jet-setter and know how to hob-nob 
Activities: Peer Leadership, NHS, HR Rep., B-ball, Stu- 
dent Council, Tennis, Field Hockey, Interact, Biotech 
Thanks To: Mom and Dad for IwUeving in me. Jade and 
Amy, 2 of my best friends. Gramma for her faith, Lil' Mo 
everyone that makes me laugh. Honey-bunny, 1 love you. 

Erin Tanner Johnson 

fav.Pgop/g. Famav,Ja\.Jaim.SP,.ID.EP.KC.SS,JC.LS, 

CH, LD, KM, EC, MS, KH, BM, MI), DG, JH, JT, JC, LC, 


RA.\VF, RC, JP, DV, DN, manomecians, andCamp 

Boumdale Staff. 

Memories: Montreal, NH95, Homecoming, Proms, SSD, 

V's Gloria, PPP, July 3rd, New Years, 4wheel, DCs, 

Kara's Amazon, stage, wanderer, food wars, signs, Oct 

swim, goldseal, buks, singing with Shauna, 16th B-Day, 

Cops & Robbers-Jen, WHB, my parties, D's pond, bog 

diving, Churchey's, bucks, stoagies 

Ha ppiest Wlwn: Out With The Girls 

Bi ggest Kick: Doobs in NH, CA thumper, 

BS,CA,DD,PO,TC-helmets, Mom 

Tlianks To: Mom, Dad, Brooke-for loving me Jackie for 

being my best friend, & everyone else who was there for 

me. I Love You!!! 

Jennifer Anne Karbott 

Nickname: Leggs, Karbsy, Stinkbomb 

Ouofe; "Love is something you can'tinvent. no matter how 

much you want to." -Marilyn Monroe 

Fav. People: Family, Chrissy, Deb, Ace. Kim, Mc Q, Dan, 

Dubsy Spunky. SS,"bB, JT, NS, JH, PW, RG. GL, teams.c 

oaches, Marchands, Mastandreas, and Everyone F^lse 

Memories: "Moni",whani concerts,Pow Pow! Veggie 

Dip, Pits, White Hat, Italy, Bonding, Lists, Party Girls, 

IKAG, TWL, Battle Queens, Jose, Pros/Cons. 2Bucks, 

Thumps/Bamljs, Ironic, Pr<)m,2:34am,moiLsse,theBlaze, 

Road Trips, Stalkings,The Bomb Squad, Bus Rides, 

Jake Ryan, SNF 

Activities: Soccer I, 2, 3,cap 4; Wrestling Man 2, 3, 4; 

SoftbaU 1, 2, 3, 4; NHS 3; Seer. 4 

Thanks To: Mom &Chris for all your love and support 

Mr. Patten for always being tliere 

78 Seniors 



Michelle Marie Kearney 

Sean Michael Kelley 

Tracey Ann Kelly 

Nickname: Tiny Chelle, Little Chelle, Yuckie, 


Quote: "A roUin' stone don't gather no nwws." -,FH 

Fav. People: Mikey, Chaz, Jared and John Rest in Peace, 

and all my real friends, ya'D know who you are. 

Ha ppiest When: Chillin' and Partying with my friends 

Memories: Bone Thugs-N-Hannony Concert,Spooky 

World. Chad's Tree. Erica's Birthday, Far East 

Tournaments, Hitch Hiking, "It's my favorite ring 

officer". "We share everthing", "Crossroads", and 

many more. 

Biggest Kick: Road Trips, Biekfords, Yucko and his Bast- 

A-iVIovcs, Gary and Rob together,Ms. Wolf 

Activities: Volleyball 1, 2, 4; Gymnastics 3; Basketball 


Thanks To: My Family and Everyone Else who was been 

there for me. 

Quote: "If at first you don't suceed find out if the laser gets 


Fav. Personal Saving: If it ain't right, it is now! 

Fav. People: Angela,NO,CJ,MMv\K,BDJV.MD,TP, 


.Ambition: Retire out of the Army at age 39, and live off the 

government's money. 

Big gest Kick: .Junior year, Bessie. 

Ha ppiest When: With Angela and Friends 

Memories: Roslindale, Homecoming, Phantom, Prom 

Night, Pee in a bag, Quincy w/Nick, Z Room, Junior Year, 


Actiiities: Hockey 23<capt.),4;Band 235ec.Ldr. 4 

Thanks To: Mom. Dad, Amy. Angela. Mrs. Darsch. I 

couldn't have done it without you. I love you all. 

Quote: "Always shoot for the moon, but if you miss at least 
you'll be surrounded by stars." 

Fav. People: Chris. Lvn, Amv, Jen, Jessie, Kimmy & Infa, 
AL, JR, Crokes. BL, SW, BB, KD, LM, DM, KS. NC. KL, 
SF, MA, JJ, SS, BM, LK, JM, JL, JK, SH, FieW Hockey 
and Track Teams, Coaches 

Memories: Prom. Ski Club, I'm in the middle, he waved to 
me, Pros/Coas, yellow skittle, Oktoberfest, ST, Midnight 
nms. Do it or you're nothing, 1882, Mi no chinky, ugly 
dresses, I like you and all, but., RLC, 311, Big Red, Joe 
Ha ppiest When: With friends, track and ski seasons. 
Bi g gest Kick: Pumpkins, Hollie P., Liz M. 
Activities: Field Hockey 2, 3,Capt 4; Track 2,Capt 3, 4; 
Band 1, 2, 3; Student Council 1, 2. 3, 4; NHS 3, Pres 4. 
Tlianks To: Mom, Dad, Family, Chris, Lyn, Amy, The 
Mahoneys, Mr Kahrl, Mr Rothwell, Miss Ahearn, 
I appreciate everything you've done for me. I Love You! 

Jennifer Lee Kerrigan 

Lynda Michelle Kishkis 

Gary Micheal Knight 

Quote: Nothing is more fatal to happiness than the 

remembrance of happiness. 

Fav. People: Maureen, Liz, Jacklyn, Sue, Michele, Eric, 

Em, Lyn, Stace, Jessie, Tracey, Dorothy, Andy, Tiina, 

Darcy, Erica, Rothwell and the Softball team 

Ha ppiest Wlien: Playing Softball 

Ambition: To be happy and successful. 

Memories: Geometry, Telephone, TacoBeli, Shoveling, 

All', Beach,Peacefull Meadows, Italy, and the times with 

my brother, Mike„.I will mLss him. 

Activities: Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Math Club 2, 3, 4 

Thanks To: Mr. Marzelli for his patience, my teachers 

through the years, and my Mom & Dad w hom I Love vey 


Nickname: Kish, Kishy- Baby 

Quote: There are two things to aim for in Iife:First get what 

you want and after that to enjoy it. Only the wisest of 

mankind achieve the second. -Logan Pearsall Smith 

Fav. People: Familv, Joel, Jenn. Meghan, DM, JS, JH. TK. 

LD. EL, KL, AP, Infa. Alison, JR, SH, SL, JJ, MR, KG, 

RL. J-Mac, Meg's Family, KH, ES 

Bi g gest Kick: Lyn,Tracey, and Spellman 

Memories: Where's the Beach? .FR's Please Forgive Me, 

Droops, Sags and Feet w/ Meg and Al, Jenny's driving. 

World Civ. Falls, Prom 96, MV w/ Meg, Swoosh 

Activities: Yearbook 1, 2, 3, 4; NHS 3, 4; Track 1, 3, 4; 

Soccer 2, 3 

Thanks To: Mom, Auntie Lorraine, Uncle Dennis, 

Familyand Friends for always being there. 

Nickname: G 

Quale: "As far as life, don't keep your hopes too high. 

Caase it's just a matter of time before we're all gonna die. 

but until then, till the day you stop breathin. it's time to 

stand up and fight for what you believe in." 

Fav. Personal Saving : It's Tha Bomb 

Fav. People: Jeanna. Family, and only my real friends 

Happiest When: Chillin with Friends 

Biggest Kick: N.P. Radio Shack.Cat Chase. Onset Rock, 

Sp<K)ky World Trip, Radio Bob. Biekfords in Compton 

Tech: Electrical 

Tlianks To: Family .Friends and everyone else w ho's been 

there & had my back no matter what went down. Rest In 

Peace to John & Jared and all others lost. 

Seniors 79 


Christopher David LaChance 

Alison Merill Laffan 

Karen Beth LaPointe 

Quote: "'You can't swallow what I am thinldng"-ST? 
Fav. Personal Saying: "Gonna hurt sometimes!" 
Ha ppiest mien: Just kickin it and Ivnocldn boots. 
Fav. People: Familv, Kristen, TF, JM, SL, DN, DB, SH, 

Memories: Pardee Camp, Kev West, Prom, Red Carpet 
Inn. L22, Saco River. Highway. CHM, Egg War #1. Ty's 
Ranch, Tha Island, Subaru, C Olsen's PP, Red Sox, BBR. 
Duca, New Year's Eve-96, KMP, T-Rides, CoolLays, 
DMB, T.Pet, LoUa+HORDE 95-96, Metallica, G. Finga, 
Toadies,&all the other road trips. The Dubois, PHPIG 
Bi ggest Kick: Spillane, Raasch. Simoneau, SF, Swanny 
AcHiities: BasketbaU 1,23,4: Baseball 1,23,4-Capt. 
Thanks To: Mom,+ Dad, Thanks for everything., The 
Fairchilds. + Mrs H for all the extra servings! 

Quote: "Things do not happen, thev are made to happen."- 


Fav. Saving: Whatever 

Fav. People: JR, TK, SI, KH, SF, NC, MA, LH, EL, LM, 



Ambition: To be happy 

Ha ppiest When: in the summer 

Memories: MIW %, Biotech Van, Swimming, 4x4, Track, 

Sliding, Ski-Club, leaves, Re^ie Lewis, Roof Climbing, 

Sailing, FeeL 

Bi ggest Kick: "We've got your mother in here..." 

Activities: Cross Country, Track, Biotech, MUN 

Thanks To: My friends and Family, I love you bun. 

Nickname: LaPointa 

Quote : "In three words I can sum up everything I've 
learned about life. It goes on." - Robert Frost 
Fav. People: Mom, Dad, Dan, Mary, Erin, Jen, Jaqui, Jen, 
Sarah, Marie, Kim, DM, MH. KG. JS, LM, MM, DF, MS, 
KS, TS, LD, TK, SO, Julie and Aggie 
Memories: weekend sleepovers, CL, DPW, nine, Spain, 
Rosa's, Happy lady, Cozy Dell, Friendly's, Soccer, TB, 
coolman, getting lost with Jen. Bill the crazy ref, IHOP, 
MV, drive-by, hot fudge, Okay, lunch tables, DM, camp- 
ing, RTG, fighting with Jacorino, Erin's walks, Toncy, 
Study, home video pens, Indian Brook, Snowstorm at 
Jen's, TLC, Windtunnel, gym foyer. 
Bi ggest Kick: Murray 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Danny, MaryEllen, Jake and 
Piggy, for everything-I love you guys! 

Christopher Larson 

Nickname: "Larsen" 

Quote: "Ther comes a time in every man's Hfe when he has 

to clean up his own back yard" 

Fav. Saving : "I know, I know" 

Fav. People: EL,KL.JO,KT 

Ambition: To become successful 

Ha ppiest When: with Erick and Kristen 

Memories: Dasher, Buttermilk, Pembroke, Connecticut, 

Driving Dually. Tunes with Erick 

Hobbies: Working, Pulling, Day Dreaming 

Big gest Kick: Erick's lessons on life 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Josh, Krisren, and especially, 

Erick, you taught me everything I know and more. 

80 Seniors 

Erica Jean Lelli 

Quote: "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for 
anything."-Mike Stratton 

Fav. People: Ry, GuLsti. CK, BH, RL, JR, AD, AN, AM, 
AS. MJ, SS, JB, JV, A V, PS, BC, WM, RA, Guy, BS, BD, 
NR, EA, em, SD, JH. MM, PD. 
Ambition : To see it all, do it all, and have it all. 
Ha ppiest Wfien : Not in Plymouth, Cruisin the Strip. 
Memories: Mook, Altemativeness, Sophomore-Senior 
things, Vandi, Morning Table, "D", Anytown, Boston , 
Emerson, Shows, Downtown, ON RAEF, Hal. NOFX, 
Michigan, BMI, Friendly's, Bees, Chorus, Piercing Par- 
lors, Victoria's Secret, Finger Painting, Kemiit, Monty 
Python, Lulu, , Jeo. Metaphores, Green Light. Specials. 
The Van, BowUng.Cake,Videos.and STARS. 
Bi ggest Kick: "THE MEANING OF LIFE" 
Thanks To: Mom J)adJBrian,and faniily-I leave you with 
all the love you have given to me. 

Erin Marie Linehan 

Nickname: Red 

Quote: Life is like a cup of tea, it's how you make it. 

Fav. Saying : Mother of God, Brother Ned, For Real 

Fav. People: Familv, Karen, Jen, Jacqui. Jen, Kim, 

JS, LM, NC, MN, KG, EF. SH, MM, DM, MH, JH, AF, 

LC, JT, JG. 

Ha ppiest When: Over Judd's, Friendly's 

Memories: Learning how to waterski, Friendly's, 

DPW, Rosa's, NC, Coolman, CL, weekend w/James 

and pals, Happy Lady, IHOP, nine, Sandy and I 

paddle boating, walks, URI, drive-byes, hot fudge, 

OKAY, camping, RTG, Study, Tony, your motha, 

home video, snowstorm at Jen's, TLC, Southie, wind 

tunnel, gym foyer, Main Street 

Bi ggest Kick: Happy Lady, Bill the crazy ref, and 

Kellie's pinky 

Thanks To: Mom, Honey, Willis and family for always 

being there for me. 

John J. Lucy 

Kerry Lyons 

Robert J. MacDonald 

Nickname: Skip 

Quote: "With every mistalie we must surely be learn- 
ing." -Beatles 

Fav. People: Family, Sean, Hogan, V, Jut, PW, DN, 
TF, J, CL, AC. JC, MG, LD, BB, DB. JB. JG, SS, JP, 
CD, RG, JK, GL, DD, BOM, KH. Dubs, JC. TP. class 
officers, teammates, and everyone else. 
Ambition: To make a difference in the world. 
Ha ppiest When: With friends, running ball. 
Memories: CCP. Boys Club. Fenway, Canada. WHB, 
Prom, 3rd's, cruiser w/JB. Strand. DN Weekend, T & 
V's house. McD's Roadtrips, fastcourts, trashmobile, 
d-team meets, parties. Holiday Inn, Island, Eggwars, 
South School, & Basketball 

Big gest Kick: LaChance. stro jokes, Greim, buzzkill 
Activities: Basketball l,2,3,Capt.4; Cross-country 
1,2,3,4; Class Pres 1,2.4; D-team capt. 3,4; NHS 3.4 
Thanks To: Mom and Dad, I love you!! 

Fav. Personal Saving : Get outta here! 
Fav. People: Mom, Dad, Jessica. Jack, FBCBM, Kim, 
Jess, Becky, Kristin. Shantel. Kattia. Kim D, Nikki, 
Bug. Jeanna, GB, JA, and all the people I forgot. 
Ambition: To be well educated and successful 
Ha ppiest When : With friends and family 
Memories: Beretta, Buggy, James, Dunkin Donuts, 
Scruffy and Fluffy. Zig. Checks, TacoBell. wrong way. 
St. Martin, Providence, New York-105. cocoalena 
Bi ggest Kick: Gary's car, Nikki's reaction to people 
driving. Kim's "goodness" Ki, and Kima, fat birds 
Tech: Culinary 
Thanks To: Everyone who believed in me. Thanks 

Nickname: Rob 

Quote : "It takes a man to suffer ignorance and smile, 

be yourself no matter what they say." 

Fav. People: Andrea, PG, DW.Shop. Ed, JH, Bailey, 

and all others forgotten. 

Ambition: To be happy, and find my calling in life, 

wherever that may lie. 

Ha ppiest When : With Andrea, on P.E.T., with friends 

Memories: Mountain biking, hockey 

Big gest Kick: Those letters. Magic bubbles, Monty's 

Activities: ECHO Staff 3,4; VICA 2.3.4 

Tech: Computer Science 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, and 'Stina - I'll make you guys 

proud, whatever I become. Family, Island folks. 


OF 1997 

Drawing Design 

Lauren Buckman 

Seniors si 

Deanna Susan Mahoney 

Julie Mahoney 

Michael Patrick Mahoney 

Quote: "Life is lilie a box of cliocoiates, you never know 

what you're gonna get" -Forrest Gump 

Ambition: To malie life possible 

Ha ppiest W}ien: With Family and Friends 

Hobbies: Writing, Drawing. Reading 

Fay. People: Family, Cassie, Alyssa, Heather, Julie, 

Christian, Jen, Virginia, Erin, Nicole, Patrick, Tony, 

Deserac, Debbie, Mike, Joe 

Memories: Summer of 94. 95,% 

Thanks To: Mom and Dad, Family, Friends, Office, 

Guidance, Mr. Purdy, Mrs. Mclnnis. Thank You All! 

Nickname: Joules 

Fav.Pfop/g: Mom,Stacev.AK.Christa..Ioe. Becky. Chad. 
Chelle, Erica, Vogel, Shaun, JO, JP. GK, BB, GR, TP, JS, 

mh, bg, jh, jr, as, eb, jr, cw, sk, lr, km, RS 

Ambition: To be a Marine Biologist 
Ha ppiest When: With Joe and my friends 
Memories: Vermont with Lei, Joe's garage, McDonalds, 
Pete's feet. Concert with Becky and everyone else, 
16th Birthday 

Bi ggest Kick: Chad's tablejJecky and Chelle's driving. 
Science class With Becky 

TJianks To: Mom,Staceyy\K,ChristaJoe3ecky for al- 
ways standing by me ,and Chad for being there no matter 
what happened. 

Quote: "Life is what happens when you're making other 

/^gv.fgopfe. Familv.SK.OB.SO.CJ.DF..lT.CT..IW.RL. 
PS, JM, KL, RA, BC, 3MD, GB, MM, WM, AF, TS, AD, 
JP, JV, BP, MP, KA, TP. MC, GM, JS, AM, BC Boys, 
anyone else I forgot 

Ambition : To be the world's happiest person 
Ha ppiest When: With friends 

Memories: Camping, Guys Day Out, Main SL, cruisin', 
DMA,Z-Room, Card Sharks Worid Tour94-97. Dukesof 
Hazzard, KMART, Vegas Night, two in one night 
Bi ggest Kick: Sean O'Keefe and Dave Fetterman 
Activities: MarchingBand 1,2,3, 4; Golf 2,3; Class Rep 1; 
Stage Band 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4Brass Ens. 2, 3, 
4; CurUng 2, 4; Cow Tipping 2, 3, 4; MUN 3, 4 
Thanks To: Mom J>ad,Kate and Jean,without your sup- 
port this would not have been possible 

Keith Malaguti 

Nickname: BOOTY 

Quote: Life is a journey, enjoy the ride! 

Far. Personal Saying : What UpYo! 

Far. People: Budg, GroovyScoop, TM. VIS. PS, Mello, CW, 

CD, B, hoodrats, JA, BB. JT, MB, PS, CW, J-Rock, techies, 

HF, JD, LB, DD, G, DO, CM, PR, plumbers, RC, MG, ML, 

Meat, RAZ. CW, NO 

Ambition: Live in VA Beach.Drag Race, live on the edge. 

Happiest When: partying, driving, racing slangs, RDing. 

do>vn the path, birdwatching. biking, Lot 10 

Memories: Glass table, kitchen puddle. Zephyr, JD, PMPB, 

Cedarville nights, beach. Da Hood, commons, hood dogs. 

Bird, A-Bumb, Steve Miller, path, GrooyScoop-first show, 

chef Greg, Midnight swim, being on TV w/Scoop. Ted's 

driving, purple ducks, 212 zone, meats arm, tatertot 

Tech: plumbing, Mello, RuDogg, and Chester Rule! 

Tlianks to: Mora, Dad, Jon, Mr&Mrs B, all my teachers 

Andrew Michael Manson 

Nickname: Mookie, Andy, Undywear, Nature Boy 
Quote: " None are more hopelessly enslaved then those 
who falsely believe they are free." 

-John Wolfgang Van Goethe 
Fav. Persoiutl Saving: That's pretty cool! 
Fav. People: Rats, Mom, Family, Jacqui 
Memories: Sacco's basement Becky, NH, Getting Shot 
Activities: Cross Country 1 ; Track 1 ; Soccer 2, 3, 4; Peer 
Mediation 3, 4 

Hobbies: Magic, Movies, Music 
Ambition: To Live 

Thanks To: Rats, Mom, Family, Becky, and all others that 
made me laugh. 

MicHELE A. Martin 

Nickname: Shell, Shellie, Sandy, Mashoe, Mahtin 
Quote: "It sometimes seems we've forgotten that beauty is 
only skin deep. What makes people truely attractive 
begins with having a sense of self. Be comfortable with who 
you arc. What's on the outside is, at best only a reflection 
of what is on the inside" 

Fav. People: Nicole, Angla, Suzie, B-Dogg, Andrew, 
Justin, Nutmeg, Erica, Andy, Pat, Steve, Sondra, Mike 
Memories: The Approach, trips to Sal's, the van, 
playgrounds, 5th period gym, moving here , King Pin 
Activities: Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Pride 2, 3, 4; Council 3: 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Kasi, Alex, Tag,Rothdogg, 
Westfield, I.arry, Sven, Jungle Debbie. Mr. Kelley, Alfred 
and Ix>uis, Herbert Briggs, Nicole, Meesha. 

82 Seniors 

SoNDRA Anne Martin 

Eyad Maker Marzuq 

Joshua Masters 

Quote; "I never let my schooling get in the way of my 

education." - Mark Twain 

Fav. People: Jason F, IJndsay S, Paul M, Mr Kelley, AV, 

MJ, Warren, Brie, J.B, Adam S, Justin A, Shannon A, 

Johanna, Tiff, Michele 

Ambition: To be happy within myself and with people I 


Memories: Biology class, morning table, TAOUT, 

Spanish. Octoberf est, CADjFriendlyV'TheLake", Jay's 


Bi ggest Kick: Hugs, strawberries, smiles 

Activities: Gymnastics 2, 3, 4 Captain 

Tlumks To: All my friends and teachers who walked beside 

me in life. My parents-Thank You for Everything 

Nickname: Zuq, Zuki, Zuqster, Mukachuk, Crazy Arab 

Fav. People: .IM. SN. MM, RM. .IM. KS. MC. CR. JS. RH. 

J A, PG. ME. JW, TD, JP, AM, LH, LC, JT, RM, SL, CP, 

ML, Big Jim, ME. Joel Stack. 

Ambition: To be happy and sucessful in life. 

Hap piest When: With friends, playing soccer. 

Memories: Accident#l, Accident#2. My house. Red 

Carpet, Durfee tournament 

Hobbies: fishing, golfing, beating up my two little bros, 

hanging out with my uncle. 

Activities: Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 2, 3, 4 

Bi ggest Kick: John and my youngest brother wrestling. 

Fav. Personal Saving : Whaat 

Quote: " Don't fake the fiink on a nasty dunk" 

Thanks To: My family, and my Mom for putting up with 

me all these years. I Love You Mom. 

Nickname: Master of Puppets.Cokey 

Quote: A crimson pool so warm and dcep.LuUs me to an 

endless sleep. Your hand in niine-I will be bravcTake me 

from this Earth.An endless ra'ght-thLS,the end of life-From 

the dark 1 feel your lips. And 1 taste your bloody kiss 

Fav Personal Sayin g: Yah, Are we rollin? Savre Boha 

Fav. People: JoshC, WarrenM, Steve K, DaveP, George, 

Ren, Geoff W, Matt P, Christine M. JeRP, LucyM. EdM 

Ambition: To play bass for JoshC 

Happiest Wlten: When I am with ChristineM 

Memories: Da Pimp Squad, Cindy and the fruitopia cap, 

Mello the imigrant 

ig gestKick: Gibelli 

Hobbies: Play bass, Bug Mello and others 

Tech: CAD " 

Tlumks To: Mr F, Mr G,and Josh C, Kevin Murphy 

Warren Morse Matthews 

Nickname: Suck, WAAAARRREEN!!! 
Hobbies: BOOM!, Snowboarding, Andy V. Hard Core, 
Brie, campin, Jamie, WWOBS. Bevy, Muddy House, 
Mer, Camp Clark, Agway, BMX, Cons, Vicid, Patty 
McTuffpants, getting lost, not rite nite, Frenchic, Erica, 
Cole, Ryan, after Prom,Downtown, Ski, Biology, Adam, 
Pinto, Mt. Maniknak, rooflng, N. Riehl, Chemistry, 
Maason, Angie, Tiff, Kala, trampoline Camp Kidz, 
Crazy Women, Morning Table, Jesie, Janelle, B-Dog, Mall 
nite, nature hikes, riding Hanna, overrates, being sneaky, 
WarpedTour.MattT, Heather H, Eric V, New Years, My 
16th, My Bum, Sally crisis'. Science Museum, Hallow- 
eens, bowling, cruisin" w/Sloth, the Probe, My Van, the 
field, Salem, to all my hobbies: don't forget to remember 
allintheOldSkool! — xxx~- 
Activities: Soccer 2 ,3, 4; Lacrosse 3, 4; Yearbook 3, 4 

Dawn Marie McHugh 

Nickname: Dawn, Peanuts, Shniuck 

Quote; The apple doesn't fall far from the tree 

Fav. Personal Saying ; Are you gonna cry 

Fav. People; Caitlm,LU'Eddie, Cora, Katie, DG,JC,JK, 

AF, KC, JH, KB, JA, JP, MC, RM, night crew, family 

Ambition: To be happy and sucessful 

Memories: the Blvd, sununers. beach, Tom Petty, 311, 

hotel, Statue of Gloria me and Katies little talks, fires, cops, 

being told to be shut off,BigEddie,S«an"sclass, Cape Cod 

Ave, cruisin, Don't worry 1 wont hurt you. accidents, 

football games, CJ 

Bi ggest Kick: C^tlin, Katie's stupid jokes. Stalking, 

.lames, Anthony, Dr Swan, Katie M, Ring Dings, Matt 

Thanks To: Mom for pushing me,I Love You. Big F.ddie, 

miss you. Bob, my family for helping, and to all my 

friends for being tliere, you know who!! I Love You!! 

Elizabeth Anne McKeown 

Nickname: Beth, Betty 

Fav. People: FamUy, Melissa, Jen, Steve, JC, JD, SP. Suz, 

AK, RA, MF, TC, DJ, Fitz, JR, BH, JN, TK, KC, SH. EP. 

FJ, CH, SL, HP, CM, BB, Mr+Mrs D, Ms Ahem, and aU 

others forgotten 

Ha ppiest When: With Friends 

Memories; Four Wheeling,Ryan's,IKAG,Thumps/ 

Bambs,Ironic,Bob's Mom,Blaze,Beach nights,ZlP, 

PromJBondingJPuddle, walks w/ Mel,Dave Matthews ,times 

w/Lenny,TWL3n .DD w/ Jay, Capt's, Randoms. 3rds, 

crackers,APB Man.runs with Shuuna, Christ) 'sj. 

Bi ggest Kick; The Fonz, Dink, and King 

Activities; Field Hockey 1,2 CapL 3.4;Basketball 1,2; 

Wrestling Mang. iA; Track 3 

TItaiiks To; Mom,Family Jenny,and Melissa for being 

there for me~I U)ve You!! 

Seniors 83 

Maureen Alice McLaughlin 

Nickname: Mo, Mohinder, Mo-Dogg 
Quote: "We are not permitted to choose the frame of 
our destiny, but what we put in it is ours." 
Fav. People: Jacl<lyn, Jenn, SC, MS, LM. TR, LO, AL, 
BT, AP, KP, JP, BC, MH, MA, JS, DM, the hoochies, 
Chalet boys-AM, JH, TK. AG, SF, KS, JR, SM, KO, 
the summer crewCJT!), and my big sis. 
Memories: Hoyts, Late-night movies, Marion, Posse 
trips, wearing garbage bags, Bandana boy, getting air, 
mallrats, big Bertha, Gen. Now, the situation, thrift 
shopping, Plimoth Plantation, hiding behind the 
skivies, D.C., Ian, Live, leaning, free food, plastic 
jewelry, the great hunt, Babbages boys, Wooids Hole, 
"Anthony did what". Bio van. 
Ambition: To never regret, always learn 
Hap piest When: Hooching it up with Jacklyn! 
Thanks To: My parents and Erin, I love you! 

Stephen Loney McLaughlin 

Michael McLeavey 

Robert F. McShane III 


Nickname: Shteevie McPhce. Sven the buddha priestess 

Saa^gi "The rules of the game of life were written longago, 

and there would have been more winners if there were 

fewer cheaters." 

Fav. Personal Saying : "Love the duck!" 

Fav. People: Susan, Crowell. Russell, James, Maria, 

Robert, Margaret, Ellen & everyone in Electronics 

Ambition: Happiness in my heart & peace in my mind 

Happiest When: Others are happy with me, 'soup'ing 

Memories: Missing the movies, the tomb, water wars, 

Virginia, Vermont, Mr. Giglio, the chat room 

Hobbies: Mystic Dominion and spreading confusion 

Bi ggest Kick: Vinyl siding 

Tech: Electronics Techrjology Laboratory 

Tliaitks To: Everyone who treated me like a real person, 

and Bruce and Terry for putting up wth me. 


Nickname: Mike. McLeavage 

Quote: "You never get a second chance to make a first 

impression." -G.N. Parks 

Fav. Personal Sayin g: Hey! Whats up! Set! Whatever 

Fav. People: Fam, Loychai, Trev, Becky, MM, GF, SR,,sb 

Ambition: To be successful mth whatever I do 
Ha ppiest When: W/Loychai, playing, w/friends, w/band 
Memories: Red hook devils, Anapolis flings, DMA, 
z-rooni, q-tip, v-stick, Kegals" appetite for glass, the white 
hat, Henry VIII, trip to Boston w/stage band 
Bi ggest Kick: Trev, Loychai, Lindsy, Samantha 
.Activities: Concert Band 1-4. Marching Band 1-4, Stage 
Band 1-4, Perc. Ens. 2-4. Pride 1-2, School Council 4 
Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Chuck, Tam, Bill. Samantha, 
Loychai, Mr. Porter, Lori, Jen, and everyone who kept me 
going, thanks. 

Nickname: Robbie 

Quote: "I remember when 1 swore I knew every- 

Fav. People: Rusty, John, Mikey, Brian, Team, JM, 
JT, JB, CD, KC, RP, JS, MS. DR. friends 
Memories: Barry, Europe. Pearl Jam, Garden. Lake 
Placid, J+T, wedding, OT win, caddy, Dano, TD. 31 1, 
Miller 95&96, Houseparty, Homegames, bus rides, 
favorite thing, curling with friends 
Bi ggest Kick: Judy, Dano 

Activities: Hockey 1,2,3, capt 4; Baseball 1,2; Peer 
Mediation 3,4: Peer Leadership 1,2 
Thanks To: Mom, grandpa I love you! 



Brianna Mellor 

^ Nickname: Bri-Brina 
Quote: "If you have true beauty it will reflect itself on 

Fav. People: Michael, ND, NK, SD, JV, PS. PF, DO, 
BO, KO, JZ, RS, GK, MM, RW, MF. DM, PR, JA. SA, 
Ambition: To be successful 

Memories: The bogs, firechickenl&2. the Nova, Bob's 
shoes, backyard, Vogel's crib, Krause, 3:00 am, 5:30 
am, the crash, telephone polls, mighty blazer, the 
ditch. Summer 95 & 96, Vogel's talks 
Ha ppiest When: With Michael, family, and friends 
Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Rorrie, Nikki, Michael, and 
everyone I didn't mention. 

Jason Miller 

Nicknaine: Jay, Jaybird, Jose 

Quote: "What doesn't kill me only makes me stroi^er." 

Fav. People: MG, LD, AC, JC, TF, CL. DC, DN, DV, SL, 

SH, ME, TP, JC, LS, JP, JB, BBx3, DB, JK, JL, BC, RL, 

GM, JS, SH, KS, AD, RM, GL, U 

Ambition: To be rich and happy 

Ha ppiest When: With friends 

Memories: Captains Country, South Elem., Gambling, 

paintball, Hunts, Pumpkins, Bike trips, skiing, TH. Stowe, 

Red Sox, Jakes, Shows, Greims, JCAS, Tylers, egg wars, 

flipping, lobsterboat, soccer, sleding, RCI, DN weekend, 

bating the system, summer 9<j, 95, 94 

Big gest Kick: Greim, LaGruda, CCP, Capt. Skip, school, 

buzzkill, LaChance, Hogan's jokes. 5 amigos. Deny 

Activities: Soccer 1-4, Winter track 3-4, Track 3-4 

Thanks To; Family, friends, coaches 

Katelyn M. Miller 

Quote: "Some people see things the way they are & ask 
why; I imagine things that never were & ask why not." 
Fav. People: Familv, Jocelvn, Megan. CH, MS, DC, 
KC, SP, SS, DS, DM, PM, devils, DC, GL, JB, JF, 
McLeans, EJ. SH, W-crew, JJ, JH 
Memories: Mesquito teeth, oob.Eduard 96. drivebv's. 
Alanis, Lollapalooza, CCP, WHB, go-karts, Canobie 
Lake, party. Jukebox, ccc, Halloween, "Nellie", Red 
&Blue Hghts, flash, all-nighters. STUNOD NIKNUD, 
crash, snooping. Barriers, NH, Jammin', PC, Hawaii, 
Spiders, detective. Bad Company, green Rice Crispies, 
spoons, 4&8's, Devils, oxygens, July4, lemon chicken, 
lobstering, Def Leopard, summer 96, Linda, Forts 
Thanks To: Mom and Dick for standing behind me & 
believing in me; Jeff and Steph for always keeping me 
in line; and Jocelyn for never letting me down & for 
being the best friend I could ever have. I love you all! 

Warren W. Mohr III 

Elizabeth Ann Moreland 

Darcy Lynn Morev 

Nickname: Big Daddy, Beefcake 

Fav. Personal Sayin g: "Hey chief." 

Fav. People: Wrestling team, JM, JC, DW, JD, SO, 


Ambition: College, become a pro wrestler 

Ha ppiest When: Wrestling, sleeping, with friends 

Hobbies: Computers, wasting money, video games 

Memories: Card sharks. New York, shaft, breakfast 

Big gest Kick: Walmart shuttle, New York, playing 


Activities: Ffiotball, Wrestling, Pride, Weightlifting, 

Bike riding 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Josh, Miss Wolf, Coach 

Loranger, anyone I left out and 0„I. 

Nkkn^mf; Liz 

Quote: " Our five senses are incomplete without the 

sixth - a sense of humor." 

Fav. People: Tony Panza, Tiina Ritval, Jackie Jittiam, 

Maureen McLaughlin, Jen Kerrigan, Yianna Reizakis, 

Skip Lucey, Karen La Pointe, Bev Titus, James Rose, 

Alison LafTan, Jen Karbott, Erin Linehan, Jessie Shaw, 

Tracey Kelly, Stacey Foskctt, Lyn Dienhart 

Ha ppiest When: With Tony 

Memories: Antonio Sabato Jr., Scott Huber, Lois and 


Activities: Field Hockey, Basketball, Softball, Project 


Thanks To: Mom, Dad, and Tony 

Nickname: BigD 

Quote: "There are some who speak one moment before 
thev think." 

Fav. People: AM, AP, CP,DM, CC, Greg, JD, Jon. JH,JJ, 
Jen, JM, Joe, Ken, KL, Lyu, Lynda. MK, MM, Mike, Pat, 
SC, Stacey, Tiina, MrS, MrR, Heather, MelLssa. Mom, 

Ha ppiest When: Playing basketball, hanging w/ Rat pack 
Memories: Friendlys, Christys, Softball to the eye. volley- 
ball. Homecoming, Boston, Basketball. Beach, Sailors, the 
white bum, Saccos Basement, Andy, State Ti-ooper, Hot 
pants party 

Activities: Soccer 1,2,3; Volleyball 4; Basketball 1»2,3,4 
Capt 3,4; Softball 23,4; NHS 3,4 
Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Heather, Melissa, Prancer, family 

Seniors 85 

Gregory B. Morse 

Dorothy E. Moyer 

Quote: "Press My Ears to Hear Neighing and Galloping 
Sounds" - Schnitzel 

Fav. People: Family, Rat Pack, Pinto, Tiina, Darcy, 
Staccy, Maureen, Jackie, Angela, Liz, AL, MM, JK, TW, 
Sausage, Max, Zanzabar, Suzanne. 
Ha ppiest Wlien: with Family and Friends. 
Memories: Saeco's basement. Chalet, Trooper CS. Ma- 
son. Cruise, Water/Night games. Riding with Pinto 
Bi ggest Kick: Shibba 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Marsha, Bill, Grandparents, My 
Friends, Keeta, God. 

Nickname: Morser 

Quote: "Some days are dramonds, Some days are rocks." 
Fav. People: Family, Lindsey, Ethan,CPJVIH,BGJVIM, 
SDJ^ng Dan,TTBS,and Gretchen 
Happiest When: With Lyndsey,Ethan,andplaying ball 
Memories: Times w/Lyndsey,Summer of 95,Telling off 
Bernie,Ramones,Black Grape,Radiohead,BRU 95, 
WKKLJVlontreal96,Gnu Day,driving to Salem, Murph's 
go by.... 

Big gest Kick: Foley's LogicManomet drivers,Dr Swan 
Activities: Baseball l,23,capt 4, other stuff 
Thanks To: Teachers,Family,and Friends. Thanks a mil- 
lion to Mom and Dad, I Love You very much. 

Nickname: Dot, Dottie 

Quote: To cheat oneself out of love is the most terrible 

deception; it is an eternal loss for which there is no 

reparation, cither in time or in eternity. 

Fav. People: KimJessieJP,BCJJ,MA,LBJV1M,LD, 


Hockey Team JCJ^amily 

Ambition: To see the Worid!! 

Memories: summers,California,GLORIA, Becky's 

Hoase,Chrissy-4ara outing,busrides,Red Sox w/Jacki, 

Prom4^as Vegas,the cottage,all times with friends 

Hobbies: cooking, arts 

Big gest Kick: Jessie and Jacki 

Activities: Field Hockeyl,2,3,4;Track23,4;Secretary2 

Thanks To: Friends J^amily.KatiejteachersJVIr Jones and 

everone else 

Wayne Mullen 

Angela Suzanne Naples 

Dana A. Nevens Jr. 

Fav. Personal Saying : Do you have it? 

Fav. People: If you are, you know it, Jen, (the gang) 

Ha ppiest When: Eating Bacon 

Memories: Montreal, Banvilles,698 Rocky Hill, 

Churchey 's, McDevitt's, WHB, Zappa's, The backseat of 

one tirae,Prom, Camping, The Board Walk, Nam, the 

stairs, Camping out at WCB, Not in Joel's B-Room!, 


Bi ggest Kick: Manomet Hard Guys, Robishaw's 

harrasment. Boomer, Ted's Slang(Shizatt,T- 

RocksJ*irates), Ford Numbskulls, DH's, Plymouth Police 


Thanks To: Mr Jones, Mr Fomaciari, the Lord! 

86 Seniors 

Quote: "I walked into you dream, and now I've forgotten 
how to dream my own dream." - M.E. Amos 
Fav. People: Family JtatPack guys& galsJ\Iookie,Wheata, 
Ry,SkiAyaiBethany,Chrissy,5D,Art Girls...anyone else 
who has been there for me.1 Love You All!( I'll pay you all 
later for being ray "friends"). 

Memories: Watching flicks w/friends,Tori concert, Post 
coed-slumber-parties,my obscene drawings,stalking 
tips.dressing up my men,VW's, homemade movies, 
foodfights Jiiding in the dryer,bad haircuts, FLASHING. 
Saeco's basement,car trashing. 

Thanks To: My fellow boys and girls,Sykes, Whittle, 
NanaJVIomfFamily.YoYo Elsa,and never for- 
get how you've influenced my life,thank you. With Love. 

Nickname: Eddie 

Quote: Try to realize it's all within yourselfno-one else can 

make you change. - George Harrison 

Fav. People: Family, DB, DV. JM, CL,TF, BB, Ii», JC, 


RM, SPP, PG. SM. JK, MD, NS, and anyone else 

Ambition: To be happy 

Memories: South School, Skiing. Red Sox, Fasteort, Tyler's, 

resteraunts. Green Monsta, soccerjlve Amigos, CCP, 

Jake's, shows. Prom, PPP,V's basement 

Bi ggest Kick: V-stro, CL, SS, LS, JC, capt. JM. DB 

Activities: Cross Country l;Soccer 2J,4:Basketball 2; 

Leadership 1 

Ha ppiest When: With Friends and Family 

Thanks To: Mom and Dad. Family and Friends 

Scott Michael Nicholson 

Nickname: Scottie 

Fav. People: RH,JA,PG,AF,JC,GB,SK.KP,CT,JS, 

BJ, Jake, Joseph, and everyone else. 

Ambition: To go to college 

Hap piest When: Not in school and when in Hroom 

Memories: Pigroast, Montreal. Hroom. Jackhammer. 

beach, CBl, Afters, breaking and entering, C. Lady 

Hobbies: Hanging out. skiing, golf, wrestling, other 


Bi ggest Kick: seeing Abbott Abbottfaced 

Activities: Wrestling 1,2,3,4 

Thanks To: Parents, Family, and Friends 

Joel Perry & Chris 
O'Malley - 1st day of 

Erica Nordgren 



JF.CFJVIora and anyone else I forgot 

Ambition: To be a Veterinarian 

Ha ppiest When: Hanging and cruising >vith my friends, 

talking on the phone, and being at parties 

Memories: Bone Thugs concert in loving memory of Jared 

Purser who will never leave my memory, my birthday, and 

road trips this summer with Little 'Chelle 

Bi ggest Kick: The way little 'Chelle acted at my birthday 

Thanks To: My family especially my Mom and my sister, 

my friends who have always stuck by me, and anyone else 

who has helped me 

Nicholas Scott O'Brien 

Nickname: Nick 
Quote: "It could happen to you.'" 
Fav. People: Barbara, Sk, MM, AO, CJ, LD, GT, and 
everyone else 

Ha ppiest When: With Barbara and friends. 
Ambition: To be happy. 

Memories: Jr. year, Somerville, Prom night, Revere 
Beach, Jr. Beach Day, Quincy night movies. Football 
games, summer 95, 96: Abington, Nov. Jan. camping. 
Main St., Police Academy, hoorah '96' 
Big gist Kick: Junior year, Somerville 
Activities: Track 2,4; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; March- 
ing Band 1,2,3. 
Thanks To: Mom and Dad but this year is for gram.. 

Quote: "Follow your bliss."'. 

Fav. People: J A,M A, GB, SC, LD, MD, JH, MM, PM, 
WM. DP, & ES. 
Ambition: To be 
Ha ppiest When: Dreaming 

Memories: Brighton'64, Cardsharks World Tour 94- 
97, sophomore play, the Algonquin round table, jam- 
ming with the Atomics, Harvard Square, "Brit - Pop", 
the Magical Mystery Tour. 
Hobbies: Writing, Acting, Reading, & Music. 
Activities: Drama 2,3,4; Model UN 3,4; Newspaper 
1,2,3; and Her Majesties Secret Service 1,2,3,4. 
Thanks To: Family, friends, popular culture, and the 
people of Great Britain. 

Seniors s? 

Kevin Michael Packard 

Jennifer Ann Paine 

Rachel J. Patrician 

Nickname: Pack, Pac-man 

Quale: "...and our lives are forever changed, we will 

never be the same..." 

Far. People: BO, JW, Grif, MM, SK, Scoota, CT. JR, 

Ambition: To go to college and become successful 

Ha ppiest when: Hanging out w/friends, playing golf 

Memories: New Years Eve in NH, Horse's house. 

Junior Prom, Octoberfest, New York, The Res, Salem, 

Montreal, Gunstock, Golf Team, the lab. 

Hobbies: Golf, sports, music 

Activities: National Honor Society 3,4; Golf 4; Echo 

3,4; Baseball 2; Science Mentor 3 

Thanks To: My family for always being there for me, 

friends. Nana, Mr. Brown, and everyone else. 

Joel Michael Perry 

Quote: "Forgive your enemies, but never forget their 

names." -JFK 

Fav. Saving : BHBM. gotta have it 

Ambition: To be rich and happy 

Fav. People: Family, Kish, Steve S., JP, Mojo, NZ, CO, 




Ha p piest When: With friends and playingsoccer 
Big gest Kick: Spillane, Roby, Varasso. Catllghting 
Memories: Prom 96, Mugsy's 13 weekends, July 3rds, 
Banvilles/Churcheys parties, Churcheys driving, NAM, 
Red Sox games, 698, Betsy, White Horse 
Activities: Soccer 1 . 2. 3. 4: Peer Mediation 3,4 
Thanks To: Mom, Dad, family and friends for putting up 
with me through the years. 

Nickname: Paine, Hizouse, Jenny G, Special K, Chief 
Quote: "In this world, if you can't swim, you're bound 
to drizound... and if you fall you better pick your punk 
self up." 

Fav Saying : "Ya dig", "It's all good", "Ya wanna 
know why... cuz I said so" 

Fav. People: Shall, 2shorf, Chris, JV, KB, RP, MA, 
LK, KA, JH, VD, AL, JR, Bob, MM, AP, Cheese, AT, 
EN, JD, SW, WM, CT, KH, MBBR. CP... R.I.P., JP, 
much love! 

Ambition: To be the greatest macdaddy to ever live 
Memories: All those times we did all those things with, 
all those people we'd rather not talk about. 
Bi ggest Kick: Beasties, Bumpin' heads, crashes, drive- 
byes, sorry officer-I didn't know it's illegal 
Thanks To: Moms, Pops, friends, and everyone out 
there fightin' the beast (H.O.P) 

88 Seniors 

Erin Leigh Pestilli 

Quote: "If someone loves you because you're beauti- 
ful it's romance, but if you're beautiful because some- 
one loves you, it's real." 

Fav. People: Craig, Janelle, SH, AV, Eric, JC, EJ, 
JH, LB, JC, SS, KC, LD, Mouse, RP, BS, LS, JP, 

Memories: Times with Craig, Grease, Florida 95, twig 
in the eye, TASBEP, Scusset, food fights, PondBB, 
BK5, animal, Alanis, 3rds, October swims, nutcracker, 
Prom, monkey. TT. J29, chips, snors, Komodo, SSS, 
CS, tea, drive byes. New Years 94, 95, 96, Stephan, 
mirror, lucas, Boston, uptown girl, quarter, wan- 
derer, Gseal 

Bi ggest Kick: Phone man, 1 dagger, tempo, SS, mas- 
cara, Janelle singing, pony 

Thanks To: Family. JD and SH - for being there for 
me; CM - for caring. I love you all!! 

Nickname: Ray, Rachie, Rach, Ray-Ray, Patti 

Quote: "Most people change their minds because they 

can't find one worth keeping." 

Fav. Personal Saving : "Everything is just peachy." 

Fav. People: Family, Tasha. Paine, Megs, Jessy, KB, 

MC. JJ, TC, KD, KG, JH, KL, Mrs. Mfo, GS, JB, MS, 


Ambition: To have a successful life 

Ha ppiest When: With friends 

Memories: Prom. Homecomings, New Year 96, my 

nan, free Huey, second seat on the bus, England, cake 

fight, pooh bear. New York, sleepovers, B.O.S., and 

Pizza Hut 

Hobbies: Dancing 

Bi ggest Kick: Mehssa and Ed at Pizza Hut in Gl. 

Activities: Pride 3,4; SADD 3,4; Preschool 2.3,4; VICA 


Thanks To: Mora, Dad, David, Kerri, and friends 

David F. Peterson 

Nickname: Pete. Ike, Shaft, Mr. T. Willis 

Quote: "He's a bad mutha - shut yo mouth." 

Fav. People: Tiny, TD, MH, MF, BC. RM. SS. JQ, EJ, 


Pimp squad. LDC, OJ, AC, JC, RS, RC, FLB, KK, BB 

Ambition: To quit the junk 

Ha ppiest When: Kickin' it 

Memories: Salem, Bronco chase, not guilty 

Hobbies: Bustin' a phat rhyme 

Bi ggest Kick: talking, wrestling 

Activities: VICA 2.3,4; Football 3; Track 3 

Tech: Computer Science 

Thanks To: Friends, family 

Jenna Phipps 

Jeffrey Robert Pierce 

Jeanna M. Pierson 

Nickname: Nenna 

Quote: "How beautiful a day can be when kindness 

touches it." 

Fav. People: Jay, Emma, the fam, almost everybody 


Ambition: To get something done on time. 

Ha ppiest When: It rains, with Jay and Emma, visiting 


Memories: Search for Carley, lost after SuperSports, 

Dot's hair before Prom, Sweet 16, forgetting the van. 

Hobbies: Pretending to mountain bike, putting 

things off 

Thanks To: God, Jay, Mom, the Carroll's, rest of fam. 

Quote: "All you touch and all you see is all your life 

will ever be." -Pink Floyd 

Fav. People: JP, LC, CR, DF. CO, SS, TD, WM, JC, 

MM, RC, CP, RA, JB, MS, MF, DM, CB, MB. DV. JH, 

MO. RP. PR, DF, RG, JG, LH, JH, EP, SP, EJ, NH, 


Ha ppiest When: Out with friends 

Memories: Churchie's parties. Corey's house, WHB. 

True Value, Jr. Prom, MBO, Betsy, July 3rd,Ted's 

house, Finna's house 

Bi ggest Kick: Dan and George, Spillane 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Loren, and Scott 

Student Life 

Fav. People: Gary, Rob, Shannon, Michelle, Steph & 
baby Brian, Amy Jean, Troy, Sam, Chad, Jodie, Becky, 
JF, jC, MN, BV, OG, MA, DH, CD, CC, DC. JB, SD. 
NK, LP, KM, ME, CB, Crew, & everyone else I forgot 
Ha ppiest When: With Gary and friends 
Memories: Six Flags, "hay Mr. DJ play me a tune", red 
Ught, Bone Thugs concert, meeting Gary, PCIS, fresh- 
man year at Plymouth North HS, Summer of 92, 
North Plymouth Radio Shack, Onset rock, NPC, Sum- 
mer of 93, Jarred and John "Crossroads" 
Bi ggest Kick: Driving with little Chelle Gary and Bob, 
Garys many acts and voices. Shannons ice coffee and 
soft serve at Mobil, Spooky World trip, when Gary 
and Bob are together 
Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Paul, and Gary for believing 

Andrew Richard Pinto 

Chad R. Pittsley 

Taylor Kathryn Plimpton 

Quote: Gluck im Spiel, pech in der Liebe. Heben sie ab. 
Nickname: Bean,Pinhead,DrewDog,Bomb,Piiito( Winto) 
Fav. People: MR,AN,TR,EL,DM,WM,MM,SS,JR, 
BC, JH, MW, S W, VD, LM, RH, JK, JF, MJ, PS, BT. 
SC, GM, JJ. JB, SF, NR. J V, MD, NC. JP, JS, George 
Ambition: To steal the hearts of Donna and BettyAnn 
Memories: Mt. Manicnack, highway of life, NYC, D, 
Outward, Caesar, field. Shaft, Flyguy, BMI, gams, 
Patty-O, meaning of life, ness, Rhode Is, noises, fewer 
chins. Homecoming 95/96, home movies, Octfest, Egypt, 
Approach, Jordan, bowling, locker cheese. Chronicles, 
Pinto the dog, my house, basements, Sacco's, wax, eggs, 
insanity, Boston, Salem, green bulb. Sliver, nose flare/ 
massage, Halloween 95, world civ, ween, skinz, night 
games, post-prom, showers. New Years, Italy, Sheraton, 
Sue's, Bess, caller ID, Friendly's, taunting Blahahaha. 
Thanks To: Mom and Dad for their patience and faith, 
Mrs. Stevens for her skills, Amy & Scuz for wisdom. 

Nickname: Pitt's 

Quote: Now that we know each oflier a little bit better, 

why don't you comeo ver here and make me feel alright.- 

Jim Morrison 

Fav. People: RP, CR, LC, CO, DB, SP, DM, DC, CM, PR, 



and the rest, you know who you are! 

Memories: Horse on three, mbo, Milik,fate,MB,tree, 698, 


Ha ppiest When: HangingwithPrifti,cough,Raasch,and 

the rest of the boys, roach killing 

Hobbies: Enjoying nature's finest, and PARTY 

Big gest Kick: Prifty, Steve, some for now , some for later, 

Craig's freak show 

Thanks To: Mom and Dad for always being there, all my 

boys and my sisters, and Amanda and TJ 

Nickname: Tay 

Quote: "I want everyone to see it's in the the palm of 
your hand, the past is gone, the future yet unborn." 
Fav. People: Family, LS. JM, LD. TF, DV, JC. CL, JD. 
SS, EP, SH, NHB, CSQ, and everyone 
Ha ppiest When: With friends, reminiscing 
Memories: Surfing, donkey, b-ball. Summer 96, Prom, 
Dinner Dance, cheezaronies, Tyler's house. Hurri- 
cane, dancin' with Lauren, deadlines, holding hands, 
Dana's, 2 bucks, Sam D's, Pepsi-Cola, Kiwi-straw- 
berry snapple, Salem, pinky swears, track talks, 
Montreal?, Gloria, RGP, stoagies 
Biggest Kick: Derwks lazy eye and his noises. Bugs 
Activities: Cheerleading 3, 4 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Em, Ash, Lara, Kip, and 
friends. Thanks - 1 love you! 

Seniors 89 

F. Charles Quinn 

Nickname: Quinny 

Ooute: "Live life to it's fullest extent, but die young." 

Fav. Saviitff: Stoked 

Fav. People: JB, ME, MS. JC, JK, MILLS, V, NE VS, 

DB. CC. DD, LC, GoZ, BO, PJ. JP, TD, TS, DO, SM, 


Ambition: To live a styin life 

Memories: ACC 1, II, Bongos, Pests, Pumpkin Snatch, 

Paintball, Fire Escape, Bus Ranks 

Bi ggest Kick: Stanton's Rolls 

Activities: Soccer 1234; Captain 4; Peer Leadership; 

Peer Mentor 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Sis, Bill, and all. 

Corey Lee Raasch 

Nickname: Paasch, Rorey, Pietruck, Dyno, 9baU 
Fav. Saving : What up! Whatever 
Quote: I got the skills to pay the bills. 
Fav. People: Family, Cough, Pitts, Jaqui, Souce, Stiff, 
Prifd, Watson, JD, LA. MA, MD, JP, JP. TP. CL, TF, 
Soccer Team, Manomet Boys & all the rest I forgot about 
Ambition: To take care of myself 
Happiest Wten : Doing what I do best 
Memories: Cooks, Tys, Island, Station 1, Jakes Pond. 
Montreal %. Bush, Beach, Prom 96, I^Ua 94, Jacqui, PJ, 
Graduation, My House, July 3rd, Mansfield, Brandrups, 
Churcheys, Manomet Schools, Tournaments. Coaching, 
Homecoming, Highschool, Friends, New Hampshire Ski- 
ing, Nova, Toyota, Four Wheeling, Top of the world. The 
Tree Loft Bar. Big Mikes Astro Van. 
Thanks To: My mom for everything she has done for me. 
My sister Heidi for everything, I love U Guys Ya Hoowee! 

Tania Xina Grace Raymond 

Nickname: Buttnose, Enid 

Quote: "Always be yourself and live life to the fullest" 

Fav. People: David, Liz, KM, MT. JB, KH, BH. The 

Culinary Crew 

Fav. Personal Saying : Meester 

Ambition: To have my own business 

Ha ppiest When: With Family and Fiends 

Memories: The Bench, My whole life 

Biggest Kick: David & Mustapha the hoys on the hotline 

Activities: Colorguard 1, 2. 3, 

Tech: Culinary Arts 

TJuuiks To: Mom & Dad for putting up with me & loving 

me, & Liz & David for being there for me. I Love you alL 

Jesie Ian Resell 

Nickname: Cheesie, Cupcake 
Quote: "Respect" -Adam Sandler 
Fav. People: Mark, Warren, JC, RH, SS, SS, BP, SM 
JB. JV, VM. SS, MD, JP. NR, CD, CR, MD, Stiffany, 
WF, DG, AS, AP. AN. AV, AM, PM, AT, MJ, KL. 
Fam, JN, KB, SK, MW, MR. SW. VD, SA 
Ha ppiest When: With Friends and skating 
Memories: 311, RIP, Lollapalloza, Stacy & Becky 
Biggest Kick: Mark, Warren, Scots, Stacy & Becky 
ActiviHes: PRIDE 1,2,3,4 
Thanks To: All the people I want to thank 

90 Seniors 

Nicole Y. Reihl 

Nickname: Nikki 

Quote: "Do what you can with what you have where 
you are."- T. Roosevelt 

Fav. People: Steph. Justin, Jamie,Shell, The Art 
Girls,'95 Grads,The Bretons, R-Again clan.Lynnie. 
Hale. B-Dog. Jarrod, Shea, Becky, Ami, Vickery, Phil, 
Degutis, Harmon, Higgins, Amber, Bacci, Erica, Leary, 
George, Ames, Sarah. & Ms. Sykes 
Ambition: To become a fashion designer and be happy 
Ha ppiest When: With people that I love and trust. 
Memories: Meeting Justin. Boston highway w/ Lynnie 
& Amber. Plotting w/ Jamie. Brcfass with Brendan, 
Webb's woods,That van, snowboarding with the guys Kick: Life! Keefas Toofas, and CRONE 
Thanks To: GOD, Mom, Dad, Steph, Justin, all my 
friends "You never let me down I LOVE YOU ALL!" 

Cacilda J. Ribeiro 

Nickname: Cilda 

Quote: "Great minds discuss idea's, average minds 

discuss events, small minds discuss people." 

Fav. Personal Saving: Whatever.... 

Fav. People: Donnie. Dad, Mom, family, SP, CR, MT.SG, 


Ha ppiest When: With Donnie, and I get my way 

Ambition: To marry Donnie and be successful in Ufe. 

Memories: My car "standard" right, Hon.weekends 

with Donnie, winter "95 

Biggest Kick: Donnie's driving, Sue's stories, mom's 


Tech: CAD. thanks to Mr.G.F. and Mikes 

Thanks To: Donnie for all your love, support, and 

understanding "I LOVE YOU, SWEETIE", and mom 

and dad, "I LOVE YOU BOTH." 


Pamela M. Richmond 

Nickname: Pamalama, Pambles 

Quote: "It's not an attitude, it's tiie way I am" 

Fav. Saviiig : Dude, Oh boy iiuii! 

Fav. People: Mom. Nana, familv, RAE, MM, KD, MW. 

JB, KH, ND, GB, RH, JA, SA, EL. NS. KD, T, all the rest 

of you know who you are. 

Ambition: To be rich. 

Memories: Florida 95, Vermont, Hampton, Cosmo-vs- 

Taz, Royal Garden, Tom Petty, Freedom Fest, Montreal, 

"The Weekend" 

Hobbies: Bowling Ha Ha! 

Bi g gest Kick: Rae's attitude 

Tech: Culinary 2, Cosmetology 34 

Tliuiks To: Mom, Dave, HoUe, Carol, and Shelly- I Love 



Nickname: Mike, Aladdin, Riordan 
Quote: "Omnes homines moriuntur sed non omnes 
homines vere vivunt." 

Fav. People: The Rat Pack,Angela,Ry,Darcy,Jackie, 
Lyn,Maureen,Pinto,Stacy,Tiina,Sausage,The Fam. 
Memories: My basement, C.S.Mason, nightgames, 
The Bean's car, Europe, Japan, NH, shooting Manson, 
bonfires, sunset. That miserable bird that went on me. 
Bi ggest Kick: The Arabian Dragon, spinning round- 

Activities: Student Council 2, 3, 4; NHS 3, 4; Lacrosse; 
School council 4; some other stuff 
Thanks to: Little T. Mommy. Mr.Holzman.Mr.Bhike. 
Mr O'Day, Mrs. Bunnel, my friends, my family 1 
couldn't have done anything without all of you. Thank 
you so much. 

Elizabeth Ann Richmond 

Nickname: Lizzytish 

Quote: "I always thought I'd look back at tiie bad times 

and laugh, but I never thought I'd look back at the good 

times and crj." 

Fav. Personal Saying : "In a minute" and 'T know" 

Fav. People: Mom, dad, Tania, Jessica. Ms. Riordan, Ms. 

Wittle, Culinary crew. Rose & Vickies staff, NB, friends 

Ambition: To have my cake and eat it to. 

Ha ppiest Wien: With friends watching "Days", talking 

Memories: Summers at the beach, Cars, Homecoming, 

Linio, bench, all birthday, dishtalk. Locker room talk. 

Bi ggest Kick: Levy!, "^Iister", "Jarrod" 

ActiviHes: V.I.CA" 1, 2, 3, 4; Color Guard 1. 2, 3 

Tech: Culinary Arts 

Thanks To: Mom and Dad,"I love you" and to everyone 

else who kept me in line throughout the years! 

TiiNA Ingrid Ritval 

Fav. People: Familv and [in alphabetical order] AL, 
AM,Andrew,AN,AS, BC, Bevy, Darcy, DM.Greg, HL, 
JB, Jacklyn, JF, JK, JP, JS, LD, Liz, Maureen, Mike. 
NC, Pat, Schnitzel, Stacy, Sue, the Rat Pack 
Memories: Colleen's surprise birthday parties, C.S. 
Mason, Plimouth Plantation, tennis in the rain, 
Sacco's basement, state forest with Ranger Rick, NY, 
cross country, rainbow boy, cranberry juice in the 
bathtub, Estos, "walks" on my beach, nightgames and 
waterwars, Andrew under the table. 
Activities: Soccer 1, basketball 1-4, XC 2-3, track 2, 
volleyball 4, ML'N 2+4, Interact 3+4, NHS 3+4. 
Thanks To: Mamma lepatrinu. Papa seeh, Rita, 
Kuningas Karl, Aaniamma,Vahaenia, Mr. Pussycat, 
Miss. Prettyfeet, Inky Stinky and Mustikas. 

Seniors 91 

Jennifer Ann Rjvoire 

Nemith Roach 

James John Rose 

IVickname: Jen, Jenny 

Quote: "Don't let the good things in life rob you of the 

best things." 

Far. People: Sarah, Matt, Karen, Erin, Christiiia, 

Justine. Justin, Andrew, Becky, Camryn, Teri, Bucl^man 

Ha ppiest When: With friends, in Milton with Sarah. 

Memories: Friendly's, Rosa's, Vermont, waterfront, 

Canoby Lake, Kishy, camping with Sarah, H.A.F.A., 

CMPL, Milton trips, the snowy driveway, lunch table 

talks. E.J. Concert 

Bi ggest Kick: Mom 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Mr. Jones, all of my friends - 

I know I am going to miss you guys, and Matt! 

Nickname: Nick, Roach; Roachdog 

Quote: "Strive for success." 

Fay. Personal Saying : "Whatever" 

Fav. People: Layzie, Krayzie, Wish, Bizzy, Flesh, CB, 

JG, GK, TE, RP, JR, JF, KA, SH, GT, KT, RR, MH, 


Ambition: To become a chef 

Ha ppiest When: With friends and family 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, friends and family 

Quote: "Their are two types of people, those that can 

and will and those that can't and won't." 

Fav. Saying : "Distance runners do it longer." 

Fav. People: Alison, RJ, Infa, Croke, Eager, Skip, 

Tibbs, Lyn, Tracey, Sean, Liz, Saw, Bowen, Seth, 

Penny. Brophy, Eaton, BB, SN, KP, PS, MR, MD, JP, 

MM, NA, E. Styles, and everyone else. 

Memories: Camp Foss, McDonalds, Burger King, the 

silo, the campground, wambat tree, falmouth jersey, 

Popeye's, Brown, states, Bertucci's, Kmart, freshman 

buddha, car wars, girl scout camp, the pipes, ice 

soccer, ski club, pizza hut, SSB, RJ dodgeball champ. 

Bi ggest Kick: RJ and Eager at camp. 

Activities: Winter Track 3,4; Baseball 1,2,3; NHS 3,4; 

Basketball 1,2; Cross Country 1,2,3 Capt 4 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Don, Brandon, and my 


Brad Forest Ruxton 

Kevin Anthony Sarno 

Michele Diane Savery 

Nickname: Bradley, Bradleyforrest, the Flying Guppy 

of Doom (Don't ask) 

Quote: "Chance favors the prepared mind."' -Sir 

Isaac Newton 

Fav. People: GC, SM, BD, TD, JC, JM, MJ, CI, JP, 


Fav. Personal Saving: "That was cute." 

Ha ppiest When: With friends, sleeping 

Hobbies: Magic, gaming 

Big gest Kick: Tam Tui 

Tech: Electronics Lab 

Memories: The Tomb, Salem, Water Wars: Virginia, 

the list. 

92 Seniors 

Nickname: Hero, Kev 

Fav. People: Lenore, G, JG, SL, SF, D, D-Hurd, 

Booty,RH, CW, GT, JOD. NR, CH, MG, Mr.J, Mr.L, 

JT, TTT, everyone else I forgot. 

Ambition: To be successful in life 

Ha ppiest When: Riding, with Lenore 

Memories: Stevie's house, tha hood, Micky's D's, last 


Hobbies: Motorcross, BMX, Basketball 

Big gest Kick: Jumping over people, 212 

Tech: Automotive 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Mike, Lenore, Mr J, Mr.L, 

Mac, all my friends 

Quote: "Life belongs to those who love, and where love 

reigns, is man truly king." 

Fav.fgop/g. JK..IV.MM.ES..M.AL.KB.MM.AP.MR. 

JR, RP, GM, SO, MS, DD, AE, CW, EY, KA, AM, CM, 

HH, B, KGB, MA, NB, CI, MR, CP, LD, BH, JK, JH, MS, 

EB. AC. JS, TS, RR, RG, JD, JA. 

Memories: Stage Deli milkshakes, the biotech van, limo 

guy, the blowpop resolution. West Point, Friendly's. 

Annapolis, Woodshole, track swimming, UMass, band 

day, the white buffalo, cranberries concert, moonwalk, 

ultimate frisbee. Ants marching, the Fates, Jimmy. Band 

Activities: Band Gymnastics, Track Volleyball, Biotech, 

Model UN, Drama, Math club, NHS. 

Ambition: To travel and see the world. 

Bi ggest Kick: Orange hair 

Happiest Wlien: Horseback riding 

Tlianks To: Mora, Dad, Laura, Fran, Sykes, Jones 

Stephanie Stacey Sellman 

Patrick Mark Griffin Shannon 

Jessie May Shaw 

Nickname: Steph 

Quote: "I have strength enough, enough to forgive, I 
desire peace where 1 live." - Mad Season 
Fav. People: Family, Jen, MPS, KLC, SNP, CEH, MS, 
EC, KM, SH, JC, EJ, LD, LS, TP, EP, JB, GS, TF, ,IK, 
JD, TK, Manoraet crew, the Staruski's, & the squad 
Memories: California, movie nights at K's, toy stops at 
Star, girl's night at JC's, make me a bird, Stowe, 
snowangels, JB's bashes. White Horse, July 3rds, Prom, 
my parties, Churchies, NH w/Kara, times v»/Mike, D-fest 
95-96, Homecoming 94, signs, Octfest, Cheer 96 
Happiest When: With friends and family 
Activities: Cheerleading 1,2,3 Capt 4; Track 1,2,3,4; 
School Council 3; NHS 3 treasurer 4; HR Rep 2,4 
Bi ggest Kick: Shauna's lady bugs. Jensmokingstoagies 
Thanks To: Family, friends and Mike, I LOVE YOU 

Nickname: Gimp, MCTP, Paddy, Mic, TP, Monkey 

Quote: "'Where's the comode in this dungeon, I gotta 

take a squirt." -Mr. Pink 

Fav. Personal Sayin g: Gimp!. I didn't do it! 

Fav. People: Shibba, Stacev. Jaq. Rat Pack, TIR, Nell. 

WM. AP, AV. EL, SC, MMr, OBS, MM, BT, JR, DF, 

MJ, DM, AN. Zach, Chipper. Rascal 

Memories: Phantom, Prom night, 6 pd. Chemistry, 

Chalet, Europe 

Bi ggest Kick: Shibba, Mike J. 

Hobbies: Soccer, Lacrosse 

Activities: Soccer 2,4; Lacrosse 3,4; Peerleaders, NHS 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Matt, Erin, Megan. Joe and 

family, the Fosketts, Ms. Wolf, Ms. McNulty, Mr. 

Howard, Chris Clark 

Nickname: Kwana 

Quote: "Everyday is a new day, fresh with no mis- 
takes in it." -Anne Shirley 

Fav. People: Mom. Dad. family, Dorothy, Kim, Abbie, 
Stace, Tracey, Jackie, EL, KL, JK, LB, NC, VD, MA, 
EF, LC, KB, LK, LD. LM, SI, AL, field hockey and 
track teams 

Ambition: To be happy and successful 
Happiest When: With family 

Memories: Nevada 93, 94, Florida 94, Cape Cod Seas 
Camp, midnight run, point and laugh, ST, hot fudge, 
RTG, driving w/Kim, track sliding, RLC, riding w/Abbi 
Bi ggest Kick: Hollie Powers and Jackie Jittiam 
Activities: Field Hockey 1,23 Capt 4; Winter Track 
3,4; Spring Track 1,2,3,4; HR Rep 3,4; Interact 3,4 
Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Shonee, Kenee, Sam, Brian, 

Meagan Jean Shaw 

Joseph Roger Shibley 

Debbie Marie Silva 

Nickname: Shaw Shank 

Fav Saying : "We're not going to be friends any- 

Fav. People: Fam, Erin. MW, KM, SM, Andy, SS, KC, 

Ha ppiest When: Out with the girls, smiling with Andy 
Memories: Car rides, prom, Montreal, Lollapalooza, 
ACDC, green rice crispies, parties, snowbanks. Wit's 
house, cottage, July 3rd, foot's, clear dog, GOLLORI A, 
Pondx2, who's there, party, Florida, drive by 's, Sacco, 
HB chase, shock. Mughan I'm scared, dancing, lime 
girl, times w/Erin 
Bi2gest Kick: Baby D/Peco 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Derek for being there. Erin for 
being my best friend. I love you ail! 

Nickname: Shibba 

Quote: "If one endeavors confidently in his dreams, he 

will meet them." 

Fav. People: Mom, Dad, the "Rat Pack" - Andy. Greg, 

Jon, Matt, Mike, Pat, AN, AP, DM, GB, JJ. MD, MM, 


Ambition: To be healthy, happy, and successful in life 

Ha ppiest When: Traveling and being with my friends 

and family 

Memories: Paris/I>ondon with Pat, father/son, "Rat 

Pack", weekends in NH, slecpovers at Mikes, Disney 

World, skiing 

Activities: Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Peer Leadership 

2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Math Club 3.4. 

Thanks To: Family and Friends 

Nickname: Little Debbie 

Quote: "Forgiveness is a gift of high value, yet it's cost, 

is nothing." -Betty Smith 

Fav. Personal Saving : "Are you for real or for fake." 

Fav. People: Skip H, Danielle, Shannon. Kellie, KA, 

MC, JJ, MK, EL, F:N, aw, TW, and all the rest of you 

Ambition: To be happy and succeed in what I do 

Ha ppiest When: Out with the girls 

Memories: Prom, OJ, Summer, driving, Elec. bikini, 

Mini, bee. pool, tanning, go carts, Hyannis, Friendly 's. 

Mamas Mias. Jeep Boy, Highway, and so many more 

Bi ggest Kick: Dan's nap 

Activities: SADD 1 ; Track 2; IMC 4; Project Primen 4 

Thanks To: Mom and Dad, all my friends. You picked 

me up and gave me the confidence when 1 needed it 

most and never let me give up. Thank you all so much. 

Seniors 93 

Robert Silva 

Nickname: Rob 

Quote: "In mostcountriesprtionis wheresocietysendsit's 

railures, but in tliis countr)' societ>' itself is failing." -Ice 


Fav. Saving: I Love Putt) . 

Fav. People: Mom, Dad, and Sandy & Shannon for 

helping me make it through rough times , and all my boys 

SM, MM, CVV. GK. KM, JO, JP, Radio Bob. JP- RIP, BK 

Ha ppies! When: With Shannon and partys with my boys 

Memories: North Plymouth Exit 8 7-11 Southie, The 

Zone, Bone Thugs Philli Blunts, Hemp fest, Power line 


Anbition: To be an electrician. 

Activitie!:: Soccer 

Tech: Electrical 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Sandy, Grandparents, Shannon, 

Radio Bob 


Nickname: LC, Shorty, Stumpy 
Quote: "Live for today, for yesterday is gone and tomor- 
row may never come." 
Fav. Saving: Work hard 

Fav. People: Mom, Karen, fam, Michael, Mer, Jenny Poo, 
Ditty, Chapman, Collins, JH, KC, CH, TR, LK, CP, JG, 
MW, CR. JD, EP, LS, MS. P, MS. WOLF, Class officers, 
the squad, the McLeavy fam, and the rest who have 
supported me- 1 love you guys!! 
Ambition: To make a difference in the world 
Ha ppiest Wlten: With Michael and his friends 
Bi ggest Kick: Mom, Special K, Michael, McKleavy fam. 
Memories: Newport, Oct.'95, Feb.'%, July 3rd, Boston, 
talks with SF, MASC, Prom, homecoming'95. Tarn's 
wed., times with the McKleavy fam, RM's love advice, 
camps, GAP, new friends 

Thanks To: Mom. Fam, Ms. Wolf, MICHAEL and his 
fam-Thanks for the love and support-I I^ve You All. 

^^^t^/um^ ^f^iyt/vCSy 



2. Crossroads - Bone-Thugs-N' -Harmony 

3. Heaven Beside you - Alice in Chains 

4. What I Got - Sublime 

5. Don 't Speak - No Doubt 

Radio Stations 

1. 104.1 WBCN 2. 95.5 WBRU 

3. 102.9 PIXY 4. 104.7 WZLX 

5. 94.5 JAMN 

Musical Groups 

1. Alice In Chains 

2. Dave Mattews Band 

3. Tori Amos 

4. Beastie Boys 

5. Pearl Jam 

Gregory E. Skelle 

Nickname: Skellet 

Fav. People: Mike; Pete; Meat; JK; JB; JG; PB; A W; SS; 

TC; TF; NZ; DM; JP; MB; CL; KH; and everybody else 

Ambition: To be successful and own a nice FORD 

Ha ppiest Wlten: Out with Friends at the ville and MM 

Memories : JB's Hoase; The Track; Florida: WHB; NAM; 

Sbcth period Lloyd, driving arround with Mike. (In Fords) 

Hobbies: Chasing the PFD 

Bi ggest Kick: Squigs 

Activities: Baseball 

TImnks To: Family and Friends 

94 Seniors 

Laura Jean Slowey 

Nickname : Jeanie 

Quote : "Give me a task too big, too hard for human hands 

and I will come at length to lean on him and leaning, find 

mind strength." 

Fav. People: Family, Chrissv, Michelle, Tamar, 

Shavna,Sheila, Jen K, EP, JD, DC, KM, BM. L-C. LB, TR. 

Krista, KC, KB, NC, MS, JH, SS, Vinny, Bacci, Dan D, J A. 

CR, R+KB, OUvia, MT, NC, AM, H+ SM, Jodi, DDG's, 


Menmries: TNT, JT+TC '95, Penn Trip 94+%, I Wanna B 

Just like M+D, BF+PL, Sciortino. Blue Bumper, My 

House, Bom Bom, CCM, Hyaimis, Friendlys, Caprice 

Rides, Pretty Lights, S+C 

Bi ggest Kick: Snobs, D's Shoes, Ghetto, Caprice, Katie 

Tluinks To: God, Mom, Dad. Joe, Dave, + Jess for 

everything! ! To my family + friends for being there for me 

(You know who you are) Special thanks to OHJVlDiJH, 

TA, and Jess, because you're great people(l43) 

Shawn Patrick Slowey 

Patrick Laurence Small 

KiMBERLY Michelle Smith 

Nickname: Slowey, Pennywise 

Quote: " Who could tell then that here it would end."-JM 

Fav. People: Chrissv,WF,DM,MS,GSJB,RM,JG,MB, 


Ambition: To live life to the fullest, to be rich 
Ha ppiest When: With Chrissy, with Friends 
Memories: The Big 20, Sandwich, Shingles at BUDS, 
Pillow lights, bathrooms, Montreal?, late night hockey. 
Egg Wars, 

Bi ggest Kick: Chrissy 's attitude, D-Balls, BanviUe's Base- 
ment, Mr. P, Snickers, Foods with Lauren 
Ambition: To succeed my dream. 
Thanks to: Parents, Family, CH 

Nickname: Pat, Snake -Eyes 

Quote : " Life is like a puzzle and I will solve it" 

Fav. Sming : Anyways!! 

Far. People: JN, SW, JP, CN, JO, MC, NL, AP, TP, NB, 



Ambition: Be an Athletic trainer and get married 

Ha ppiest when: With Jessica 

Memories: Jared Purser, Getting together with Jessica 

Hobbies: Lift Weights, Billiards 

Big gest Kick: all of them 

Actiries: Football 1, 2, 3; Track 1, 2, 3, 4 

Thanks To: Mom and Dad for putting up with me over the 

years, Mrs. Walker, Mr. Jones, Mrs. St Cyr, and all the 

restofmyfriendsand family. -P5. Thanks Mrs. Williams 

for the hospitality. 

Nickname: Kim, Kimmy 

Quote: " I complained that I had no shoes untill I met 
a man who had no feet." 

Fav. People: Mom, Dad, Todd, Sean, Jessie, Dorothy, 
Karen, Erin, Jacqui, Jen, Nelle, Laura, Stacev, Jackie, 
Kim, TK, BM, MM, VD, AL, LM, KH, Field Hockey 
and Track teams. 

Hap piest When: With friends/Family, Shopping w/ Mom 
Memories: X-Mas in Disney, Hot Fudge, Lunch 
Camp St, Midnight Run, Point'n laugh, fighting with 
Jaqui, Tony, Bob Seger, Fridays at Friendlys. RTG 
Bi ggest Kick: Todd and Sean, Erin's sayings, Hollie 
Activities: Field Hockey 1-4, Track 1, 2, 4, Winter 
Track 3, 4, Biotech 3, Interact 3, 4. Sadd 1, Drama 4 
Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Todd, Sean. Thanks for 
making me laugh when I needed it and for listening to 
me when I need to talk. Thank You I Love You! 

Lauren Denise Smith 

Heather Alisa Spencer 

Steven Spillane 

Nickname: Smitty 

Quote: "GO BIG OR GO HOME!" 

Fav. People: FamUy, Ryan, LD, TP, EF, JC, DY, DN, JM. 



Happiest Wlien: With friends, reminiscing 

Memories: Summers, BJ4, Sprinkler, BKP5, Stowe, 

I.oon,BRFH,Surfing,NewYears,DEADLINES, Making 

fireworks, Ryans grad. present D-Fest, Bucks, Prom, 

SDD, Gloria, BOP, Dancin' with Tay, Holding Hands, 

Sam D's, RGP, RG AP, Foot Parties, Ryan, The only DD, 

Salem, Dans, Donkey BBall, Pinky Swears, Cheeezaronis, 

Laundrymat Montreal? 

Bi g gest Kick: Derek's noises, Steve S, Fastcort, Bugs!, 

elbows,stoagies,BUZZKlLUS, Track talks, cheeseburger 

Activities: Soccer 2,3 

Thanks To: Family and Friends- Thanks, I love you! 

Nickname: Heath 

Quote: We do not wish to be better than we are, but 

more fully what we are. -U.S. Pritchett 

Fav. Saving: I love is awesome. 

Fav. People: Those who touch my heart. 

Ambition: To be completely in love with my husband 

and have happy, healthy children. 

Ha ppiest When: People show sincere compassion to 


Memories: ACDC, Rinoceros, Disney, Karaoke with 

Jenn, Trimming the Christmas Tree with Deanna, 

Never Say Good Bye, Times with Phyll and SucSue, 

Sleeping in the rain, Dst getting kicked off the go carts. 

Big gest Kick: Laramee's mouth 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Kristan, Laurel, and God. 

Nickname: Nails 

Quote: "I go to parties sometimes until four, it's hard 

to leave when you can't find the door."...By Joe Walsh 

Fav. People: Joel P, Nick Z, LS, BE, JP, RG. DM. LD, 


RC, RR, A, DC, MS. GS, SL, MM. PW, PR, CM, BP, 


Ambition: To be a Chip n' Dale dancer 

Ha ppieslWhen: Chillin w/ the dog pound, disco dancing 

Memories: Churchey's, Prom. July 3rds, Josh's, 

WHB, RC driving, Churchstock. Red Sox, Joels feast 

Bi ggest Kick: Lauren S, Nick Z, catfighting. Push pops 

Activities: Baseball 2, 3, 4 

Thanks To: Family, friends, Toolie, Fluffy, Sassy 

Seniors 95 

Michael Patrick Staruski 

Nathan Stewart 

Sarah Stephens 

Mickname: Ruska, Mike 

Quote: "One may smile and smile and be a villain." 

Fav. People: Skenett,VValshic,Steph,Meat,JB,DM,BG, 

JK NZ, MB. CB, CD, JH, AW, CV, MM, Hockey team 

Ambition: To own a nasty 'stang: and be wealthy 

Ha ppiest When: With friends from ville, and with 

MM, driving a ford, with Skellett. 

Memories: Truck, JB's House, the thirds, Church 

stock, 698, Rocky Hill, the track, Lloyd's class. Pikes, 

Nana and Pa Daley, Cooks house 

Big gest Kick: Skellett, Walshie, Squigs, Mugsy, Curly, 


Activities: Hockey 2, 3 Capt. 4 

Thanks To: The family and every one cares for me, 

and puts up with me. 

Nickname: Stewy, Nate Nate 

Quote: "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he." 

Far. People: JT, JP, JS, HF, TF. NC, SH, JM, SL, CR, 

LC, DN, BB, ME, JT, JH, JK, and everyone else. 

Memories: Buds, Stowe, Pearl Jam, Montreal, July 3rd 

Activities: Track 1,2; Hockey 3,4 

Thanks To: Family, friends, Folsoms 

Ethan C. Stiles 

Philip J. Strassel 

Kathleen Elizabeth Sullivan 

Nickname: Big E, "makes his own" Stiles, Sherlock, 


Quote: Neither borrower nor lender be, for loan oft 

loses both itself and friend." (Hamlet Act 1, scene 3) 

Fav. Saving : "Death to the weak, wealth to the strong!" 

Fav. People: ES, CS, RS, SO 

Ambition: Fabuluos wealth, great power 

Ha ppiest When: I have money to spend, outside 

Plymouth, being in control 

Hobbies: Reading, thinking, comic books, video games, 


Bi g gest Kick: Fooling others by playing the fool. 

Activities: Model UN 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Me 

Nickname: Pil 

Fav. Personal Saving : "Smile like the chickens." 

Fav. People: Family, Corrin, Booty, JA, Meat, VIS, 

Dep, DB, MH, BH, Bouch, CW, GN, CD, LD, KK, 

techies, g-thing 

Ambition: To be an electrical contractor, drive 

Subaru's forever, have a running car. 

Memories: Leaderships 94, All American Diner, front, 

powerlines, off road. Nova, Subaru's, Gary's party 

Biggest Kick: 180 on rotary in Dart. Jays driving, 

carwash fire, 212, Zone, Meats arm, g-night, techies, 

Subaru exhaust, Hyundai roll. Vis's parking, in-flow 

Tech: Electrical 

Thanks To: Parents, Nick, Bill, Mr. Kirby, Mr. P, Mr. 

Muir, Mr. Russo, all the chickens! 

Nickname: Katie 

fav. People: Meghan, Matt, Meredith, Katie, SM, 

KM, VP, JP, EM, EP. BG, CR, RM, WF, CC, mumbles 

squad, dance, Sam, RH, CO 

Ambition: To be an obstetrician 

Ha ppiest When: With friends 

Memories: February, falls. Homecoming 95, times 

with Matt, MG "s house, Billy's, sleeping, straw., WC's, 

Hootie, Montreal, dork squad, parties, millerpatooza, 

driving. Big Luce, JH's house, crazy Steve, GA's, 

three, Liz, Steve's eraser, Hoxie, DH's parties, my 

house 96, red carpet 

Bi g gest Kick: Liz and Steve 

Activities: X-Country 3; Cheerleading4; SADD 1,2,3 

Thanks To: Family, Matt, friends 

96 Seniors 

Meredith Lee Sullivan 

Nicholas Sutton 

Allison N. Tamosaitis 

Nickname: Mer, Feeni, Sully 

Fav. People: Cara. Danny, Katie S, Katie G, PG, Rob 

M, Red, LS, DG, SG, RH, CW, KL, AK, JC, and 

everyone else. 

Ha ppiest When: With friends and family 

Memories: NH with DR and CM, GA's strawberry 

WC's with KS, bus rides. Homecoming, prom, pipes, 

hockey games, Oetoberfest, Maine, cheering, Spain, 

senior year 

Biggest Kick: Liz M, Steve's eraser, MW, mumbling falls 

Activities: Hockey Mgr. 2; Cheerleader 4; HR Rep 3,4; 

Student Council Sec. 4 

Thanks To: Mum, Dad, Steflle, Daniel, Grammy and 

Papa, Cara, Danny, and Grammy W. I love you all!! 

Nickname: Neil, Nick, Sutton, ? ick Mutton 

Quote: "Everyone is the same on the inside so treat 

them the same outside." 

Fav. Personal Saving: "I love it." 

Fav. People: Tracey, Jay, Zuno, CH, Culinary Arts 

Crew, MC, CB, RH, CR, JB, DH, TS, KIVL J A, the woods 

crew, MD, GD, GW, and Chelsea, TB, and class of "97" 

Ambition: To be a successful chef 

Happiest When: on the golf course w/Tracey &friends 

Hobbies: Scuba diving, skiing 

Bi ggest Kick: Tony Bologny 

Tech: Culinary Arts 

Thanks To: My parents, John and Carol, my brother 

Ben and also Mr. Levy 

Fav Saving: -'Everything happens for a reason." 

Fav. People: Ryan, AN, ST, SA, JC, ODE, JF, J V, CD, 


Ambition: To be happy and successful. 

Ha ppiest When: With friends and traveling 

Memories: Skating, Jay's House, VICA chums, 

Florida, sleepovers, snowboarding with Al, Prom, 

River Rave, Horde, Shane's driving, Ryan's House, 

Justin's Bus, gym weenies with Jess 

Hobbies: Snowboarding 

Activities: VICA 2,3,4; Pride 3,4; NHS 3,4 

Tech: CAD 

Thanks To: Family and friends 

Jesse Telford 

Shane Thomas 

Christopher P. Tibbetts 

Nickname: Telly 

Quote: "He is alive but feels absolutely nothing so is 

he?" -Eddie Vedder 

Fav. People: Coach, JS, NS, MM, LC. FB, BF, GL. 

HF, CP, TF, ma. JT, GS, be, RP, RC, PR, RM. 

Manomecians, all women 

Ambition: To move to California to learn to surf and 

marry Allyssa Millano; to meet Eddie Vedder. 

Memories: Pearl Jam concerts, crashing and hitching 

to Hartford, Cooks, the thirds, winning Sectionals; 


Activities: Football 1,3; Wrestling 2,3 Capt 4 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Coach Loranger, friends, 

hooked on phonics. 

Nickname: Shaggy 
Quote: "Life is what you make of it." 
Fav. Personal Saving : What!! 

Fav People: AlHson N, DS, AT, RH, CD, RO. MR, 
MG, JT, CH, KS, TT, KM, DA, CW, GK, RS, JA, PS, 
JL, CD, and all techies 

Ambition: To be happy and own my own business 
Ha ppiest When: With Allison, not al work, weekends 
Memories: Junior summer. Prom, Duxbury, video 
scene. Mustang 5.0, National Lampoons, P-town, 
Warped Tour, Vica States, Superman, night of the 
frogs, the Ranger, four lunch program, 212, and Me- 
morial Hall Shows 

Bi ggest Kick: The lunch table and people who know all 
Tech: Carpentry 
Thanks To: Family and friends 

Nickname: Tibbetts, Chris, Chrissy, Tres, Tibs 
Quote: "Just remember this my friends when you look 
up in the sky you can see the stars&stillnotsee the light" 
Fav. Personal Saving; "X-C runners do it longer." 
Fav. People: SH, AF, JC,KB.LC.JC,JW,JT,JA,SW, 
JK, LM, MD, RJ, MF, and everyone else I forgot 
Memories: States, party at Crosby's, good house. 
Petty, golfing w/Jon, my cars, IHOP, car wars, B+E 
Activities: Cross-Country 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2.3: SC 
3,4; HR Rep 2,3; Track 4; Science Mentor 3, 4 
Ha ppiest When: With friends and family, running 
Bi ggest Kick: RJ and Eager and the rest of the team 
Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Grandma, Jenny and friends 

Seniors 97 


Jonathan A. Tibbetts 

Jeff W. Titterington 

Beverly A. Titus 

Nickname: Jon 

Quote: '"Those who forget are destined to remember" 

Fav. People: FamilvJS,CT,AF,SI,FG,DF,MM,KA, 


Ambition: Become CEO of a major corperation 

Ha ppiest when: with friends, si^iing 

Memories: good house, guys day out, Italy '97 

Hobbies: water skiing, snow skiing 

Big gest Kick: high rates of speed, cliff diving in NH 

Activities: football 1,2 Golf 3.4 

Thanks To: Family and friends for thier support 

through the years. 

Nickname: Time and Time 

Quote: "Time is like a fuse short and burning fast" 

Fav. Personal saving : Jiva Java 

Fav. People: family.Erik.Pat.Heather.Bob.Todd.MG. 


Ambition: To be successful 

Ha p piest When: playing a show with positive white 

Memories: The Helbat, last show at club 3 sorry boo, 

first period breakfast runs, Hang'n with Bob, the lawn 

Bi ggest Kick: Todd M and his truck, 212, Erik and Pat 

Tech: Auto 

Thanks To: Mom and Bobby for putting up with me, 

Erikand Pat for Break'n nie out once in a while. 

Heather for being around when help was needed, you 


Nickname: Bevy, Bevy Boo,Bevititus,B-Dog,PR. 

Beverly,Beverly Alisha... 

Fav. Peo ple: Nick.Janelle.Amy.Ma.Pa.Cher,IVlax. 

Snowy. Kay,Fam,Bctsy,Ben.TonyJackie,Abe,Corey, 


Ambition: To add the sequence GNTMM to my genie 


Ha ppiest When: on business trips in Burlington,Playing 

fun sports,with fiends and family 

Memories: Post dinner dance talk, that bird, canberry 

game, c juice in tub, Learning to snowboard with 

Nicky, Soccer, track 2, hanging with Nancy and Amy, 

Swans class, Highschool life.... 

Big gest kick: The fall of Golliath 

Thanks To: My family and friends 

Thomas W. Tobin III 

Joshua J. Toney 

Marilyn Jean Torrey 

Nickname: Tobin T-cubed 

Quote: "Wise men at their end know dark is right" - 

Fav. Personal Saving: Hey flapper 

Fav. People: MS,CP.DM,DG,BP.CW.JJ,MJ,NR,The 

vill crew 

Ha ppiest When: Hanging out with friends 

Memories: Mont, Senior d dance, parties, soph english 

Hobbies: Working on 69MKL 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, and teachers 

O.'outes: "How long, not long, because what you reap 

is what you sew" -Rage 

Fav. Peorsonal saying: "Relax" 

Fav. People: *ML*, Bill Henry, JH, AW, EJ, JH, 

SP,RA, FK, DF, CP, CS, DK, JB, KB, KB, ML, Mrs. 

St,Cyr,CD, JT,TF,Bro,JB,KB, Family.Lafonds 

Ha ppiest When: hangin with the boys 

Memories: *Mark*, the KX, riding, southwick, sox 

game, prom, Eastover, Johnny's retreat, the RM.the 

Devil,tatonka,Cederville Chapter.maxometians. 

Hobbies: making pies 

Bi ggest Kick: Debs. Uncle Charlie. Minerva's crew. 

BH.Tom F., the Jetta, the Bird 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, John, and everyone else who 

helped me along the way. THANKS! 

Nickname: Monroe, Mary 

Fav. People: Shawn,the kids[Eddie,Michelle and 


Ambition: To live a happy life 

Ha ppiest When: with Shawn 

Memories: Prom,salem,nick'sfaceatdistricts,timesspent 

with Shawn 

Bi ggest Kick: Listening to Eddie 

Activities: Vica3and4 

Tech: Culinary 

Thanks To: Mom.Dad and Paul for believing in 

me.Couldn't have done it without you and to Shawn 

for always being there. I LOVE YOU ALL!! 

98 Seniors 

Jenifer Tremblay 

Nickname: Jenn 

Quote: "Live hard die young leave a goodlooking 

corpse " 

Fav. People: Ryan.Kim, Mona,Lisa,ES, SA,JJ, JH, 

JE, Kristen, BC, LS. JK, Ginger 

Anbition: Night club owner 

Hap piest when: being with friends 

Hobbies: music, poetry .Shakespear, hiking, Camping 

Memories: some good some bad 

Activities: 3 year chorus 2 semsba 1 chamber 

Thanks To: DAD and Mom for helping me through it all. 

Katie Gerrior & Debbie Silva 

Derek Paul Varroso 

Andrew W. Vickery 

Jessica Villano 

Nickname: V, Stro 

Quote: "I wish I didn't know now, what I didn't know 

then." -Bob Seager 

Fav. Personal saying : What are vou talking about? 

Fav. People: family, Suz, SH,SL, DN,JB,JL, 

AD,BP,Soccer Team,KH 

Happiest When: With Suz and friends, not in school 

Memories: Prom, flipping with .lay, Tylers house, Sox, 

the fast court, canobie Lake, SAT, summer 96, New 

Years, April vacation 96, South Elementary, 

paintbalhng, Samd's BKP5, weekends, soccer. Lloyds 

P6, DN weekend 

Bie^estKick: Laurenx2, 5 amigos, Lachance, Spillaae, 

Skip's IDT, soccer bus rides, ccp gamblers 

Activities soccer 1,2,3,4 tennis 2,3, Basketball 2 

Thanks To: MomandDadforalwaysstickingbymyside. 

Nickname: Andy, Hey, Sloth 
Quote: " Trust me." 
Fav. Personal Saving : Was' up? 
Fav. People: WD,WM,JV,AS,NR,BH,MM,PS, 
MI JOJF,MRjSM, and anyone else who doesn't hate me. 
Ambition: To be a High School Principal or a Custo- 
dial Engineer J/K 

Memories: Inflop,Sever,Shows,The Approach.Ms. 
Wolf 6lh Period,WWOBS 
Hobbies: Drums, Computers. Breaking things 
Bi g gest Kick: Warren. B-l)og. WWOBS 
Thanks To: IVIom,Dad,Mike,Waync,and all of my 
friends without whom all of the cool things that have 
happened to me never would have happened. Thank 
You All. THE END 

Nickname: Angelica, Messy Jessy, Villano Cookie 
Quote: "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to 
lose." -.lanice Joplin 

Fav . People: Katelyn, Katie, Paine, Megnut, Sean. Ang, 
Raeh, Ry, Suz, Michele, AP, CP, JL, MD, 2MM, TL, EH, 
2JJ, MC, Woodworths, Westgate, Buzzards, Carol 
Activities: Yearbook 3,4 Editor 4, MUN 3,4, Secretary 4, 
Peer Leadership 1,23, Pride 2^.4, Sadd 3,4, Interact 3,4, 
Renaissance 3,4, Drama 3, Homeroom Rep 3,4 
Afg/non'f^.- Petty.Limo Party, Cake Fight,Top50,Lo 
nd<m,California3ig Red and the Party VVagonJ<'ran and 
Maine Boys,Buffness, Gym \VeenicsH/AI,Victims,Daiices, 
Das BeastiJVY Sneakouts4-otion?!,Horse Manjared 
Tlianks To: Mom, Dad and Ryan for the laughs and love 

Seniors 99 

Eric Visconti 

i\ickiiame: Vis 

Quote: '"l.odi dodi we likes to party, we don't cause 

trouble, we don't bother nobodv." -Snoop 

Fav. People: T, Mike, Bri, Cher," Booty, Meat, PS, JA, 

KD, JC, MM, JM, CD. JT. TT, SD, TC, CN, RR. PM, 

CW, GN, GB, DA, DV. TC. DO. KH, JH, DM. ND, 

KM. BK. CT, CH, Fam, and pluml)ers 

Ambition: To be successful in life 

Ha ppiest When: With Bri and friends 

Memories: The Zone, FFW, States 2,3,4; H. test, 

rolling in the Hyundai's w/TC, BN, SD, AND JC 

Hobbies: All American Per 1,2; fishing, bowling 

Bi ggest Kick: Meat, 212, The Zone 

Activities: VICA 2,3,4 

Tech: Plumbing 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, fam. Shop teachers, and the 

rest of PSHS 

Jamie Lynn Volinic 

Nickname: VVamie, Volcanio, (Hi-may) 
Quote: "'We look before and after, and pine for what 
is not: over sincerest laughter with some pain is 
fraught: over sweetest songs are those that tell of 
saddest thought..." -Shelley 
Fav. Personal Saving : "That's very nice." 
Fav. People: Mike, Nicole, Jacqui. Jay, Warren, Andy, 
Jesie, Janelle, the morning table, and everyone else 
Ambition: To be a marine biologist 
Ha ppiest When: On the beach at night 
Memories: Aquarium.FlrstNite.Museums.Prom.shows. 
circus, SEA, band, Boston. Salem, the curve, plotting 
Big gest Kick: Mustapha in Burger King,Mike on friday 
Thanks To: Mom, Dad, my family, Mike, and every- 
one else who has stuck by my side. 

Peter G. Walsh 

Nickname: Walshie 

Fav. Peo ple: Skull, Mojo. Ruska, Boomer, Meat, Stoner, 

Z. JB, CB, CD, JP, MM, CC, JK, and everyone else 

Ambition: To be a Firefighter 

Happiest When: With Bom and friends 

Memories: NH96, FL,698RHR, Banvilles. Ms. Lloyds 

class. Prom, LTDVS, Rt.3 North traffic stop, NAM, 

WHB, Stowe trip. Boardwalk, Churchey's 

Hobbies: Chasing the P.F.D. 

Bi ggest Kick: Skull, Mojo, Ruska's laugh. Ply. Police, 


Thanks To: My family and friends for always being 

there for me. 

Charles Ward 

Nickname: Chaz 

Fav. Personal Saving: "Don't worry about it." 

Fav. People: Erin. Jodie. Kevin. Chad, GK, RS, MK, 

and everyone else I didn't list 

Ambition: To be an electrician 

Ha p piest When: With Erin and friends 

Memories: Camping, Blizz's, Boston, Chillin, the 

third, exploring 

Bi ggest Kick: Gary's driving, little shell, Jodie and 

Kevin. Kevin's games 

Tech: Electrical 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Erin, Miss Whittle. Mr. P, Mr. 

Kirby, Mr. Muir, also RIP Jared. John, and Mark 

100 Seniors 


Brian J. Wheaton 

Jfi I Josii'n Mark \\ heaton 

Teri Lynn Whitcomb 

Nickname: Wheats 

Far. People: John. S W, CR, LC. SA, RC, & my brother 
Ambition: To be a physical therapist 
Memories: Summer nights at White Horse beach w/ 
my buddies, the trip to Marthas Vineyard w/.Ion and 
Jeff. The Irish Embassy, Guiness!! Chinatown, River 
Rave, the many trips to Boston, the airport, 
rollerblading, the Bum, S.M.D., G.F.S.F on the week- 
ends. And don't forget S.T.H. Beating my dad in 

Bi ifgesl Kick: with John S.H.O 
Activities: Football 3,4; Wrestling 2 
Thanks To: I want to thank my parents for being there 
for me and for putting up with me. And to my Nana, 
what would I do without you! To my best friend John, 
may we never lose touch. I love you all so very much! 

Quote: "The comfort of the knowledge of a rise above 
the sky, could never parallel the challenge of an acqui- 
sition in the here and now." -Kay Hanley 
Fav. People: Morse, Liam, Packv, Grif, Joel, Bacci, 
Teddy D, 3Williams. JB, JP, RH, SN, SA, GL. CR, 

your name here: 

Memories: 311, Hemp fest. No Doubt, Scottie's house, 
Salem, Chav's Spanish, White Horse, golf, Montreal, 
Happiest When: Skiing, sleeping, 90210, with Kay, at 
the Embassy with John and Bri 
Big gestKick: Chuck D, Boomer, Ryan W, Ken Almeida 
Thanks To: Thanks to everyone who has put up with 
me. Mom, Dad. Kell, Bri, John, Dusty, Nan, Gramps, 
Uncle Davie and Mr. Brown. I won't let you down. 
"To all my friends, it's not the end, the earth has not 
swallowed me vet." -311 

Nickname: T, Toons 

Quote: "Standing on a hill in my mountain of dreams, 
telling myself it's not as hard, hard, hard as it seems." 
-Led Zepplin 

Fav. Personal Saying : "Allrighfy then!" 
Fav. People: Chris, JJ, EF. KT, LC. SH, KB, MC, SS. 
DS, JB, JC. Mom. Dad, Tracey, Mark, Morgan. 
"Baby", Tricia, Gram 

Happiest When: With Chris, my friends, & my family 
Memories: Summer of 94. Homecoming 94, camping 
with Chris, beach. Prom 96, Chemlawn nights, bowl- 
ing, Briggsies July 4, boating trips, Octoberfest 
Activities: Tennis 1,2,3 
Bi ggest Kick: Florida 1996 
Tech: Preschool 1,2,3 and 4 

Thanks To: Chris - 1 couldn't have done it without you 
& my family & friends for listening & making me laugh 

Andrea Jean White 

Shawn Michael Williams 

Melissa Eileen Woodworth 

Fav. People: Ricky. Peanut, Mom, Dad, Danny, Erica 

N, and Erica F, Jared Purser, Kory 

Ambition: To be happy and make my baby happy. 

Memories: When my baby was born and when I 

started going out with Ricky. Florida with my family 

Bie gest Kick: Erica and Kory 

Thanks To: Rick, my baby, and my family. My Mom 

- extra thanks. You gave me support and were there at 

my hardest point in my life. Peanut - you gave me the 

motivation to graduate. 

Nickname: Willy 

Quote: "Never let the challenge challenge you, you 
always challenge the challenge." 
Far. 'People: RW, DW , Mom, Dad, Matto, DM, JW. 
Squigg, JD, JG, MG, Hurldog, AF, SN, BE, ML, MF, 
and teammates 

Ha ppiest When: Playing football, wrestling 
Memories: Matto's house, Football 1,2,3,4 & Wres- 
tling - OCL Champs 
Biggest Kick: Matto's Montreal 
Activities: Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1.2,3,4 - OCL 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, family, friends, Mark 
Loranger. Mark Fornichary, Don Dorr, and everyone 
else I forgot 

Nickname: Missy 

Quote: "Word is born." -Clifton 

Fav. Personal saying: "What up" 

Fav. People: Mom. Joy. Carl, Donnie, Liz, Franky, 

Craig, Mike, Mark. Deb. Shelly, JD, Corina, Kim, 

Jeff, Anna, Natalie 

Happiest When: I'm in my car 

Memories: Hanging out with my friends 

Hobbies: Basketball 

Bi ggest Kick: Buster 

Tech: Graphic Arts 

Thanks To: My teachers 

Seniors loi 

David A. Wricht 

Quote: "Clothes make the man, a naked persrin does 

not have much of a say in society." -Mark Twain 

Fav. People: PG, BM, JR, BK, j'S, GM, KG, LM, JK, 

MD, SF, \VM, ,|H, JF, MB. and everybody else. 

Hobbies: Video games, relaxing, work, baseball, and 

hanging out with my friends 

Ambition: To study Environmental Science and go on 

to Law School. 

Ha ppiest When: Hanging out with my friends 

Activities: Baseball 

Biggest Kick: Dr. Swan 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad for being there to help me and 

trying not to let me slack off. You were a really big 


^V, 4 


Nicholas Zappala 

Nickname: Zappa. Zampe 

Quote: "Yes. there arc two paths you can go by but in 

the long run there's still time to change the road 

you're on." -Robert Plant 

Fav. People: Squiggs. JP, DM, Stoner, SS, Gildog, JB, 

P\V, CD, GS, MS. MM. Boomer. BE 

Ambition: Ride a Harley across country 

Ha ppiest When: not working and relaxing with BOM 

Memories: JB's hoase, NAM, Squigs house. Cook's, 

WHB, 698, Boardwalk. ZLX, Churchey's, S.Stains, 

Bud's, MBO, Gildog's. Trip, 6th period Lloyd, Montreal 

Hobbies: Listening to music and relaxing 

Big gest Kick: Steve, Stoner, Bectondumps 

Thanks To: Family and friends 

ric^M/v^ Ttof (M/'cMIm^ 

Lisa Ann Berry 

Nickname: Razz 

Quote: "Believe none of w hich you hear and half of what 

you see." Aunt Ginny 

Fav. Personal Saving: "That's not fear." -Mr. Loranger 

Fav. People: Angela, Josh, Jeff, Jae, Katv, Debbie, 

Rocky, KM, Jod, Kev. CH, CE, Janel, CaffeUe's, Ward 's, 

Samo's. CW, DC, EB, Mr. Coakley, Ms. Aheam, techies. 


Ha ppiest When: With friends, "sick" 

Memories: Staying with Angela, boyfriend, golden 

shower.berryberrygood.S.Elemcntary,50-JeR'& Rocky, 

Jared & John RIP, breakfast. I'm a star too - Angela 

Bi ggest Kick: Guys in shop -Jes and Janel and Katy 

Tech: Carpentry 

Thanks To: My mom, family, friends, Ms. Ahem and 

most of all myself for acieving my goals. Thank you!! 

Walter R. Fisher 

Nickname: VVally 

Quote: "Time may change me, but you can't change me." 

fav. Personal Saving : "Let me think." 

Fav. People: Stork, SH, TD, WM, RED, JB. MS, MC, 

JA, DM. DF, ML, DC, RG, MB, PW, NS, PR, LD, SS, 

GS, RP, JM, GM, RJ, AH, GM, BH, MM, JP, DB, JH, 


Ambition: Ski, Ski, ski 

Ha ppiest When: At Stairs, Josh's, at Matt L. 

Memories: Tyson fight. Bud's War, Cook's, Montreal 

97skiing, Matty 's gym. sessions, NAM, Peakies, White 

Horse, 3rd, Stork Tales, Bom, Nantucket 

Hobbies: Skiing, sessions, shows 

Biggest Kick: Stork, Mojo. Teddy D.. Ford Gang 

Thanks To: My Family and RJ 

Steve Clayton 

Quote: Education is an admirable thing but nothing 
that is worth knowing can be taught." -Oscar Wilde 
Fav. Personal Saving : "!crif no m'l pleH" 
Thanks To: All the people who made coming to this rat 
race worth while - my beautiful friends and the few 
teachers who really do care, they're very rare these 

Brian Enegess 

Nickname: Ingus, Gengus, Ingy 

Quote: "Life is what happens while you are making 

other plans." -John Lennon 

Fav. People: RG, DM, NZ, MB, CB, CD, JP, SS, CQ, 

CO, CP, BB, MS, GS, JS, MO, RB, RH, JB, JG, MM, 

JS, ML, KC. JT. RA, WM, LC, CR, JK, EP, LD, JG, 

HS, LD, JC, KC, SS, EF, DC, JD, PR, SB, CM, CS, JD, 

EM, CA, DF, JH, 

Ha ppiest When: With family and friends 

Memories: War at Buds, red bird, Montreal. Nam. 

White Horse, burning the pigs. S.Stains. cat fighting 

Biggest Kick: Zumps, Scotty B.. Stevie and Gildog 

Thanks To: Everyone in my family, all my friends, 

especially B.O.M. 

Matthew R. Cote 

Nickname: Cody 

Quote: "Let me tell you about heartache and the loss of 
God wandering in hopeless night. Out here in the perim- 
eter their are no stars out here we is stoned immaculate." 
-Jim Morrison 

Fav. Personal Saying : "What's happening" 
Fav. People: Mom, Dad. Chris. Craig. Jim Morrison, 
Justin J, Jimmy K, Ben, N, KP, AG, JJ, Little Derek, 
Mitcli, Alfeari. JM. OHaras HiU. Kings Pond Crew. The 
rest know who they are. Oh yeah, Trevor Milton I didn't 
forget ya. 

Ambition: To be the illegitamate son of a rock n'roU star 
Ha ppiest When: With family and friends. 
Memories: Way to many to list Way to many forgotten. 
Activities: Cross-Country 1; Track 1 
Thanks To: Myself and my parents 

Shayna Lee Haley 

Fav. People: Wallv, EP, JD, LB, LS, HM, SS, JC. JH, 
and the Manometians 

Ha ppiest When: With Wall, and out with the girls 
Memories: CS, T and K craziness, CH's-nine-five, 
JD's Cliffs, BD's PL's. Prom. LD at Luke's, mirror, 
drive byes, Pond-BB, Hit and Run-LB, Lucas, New 
Years 95 - "pretty lights", and B.J.G.F.T. 
Thanks To: Family, Wally, Erin, LS, JD, and LB for 
always being there. -Love you all! 

102 Seniors 

Christina Anne Harris 

Jackie Marie Hoban 

Erin Marie Leonard 

Nickname: Chrissy 

Quote: "He who cannot forgive others bums the bridge 

over which he must pass himself." -George Herbert 

Fav.Personal Saviiie: "Whatever!" 

Fav. People: Jess, MS, JH, PR, Ehno. HS, JG, RH, SK, 

NN, EC, MZ, WN, Rhonda. BH, JH, TH, EL, BL, AL 

Ambition: To succeed in everything I do, malte my 

parents proud, and most of all raise a good family! 

Ha ppiest When: With friends and family, at the park 

Memories: Morton Park w/Jen, Joe. Reindeer, Pool 

Hall, Dartmouth, Papa green eyes 

Hobbies: Being with children 

Bi ggest Kick: Crazy Reindeers 

Todd Matalavage 

Nickname: Mato. Tiny, Toddles 

Quote: "They told me everybody was doing It." 

Fav. Personal Saving: Nope, sir I don't like it 

Fav. People: Shawn, Darrell, Melissa, Jeff, Pete, Tom, 

Billyboy, Ryan, Derek, Big Poppa, Mike D, Rob. Marc, 

Eric, EC's mom, football teams, and everyone else 

Ha ppiest When: With Friends and some family 

Memories: The dragon, Mr. Kahrls class, cowgirl, 

LTD, Blue ox, shop, the mooses are loose. Lawn jobs 

Bi ggest Kick: Petey, Bill's trick, Williams pick-up 

lines, Mr. Heslin's threats 

Thanks To: Mom and Dad for putting up with me. 

Jack Atwood Attorney at Law, and Melissa for being 

so great and a rookie 

Ambition: To have fun with the rookie 

Michael B. O'Callaghan 

Nickname: Mika 

Quote: "Don't judje a book by it's cover." 

Fav. Personal Savins: "That's bad." 

Fav. People: Jen, Scot P, AP, JM, EM, MW, AM, KB, 


Ambition: To make the best of my life 

Hap piest WTien: With Jen, family and friends 

Memories: Prom96, MV, New Years, Race. Jays, 

truckin, 22, fort, red subaru, fair, times with Jen, 

Adam, and Keri 

Hobbies: Cars and bikes 

Bi ggest Kick: Jen's dad, ScotP, Dant, driving w/EM 

Thanks To: Mom and Dad for being there, to Jen for 

putting up with me, and to Harry and Gram for 

helping me along. 

Jason Sherman 

Nickname: House 

Quote: "Full Speed Ahead." 

Fav. Personal Saying: "If at first you don't succeed, 

quit and do something else." 

Fav. People: Girls 

Ambition: To be in the armed forces 

Ha ppiest Wlien: Not in school 

Memories: ISS 

Hobbies: Rock climbing, repelling, hockey & hunting 

Bi ggest Kick: Boot camp in the Navy Sea Cadets 

Tech: Carpentry 

Thanks To: Sterling, Hart, Coniiskey, Dimanbro, and 

Carpentry teachers 

Nickname: Jax 

Fav. People: Erin, Michael, EP, JC, Jaim, Doobs, SH, 
KC, CH, SP, SS, LS, LD, Josh, JC, LC, RC, MM, BF, 
HF, DF, DD, MS, JB, Stork, LS, RC, DV, PW. CH, 
KH, Manometonians, and Jimbo 
Ambition: To be a big, bad cop!!! 
Happiest When: With Mike, out w/ the girls 
Memories: NH 95, Prom 96. Homecoming 94, New 
Years, BUX, Gold Seal, the wanderer, bogdiving, F^rin's 
parties, Stoagies, times w/Erin, signs, D's pond, WHB, 
Churchey 's Parties, Cook's House, V's, DCs, food wars, 
the rock, partying w/EF, and DR, uptown girl 
Biggest Kick: Michael's laugh, Doobs in NH 
Thanks To: Ma & Dad, family, Erin, for being my best 
friend, and Michael for being there for me. 

Michael Stephen McDevitt 

Nickname: McDevitt, McNugget, Mike D, Glom 
Quote: "I quit my job, I cut my hair, I cut my boss, cause 
I don't care." -Adrock, MCA, Mike D 
Fav. Saving: "Wha t da ya mean what da ya mean." 
Fav. People: RC, JS, LC, CR, MA, RP, CM, PR. TC, DM, 
CB, BB, ML, TD, GS, PW, DG, MB, BF, HF, LD, SB, JP, 
Ha ppiest When: It's 4:20, at the pond, vrith the Mafia 
Memories: Churchey's, Montreal 96+97, Prom 96, Nam, 
WHB, 698RHR, pond, week long. Josh's, Cook's, Camp- 
ing, Impala Boardwalk, freshcourt. General Lee, rink 
fights, MBO, Gildpog's trip, pizza feast, lawn jobs, 

Ambition: To catch 4:20 in every time zone 
Hobbies: Hanging out. bog hockey, sleeping 
Bi ggest Kick: Mike A, Semer, Freddy, Manomet Mafia 
Thanks To: Mom, Dad, family, SLCyr. Bob Ross, LL Dan, 

Chris O'Malley 

Nickname: O'Malls 

Quote: "I'm as cool as a cucumber in a bowl of hot 
sauce." -Beastie Bovs 

Fav. People: .IP.RPXP.BF.HF.SA. JP.SP.BE, JS,.IT. 
PR, KC, DM, CM, MB, JH, JD, SS, CR, LC. MM, MA, 
RC, TF, CU, PPD, Manometians. Cederville chapter, 
Boyz in the Hood 

Ambition: To be happy and successful 
Ha ppiest When: Hangin out with the crew 
Memories: Cook's, 698, ME, Craig, Paul, Till'3', July 
3rds, WHB, Churchey's, Homecoming, Twister, 
Banville's, waterfalls, hockey games, afterschool spe- 
cials, the jeep, devil, 18th hole 
Bi ggest Kick: Spillane and Prifti 
Thanks To: Mom, Dad, the rest of my family, and the 

Erik Sivertson 

Fav. People: Steph Brown, Kristen Long, Meika CapoUa 
Ambition: Go to school and get a good education. 
Happiest Wlien: Not at Plymouth South doing what I want 
Memories: Boston with Steph and Meika, Kristen's 
plays. Districts and All Stales, G.B.Y.S.O. 
Hobbies: Weighthfting, playing clarinet 
Activities: Playing in G.B.Y.S.O, Weightlifting 
Thanks To: Mom, Dad, family, Kristen, Steph and 

Nickname: Bug, Buggy. Chic-a-la-butt 

Fav. Personal Sayin g: "It's ok" 

Fav. People: Mom. Beth. Scott, Dave, Rhiannon, 

Kym, Meghan, Nikki, Kim, Nathan, Jaryl, Dannyboy, 

Taisha, Tony. Pam, Kim, Nana, Kay, April, Bob, 

Moses, Nikole, Hart 

Ambition: To be successful 

Ha ppiest When: With friends and family 

Memories: Aya, Boots 

Tech: Cosmo 

Thanks To: My mom I love you, Beth, Scott, Dave, 

Bob, Kym, Nikki, Kim, RE, Ms. Oimet. Thank you for 

everything, I love you guys bye bye!!!! 

Ginger L. Meigs 

Quote: "Hello McFly, anybody there?" 
fav. Saving : "You've got to be kidding me." 
Fav. People: AC, JC, CR, KC, TS. CH, LC, JT 
Ambition: To be happy with everything I do. 
Ha ppiest When: With family and friends 
Memories: Ging to the Boston Garden and seeing SM, 
KN, and UT. Going to see Garth Brooks in Maine. 
Jessica dancing to Grease. The clicker guy. Bank train- 

Biggest Kick: JC, AC or something, the clicker guy. 
bank training with JC and AC during lunch and 
break hour! LC calling OK soda 
Tech: Marketing Education 

Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Erik and Gary for being there 
for me! I love you! Thanks to the clique, you know who 
you are! 

Joshua Preciado 

Nickname: Silly little mexican, taco 
Fav. Personal Saving: "Are you gonna be alright?" 
Fav. People: Dr. Swan, Laurie Graziano, Marisa, 
Michelle. Rusty , Webby, JuffFoster, Nick "Gym" Crosby , 
Boots, Dawn, Jen, Kristy, Shaun, Amanda, Newman, 
Boots, Chrissy, Scott Patton, Sarah, Branchy, O'Malley, 
Zappa, Cindy, Jessica the twin, Walshy, Chucky, OD, 
Mika, Lynch, Spooner, Mike Wily, Fatty Matty, Kim 
Collins, Lisa, Barrett 

.Ambition: Finishschool, party hard & move to Amsterdam 
Memories: Conversion van, escort, confederate regal 
Hobbies: Scamming Martin and Coakley 
Bi ggest Kick: Dr. Swan, escorts never die 
Thanks To: My mom and Jaimi you've done so much 
for me, and I didn't realize. Thank you so much, I love 

Nicole Lee Smith 

Nickname: Nikki Victoria Buchanan 
Quote: "Tis better to have loved and lost than to never 
have loved at all." 

Fav. People: Erin "Buggy" Leonard, Kim Dubose, 
Kerri Lyons, Daniel Raymond Kahner, Hardy family, 
Reyes family, Angela Scichilone, Jared "Jermal" 
Purser, Aya, Kashner family, Wareham friends, Davin 
Maria and Mom, Nicole. Jo, Carlos, Antoinette, JF 
Ambition: Have twins, work with the law, have a lot of 

Ha ppiest When: With Danny, friends, partying, sleeping 
Memories: All times with Danny, Buggy 's house. Goya 
Bi g gest Kick: Buggy starting with people. Kerri sev- 
enth grade, Wewe and Chucky, Boots, Times with 
Kym, Kim Buggy, and Danny acting crazy, .Angela 
loves Jay 

Thanks To: Mom, Daddy, Danny, Kim, Kym, Buggy. 
I love you! 

David C. Baker 
JosE Figueroa 
Matt Flaherty 
Joseph J. Harris 
Chad A. Hathaway 
Ryan Elizabeth Light 

Nathan C. Lopes 
Samuel J. Newman 
Daniel J, Owens 
Crystal B. Stenquist 
Emily S. Stuart 
Michael P. Sivertsen 

Adam Tyler Shea 
Scott Williams 


Seniors 103 

^5i'#v*^'^ /yV^i^'^i 

From the time the class of 1997 walked through the main entrance of PSHS, their lives were 
everchanging. From saddening tragedies, the mascott transition from the blue and white eagle to the teal 
and black panther, the class of 97 tested their limits, whether it was on the field, in the classroom or in the 
community. Thus giving much to Reflect upon when thinking about the past. 

Skip Lucey (Pres.), Josh Banville (V.P.), Brian Bacci (Sec), and Josh Hill (Tres.) lead the class 
with help from two new advisors, Mr. Jim Hanna and Mr. Mark Fornaciari. Spirit mugs and food were sold 
in a Holiday Fundraiser, computer disks were distributed to faculty members during American Education 
week, and a bottle recycling drive was held to build class participation and spirit. Aside from building spirit 
during Freshman year, many memories were created as well. The football team made it to the Super Bowl 
which was held at Nickerson Field at the B.U. campus. The year continued with the famous fifth period fire 
drills which shortened the rest of the days classes, preventing many tests from being given. A thunder storm 
ended the sold out class trip to Riverside. However the weather did not put a damper on the trip because 
it was only cut short by five minutes. The Freshman and Sophomore Semi Formal, Crazy, was held in the 
Spring. Despite the fact that the theme song by Aerosmith was never played, the dance was successful. 

Again, Mrs. Candace Glendye took on the Sophomore advisorship and worked with Skip Lucey 
(Pres.), Tyler Fairchild (V.P.), Dorothy Moyer (Sec), and Lesley Desaulniers (Tres.). They successfully 
completed a community service project. They made silk screened posters to advertise The Festival of 
Lights. The class of 97 also exhibited school spirit when they started early in September to make hallway 
decorations. Although great effort was put forth, they did not win. The year closed with a Semi Formal 
which had a Mardi-Gras theme. It was held on May 5, 1995 from seven thirty to eleven in the Plymouth 
South Cafetorium. 

September of Junior year arrived and there still was rumors buzzing around about who was going 
to be the Junior class advisor. Mrs. Fry, Mrs. St. Cyr, and Miss Taglieri came to the rescue of the class and 
agreed to be co-advisors. Becky Chapman (Pres.), Tracey Kelly (Sec), Lyn Dienhart (V.P.) and Stacey 
Foskett (Tes.) lead the class to tieing the hallway spirit contest and worked hard to plan the activities. With 
new advisors came new ideas. Instead of holding a traditional candy and gift fundraiser, they tried charging 
class dues of two, five dollar installments. If this was not payed, students were not allowed to participate 
in class activities such as the voting for the Prom court. Votes for the Prom Court were collected at lunches 
for the first time. With much anticipation, the Prom was held at seven O'clock on May 1 0, 1 996 at The Tara 
Hotel in Hyanbis. Skip Lucey was voted king. Katie Gerrior and Becky Chapman tied for Queen. Chris 
Tibbetts was selected to be on the court, but the DJ forgot to announce his name. An uneven Court number 
made dancing difficult. The theme song. Stairway to Heaven, by Led Zeppelin was finally played as the 
last song to close the dance. The annual Junior trip to Salem, MA was taken in October. It was said that 
some students had too much fun and jepordized the possibility of taking the annual traditional trip to 
Newport in the Spring. In the end, the trip was schedueled, but cancelled due to not having eough students 
who wanted to go. 

The Senior year which no one thought would arrive finally did. For the first time, there was not 
a hallway sprit contest in the fall. Due to the Education Reform Act, the pep rally was shortened to only 
one period. Although the pep rally was better than ever and the football team improved, the Panthers lost 
to their former team, the Eagles on Thanksgiving day. This was the first time the Panthers played the Eagles 
on Thanksgiving and not their long time rival Silver Lake. Tyler Fairchild and Jennifer Karbott were 
elected as the homecoming couple. Celestrial Fantasy was the theme. The annual non-school-sponsered 
trip to Montreal was taken over April vacation. The Senior Dinner Dance was held again at Pembroke 
Country Club, as the senioirs gathered one last time before graduation. Graduation finally occured on 
Saturday June 14, 1997 at 2:00 p.m. (without taking the required GED test). 

104 Seniors 

(Above) Virginia D'Ambrosio & 
Kristy Abbasciano- Octoberfest 

Erin Pesilli & Kara Gushing - Blood Drive 

Seniors 105 

In Loving Memory ofjared Purser and John Linden 

106 Memorial 

When asked about Jared Purser, friends 
and classmates remember his humor, passion 
for the guitar, and great personaHty. His abiUty 
to make someone laugh during even the 
toughest times helped many live through prob- 
lems. Always there to listen, Jared gave much 
of his time to being a Peer Mediator, advising 
many students on how to cope with their 
troubles. He always had high expectations for 
himself and others. 

Friends, classmates, and family attendedl 
the funeral, mourning the death of a belovedl 
individual. There were photocopies and hand- 
written copies of one particular poem, not just 
around school, but everywhere in Plymouth. 

Jared's humor and smile will be missed. 
Memories of Jared will last forever. 

Do not stand at my grave and weep; 

I am not there, 

I do not sleep . 

I am 

a thousands winds that blow. 

I am 

the diamond glints on snow. 

I am 

the sunlight on ripened grain. 

I am 

the gentle autumn 's rain. 

When you waken 

in the mornings hush, 

I am the swift 

uplifting rush. 

of quiet birds in circled flight. 

I am 

the soft stars that shine at night. 

Do not stand 

at my grave and cry; 

I am not there. 

I did not die. 

Only living in Plymouth for a short while, 
John Linden still left a lasting impression in 
the hearts of the ones he knew. The first day he 
started at Plymouth South High School he 
began to make friends. Usually laughing or 
smiling, John's great sense of humor quickly 
attracted people to him, with a little help from 
the kindness in his eyes. Even a brief conver- 
sation with him revealed his N.Y. origin, with 
a combination of his thick accent and love for 
the Bills. He also devoted much of his time to 
playing basketball after school. Because 
John's family had the funeral back in his 
hometown of Buffalo, friends of Plymouth 
South were unable to be there. They will 
always have their memories to reflect upon. 

Memorial 107 

From preparing for SAT' s, search- 
ing for the right college, studying in 
order to maintain a higher class rank, 
holding down a job, to working hard to 
raise money for events such as the 
Prom, and building a monetary cush- 
ion for their Senior events. Many Jun- 
iors found themselves in deep reflec- 
tions of thought. 

Students finally got the recogni- 
tion they deserved since their high 
school career began. As for Junior year, 
many big events and responsibilities 
are met. Many dtudents receive their 
drivers Hcense and face the realities of 

.••of thought 

the rules of the road. The Junior Prom 
which most of the students look for- 
ward to, took much preparation. The 
only drawback was the large expenses. 
That is when students realized how 
important fundraising was. This year, 
Juniors sold candy bars in hopes of 
raising money to lower the students 
ticket price on the Prom. Also, 
fundraising gave the class money to 
help defray some of the expenses for 
their Senior year. 

Of course no year would be com- 
plete without a community service 
project. The Junior class took part in 

the Walktoberfest, held in the State 
Forest, in hopes of supporting the fight 
against diabetes. 

Besides all the fun, Junior year is 
probably one of the students most 
important years. This is the time when 
most students begin thinking about 
and look into furthering their educa- 
tion. While other students look into 
the job market and or a trade school. 
Many colleges and employers look at 
transcripts and focus on the grades 
achieved during this year. Thus mak- 
ing Junior year the most important and 
most of all, the most fun. 


Abbascianno, JaCQL'EL\'N 

Alger, Kristin 

Allan, David 

Almada, Elizabeth 

Anderson, Sarah 

Anderson, Nicholas 

Andrade Jessica 

Antonim, Ryan 

AzEVEDO. Michael 

Baker Kerri Lynn 

Barbieri, Kristy 

Barrett, Christopher 

Barron, Luke 

Basilio, Heloizio 

Bastoni, Russell 

Becker, David 

Bemis, Katherin'e 

Blaha, Rebecca 

BossE, Brun 

Bo'i'DEN, Danielle 

Branch, Jason 

Brandrup, Lauren 

Brophy, Stephen 

Brown, Kurt 

Bryan, Shane 

Bryant, Robert 

Bryson, Shannon 

BuRDicK, Jennifer 

Cabral, Randy 

Cannon, Matthew 

Carlom, Brian 

Carney, Catherine 

110 Juniors 

lass of 98 Officers: rowl: Allison Witmer, Jacqui Abbasciano, 
jndsey Kegel; row 2: Mrs. Fry, Matthew Westgate, Miss Taglieri 

Class of '97 Homeroom Reps: Row 1 : C. Hathaway, S. Szwed, C. 
Donlan, J. Burdick, S. Prifti, J. Abbasciano, A. Witmer, L. Kegel; 
Row 2: E. Spellman, M. Westgate, D. Crosby, B, Cronin, A. 
Delgado, R, Andrade, M. MacLachlan, D. Galante, N, Ciccone; 
Row 3: Miss Tag, D. Hagget, T. Miller, J. McKenney, J. Johnson, 
C. McRae, K. Hough, V. Reisig, B. Edminster; Row 4: A. Marinelli, 
C. Gibbons, W, Matthews, R. LaCrutta. 


Caron, Kimberly 
Caseau, Mark 
Casella, Danielle 
Chase, Michlael 
Christman, Matthew 
Ciccone, Nicole 
Clarke, Matthew 
Close, Adam 

Close, Justin 
COADY, Rl'ssell 
CoNso, Anthony 
Cook Timothy 
Coombs, Casey 


Costa. Jeffrey 
CosTELLO, Matthew 

Cote, Joseph 
Couture, Maureen 
CovTiLL. Joshua 
Cribbie, Tlmothy 
Croke, James 
Cronin, Brienne 
Crosby, Danielle 
CusACK, Brian 

Dacosta, Amanda 
Dainys, Michael 
Daly, Tho\us 
Damato, Mathew 
Daniloff, Janhe 
Darosa, Leonel 
Delancey, Daniel 
Delgado. Anna Maria 

Juniors 1 1 1 



DkOI IVKIRA, Kristkn 



Dk;ram(>, Mki.issa 

DiNON, Mkiivkl 

Dixon, Dkan 


DoNiAN. Christine 

DoNNKLLV, Mki.issa 

DoDi KN , Chari.ks 

Dork, Jknnikkr 


Driscoli., Jarkd 
Dlffy. Richard 


Dwkr, Leigh 

Edminster, Barbara 

Edson, Brkndan 

Ellis, Jessica 

Enegess, Linusev 

Fabricilis, Rebecca 

Faulkner, Shannon 

Feci, Justin 

Fein, Michael 

Ferrisi, Jonathon 

Fetierman, Scott 

FrrzGER.\LD, Douglas 

Ford, Adam 

Forend, Jason 

Galan TE, Debra 

Garippa, William 

Geller. Tobey 

Gibbons, Charles 


Gildea, Marisa 
Golden, Michael 
Gosdigian, Mark 
GouLART, Nicole 


Kristen Alger, Matt Westgate, Jen Burdick, Dawn 
Hagget, Cyra Hathaway, Gina Prescott, and Becky 
Fornacari unite to get the rare complete group picture. 

Morag MacLachlan and Debbie Galante pair up for 
Halloween. Morag dresses as an Oreo cookie while 
Debbie is the milk for the dunkin'. 

Graziano, Laurie 
Greene, Daniel 
Greim, Matthew 
Griffin, Brian 

GusTAFsoN, Lauren 
Haggett, Dawn 
Hall, Michael 
Hall, Rebecca 

Hankard, Katie 
Harding, Laurell 
Harmon, Derek 
Harrlngton, Elizabeth 
Harris, Stephen 
Haskins, Kristen 
Hastings, Holly 
Hathaway, Adam 

Hathaway, Cvra 
Hayden, Jay 
Hess, Amanda 
HiGGiNS Jennifer 
Hobart, Dareck 
HoGAN, Daniel 
Holland, Jennifer 
Holmes, John 

Holmes, Luke 
Hough, Kimberly 
Hufnagle, Kerri 
Hunter, Chad 
HuRD, Caitlyn 


Infascelli, Karen 

luLA, Nanette 

Jacobs, Sarah 
Jolin, Kelley 
Jones, Troy 
Kalaher, Jonathon 
Kamachi, Natsuki 
Kay, Meredith 
Kearney, Rebecca 
Keegan, Katherine 

Kegel, Lindsey 
Kelley, Jill 
Kempton, Jonathon 
Kf:nt, David 
Kiernan, Gabriel 
Koch, Ian 
Lagrutta, Robert 
Lamotte, Kristy 

Landry, Michael 
Laramee, Nicole 
Larsen, Thomas 
Lauzon, Justin 
Leavitt, Lisa Marie 
Lepage, Jeffrey 
Leyden, Thomas 
Lincoln, Stacey 

Lincoln, Suzzanne 
Loranger, George 
LucLVNO, Anthony 
LuoNGO, Kevin 
Maccaferri, Davu) 
Mackenzie, Douglas Morag 
Macomber, Jason 


Juniors 113 

M\i Kvh, Carolina 

Mai;i)Zuk, Ai.kv\ndra 

Mahonkv, Ryan 

Manoi I, Dknnis 

Marinklii, Amanda 

Mark, Chris lOPHER 

Martkl, Ambkr 

Martin, Cari 

Martin, Jim, 
Mason, Gabriklle 


McCarrick, Charles 
McCarihy, Shannon, Jonathan 
McCrav-Byrne, Erin 
McDowell, Vanessa 

McKenney, Jennifer 

McMahon, Helen 

McPherson, Denise 

Mei.lo, Edward 

Morin, Michael 

Morrison, David 

Morse, Leah 

Nickerson, Jason 

Nickerson. Jennifer 

O'Brien, Patrick 

O'Brien, Mark 

O'Callaghan, Michael 

O'DoNNELL, Jodie 

O'DoNNELL, Michael 

Oliveira, Katie 

O'Neill, Jonathan 

Ouellette Gary 

Panarelli, Crystal 

Pasolini, Nicholas 

Pawlowski, Timothy 


Pennl'cci, Matthew 

Perrotta, Bridget 

Perry, Ami-Jean 

Perry, Michael 

Perry, Sheri 

Petitpas, Justin 

Phillips, Jeremy 

Peirce, Michael 

Pizzarella, Christene 

Pomeroy, R. Daniel 

Powers, Hollie 

Prescott, Regina 
Prifti, Shauna 
Pytko, Donald 


Reardon, Daniel 
Redman, Rachel 
Reisig, Virginia 
Reynolds, Cindy 

Riordan, Tiffany 

Roberts, Donald 

Robishaw, Allison 

RoGEAN, Travis 

Ross, John 

Romano, Christine 

Sadler, Brett 


14 Juniors 

ScARANARi, Lisa 


Sempos, Andrea 
Sessoms, Stephanie 
Shannon, Kathleen 
Sherwood, David 
SiLVA, Brian 
Simon, Brieanne 

Simpson, Ryan 
Soto, Kathr\'n 
Spellman, Elizabeth 
Spillane, Jay 
Staples, Eric 
Stevens, Lillian 
Stratton, Melissa 
Straich, Jessica 

Strausbaugh, Tracey 
Stuart, Brian 
Sullivan, Jeremy 
Sullivan, Ryan 
Swift, Kelley 
Szwed, Sally 
Tavares, Andrea 
Taylor, Brian 

Taylor, Shaun 
Thomas, Kenneth 
Vacchi, Michael 
Vincent, Eric 
Walsh, Becky 
Walsh, Lauren 
Waugh, Jennifer 
Westgate, Matthew 

White, Kimberly 
Williams, Ryan 
Winchell, Eric 
Witmer, Allison 
Wood, Timothy 
Yanuskiewicz, Beth 

Picture Not Available 

Alden, Sarah 
Almeida, Jennifer 
Andrade, Rachel 
Bardsley, Kristen 
Braley, Jared 
Brundle, Jason 
Caffelle, Jeffrey 
Christian, Scott 
Coles, Michelle 
Connell, Joshua 
Curtis, Daniel 

Ellis, Jared 
FiTZPATRicK, Stephen 
Foley, Joseph 
Fortes, Ayres 
Gallagher, Michael 
Gubbins, Patricia 
Haley, Joseph 
Hicks, Brett 
IvAS, Jason 
Johnson, Jennifer 
Jones, Susan 

King, Adam 
Lincoln, James 
Malaguti, Michael 
McDevitt, Amy 
McEnroe, Shaun 
McGuire, Janel 
McLaughlin, Wayne 
Miller, Tracey 
Nalette, Jessica 
O'Brien, James 
O'Malley, Chris 

QuiRKE, Jarred 
Redman, Jamie 
Risotti, Gina 
Rivoire, John 
RoGAN, Sean 
Sampson, Leighann 
Sanphy, Jeff 
SiLVA, Antonio 
Silva, Robert 
Spooner, Geoffrey 
Sullivan, Lindsey 

Tawa, Andrew 
White, Kelly 
Whittaker, Ben 
Wibben, Casey 
WiPFLER, Mark 
Wood, Missy 
Wood, Sean 


Juniors 115 

,r .Si: 

?■■■ V ^-^ 


filfA^ O 



...the possibilities 

With Freshman year behind them, 
the sophomore class sstarted their sec- 
ond year ofhighschool and were ready 
to take on the new experiences this 
year would bring. From the beginning, 
Sophomore year was a challenge which 
took hard work and responsibility. 
Taking the PSAT's, getting driver's 
permits, and participating in JV or var- 
sity sports, kept many of the Sopho- 
mores busy outside of the 
normal school day. 

The class of 1 999' s class officers 
this year were Mike Adelmann (Pres.), 

Melissa McClellan (Vice.), Jen 
Consalvi (Seer.), and Stephanie Pretti 
(Treas.). In their Freshman year. Class 
of 1999 showed an amazing amount of 
enthusiasm and school spirit. Their 
spirit continued through this year. De- 
spite their late surge the class of 1999 
lost the annual Fall Penney War for the 
Pep Rally. They worked on commu- 
nity service projects such as "The Soup 
Bowl Lunch", a can drive, as well as 
their own class fundraiser. 

While enjoying a social life and 
working at their academics, many 

Sophomores began to think about the 
future. Tech students chose thei 
course of study they want to pursue 
and others looked towards college; 
and universities. Sophomore year was 
a time of change and adaptation. Thej 
were not the youngest any more, bu 
they still had a while to go befon 
finishing high school and choosin 
where to go in their life. 

Led by Advisor Mrs. Candac( 
Glendye, the Class of 1999 showec 
promise and well on their way to i 
successful future. 



Abruzzi, Maryanne 

Adelmann, Michael 

Ahern, Mary-Rene 

Ahern , Michael 

AiNSLEY, Steven 

Alonardo, Christopher 

Ant)erson. Melissa 

Anderson, Timothy 

Antonini, Colleen 

Balevko, John 

Ball, Bethany 

Ballard, Christine 

Beauregard, Jacob 

Beck, Meghan 

Belleau, Jason 

Bent, Adam 

Bertolo, Emily 

Besser, Marianna 

Bettencourt, Robert 

BoccELLi, Joseph 


Bolrke, Jennifer 

BoYCE, Thomas 

Brace, Gregory 

Braley, Luke 

Brant, Matthew 

Brennan, Paul 

Brewer, Rebecca 

Briggs, Michael 

Brown, Cary 

Brunelle, Crystal 

Brunelle, Jessica 

120 Sophomores 

Class of '99 Officers: Row 1: Stephanie Pretti, Mike Adelmann, 
[en Consalvi; Row 2: Mrs. Glendye, Melissa McClellan 

Class of '99 Homeroom Reps: Rowl: T. Tousignant, M. Leonard, 
E. Holmes, J. Yee, K. O'Meara, J. Bourke; Row 2: M. Miller, D. 
Muscato, L. Chochrek, K. McGrath, E. Burns, K. Finn, S. Garvey 


Buchanan, Nathan 
BucKMAN, Josh 
BuLMAN, Ryan 
Burns, Erin 
Calholin, Tarah 
Cai.houn, Tyler 
Carchedi, Julie 
Cardillo, Richard 

Cardinal, Nichole 
C.\rlson, Jessica 


Cederquist, John 
Charpentier, Kham Pra 
Childers, Jessica 
Chtitapong, Lynda 
Chiusano, Vincent 

Chochrek, Laura 
Clark, Stephanie 
Cleary, Brun 
Collins, William 
CoMPERCHio, Ronald 
CONBOY, Canbace 
Consalvi, Jen>.tfer 
Contois, Andrew 

Conway, RicH/VRd 
Cook. Jon athon 
Cook, Mark 
Cook, Nichole 
CoppoLiNo, Angelina 
Costa, Robert 
CRE.AGER, Frederick 
Crispo, Dana 

Sophomores 121 

Crowii ^ , Michael 


Ci'suMAN, Dknnis 

DaCosi A, Jl I.IE 

Daici.k, Mikai.a 

D\\b:Mt)Rr, Jkssicv 

Davidson, Ciirisiophkr 

Dams, Stephen 

DeMar-sh, Katherine 

DeOrio, Nic holene 

DkStkkano. Michael 

Devereai X, Steven 

DeYoung, Naomi 

Dillon, Pairick 

Donahle, Patrick 

dore, sar.ah 

DoToi.o, Catherine 

Dlnav, Benjamin 

Di'NviLLE, David 

Dyer, Erin 


Easter, Amanda 

Ecker, Nicholas 

Elliot, Chad 

Ellis, Anthony 

Eufrazio, Jacob 

Evans, Stephen 

Fausner, \Lchael 

Fernandes, James 

Ferrisi, Allison 

Finn, Jonathon 

Finn, Kristen 


Jen Natale uses her afterschool time to make up a 

Rich Ostby and Michelle Hudson work on a project 
in Tech. 

122 Sophomores 



• • * .H* ^ 

11* !■•«?;? • ill 

r-^ ii 

-r. .rv 

FiSHEL, Christina 
FrrzPATRKK, Jason 
Foley, Natalie 
Galiano, Nicholas 
Galipeau, Steven 
Gamble, Justin 
Garcia, David 
Garcia, Rvan 

Garvf.v, Sara 
Gecse, Seth 
Glenn, Jessica 
Good, Amanda 
Goodwin, Bradford 
Gorse, Adam 


Grande, Rebecca 
Graser, Heidi 
Green, Jeessica 
Greene, John 
Greene, Michael 
Gregg, Brian 
GiJiDABONi, John 
GuNN, Brandon 

Hall, Melissa 
Hamilton, Lisa 
Hanney, Lisa 
Harrington, Timothy 
Harris, Andrew 
R^rris, Matthew 
Harrison, James 
Hastings, Sean 


Tiffany Roberts and Mikala Daigle smile despite their strenuous efforts to meet 
a Yearbook deadline. 

Jessica Greene helps Mr. Froman make copies in the mailroom. 

Sophomores 123 


HavI':s, Kkik 

H\^FS. Jacqiei.ine 

Hk(;krii'h, Jason 

HiGciNs, Deanna 

Hill., Ai.iha 
HoFK, MArrHEw 

HoHL, Kei.i \ 

Hoi.HERT, Chad 

Holmes, Erin 

Hoi.r, Jii.iE 

HoxiE, Anna 

Hi usoN, Michelle 

Hi N lER, Rebecca 

Ingemi, Michelle 

Inglis, Sara 

IvERs, Deborah 

Jefferey, Leanne 

Jones, Erica 

Kearney, Matthew 

Keith, Sherry 

Knight, Nathan 

KooNS, Donald 

Krause, Nichole 


Labrie, Kimberly 

Lafond, Michelle 

Lagrone, Michael 

Lamb, John 

Lamotte, Gary 

Landry, Christopher 

Lawless, Brun 

Leach, Justin 

Leary, Brianne 

Lemmo, Jason 

Leonard, Margaret 

Lewis, Steven 

Light, Lindsey 

Litchfield, Dana 

Lombardo, Jill 


Loi'GHMAN, Jennifer 

Luce, David 

Luciano, Tina 

Lvdon, Adam 

MacManus, Nichole 

Maguire, Robert 

Mahoney, Jean 

Mahoney, Jillian 

Manton, Lisa 

Marek, Jaime 

Marrano, John 

Martel, Anthony 

Masi, Paul 

Mastandrea, Andrea, 

Mastandrea, Jennifer 

Matthews, Victoria 

Maxim, Roy 

May-er, Laur.a 

Mayner, Victoria 

Mazzilli, Michelle 

McClellan, Matthew 


124 Sophomores 

Katie DeMarsh and Julie Holt show off their Plymouth 
South Sports apparel. 

Erin Dyer watches local bands perform at the Benefit 
Show in memory of Jared Purser and John Linden. 


McClfxlan, Melissa 
McCoRMACK, Patrick 
McEachern, Joseph 
McFadyen, Elaine 
McGanty, Kelley 
McGrath, Keryn 
McKenna, Candice 
McLean, Johanna 

McPherson, Katherine 
McSwiGGiN, Amanda 
Meigs, Erik 
Melito, Daniel 
Mell, Japheth 
Mello, Michelle 
Melone, Jennifer 
Mendez-Godley, April 

Miller, Magen 
MiLLERicK, James 
Mingace, Jennifer 
Mitchell, Laura 
Mohr, Scott 
Monaghan, Jason 
Morgan, Jeremy 
Mori, Anthony 

MoRiN, Melissa 
Morse, Christopher 
MoYER, Stephen 
Murray, K.\telyn 
MuscATO, Darry Lynn 
Naples, Daniel 
Natale, Jennifer 
Nickerson, Craig 

Sophomores 125 


O'Brikn , Pa IRK k 

Oi.soN. Mkhaei. 

Oi-soN, Ryan 

0'Mkar\, Kathkring 

O'Nkii., KLathrvn 

Osiiooi), SiiKi 1 V 

OsTll\, KiC'HARI) 

Packard, Sarah 

P\i\K. Christophkr 

Pai.acios, Shawn 

Parkkr, Ma ithew 

Pkarson. Jennifer 

Percy, Jason 

Peterson, Charles 

Phipps, Carley 

PiMEN I AL, Jeffrey 

PizZAREij.A, Michael 

PoLiTO, Janneen 

Pope, Kelly 

Pretti, Stephanie 

Qlero, Jesica 

Reizakis, Marcos 

Renz, Julie 

RicKER, Sarah 

Roberts. Tiffany 

Ro^^ANO, Samantha 

RozAK, Edward 

Rl'emker, Christine 

Rundell, Megan 

RuPRECHT, Nicole 

Sampson, Lisa 

Samlelson, Sherer 

Santheson, Keri 

Santiago. Devon 

Santino, Kristin 

Savino, Christine 

Scott, Rachel 

Shea, Eric 

Shibley, Matthew 

SisoiivoNG, Karen 

Slover, Nicholas 

Slowey. Joseph 

Smith, Graham 

Smith, Jeffrey 

Smith. Daniel 

Smith, Melissa 

Smith, Sarah 

Sorenson, Willl\m 

Sotomayor, Kerry 

Sutherland, Eric 

Spillane, Thomas 

Spinney, Jesse 

Spooner, Matthew 

Steiger, Emily 

Stephens, Luke 

Stevens, Alexis 

Stork-Hanson, Chris 

Strassel, William 

Sullivan. Jade 

Sullivan, Joseph 

Sullivan, Lauren 

Sullivan, Elizabeth 

Sweetnam, Jeffrey 


126 Sophomores 

Tallent, Kimberly 
Tedstone, Christopher 
Thibodeau, Shannon 
Thomas, Kristin 
Thompson, Mark 
TiMiiLTY, Sean 
TousiGNANT, Patricia 
Tozzi, John 

Turner, Jennifer 
Ulmer, Kristen 
Varmette, Rhiannon 
Vaughn, Katelyn 
Walett, Katherine 
Walker, R. Timothy 
Wiedner, Lana 
Wiedner, Timothy 

Wermuth, Erica 
Whipple, Colby 
Whiting, Michelle 
Wilde, Patrick 
Williams, Angela 
Wilson, Richard 
WiNSHiP, Deanna 


Wynne, Jason 
Yee, Janine 
Zanievvski, Matthew 
ZiTO, Frank 

Picture Not Available 

Hahnemann, Matthew- 
Buckley, Christine 
Carter, Lilonni 
Chase, Sarah 
Cote, Sean 
Gaynor, Cheryl 
Griffith, Derek 
Jennings, Stephen 
Jesse, Jeremy 
Landry, Jennifer 
Mann, Timothy 

Mellace, Brian 
Monaghan, Erin 
Moore, Scott 
Morse, Jon 
MorroLA, Pasquale 
Paskavitch, Lea 
Pedini, Valerie 
RoBBiNS, Glenn 
Stein, Tanya 
Suarez, Steven 
Veasley, R. Caleb 

Walsh, Geoffrey 
Waijsh, Paul 
Webb, Sarah 
Welch, Paul 
Wightman, Paul 


Ryan Garcia displays his gymnastic skill on the rail 
of the Cafetorium. 

Sherry Keith takes measurements to get her drawing 
perfect for Graphic Arts. 


rcos Reizakis & Vick^lntthew 

■r 1'^ .^3 

Sophomores i29j 


fii0^^ e 

I ^000 


for the future 

Freshman year is the beginning of a whole 
new experience, many memories and good 
times are ahead. Ahhough the Freshman 
haven't been here long, many already feel at 
home. It has been a drastic change from the 
life of PCIS. A new school, new advisors, new 
courses, and numerous new freedoms left the 
Freshmen hmiustorming for the future. 

Unlike PCIS, the students are expected to 
choose for themselves. It is often a tough 
transition. Time management is often learned 
quickly and the student must adjust accord- 
ingly. They begin to juggle schoolwork, ex- 
tra-curricular activities, a .social life and most 
often than not, a part-time job. 

The Freshman class made their presence 
known as they won the fall Penny Wars. This 

marks the Second year in a row that the Fresh- 
men class has won this event. The money 
gathered was donated to charity. They also 
wasted no time in becoming involved in extra- 
curricular activities around the school. Mr. 
Hanna commented, "It is good to see that our 
Freshmen continue to be involved in the 
school's activities." 

The Freshmen also raised nearly two thou- 
sand dollars through fundraising. According 
to Mr. Forniciari, "The Homeroom reps did a 
fantastic job organizing the fundraiser, which 
enabled the class to have a successful year." 
The money was used for the Freshmen class 
trip to Riverside Amusement Parkin Agawam, 
Massachusetts, which took place on a Satur- 
day in the Spring. It was also used for the 

annual Freshmen/Sophomore Semi-Formal 
The remaining money was saved as a starting 
point for Sophomore activities next year. 

The students also put together a community 
service project where members of the clas: 
visited the nursing homes in Plymouth to helj 
with maintenance projects. 

Aside from having school spirit, the class o 
2000 became the first class of the nex 
millenium. They will begin to build the bridgi 
to the 21st century, and have started off on tht 
right foot. They will set forth the precedent anc 
future standards for other classes to follow 
This is a unique experience for this class, foi 
no other class in Plymouth South history ha; 
had this opportunity. 


Abramo, Mitchell 

Allington, Michafx 

Al\l\da, Ethan 

ANDER.SON, Jessica 

Anderson, Lindsay 

Andrews, Jacob 

Andrews, Michael 

Arcese, Henry 

Axon, Dane 

Babini, Douglas 

Barbour, Jessica 

Barrett, Alison 

Bernard, Elizabeth 

Bertolo, Elizabeth 

Betts, George 

BicHo, Jessica 

BisscHOP, Anthony 

Blake Jonathan 

Boissonneau, Steven 

Boncek, Peter 

Boulerice, Alfred 

Brace Theresa 

Bradley, Steven 

Brayton, Kelly 

Brwon, Jessica 

Bruhn, Jennifer 

Brundrett, Keith 

Bryant, William 

Bryson, Amie 

BuDGELL, Rebecca 

BuMPus, Kristen 

132 Freshmen 

lass of 2000 Homeroom Reps: Row 1 : R. Penney, J. Geller, A. Cogswell, 
/I.OIIwell,A.Greim,K.Murray,G.Histin; Row 2: J. Vayo,N.Tringale, 
. Tibbetts, K. Stefani, S. Scott, Liz Sore; Row 3: M. Marinelli, R. Lucero, 
L. Pasavitch, E. Fahey, C. D'Ambrosio. 

Class of 2000 Officers: Row 1: Peter Walls, Gavin Histen, Mark 
Marinelli; Row 2: Mr. Hanna, Jessie Geller, and Mr. Fornaciari. 


Burke, Aaron 


Burton, Crystal 
Busi, Jennifer 


BvTHEWooD, Daniel 
Cabral, Antonette 
Cafarella, Joshua 

Caffelle, Russell 
Callahan, Crystal 
Campbell, Jacob 
Cannucci, Brl\n 
Carlson, Terry 
Carter, Shane 
Carvalho, Jessica 
Caveney, Jessie 

Centola, Kristie 
Charles, David 
Churchey, Br.\ndon 
CoGGSWELL, Angela 
Concanon, Sar.ah 
Conway , Ryan 
Cook, Joshua 
Coombs, Emily 

Corsini, Christopher 
Cotter, David 
Courtney, Shawn 
Crawford, Richard 
Cribbie, David 
Croke, Gerald 
Crowley, Shannan 
Cunningham, Mason 

Freshmen 133 

Myreiana-Rose Rosario takes a break from 
the Homecominj' Dance Held on November 



"The Freshmeen Class proved 
to have the best spirit as they won 
the Penney Wars this fall. Their 
decorations at the Pep Rally were 
excellent and the students worked 
very hard." 

— Mr. Forniciari 

"Many delegates and officers 
have made many significant 
contributions to Student Council 
this year. Their participation in 
the decision-making process was 
essential for future success" 

— Mr. Hanna 

134 Freshmen 


Dainys, Brau 
D'Ambrosk), Christina 

Daniki-s, Matthew James 

Dawes, Adam 

Days, Johnathan 

Delanev, Sean 

Deloid, Sean 

Deitano, Sean 

Demaio, Anthony 

Demarsh, Brian 


Dennen, Christopher 
Desrosiers, Sara 

Destefano, Corey 

Destefano, Courtney 

Destefano, David 

DicARLO, Kristin 

Dicecca, Marissa 

Dillon, Shannon 

DiMAURo, Matthew 

Dion, Lenore 

Dobson, Jarod 

Downey, Christopher 

Drlian, Amy 

Druan, Jessica 

Drude, Kari 

DuGGAN, Megan 

Dunner, John 

Ebv, Ronald 

Elias, Tara 
Elliott, Patrick 
Evans, Joseph 
EviRs, Shelley 

Fahey, Erin 
Feeney, Robet 
Fitzgerald, Brendan 
Flaherty, Michael 

Flattery, Michael 
Flood, Shane 
Foley, Shawn 
FoRNi, Christopher 

Foskett, James 
Franklin, Heather 
Gallant, Rebecca 
Gallivan, Brian 

Gallo, Jesse 
Garvey, Jonathan 
Gates, Michael 
Gehring, Pamela 

Geller, Jessie 
Gibson, Deanna 


Godek, Kevin 

Gomes, Aaron 
Green-Bradley, Kristen 
Greenwood, Peter 
Greim, Andrea 

Griffith, Jeremy 
Grillo, Michael 
GuERTiN, Douglas 


Marianne Lunt and her date enjoy a slow song 
together at the Homecoming Dance. 


■ / ^^ 


^^^Ff B 



^^^HhBh^ ^ 9 


|£g2jlSl^^^^^^^^^^^t^' ' '^^ 

m H^^^TVImI^^^^^^^^^I 


T ^''^ ^^1 







Christina D'Ambrosio at the Thanksgiving Day 


Freshmen 135 

Hackkti', Melissa 

HvMBiiN, Karen 

hwva, ashly 

Hanrvhan, Brian 

Hans, Sarah 


H\RKiN, Valerie 


Hashed , Laira 

Hathaway, Kimderi.y 

Hkekron, Cassandra 

Heller, Jeanine 

Hu;t;iNs. Roiiert 

Hill, Peter 

HiSTEN, Gavin 

HoBAN, James 

HocAN, Meghan 

HoriT, Edward 

HoNAN, Erin 

Hi'CKLE, Nicole 


Hi'ENAGLE, Kurt 

HiRD, Derek 

HiRD, Matthew 

Iandoli, Erik 

Infascelli, David 

Jacobs, Margaret 

Jameson, Rhonni 

Jeffery, Kenneth 

Jesse, Matthew 

Johannesen, Erica 

JoLiE, Robert 

■ 2000 • 

Coach Eve Marani and Christina D'Anibrosio at the 
annual Field Hockey Banquet. 

Jalie Andrews, Theresa Brace, and Jon Riccardo 
during their Science class. 

136 Freshmen 


Kekgan, Christopher 
Keegan, Jilijan 
Keenan, Timothy 
Kelly, Sean 
Kerry, Patrick 
KiRBY, Kaitlin 
Kleinberg, Jeanne 

Knickerbocker, Tara 
Koons, James 
Kozlovvski, Jennifer 
Klintz, Joseph 
Laffan, Audrey 
Lally, Michelle 
Landry, Marcel 
Lang, Robert 

Langlois, Crissy 
Larochelle, Branden 
Lalzier, Cassandre 
Leaman, Kenneth 
Lembo, Jennifer 
Leonard, Jillian 
Levine, Lena 
LiBBY, Jason 

Lindquist, Shawn 
Linnehan. Adam 
Lucero, Ryan 
LuNT, Marianne 
L\TMCH, Timothy 
Maciejewski, Kara 
MacKay, Amanda 
MacNeil, Deanna 

Mahoney, Sara 
Malonson, Justin 
Marinelli, Mark 
Marsr^ll, Joshua 
Marshalsea, Kendra 
Martin, Charlotte 
Martin, Danielle 
Martin, Dax 

Martitz, Jason 
Marzuq, Kholoud 
May, Jillian 
McDevitt, Keri 


McEnroe, Scott 
McFarland, Melissa 
McHugh, Caitlin 

McIntyre, Sean 
McMinamin, Nicole 
McNuLTY, Patrick 
McPhee, Stephen 
Mearls, Amy 
Melillo. Anna 
Melone, Jessica 
Milliken, Melissa 

MoLLOY, Robert 
Monahan, Kevin 
Moore, Lindsay 
Moore, Meussa 
Morals, Corey 
MoRAis, Mark 
Morgan, John 
MuLLiN, John 

■ 2000 • 

Freshmen 137 

Freshman have turned in their Falcons /^ y^ r\ r\ 
colors and opted for the Black and Teal of ^ \J\f\3 
the Panthers as they move on to High 


Liz Sore waits for band to begin. 

138 Freshmen 

Murray, Karyn 
Naughion, Caitlin t«- 
Needei., Jared 
NicKERSON, David 

NicKERSON, Ma n hew 


NovoTNV, Justin 
O'Brien, Erin 

O'Brien, Katherine 

O'Connem,, Lawrence 

Olds, Derek 

Olsen, Amanda 

Olweil, Melissa 

Ormsbee, Kassianna 

O'RouRKE, Michael 

OuiMET, James 

Palmer, Michele 

Palmer, Sarah 

Pambuko, Donald 

Paquette, Melissa 

Parker, Joseph 

Parrell, Christopher 

Paskavitch, Anne 

Penney, Ross 

Perry, Crystal 

Perry, Michael 

Perry, Thomas 

Perry, Troy 

Pimental, Sarah 
PiRES, Sharae 
Plante, Renee ^ 
Prada, Joshua * ^C^ 

Pratt, Andrea 
PuLsiFER, Matthew 
Quintal, Sean 
Raasch, Zachary 

Raleigh, Michael 
Redgate, Derek 
Reid, Thomas 
Reimels, Joseph 

Reisig, Scott 
Reynolds, James 
RiBEiRO, Kevin 
Ricardo, John 

Rice, Stephan 
Richters. Emily 
Ricker, Michael 
Risso, Erin 

Roberts, Jessie 
Roberts, Matthew 
Roberts, Michael 
Romano, Joseph 

Roop, Joshua 
RosARio, Myreiana-Rose 
RuEMKER, Eric 
RuNKLES, James 

Ryan, Kelley 
Salgado, April 
Sanford, Michael 
Santiago. Erik 

Santos, Danielle 
Santos, Heather 
Santos, Michael 
Sarceno, Jonathan 

Freshman phenom runner Michelle 
Palmer during a home Cross-Country 

Jessica Silva and her date dance the night away 
at the Homecoming Dance. 


Freshmen 139 

SwvisKi, Grecorv 

Sawiski, Jan 

S( vGi.iANARi, Robert 

Si\M,ON, Erk; 

StiiAi.i.KR, Jkrkmv 

ScHKi.i.K, Richard 

St HKiKKi K. Matthew 


Scoi.A, Marco 

Scon , Shonna 

Skmpos, Laura 

Shannon, Megan 

Shea, Jonathan 

Sheridan, W. Maithew 


Shiltz, Ian 

SiLVA, Jessica 

SiLVA, Marissa 

SiLVA, Sara 

SiMONEAC, Justin 

Simpson, Angela 

Sinclair, Sheila 

Smith, Joseph 

Smith, Sarah 

Smith, Starr 
SoMERS, Brian 
Sore, Lisabeth 
Soule, Matthew 
Spili.ane, Sara 
Staples, Billy 
Stefani, Kate 

Stiles, Marc 

Stoffo, Christina 

Stone, Gary 

Stone, Lindsey 

str.ausbaugh, justin 

Sullivan, Christine 

Sullivan, David 

Sullivan, Joseph 

Sullivan, Richard 

Sullivan, Timothy 

Sullivan, Willum 

Swift, K,\tie 

Tassinari, Raymond 

Tavares, David 

Tavares, Stacey 

Thatcher, Randall 

Thibodeau, Jason 

Thomas, Richard 

Thompson, Bobbi 

Tibbetts, Jenny 

TiBBETTs, Nicholas 

Tracey, Kate 

Tringale, Natalie 

Vayo, Jamie 

Vendetti, Derrick 

Vogel, Craig 

Vohnoutka, Ellyn 

Wager, Daniel 

Waite, David 

Walker, Melissa 

Walls, Peter 

Warner, Christopher 

Watt, Kristin 


140 Freshmen 

Weare, James 
Webber, Pamela 
Webber, Steven 
Weeks, Chad 
White, Daniel 
Whitley, Ryan 
Wightman, Tracey 
Williams, Derek 

Wood, Benjamin 
Wood, John 
Wood, Michael 
Wright, Elizabeth 
Young, Daniel 
Young Kelly 

Picture Not Available 

Adams, Natasha 
Allan, Amy Lynn 
Bruno, John 
Cohen, Sarah 
Colettti, Elizabeth 
Courtney, Crystal 
Dale, Peter 
Eg AN, Eric 
Elliot, Ryan 

Falcione, Tina Marde 
Gaynor, Michael 
Gomes, Robert 
Hallahan, Lucas 
Harris, Bradley 
Jencyowski, Anthony 
Kleinhenz, Kimberly 
Lepage, Jennifer 
McDoNouGH, James 

McLean, Suzanne 
Melillo, Michael 
Mitchell, Julie 
MuLKAHY, Jonathan 
Muldoon, Richard 
NoDDiN, Sally 
Palmer Richard 
Pelton, Douglas 
Roberts, Heidi 

Santiago, Leonardo 
Stokes, Karli 
Trainer, Greggory 
Usher, Jamie 
Venezia, Kimberly 
Whitney, Richard 
Williams, Michael 



Mark Marinelli and friend during Mr. Petruzelli's 
Health class. 

Sara Spillane leads the Macarena at the Homecoming 

Freshmen i4i 




Ke'tn Godek and Ji 



Freshmen i43 

Shaping Our Image 

School Department Administration 

Dr. Bernard Sidman 

Superintendent of Schools 

Mr. Richard J. Silva 

Assistant Superintendent 

Mr. Paul F. Veccchi 

Assistant Superinte 

Mr. John Souza 

Business Manager 

Building Administration 

Mr. Robert C. O'Day 


Mr. Robert L. Coakley 


Mr. Thomas E. Martin 


Mrs. Pauline Werner 

Dean, Renaissance Comm. 

Ms. Carole Rodrigue 

Director of Tech Studies 

Department Coordinators and Directors 

Mrs. Mary Connelly 

Director of Health Education 

Mr. Barry Haskell 

Social Studies Coordinator 

Mr. Kevin Kelley 

Media Coordinator 

Mr. Nicola Micozzi 

Science Coordinator 

Mr. Guy Roy 

Math Coordinator 

Mr. Kent Stevens 

Athletic Director 

Mrs. Jacqueline Winokur 

English Coordinator 

Mr. Warren Valente 

Guidance Director 

144 Faculty 

Irs. Christman gets a free Macarena lesson from professional dance instructor, 
Irs. McNulty. 

Miss Maribeth Ahearn - 

Physical Education 

Miss Kate Ahearn - Tech 

Studies Guidance Counselor, 

Placement Coordinator 

Mr. Kenneth Almeida - 

Physical Education 

Miss Maria Amendolare 

English Second Language 

Mrs. Pricilla Anderson 

Health Education 

Mrs. Mary Anthony - 

Secretary to Mr. O'Day 
Ms. Susan Arana - Spanish 
Mr. Richard Arena - English 



Mrs. Joanne Ball - Home 


Mr, Frank Barker - Metal Fab. 


Ms. Mary Bellinger - English, 

Special Needs 

Ms. Doris Bishop - D.E. 

Ms. Suzanne Blanchard - 


Mr. John Bongiovanni - Social 


Mr. Karl Braun - Physical 

Education, Fields Director 

Mrs. Jane Briggs - Physical 


Mr. Fred Brown - 

Social Studies 

Mrs. Sharon Chavez - Foreign 


Mrs. Frances Christman - 


Mr. Walter Clancy - 

Electronics Shop 

Mr. Gary Closter 


Faculty 145 

Mr. Clifford Colley - 


Dr. Patricia Comiskky - 

School Psychologist 

Miss. Casey Coupe - 


Ms. Ann Marie Crowley - 

Main Office Secretary 

Ms. LaRie Clbie - 


Mrs. Janet Dailev - Student 

Services Secretary 

Mrs. Kathleen D'Ambrosio - 

Science Lab Aid 

Mrs. Nancy Dawson - 

Computer Lab Aid 

Ms. Jodi DiGr.asse - 

Health Aid 

Ms. Francesca DiMambro - 

Tech Studies Guidance 

Mr. Donald Dorr - 


Ms. Marie Duerden - 


Mr. William Fairbanks - 

Automotive Shop 

Mr. Jack Fialkovvski - 


Mrs. Marsha Finn - 

Guidance Secretary 

Mrs. Donna Fontaine - 

Data Processing 

Mr. Mark Fornaclari - Math 

Mr. Scott Froman - 

Social Studies 

Mrs. Ruth Fry - Child 


Ms. Lorraine George - Tech 

Studies Secretary 

Mr. Paul Gerrior - CAD 

Drawing, Tech Exploratory 

Mrs. Elizabeth Gill - 


The faculty field hockey team takes time out for a picture before engaging the varsit 
field hockey team. 

146 Faculty 

Ms. McNulty 

Miss Tag 

Mr. Westfield 

Miss Whittle 

Miss Wolf 


Mrs. Lynn Gledhill 


Mrs. Candace Glendye - Art 

Ms. Jane Goodwin - 

Guidance Counselor 
Mrs. Kathryn Gregory 


Ms. Madeline Hanafin - 
Foreign Laguages 
Mrs. Debra Hanley - English, 
Special Needs 

Mr. James Hanna - Science 
Mr. Gary Harrison - 

Social Studies 

Ms. Kelley Hart - D.E. 

Mr. Roy Hart - Math. Special 


Miss Lynne Hartell - 

Special Needs 

Mr. Thomas Heslin - 

Computer Science Shop 

Mr. Thomas Hicks - Math 

Mrs. Jacqueline Hutchinson 


Mr. Earnest Johnson - 

Graphic Arts 

Mr. Bruce Jones - Guidance 


Mrs. Kathy Jones - Special 

Needs Aid 

Mr. John Joyce - Automotive 

Related, VICA Co-Advisor 


Faculty 147 

Mr. Benjamin Kahrl - 

Social Studies 

Mrs. Donna Kaiser - 


Mrs. Debbie Kasarjian - 

Mr. Peter Kasarjian - 

Physical Education 

Mrs. Andrea Keating - 

Special Ed Team Chairperson 

Mr. Michael Kelley - 


Mr. Richard Kirby - 

Electrical Shop and Related 

Mrs. Alice Lague - English 

Mrs. Carol Lamb - English 

Mr. John Lamb - Carpentry 

Ms. Carol Leonard - English 

Mr. Barry Levy - Culinary 

Arts Related 

Mrs. Barbara Lloyd - 

Social Studies 

Mr. Mark Lorranger - 

In-School Suspention 

Mrs. Deborah Luddy - 

Physical Education 

Mrs. Susan MacAllister - 

Math, Special Needs 

Ms. Judy Maccaferri - 


Mrs. Kathy Marks - 


148 Faculty 

Mrs. Susan Martin - 

Culinary Arts 

Mr. David Marzelli - 

Guidance Counselor 

Ms. Ellen McInnis - 


Mrs. Phyllis McNamara 

Pre-School Practicum 

Mrs. Sheila McNulty - 


Mrs. Rhonda Messier - 

Tech Studies Nurse 

Ms. Maureen Metta - 


Mrs. Paula Morton - 

Computer Science Related 

Mr. Phillu* Moses - 


Mr. Robert Muir - 

Electrical Shop 

Mr. John Nadeau - 

Culinary Arts Shop 

Mr, Leo Nunnari - 

Automotive Shop 

Mrs. Bethany Orchard - 

Preschool Aide 

Mr. Gordan Orchard 

Electronics Shop 

Ms. Carol Ouimette - 

Cosmetology Shop 

Mrs. Susan Parece - 


Mr. Ken Pereira - 

Electrical Shop 

Ms. Kathy Perkins - 


Mr. Jules Petrangelo - 


Ms. Sheila Petrocelli - 


Mr. Lou Petruzzelli 

Health Education 



Mr. Hanna is in the science lab, using the portable hood for a science demonstration. 

Faculty 149 

Mr. Jonathan Porter - 

Marching & Concert Band Dir. 

Mr. Michaki. Purdy - 

Computer, Data Processing 

Mr. Scott Rapose - Math 

Mrs. Marilyn Rennie-Stanton 

Ciireer Assesment/Dev Tutor 

Mrs. Danene Riord vn - 

Dining Room Supervisor 

Mr. John Robinson - 

Social Studies 

Mr. John Romano - 

Adjustment Counselor 

Mr. Frank Rothwell - 

Social Studies 

Mr. Peter Russo - 

Plumbing Shop 

Mr. Peter Sansone - 

Graphic Arts 

Ms. Judith Schoonmaker - 

Social Studies 

Ms. Karen Smith - 

Foriegn Language 

Mr. Brian Souza - 

Foreign Language 


Michael Stanton - 

Social Studies 

Mrs. LouAnn St. Cyr - Foods, 

Contemporary Living 

Ms. Pam Sterling - 

Special Needs 

Ms. Amy Stephenson - 

Special Needs 

Mrs. Sally Stevens - 

Social Studies 

Mrs. Mary Stracuzzi - 

Security Receptionist 

Mrs. Jane Strauch - 

Culinaiy Arts Supervisor 

Mr. James Swan - 

Mrs. Christine Sykes - 



A Mrs. Vecchi, Mrs. Anthony, and Mrs. Dailey join the Seniors for the Octoberfest 

150 Faculty 

r. Kelley was one of several staff members who volunteered to be a living target, 
I the Seniors covered him with cool-whip pies at Octoberfest. 

Mrs. Elayne Szczepaniak - 


Miss Theresa Taglieri 

Mrs. Sylvia Thorton - Music 

Theory, Chorus, Choirs 

Mr. Gregory Tracy - Asst 

Band Dir, Inst Ens, Stage Band 

Mrs. Pamela Trepanier - 


Mrs. Nancy Tripp - Student 

Services Secretary 

Mrs. Lynn Vandenburgh - 

AV Aide 

Mrs. Andrea Vandersnoek - 


Mrs. Patricia Vecchi - 

Guidance Secretary 

Mr. Robert Vecchi - Tech 

Studies Aide 

Mr. Frank Vierra - 

Auto Aid 

Mrs. Mary Walker - Nurse 

Mrs. Marie Warnock - Tech 

Studies Secretary 

Mrs. Helen Wesley - Science 

Mr. Joe Westfield - Math 

Mrs. Patricia White - 


Ms. Carolan Whittle - 


Mr. Richard Whittle - 

Plumbing Related 

Miss Ann Wolf - 


Mrs. Olivia Woods - Library 

Clerical Aide 

Faculty isi 





...ow the yearns events 



Second Annual 
Soup Bowl Lunch 

On March 13, 1997, Mrs. Candace Glendye 
and Lou Ann St. Cyr held a luncheon to benefit 
the Plymouth Area Coalition for the Homeless. 
Art students, staff members, and a few com- 
munity members displayed original hand- 
crafted soup bowls, mugs, pitchers, and tea 
sets. Family and Consumer Science students 
prepared a choice of soups (chicken noodle, 
cream of broccoli, and beef barley), breads, 
beverages, and deserts. Prices ranged from $6 
to $15 (including lunch). 

In addition to the 150 plus bowls on sale at 
the lunch, a Silent Auction for selected ceramic 
pieces was held in the front school foyer on 
March 3. 

It was a great success and the community 
is looking foward to the soup bowl lunch again 
next year. 

152 Current Events 

Super Bowl XXXI 
Patriots vs. Packers 

The New England Patriots under 
Bill Parcells, "The Tuna" won their 
way to the New Orleans Super Dome. 
Even though they lost 35 - 21, they put 
up a good fight. With a good nucleus of 
young players and an energetic new 
coach, Pete Carrol, they are assured to 
return to the Big Dance once again. 

Sarah Delory adds the flnnishing touches to a soup bowl she mad 
for the luncheon during Mrs. Glendye's fifth period class. 




YOU SAID: Athletes who most exemplilied the Olympic spirit: 1. KerrI Strm 

TWA Flight 800 from Mew York to Paris 

exploded over Long Island in July, killing all 203 people 

on board. It took nearly four months to recover 95 

percent of the downed 747 from the ocean, while 

investigators struggled to find an explanation for the 

crash. Theories being investigated included a bomb, 

mechanical failure or a missile, but eight months 

after the crash, no answers were forthcoming. 

A pipe bomb 
exploded in 

Atlanta's Centen- 
nial Park during 
the Olympic 
games, killing one 
and injuring 111. 
Richard Jewell 
became the FBI's 
prime suspect. 
When no evidence 
connecting him to 
the bombing was 
found, Jewell was 
finally cleared. 

.Kihmon Oojier • SIGMA 

- •■•;•' 

^ttBBtt^^-'^-' "JKK^^ 

T- ^^ 

^^K .It ^S 



iPBRp. • ■.'*■■'•. 

Independence Day, the story of an alien invasion 

of the United States, was the blockbuster film of the 

summer, earning more than $300 million worldwide and 

becoming the third largest-grossing film of all time. The 

film also won an Oscar for Visual Effects. 

Hurricane Fran came ashore at Cape Fear, N.C., in 

early September, killing 34 and causing $1 billion in 

damage to the east coast. 

■ Scientists tested a new com- 
bination of AIDS drugs, 

including drugs previously used 
and recently discovered pro- 
tease inhibitors, which seemed 
to help decrease the effects of 
the virus on the immune system. 

■ An eigiit-year-oid gorilla 

named Binti Jua was hailed as a 
hero after she came to the aid 
of a three-year-old boy at the 
Brookfield Zoo outside Chicago. 
The child felt 18 feet into the 
gorilla pit, where he was picked 
up by Binti Jua and carried to 
the pen's exit, away from the 

other gorillas. ■ The Mall of 
America in Bloomington, Minn., 
set a weeicend curfew for 

teens, reflecting a growing 
trend in malls across the nation. 
Shoppers under 16 must be 
accompanied by someone 21 or 
older after 6 p.m. on Fridays and 


2. Michael Johnson 3. Carl Lewis 4. Dominique Moceanu 5. Dominique Dawes 

96 Lympi cs 

he 26th staging of the modern 
Olympic games drew the 
attention of the world to 
Atlanta for much of July. 

The excitement began at the open- 
ing ceremonies, where a surprised 
crowd watched Muhammad Ali 
light the Olympic torch. 

Gymnast Kerri Strug sprained 
her ankle on her first vault in the 
team competition, hut went ahead 
with her second vault, beheving the 
United States' chances for a gold 
medal dej)ended on it. She landed 
her second vault and sealed a U.S. 
victory before coUajjsing in jjain. 

Michael Jolmson sprinted to the 
honor of being arguably the fastest 
man alive when he won the 200 
meter sjjrint in 19.32 seconds, a new 
world record, and ran the 400 meter 
n 4,3.49, setting an Olympic record. 

Carl Lewis won a gold medal in 
the long jump at the age of 35. It was 
the ninth gold of his career. 

ooper « ALLSPORT 

Saturdays. ■ Elizabeth Carrigan, 
a student at Mountain Brook 
High School in Alabama, earned 
perfect scores on each of 
eight college entrance exams 
she took, including a 36 on the 
ACT and a 1600 on the SAT. 
Carrigan also aced advance 

placement tests in several sub- 
jects, which could earn her a 
year's worth of credit at the col- 
lege of her choice. ■ Prince 
Charles and Princess Diana's 
divorce became final on Sept. 
28 Terms of the divorce 
include a mandate that Diana 

may no longer be referred to as 
"Her Royal Highness" and a set- 
tlement that is reportedly near 
$23 million. ■ Nintendo intro- 
duced one of the hottest 
Christinas presents of the 
year when it unveiled Nintendo 
64. The game system, which 




*i /;■. 


YOU SAID: You voted or would have voted for: Bill Clinton 46.7 

Jonathan Prevette, of Lexington, 

N.C., became perhaps the youngest 

person ever charged with sexual 

harassment. The six-year-old Prevette 

was suspended from Southwest 

Elementary School for one day 

because he kissed a first-grade girl. 

George Tames • GLOBE Photos 

Former vice president Spiro 

Agnew died in September at the 

age of 77. Agnew, who served under 

President Richard Nixon, resigned in 

1973 after it was revealed that he 

had accepted thousands of dollars in 

graft as the governor of Maryland. 

Rap artist T^pac Shalcur 

was shot in Las Vegas after attending 

a Mike Tyson boxing match on 

Sept. 13. Shakur died a week later 

at the age of 25. After months of 

investigation, police had no suspects 

or witnesses to the crime. Some saw 

Shakur's death as a reflection of the 

violence chronicled in his music. 

John F. Kennedy, Jr., removed himself as the country's most 

eligible bachelor when he married Carolyn Bessette on remote 

Cumberland Island, Ga. The wedding avoided being a tabloid event 

because everyone involved was sworn to secrecy, but reporters soon 

jumped on news that the marriage was in trouble. 

offers more interactivity, three- 
dimensional graphics and 
sound, sold 300,000 units in 
four days. ■ Pop singer and 
actress Madonna gave 
birth to her first child, a girl, 
on Oct. 8. Lourdes Maria Ciccone 
Leon weighed in at 6 lbs., 9 oz. 

and was 20 inches long. ■ 
When Jeffrey Maier, a 12- 
year-old from Old Tappan, N.J., 
skipped school to attend the 
American League Championship 
Series at Yankee Stadium, he 
probably was not planning to 
affect the outcome of the game. 

However, when he reached out 
of the stands and caught a fly 
ball hit by Yankee Derek Jeter, 
the ball was declared a home 
run although replays showed 
that without Maier's interference, 
it would not have cleared the 
fence. ■ In October, Sylvia 



•-S:/ L- '♦■ 


■ v-.n 

Bob Dole 33.2% Ross Perot 14.3% None of the above 4% 

•96 Election 

B Kiatx • SYGMA 

ill Clinton won re-election 
as President of the United 
States in November, in an 
election notable for its low voter 

Less than half of the country's 
ehgible voters turned out to give 
CUnton 49.2 percent of the popular 
vote, leading him to victory over 
Repubhcan Bob Dole, who won 
40.8 percent, and Independent can- 
didate Ross Perot, who received 
8.5 percent. 

Despite the 73-year-old Dole's 
promise of a 15 percent tax cut for 
all Americans, Chnton's victory was 
based on the healthy economy and 
strong support from women voters. 

Dole remained highly visible 
after his defeat, appearing on the 
Late Show with David Letterman, 
the NBC sitcom Suddenly Susan 
and in a Visa commercial lampoon- 
ing his return to his hometown of 
RusseU, Kan. 

Kraft • SYGMA 

Allen Tannenbaum • SYGMA 

Stayton of Cincinnati was liand- 
cuffed, taken to jail and put in a 
cell for three hours because she 
put 1 5 cents into two expired 
parking meters as a good 
deed. She was released after her 
daughter posted $1,900 bond. 
■ Russian President Boris Yeltsin 

underwent successful quintu- 
ple-bypass iieart surgery in 

Novennber, finally confirnning the 
runnors of his ill health that had 
been swirling for months. 
Yeltsin won re-election in 
August despite plunnmeting 
popularity ratings and concerns 

about his health. ■ Evander 
Holyfield surprised the world 
with his TKO victory over 
Mike Tyson in November. The 
fight was stopped 37 seconds 
into the 1 1th round, and Holyfield 
won the WBA heavyweight 
championship at the age of 34. 

;> n 

YOU SAID: The sllliesi trends ollhe year were: 1. Macarena 

The New York Yankees came back from a 
two-game deficit to take the 1997 World Series from the 
Atlanta Braves, four games to two. It was the 23rd World 
Championship in team history, but their first title in 18 years. 

Tiny Tim, best know for his song "Tiptoe Through the 
Tulips," died of heart failure in early December at the age of 64. 

Jenny Jones took tiie stand in the murder trial 

of Jonathan Schmitz in November, defending her talk show 

against allegations that it contributed to the crime. Schmitz 

killed Scott Amedure days after being ambushed on an episode 

of Jones' show in which Amedure revealed that he had a crush 

on Schmitz. Schmitz was convicted of second-degree murder. 

McDonald's unveiled a new line of menu items for 
adults this fall. The fast food giant put $200 million into a promo- 
tional campaign touting the new items, but some considered 
the Arch Deluxe a flop when sales fell short of expectations. 

■ The third worst air disaster 

in history occurred near New 
Delhi when a Saudi jumbo jet 
collided with a Kazakhstan 
cargo plane, killing 349. ■ 
Texaco reached a $176 million 
settlement with 1,348 plaintiffs 
in a racial discrimination 

suit after secret tapes were 
found on which company exec- 
utives made derogatory com- 
ments about black employees. 
■ At least 50 female Army 
recruits at the Aberdeen 
Proving Grounds came forward 
in November claiming they had 

been sexually abused. The com- 
plaints led to a worldwide inves- 
tigation of army bases, resulting 
in over 300 criminal inquines. 
In March, however, some of 
the women recanted, saying 
that Army investigators had 
pressured them to say they 

lody Piercing 3. Dyeing your liair 

Bell Bottoms 

Sagging Pants 

'96 Trends 


Laura Cauanaugh • GL08t Photos 

t had been 20 years since a dance craze of this magnitude 
had swept the country. And just as very few people can be 
found doing the Hustle anymore, by year's end most 
people were tired of the Maoarena. However, for a few months in 
the summer and fall of 1996, people as diverse as the U.S. Women's 
Olympic Gymnastics Team, Regis PhiDiin 
and nearly the entire crowd at a New York 
Yankees baseball game could be found 
dancing to the infectious song by Los Del 
Rio. Even vice president Al Gore per- 
formed his own version at the Democratic 
National Convention. 

Tickle Me Elmo was the toy to have at 
Christmas. Stuffed dolls which originally 
sold for $.30 fetched as much as .$2, .500 
at auctions and in ads. An<l, in the 
inevitable backlash, one woman 
donated $800 to charity for the 
chance to run over the doll with a 

Chicago Bidls star Dennis 
Rodman personified many of the 
most popular fashion trends 
of the year, including 
dyed hair, multi]>le 
body j)iercings, tat- 
to(»s, and metallic 
ingemail poUsh. 

: Jordan • SYGMA 

were raped. ■ Cardinal 
Joseph Bernardin, of 

Chicago, died in November at 
ttie age of 68 after a long bout 
with pancreatic cancer. ■ Lou 
Holtz resigned iiis posi- 
tion as head coach of the 
Notre Dame football team in 

November. Holtz led the Irish to 
one national championship in 
his 1 1 years as coach. ■ A 
hijacked Ethiopian jet 

plunged into the Indian Ocean, 
killing 127. The hijackers had 
refused to let the pilot land, 
despite his assertions that the 

plane needed refueling. ■ A 
moon probe collected data 
which proves that ice exists 
at the south pole of the Moon. 
This discovery increases the 
chance that a human colony 
could someday be established 
on the Moon. ■ Pete Rozelle, 

Nearly 40 inches 
of rain fell in the 

northwestern United 

States in early January. 

The resulting floods in 

Oregon, Washington 

and Northern California 

left 250,000 people 

without power at one 

point, and caused 

many mudslides. 

Flooding was a problem 

throughout the country 

all year; floods 

plagued the Ohio 

Valley in March and 

the upper midwest in 

early spring. 

Carl Sagan, 

best known as 

host of the PBS 

series, "Cosmos," 

which was credited 

with popularizing 

science, died of 

pneumonia at age 

62. Sagan was 

also a Pulitzer 


author, who was 

fascinated with 

the idea of life on 

other planets and 

was involved with 

every planetary 

mission undertaken 

by NASA. 

The Green Bay Packers won their first Super Bowl in 29 
years when they defeated the New England Patriots, 35-21 . 
Desmond Howard, who ran a kickoff back for a touchdown, 

was named Super Bowl MVP 

who served as commission- 
er of the lUFL for 29 years, 
died in early December at age 
70. Rozelle was credited with 
many of the accomplishments 
leading to the NFL's phenomenal 
popularity, including expansion, 
television contracts that current- 

ly exceed $4 billion and the 
1 966 merger of the two football 
leagues which led to the Super 
Bowl. ■ When America Online 
switched to a policy of unlim- 
ited access for a set price, 
the provider was flooded with 
customers, making it extremely 

difficult for users to gain access. 
To settle class-action lawsuits, 
the company was forced to give 
inconvenienced users up to two 
months of free sen/ice. ■ WebTV, 
a device that let users access the 
internet through their 
televisions, was introduced 

AIDS treatments 3. Ice on the Moon 4. New cancer treatments 5. Internet advances 

Science & 
Techno Logy 


Maya Alleruzzo • SYGMA 

any of the year's top 
stories in science came 
from outer space. Astro- 
naut Shannon Lucid spent more than 
six months on the space station MIR 
when various shuttle delays made it 
impossible for her to return to Earth 
as scheduled. It was the longest any 
person had ever stayed in orbit, and 
Lucid was awarded the Congressional 
Space Medal of Honor. 

In August, molecules and bacteria- 
like elements found in a 4.3 lb. 
meteorite were touted as possible 
proof that life once existed on Mars. 
The fragment, which fell on 
Antarctica 13,000 years ago, was 
estimated to be 3.6 biUion years old. 
DoUy the sheep received proba- 
bly the most intense media scrutiny 
of any barnyard animal in history. 
Scottish scientists cloned DoUy from 
the tissue of a full-grown sheep. 
American scientists later cloned two 
Rhesus monkeys, and Senate hear- 
ings were held to discuss the legal, 
social and ethical implications of 
cloning in hopes of outlawing experi- 
ments involving humans. 

n Bahf . ALLSPORT 

in time for Christmas. Critics 
called it a gimmick, but support- 
ers hoped that it would help get 
more people online. ■ Marvel 
Comics declared bank- 
ruptcy in late December after 
the company's stock dropped to 
$2.38 per share from an all-time 

high of $34 per share in 1993. 
■ About 100 reports of hair- 
eating dolls surfaced after 
Christmas when girls who had 
received the Cabbage Patch 
Snack Time Kid got their hair 
caught in the doll's inner mech- 
anisms. The dolls, which were 

manufactured by Mattel, were 
supposed to eat plastic french 
fries. The dolls had to be dis- 
mantled or destroyed when the 
girls' hair got caught. ■ The 
Oakland School Board experi- 
enced a backlash of criticism 
when they voted to recognize 






YOU SAID: Your favorite television shows are: 1. SeinIeK 

Tkipac Amaru guerrillas swdrmed the Japanese 
ambassador's residence in Lima, Peru, and 
took nearly 500 people hostage. Although more than 
400 of the hostages were released within days, 
including seven on New Year's Day, the Peruvian gov- 
ernment did not give in to the rebels' demands to free 
their jailed comrades, and the crisis went on for 
months with 72 people still held. 



Tiger Woods 

went pro in August 

after winning his 

third amateur 

championship. He 

won the Las Vegas 

Invitational in 

October, then two 

weeks later won 

the Disney Classic, 

making him the most 

successful golf rookie 

ever. Woods started 

1997 with a bang, 

winning the 



The former United States 

Ambassador to the U.N., Madeleine 

Albright, was sworn in as Secretary of 

State in early February. Albright became the 

first woman to hold the position. 

Deng Xiaoping, the leader of China, died 

in February at the age of 92. Thousands of 

mourners kept vigil outside the funeral. 

Ebonics as the primary lan- 
guage of African-American 
students. The move would have 
allowed the district to receive 
federal funds for bilingual edu- 
cation. ■ A Brinks armored 
truck overturned on a 
Miami overpass in rush-hour 

traffic, dumping $500,000 in 
one of Miami's poorest neigh- 
borhoods. Officials went door- 
to-door, seeking the return of 
the money, and offered amnesty 
for anyone turning in money 
before a certain date. They 
received $20.38. ■ Amid discus- 

sions about regulating what 
appears on television, the indus- 
try voluntarily put ratings 
on every program shown. 
The ratings, which included Y 
and Y7 ratings for young chil- 
dren, G, PG and PGM ratings 
similar to those used for movies. 

Home Improvement 4. Party of Five 5. The X-Files 


Very few new shows made a 
l)ig splash in the Nielsen 
ratings, but estal)Hshed 
j)rograms hke ER and Seinfeld con- 
tinued to hover near the top. 

Although the NBC show Friends 
remained j)opular, most of the new 
shows modeled after it failed. One 
exception was The Drew Carey Show, 
which was called a "blue-collar version 
of Friends.^'' 

This year's most widely imitatetl 
show was The X-Files. A fictitious 
account of two F'BI agents investigating 
paranormal cases, its popularity 
spawned a legion of off-beat dramas, 
including Dark Skies and Millennium. 

The Fox network continued its 
success with animated programs like 
The Simpsons when it launched King 
of the Hill. Mike Judge, the mastermind 
beliind MTV's Reavis and Butt-Head, 
created this story of the Hill family 
and their lives in a small Texas town. 

In its third season. Party of Five 
became a bona fide hit for Fox, 
especially with viewers in the 18-24 
age group, who avidly followed the 
turbulent lives of the orphane<l 
Sabnger children. 

Chalasani • SIPA P(ess 

and M ratings for mature audi- 
ences, were criticized as being 
confusing and inconsistent. ■ 
Bill Cosby's only son, Ennis, was 
murdered in Los Angeles 
in nnid-January as he changed a 
tire on Mulholland Drive. An 18- 
year-old immigrant from the 

Ukraine, Mikail Markhasev, was 
charged with the murder. ■ 
Fifth-grader Jeffrey Parks was 
expelled from his Seattle 
school after he brought a 
plastic Gl Joe gun to school. 
Even though the gun was only 
one inch long and had no moving 

parts, school officials said it 
violated the Seattle School 
District's ban on guns of any 
kind. ■ Twenty years after the 
original came out. Star Wars 
was re-released to a new gen- 
eration of fans, complete 
with new scenes and enhanced 

I, • ■> - . '* 

YOU SAID: Your five favorite albums were: 1. No Doubt Tragic Kingdom 2. Alanls Morissette Jaggw I 

Just as in his criminal 
trial, trial-watchers kept vigil 
outside of the Los Angeles 
courtroom where O.J. Simpson 
faced civil charges in the 
death of his former wife, 
Nicole Brown Simpson, and 
her friend, Ronald Goldman. 
This time Simpson was 
found liable for the murders 
and was forced to pay 
$33.5 million to the families of 
the victims. In March, to help 
pay the damages, Simpson 
was ordered to give up 
$400,000 worth of art, 
jewels and football memora- 
bilia, including his Heisman tro- 
phy to be sold, but many of 
the items could not be found. 

The Dave 
Matthews Band 

released a new 

album. Crash, to 

much critical and 

commercial success. 

The band won the 

Grammy for Best 

Rock Performance 

by a Duo or Group 

for the song, "So 

Much to Say." 

Boxer Riddick Bovue joined the Marines in early 
February, after the military branch granted him 
special dispensation to join because, at 29, 
he was over the recruit age limit. Bowe was dis- 
charged three days into his training at Parris 
Island, S.C, because he had trouble adapting 
to the regimen of recruit training. 

sound. The other two movies of 
the trilogy were released in sub- 
sequent weeks. Star Wars 
made over $450 million in its 
second release, and The Empire 
Strikes Back and Return of the 
Jedi made nearly $300 million. 
■ Michael Jackson announced 

in November that Debbie Rowe, 
a former nurse to his dermatol- 
ogist, was carrying his 

child. Ten days later the couple 
were married. Rowe gave birth 
to a son, who was named Prince 
Michael Junior, on Feb. 13. ■ A 
69-year-old Palestinian, Ali 

Hassan Abu Kamal, opened fire 
on the observation deck at the 
Empire State Building, 

killing one and wounding six. 
He then turned the gun on him- 
self. The landmark then institut- 
ed tighter security, including 
metal detectors and bag searches. 

itile Pill 3. 2Pac All Eyez on Me 4. Dave Matthews Band Crash 5. Bush Razorblade Suitcase 

The G rammys 

Axel Koester • SYGMA 

With the release of his 
latest album, Odelay, 
Beck attained both com- 
mercial and critical success, includ- 
ing being named Spin magazine's 
Artist of the Year, and winning two 
Grammys: Male Rock Vocal 
Performance for "Where It's At," 
and Alternative Performance for 
Odelay. The Fugees sold more than 
5 million copies of their album, The 
Score, which won a Grammy for Best 
Rap Album. They also won a Best 
R & B Performance Grammy for the 
song "Killing Me Softly." LeAnn 
Rimes, at the age of 14, won two 
Grammys, for Female Country Vocal 
Performance and Best New Artist. 
Her hit "Blue" also won Country 
Song of the Year honors for song- 
writer Bill Mack. 

Other multiple Grammy winners 
included Eric Clapton, Babyface, 
Celine Dion, The Beatles, Toni 
Braxton, Vince Gill, and Sheryl Crow. 
"Change the World," from the 
Phenomenon motion picture sound- 
track, dominated the ceremony by 
winning four Grammys: Record of 
the Year, Song of the Year, Male Pop 
Vocal Performance by Eric Clapton 
and the Producer of the Year award 
for Babyface. 

elly • GLOBE Phoros 

Ken Smith • SIPA Press 

Anders Kr^jsberg • GLOBE Photos 

■ Tracy McGrady of Mount Zion 
Christian Academy in North 
Carolina declared hinnself eligi- 
ble for the NBA draft as a 

high school senior. He followed 
the lead of current NBA players 
who were drafted right out of 
high school, such as Kobe 

Bryant and Kevin Garnett. ■ A 
tornado swept through Arka- 
delphia, Ark., in early March, 
destroying nearly the 
entire tovun and causing six 
deaths. Twenty-five people died 
in Arkansas the same day as 14 
twisters touched down in the 

state. ■ Two additional bomb- 
ings in Atlanta took place 
in the new year, leading investi- 
gators to believe that they were 
connected to the Olympic Park 
bombing. The first, at an abor- 
tion clinic in January, injured six, 
and the second, at a gay night- 

. ■ r 


YOU SAID: Your favorite movies of Itie year were: 1. independence Daijl 

The University of Tennessee won the Women's NCAA 

Tournament, 68-59, over Old Dominion. Chamique Holdsclaw was 

named the tournament's Most Outstanding Player as she led the 

Volunteers to their second straight title, and the team's fifth. 

The Notorious B.I.G., also known as Biggie Smalls, was 

killed in a drive-by shooting in Los Angeles at the age of 24. 

Smalls, a former crack dealer, was thought to be a victim of gang 

violence, possibly brought on by the rivalry between east 

and west coast rappers. 

President Bill Clinton 
and Russian President 
Boris Yeltsin held a summit 
in Helsinki in late March 
to discuss NATO expansion 
plans. Yeltsin agreed to the 
expansion although he did 
not approve of it. President 
Clinton arrived for the sum- 
mit in a wheelchair because 
he injured his knee after 
falling down the stairs at 
golfer Greg Norman's house. 


club in February, injured nine. ■ 
Floods ravaged the Ohio 

Valley in early March, causing 
$500 million in damage. Rising 
waters in Ohio, Kentucky, 
Indiana, Tennessee and West 
Virginia were thought to be 
responsible for 31 deaths across 

the region. ■ Boxer Sugar Ray 
Leonard attempted a 

comeback at age 40, but his 

fight against Hector Camacho 
was stopped in the fifth round 
with Camacho being declared 
the winner. ■ The labor agree- 
ment between baseball's owners 

and players was officially 

ratified in mid-March, making 
1997 the first season in four 
years in which there were no 
labor problems. The basic labor 
agreement, which will be in 
place until 2000, includes allow- 
ances for revenue-sharing 

Scream 3. Romeo and Juliet 4. Jerry Maguire 5. The Nutty Professor 

The Oscars 

The media declared this the 
year of the independents, 
because so few major studio 
films were nominated for Academy 

The English Patient was the hig 
winner on Oscar night - it came away 
with nine of the 12 awards for which 
it was nominated, including Best 
Supporting Actress for Juliette 
Binoche, Best Director for Anthony 
Minghella and Best Picture. 

Also winning an Academy Award 
was Cuba Gooding, Jr., who was 
named Best Supporting Actor for his 
work in Jerry Maguire. 

Frances McDorinand was named 
Best Actress for Fargo, and Joel and 
Ethan Coen won the award for Best 
Original Screenplay for the film. 

Geoffrey Rusli won the Best Actor 
Oscar for Shine, in which he por- 
trayed the mentally disturbed con- 
cert pianist David Helfgott. Helfgott, 
who has emljarked on a concert tour 
<lue to the success of the film. j)er- 
formed at the Oscar ceremony. 

GLOBE Phoms 

between clubs and interleague 
play. ■ Thirty-nine members of 
the Heaven's Gate cult were 
found dead in their posh San 
Diego enclave. The cult members 
committed suicide because they 
wanted to shed their human 
containers in preparation for 

meeting a UFO they believed 
was traveling behind the Hale- 
Bopp comet. ■ Liggett, Inc. 
broke ranks with other tobacco 
companies when it settled 
class-action laviisuits in 22 
states, admitting that tobacco is 
addictive. The cigarette maker 

was forced to turn over sensitive 
internal documents for court 
review. ■ Jury selection began 
in Denver on March 31 for the 
trial of Oklahoma City 
bombing suspect Timothy 
McVeigh. The trial was set to 
proceed despite claims by 

WHO SAID? 2,635 Students from schools across tlie country 

The Arizona Wildcats won their 

first NCAA Tournament when they 

defeated defending champions 

Kentucl<y, 84-79. Miles Simon, who 

scored 31 points in the title game, was 

named Tournament MVP. 

Mo Doubt sold more than 5 million 

copies of Tragic Kingdom, but was 

shut out of the Grammy awards. The 

group was nominated for two awards. 


Shakespeare 's 

Komeo and 

Juliet left the 

bard's dialogue 

intact, but placed 

the story of 

doomed love in the 

post-modern setting 

of Verona Beach. 

The film, which 

starred Claire Danes 

and Leonardo 

DiCapno, earned 

over $40 million. 

Andrea Renault • GLOBE Pholos 

McVeigh's counsel that advance publicity, 
including reports that McVeigh had con- 
fessed his guilt to his attorneys, would 
threaten his rights to a fair trial. Another 
suspect, Terry Nichols, was to be tried sep- 
arately ■ Mario Lemieux announced 
iiis retirement after 12 seasons in the 
National Hockey League. The Pittsburgh 

Penguins center had been battling a bad 
back. ■ Martina Hingis became the 
youngest player in women's tennis his- 
tory to be ranked number one when she 
attained the top spot at the age of 16. 

Walsworth Publishing Company © 1997 


State House? 

In December, the Plymouth Marching 
Band traveled to the State House in Boston. 
They left after school to take part in a tree 
lighting ceremony. The ceremony is held 
annually, and in December, Plymouth was 
proudly represented. 

Thanksgiving Day 

On November 23rd, The Yearbook staff. 
National Honor Society, the Junior and Senior 
classes participated in the selling and distri- 
bution of parade programs and Ballons. 
Marching bands and drum and bugle cores 
from all over the United States traveled to 
Plymouth for the event. This was the first year 
there was a Thanksgiving Day parade and the 
students were eager to help out. 

say Kegal - Jr. Drum Major - Thanksgiving Day field show 

: (Cheese) Rebell and Virginia D'Ambrosio, yearbook staff members, assisted in the selling of paraphernalia. Each student club that 
icipated recieved a percentage of their profits to be put towards their accounts. 

Current Events 153 

Andrew Pinto pieces together portions of the senior serveys 
at 4:30 in the morning. Andrew learnd one of the vital 
lessons of yearbook. SAVE EVERYTHING (even if you 
think you will never use it again.) 

Senior Warren Mathews gets his blood pressure and 
temperature checked by one of the many Red Cross nurses 
who worked the blood drive. It was held on November 
1 5th in the boy's side of the gym. 

154 Clubs & Activities Divider 

^nn-Marie Abruzzi carries the flag for the colorguard in 
he Veteran's Day parade. 

an Impression 

In addition to the aca- 
demic day, many students 
participate in a wide va- 
riety of clubs and activi- 
ties. Whether it is an af- 
ter school job or a school 
related function, it is a 
large part of the student's 
everyday life. Much time 
and energy is devoted to 
each and every activity. 

Many complain that not 
enough credit is given to 
those who work to meet 
a common goal. In the 
end, the strength and en- 
ergy endured is greatly 
rewarded with self-grati- 
fication. These activities 
make a lasting impres- 
sion on both school and 
students alike. 


^^I participate in clubs and 
activities because I like to give 

back to the community Jvr 
' [iving me a free education & 

or giving future generatio 

something to strive for.^^ 

Clubs & Activities Divider 155 

Dept. of Ed. Reps 
Matt Westgate & Lyn Dienhart 

UMass Chancellors 

Talent Award 

Skip Lucey 

Student Gov^t Dav 
Jim Croke & 
John McClellan 

School Comm. Reps 

Kristy Abbasciano & 

Steve DeCoste 

School Council Reps 
Julie Holt, Mike McLeavy, Mike Riordan, Kristy Abbasciano, Lyn Dienhart, Loychai Sisouvong 

Recipients of National Merit Letter 

of Recognition 
B. Dillon, M. Savery & M. Desautels 

Boys and Girls State 
Skip Lucey, Kristy Abbasciano, 
Stacey Foskett & Mike Riordan 

DECA Officers 

Row 1: Jamie Howe, Kimberly Cohen, 

Melissa Anderson, Maryanne Abruzzi 

Row 2: Billy Garippa, R. J. Duffy 



^B >'>''''-^^l 

^HFer, aJj 


^m ' f- ^S 

\^^"}J. ^^1 


^ 4;V. ' ^H 

^^^^^^^^^^ff«n J^^H 


^^^H •;^^l 

^^K If 





jR^ i 


^^^^^ 1: '■ te>i 

' HI^HI 


VICA Officers 

Row 1: Greg Budgell, Jen Burdick; Row 2: 

Philip Strassel , Becky Blaha, Cyra Hathaway 

Row 3: Ken Pereira Missing: Mike Carreiro, 

Loretta Gifford 

Office workers Mrs. Tripp, 
Mrs. Crowley, Deanna 
Mahoney (The Boss) and 
Mrs. Dailey - 5th period. 

Clubs and Activities is? 

National Honor Society 

Row J: J. Phipps, S. Foskett, K. Gates, J. Casey, S. Sellman, ' 
Kelly, K. Sullivan, M. Mclaughlin, B. Chapman, M. DeLa; Ro 
2: T. Bender, K. Burns, M. Savery, J. Chase, L. Kishkis, J. Sha> 
J. Kerrigan, V. D' Ambrosio, K. Packard, K. Abbasciano. j?oh'. 
Miss P, M. Riordan, J. Karbot (Sec), J. Jitiam, E. Leili, / 
Tamosaitis, J. Shibley, M. Bates, C. Crawford, J. Rivoire, . 
Paine; Row 4: D. Brant, T, Fairchild, J. Lucey, P. Shannon, 1 
Ritval, S, Gill, S. Hanrahan, J. Miller, D. Morin, S. Colonna 

IMC Aides 

Row 1: D. Silva, B. Hunter, J. Martiz, D. Cressy; Row 2: K. Thomas, A \ 
Mastandrea, C. Novotny, P. Dillon, B. Gunn; Row 3: Mrs. Woods, Mr;i 

Interact Club 
Row 1: K. Burns, L, Desaulniers, J. Kerrigan, J, Shaw, A. Pinto, J. Jitiam 
K. Shannon; Row 2: J. Phipps, J. Paine, M. DeLa, J. Villano, S. Fosketa 
K. Abbasciano, V. D' Ambrosio; Row 3: T. Ritval, A. Naples, B. Cronin, M 
Lagrone, M. Mclaughlin, L. Dienhart 

Scott Nicholson and Ryan Hurley 


Rowl: CMcKenna,S.Ricker; A. Williams, J. Johnson, K. Thomas, 
S. Mahoney, S. Packard, E. Bums, S. Sinclair, L. Sore, A. Hanna, R. 
Patrician, J. Yee, J. Burdkk, L. Kegel, R Brewer, J. Tibbets, A. 
Melillo, M. Awell; Row 2: E. Harrington, B. Walsh, S. Romano, C. 
Lauzier, J. Martin, K. Sisouvong, M. Hudson, S. Morse, P. Hill, S. 
K. Hankard, M. DiGrawio, J. Renz; Row 3: M. Jezierskl, E. Holmes, 
J. GeUer, R. Jameson, E. Dyer, N. Tringale, A. Greim, K. Murray, J. 
Villano, M. Martin, R, Horton, B. Cronin, K. Gates, K. Ryan, A. 
Cogswell; Row 4: M. Couture, A. Shea, J. Green, S. Szwed, J. Volinic, 
M. Beck, K. Ke^an, A. Tamosaitis, S. Ames, K. Dubose, J. Malioney, 
K. Murray, L. Carlucci, J. Breton, E. LeIli, A. Pinto, J. Rebel, D. Kent, 
C. Naughton, N. Knight Missing from photo: D. Destefano 

158 Clubs and Activities 

Office Helpers 

Row 1: L. Kegel, K. Burns, E. Steiger, T. Whitcomb, J. Rivoire, 
\. Marinelli; Row 2: S. Gill, M. Couture, E. Harrington, V. 
D'Ambrosio, K. Abbasciano, C. Crawford, B. Chapman, E. 
Ferraro, Row 3: Mrs. Crowley, Mrs. Tripp, L. Sisouvong, M. 
Christman, J. Abbasciano, J. Mahoney, Mrs. Dailey. Missing 
from photo: M. MacLachlan, D. Mahoney. 

Peer Leaders 

lowl: M. Leonard, A. Hoxie, B,. Cronin, L. Dienhart, T. Kelly, M. MacLachlan; 
law2: L. Stevens, J. Abbasdano, T. Geller, B. Walsh, D. Galante; Row 3: J. Dore, 
L Bums, K. Sisouvong, J. Paine, J. Jittiam, Debra Hanley, Advisor 


low 1: C. Davidson, T. Fairchild, J. Abbasciano, C. LaChance, J. Lucey; 
low 2: J. Hoyt, J. Hull, R. Patrician, D. Varoso, B. Cronin; Row 3: K. 
Vbbasciano, J. Kaluher, M. Greim, S. Hanrahan, J. Chase, Kenny Almeida, 
Vdviser. Missing from photo J. Villano. 


low 1: C. D'Ambrosio, B. Leary, E. Holmes (Tres.), A. Hanna, 
L. Sore, J. Kleinberg, J. Vayo, K. O'Meara, B. Dunay, S. 
3arvey; Row 2: K. Stefani, B. Walsh, L. Chochrek, J. Johnson, 
r. Bourke, A. Hoxie, D. Ivers, C. Dotolo (VP), M. RundeU, B. 
k'anuskiewicz; Row 3: N. Tringale, J. Tibbetts, J. Villano, K. 
Burns, T. Geller, P. Tousignant, C. Antonini, A. Greim, S. 
Mahoney; Row 4: Mrs. Werner, D. Galante, M. Cardinal, J. 
^.bbasciano, M. DeLa, J. Paine, K. Abbasciano (Pres.) 

Clubs and Activities is9 






HI i 




^V '''^1 







^^■"^ vSi'.^:;-rf^2'''!Ij^ 

r". r- -^X 




Foreign Exchange Students 

Peer Mediators 

Natsuki Kamachi, Alexanolra Magolziak, and Junko Kumakawa 





''■'a > '^- -* 


Row J: .1. Perrv. .1. Andrade, R. Andrade, A. Manson: Row 2: K. Burns. Sj 
DeCost, L. Kegel. Missing from photo: R. McShane, D. Crosby, CI 


- fl 



.* .<s * »l. .• . _« • 

? f ^ ,. 


-' ~^^ 



^^ . "T^^^M^MII 

Childcare Workers 

fioMi_Z: M. Donnelly, K. Collins, T. Whitcomb, J. Rivoire, J. Yee, J. 
Burdick, B. Blaha; Row 2 : J. Strauch, N. lula, A. Williams, R. Patrician, 
D. Conantonio, L. Mayer, E. Ferraro. 

Panthers Clubhouse 

Preschool and workers 

Science Mentors 

Row 1 : M. Sullivan, S. Hemmings, V. D'Ambrosio, S. Gill; Row 2 : Mrs. 

160 Clubs and Activities 

Student Council 


Rowl: M. Westgate, K. Stefani, J. McLean. L. Kegel, T. Riordan, M. Riordan, M. SulUvai 
L. Sullivan, K. Sotomayor, M. OlweU, K. Ulmer. T. Fairchild; Row 2 : M. Abruzzi, 
Consalvi, S. Pretti, M. DeLa, J. Paine,Ms. Wolf, L. Harrington, N. Tringale, L. Sisouvonj * 
E. Bums, J. Lucey ; gcwi: M. MacLachlan. J. Geller, M. Anderson, RJ Duffy, J. Howe, \ 
Stratton, T. GeUer, T. KeUy, N. Coady, B. Blaha, S. Foskett, M. Marinelli; Row 4 : 1 
Chittaphong, J. Jittiam, E. Fahey, J. Vayo, G. Histen, K. Cohen, L. DeRosa, G. Lorange' 
P. Griffin, R. Jeremy, R. Hurley, B. Garippa, J. Abbasciano, P. Walls 

Project Primen 

Math Club 

owl: D. Moyer, A. LafTan, B. Cronin, A. Pinto, E. Lelli, L. Moreland; 
ow 2 : C. LaChance, K. Gushing, M. Sullivan, D. Boyden, K. Gates, D. 
ilva, M. Martin, M. Gosdigian; Row 3 : S. Hanrahan, M. Ditmars, L. 
isouvong, B. Blalia, S. Gill, R. Andrade, M. Stratton, Mrs, McNulty. 

Row 1 : J. Kerrigan, D. Moyer, L. Gustafson, J. Holt, M. Savery, J. 
McClellan, L. Dienhart, M. McLaughlin; Row 2 : K. DeMarsh, J. Croke, D. 
Kent, M. Reizakis, G. Loranger, J. Lucey, L. Moreland; Row 3 : Mrs. 
Kaiser, B. Vanuskiewicz, L. Sore, S. Mahoney, K. Hufnagle, J. Harrison, 
C. Davidson, KP Charpentier, S. Hanrahan. 

Model UN 


'ow 1 : G. Bougopoulos, G. Morse, M. Riordan, T. Ritval, A. Laffan, K. 
(ufnagle, M. Desautels; Row 2 : S. Colonna, R. Horton, A. Pinto, B. Cronin, 
. Szwed, J. Hayden, M. Cannon, L. Gustafson; Row 3 : J. Villano, M. 
Lrruda, V. Reisig, B. Edminster, K. Infasceili, J. McClellan, J. Holt, M. 

Steve Evans, Erin Dyer, Elayne Szczepaniak, and Branden Gunn 




Drama Club 

ECHO Staff 

lowl: T. Bender, C. DeStefano, B. Dillon, J. Carvalho, C. By thewood, D. Rowl : R. MacDonald, D. Kent, C. Mark; Row 2 : J. Green, M. MacLachlan 
'asocini; Row 2 : KP Charpentier, B. Gushing, K. DeStefano, E. Coombs, 
i. MacManus; Row 3 : J. Mell, J. Weare, Mr. Arena 

Clubs and Activities i6i 

i f ^ 

■ft ^S^.'lfiMm 


Executive Board 

Row 1 : S. Packard, K. Shannon, S. DeCost, M. Morin, J. Hankard, M. 
Martin; Row 2 : S. Romano, N. DeOrio, T. Bender, S. Ingiis, D. Colantonio, 
A. Naples; Row 3 : C. Brunelle, L. Moore, R. Andrade, K. DeStefano, S. 
Scott, E. Coombs. 

Row 1 : K. Shannon, S. DeCost, M. Morin, J. Hankard; Row 2 : N. DeOric 
T. Bender, S. Ingiis, D. Colantonio; Row 3 : R. Andrade, K. DeStefano. 








^^^— ^ 


Show Choir 

Women *s Choir 

Rowl : N. DeOrio, R. Andrade, K. Shannon, L. Leavitt; Row 2 : S. Scott, S. 
Ingiis, D. Colantonio; Row 3 : T. Bender, E. Coombs. Student Directors: S. 
DeCost and J. Hankard. Missing from photo: L. Stevens, K. White. 

Row 1 : D. Dupuis, R. Andrade, B. Cushing, L. Leavitt, J. Hankard; Ro} 
2: N. Goulart, S. Scott, S. Ingiis, D. Colantonio, L. Stevens; Row 3 : > , 
MacManus, T. Bender, E. Coombs, S. Packard. Missing from photo: K 

162 Clubs and Activities 

Wind Ensemble 

Marching Band 

lowl : M. Palmer, M. Stratton, KP Charpentier, E. Burns, J. Morgan, M. 
riarke; Row 2 : R. Eby, M. Chase, S. DeCost, M. Mahoney, J. Mell; Row 
: M. McLeavy, Mr. Tracy. 

Stage Band 

lowh M. Palmer, M. Chase, S. DeCost, M. Mahoney, J. Mell; Row 2 : M. 
Jeck, T. Pawlowski, M. McLeavy, D. Maccaferri; Row 3 '. Mr. Tracy. 

Color Guard 

^. Ambruzzi, H. Adams, L. Carlucci, S. Desrosiers, K. Giessler, L. 
i iashey, A, Hill, E. Howe, L. Keris, M. Luoto, V. Matthews, C. McKeen, H. 
filler, T. Neault, A. Pratt, S. Samuelson, A. Shea, J. Smith, M. Smith, B. 

K. Abbasciano, E. Almada, E. Anderson, M.Apostolec, A.Ashley, A.Barrett, 
S. Barron, M. Beck, L. Bernard, N. Bregoli, M. Budge, B. Burkett, E. 
Bums, A. Canevazzi, A. Canevazzi, D. Cann, K. Charpentier, M. Chase, 
B. Chute, A. Chute, M. Clarke, J. Cotti, C. D'Ambrosio, M. Darsh, A. 
Darsh, T, DeCost, S. DeCost, S. Delano, M. Destefano, E. Doherty, E. Dyer, 
R. Eby, J. Ellenberger, R. Garcia, L. Giannini, T. Glynn, A. Gomez, L. 
Greaves, R. Hall, H. Hastings, A. Hirt, J. Hoyt, K. Hufnagle, C. Hurd, C. 
Irvine, E. Johannesen, T. Jones, L. Kegel, S. Kelley, J. Kleinberg, J. 
Koplan, J. Kurkoski, S. Lee, K. Luongo. R. Lynch, D. Maccaferri, S. 
Mahoney, M. Mahoney, M. Mascio, J. McClellan, M. McLeavy, L. Meehl, 
J. Mell, M. Mello, M. Montgomery, K. Morales, J. Morgan, J. Ness, K. 
Nielsen, M. O'Connor, M. Palmer, T. Palowski, J. Peacock, B. Phillips, A. 
Phillips, M. Pratt, D. Pytco, J. Relmels, M. Roy, B. Sadler, A. Salgado, M. 
Savery, J. Schuster, E. Shores, L. Sore, G. Trosuk, C. Tupper, J. Turner, 
R. Varmette, J. Volinic, V. Williams, J. Woodworth, B. Wright. 

Mr. Porter at the Christmas Concert 

Clubs and Activities i63 


Mike Careiro and friends dancing at a VICA competition. 

Auto VICA 

Row 1: M. Bahnemann, D. Goodwin, C. Hunter; Row 2: M. Guarnotta, 
Mr. Joyce, Mr. Sarno 

Carpentry VICA 

Row 1: P. Gorse, J. Sullivan, S. Tliomas; Row 2: J. Ellis, T. 
Weidner, M. Perry. B. Bosse, Mr. Closter 


Allison Tamosaitis and Ryan Hughes 

164 Clubs and Activities 

Plumbing VICA 

tow 1: J. Foley, K. Malaguti, E. Visconti; Row 2: M. D'Amato, 
(. Boston! 


f f% 


Metal Fab VICA 

iow I: T. Anderson, B. Goodwin, D. Conway, G. Robbins, C. Whipple; 
low 2: Mr. Vecchi, K. Hayden, S. Lewis, L. Braley, J. Sweetnara, J. 

Graphic Arts VICA 

gow 1: K. Brown, M. Reizakis, R. Otsby ; Row 2: M. Hudson, S. Anderson 

Janine Yee demonstrates the official DECA wave which is motioning the 
right hand from behind your ear to the lower back, twice. 

Electronics VICA 
Julie Chase 


Computer Science VICA 
Row 1: D. Peterson, R. MacDoiiald, T. Dinon; Row 2: J. Quero, A. 
Hathaway, M. Fager, S. Smith 

Maryanne Abruzzi and Mrs. Hart - DECA 

Child Care VICA Cosmetology VICA 

Row I: B. Blaha, J. Burdick. T. Whitcomb, J. Rivoire, J. Loughman; goMjj;: J. Pierson, K.Alger, G,Prescott,B.Fabricius,L.Graziano;i?OM!2 
Row 2: D. Colantonio, E. Ferraro, J. Strauch, J. Green S. Ames, L. Carter, S. Thibodeau, C. Hathaway, A. Tavares, D. Haggett 

166 Clubs and Activities 

Jen Burdick, VICA competition 

Kim Collins shops in tiie DEC A store as Katherine MacPlierson shows her 
one of the popular jackets. 

Culinary VICA 
Row 1: J. Green, G. Budgell, R. Hurley, J. Cesero; Row 2: J. Hayes, M. 
Hoff, Susan Martin: Adviser, N. Pasolini, E. Richmond, M. Torrey 

. if! aI» ^ t 1 

Electrical VICA 

Row 1: A. Lydon, S. Hastings, J. Allen, M. Parker, R. Cardillo; Row 2: B. 
Edson, P. Strassel, Mr, Kirby, S. Davis, E. Shea 


Row 1: L. Stevens, K. Oliveira, J. Howe, C. Cohen, M. Anderson, M. 
Abruzzi, E. Cleary, C. Hadaway; Row 2: L. Holmes, A. Cunningham, B. 
Garippa, R.J. Duffy, M. Shaw, J. Covell; Row 3: Mrs. Bishop. K. 
MacPherson, C. Ballard, L. Hanney, Mrs. Hart 

Clubs and Activities i67 

jt iir K^ 


Vj V:. C 7', 

Purpose: With Hands on Experience DECA 
prepares students for careers in marketing, 
management, and entrepreneurship. 

DECA stands and strives for the goals of 
Leadership Development, Civic Consciousness, 
Social IntelUgence, and Vocational Understanding. 

# Of Members: 14 

DECA supports a program of social activities to 
provide an outlet for student enthusiasm, 
motivation, and membership ineraction. Members 
gain a knowledge of social graces, poise and 
professional etiquette through recreational 
activities, field trips, workshops, presentations, 
and participation in school and community social 
recreational programs. 

Purpose: To recognize students who are achieving 
academic and personal excellence. 

Renaissance Club sponsors Success Breakfasts 
and Ice Cream parties to recognize high honor 
and honor students; Panther Privilege Cards, 
Free Homework passes, and Staff Appreciation 
Program(Staff Member of the Month) 

Fundraisers: Tupperware sales. Star Share Days, 
and Stadium Cushion Sales. 

# Of Members: 31 

Meetings are held back stage every other 

Advisor: Mrs. Werner 

V J. C 71 

Purpose: VICA strives to develop positive 
attitudes in students and emphasizes high ethical 
standards of workmanship, lifelong education 
and pride in the dignity of work. This is 
accomplished by competing in District, State, 
and National competition along with Leadership 

VICA stands for Vocational Industrial Clubs 

# Of Members: 150 students & 14 teachers 

Advisor: Mr. Russo 
Assistant advisor: Mr. Pereira 

Meeting Days: Alternate from Tuesday to 
Wednesday each week in room 7. 

Fundraisers: Raffle, Craft Fair, Auction, Candy 
Sales, Dinner, Dance 

168 Clubs and Activities 

The Math Club participates in monthly 
competitions of both the New England Math 
League and the Southeastern Mass. Math League. 
Members compete either as individuals or as 
team players in areas of arithematic, algebra, 
geometry, and trigonometry. 

# of members: There are 40 members in the club. 

Meeting Days: The club meets several times a 
month in room 223. 

Advisor: Mrs. Kaiser 

hH 7i T 


Purpose: to turn kids on to biology 

# Of Members: 4-15 

Fundraiser: T-Shirt sales 

Meeting Days: Fall Term - Thursdays; Winter 
Term - Wednesdays at City Lab and Boston 
University School of Medicine; Spring Term - 
Wednesdays at Museam of Science. 

Advisor: Ms. Kalaminsky 

Clubs and Activities i69 


Purpose: Community Service Organization 
composed of students meeting strict goals based 
on scholorship, leadership, and character. 

# Of Members: Changes as those qualifled are 
elected each year by a faculty council. Current 
membership 35 

Advisor: Ms. Petrocelli 

Meeting Days: as necessary 

Fundraisers: T-Shirt sales, bowl-a-thon, working 
at the Thanksgiving Day parade 

Activities: Blood Drives, Beach Clean ups, 
Library Volunteers, Kids Vote on Election Day, 
Enrichment Days at Nathaniel Morton 
Elementary and West Elementary. 

Purpose: PRIDE is an acronym that stands for 
Peace, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, & Equality. 
The students of PRIDEbelieve in and stand for 
theses principles. Our mission is to make the 
school safe for all people and to develop an 
awareness and appreciation for diversity. 

Meeting Days: General meeting once a month. 
Pride Council meets 1st Monday of every month, 
sub-committees meet at various times and dates. 

Fundraisers: Selling "Social" T-Shirts and 
Valentine's Day Dance 

Activities: Green Circle Program ( members teach 
tolerance to grade 2), Team Harmony: World of 
Difference at the Fleet Center, AIDS Awareness 
Day, Black History Month, World of Difference 
Week, Safe schools/ GCA, Violence Prevention 
Awareness Week, Outward Bound Adventure, 
Commemorate MLK's Birthday & his principles 
of non-violence. 

170 Clubs and Activities 















Purpose: To be a positive role model in your 
school and community 

Peer leaders are drug, alcohol, and tobacco free 
students. Peer leaders are positive role models to 
their peers and are of service to the school and 
community. Students maintain average to above 
average grades and attendance. 

# Of Members: 21 

Advisor: Mrs. Debra Hanley 

Meeting Days: Every Tuesday in room 246 

Peer leaders learn communication skills, 
presentation skills, and leadership skills. Pear 
leadership consists of six components: Peer 
Education, Peer Tutoring, Peer Assisting, New 
Students, Peer Befriending, and community 

Purpose: To promote the general welfare and 
pride of the school and community. To provide a 
forum for student expression, spirit and unity. 
This year we have become involved with both 
local and state organizations, thus allowing us to 
expand our leadership skills. 

# Of Members: Around 50. Meetings are on the 
second Thursday of the month. 

Advisor: Miss Wolf 

Activities: Selling coffee and bagels on 
Wednesday and Thursday. Selling Panther 
whistle key chains. Working a refreshment booth 
at the Otis Air Show. Carwash at Wal*mart. 
Penney Wars, Halloween, Spirit Links, Pep 
Rallies, American Heart Association Jump Rope- 
a-thon, a can good drive, and a walk-a-thon with 
PNHS. Also, March Madness, hallway 
decorations, leadership conferences, and the 
Valentines scholarship dance with Pride. 


Clubs and Activities ni 




Advisor and DJ Sean Westgate Back to School Dance* 

The Yearbook Staff was again headed by a new Advisor 
and also involved an inexpierienced but, willing staff. It 
was unknown what was to come of this year' s volume of the 
Rock until the staff started to sit down and planned the 
ladder diagram (page assignments). With a Headquarters 
in the basement of Editor-in-Chief Virginia D' Ambrosio's 
house, production of Reflections began. From computer 
systems crashing, photos mysteriously dissappearing, 
pulling all-nighters, conflicting opinions with other staff 
members, and communication problems, Reflections became 
an eveiyday lifestyle for most of the staff members. 

Although the work was grueling,there was times of comic 
relief. As we close the year we would like to remind the staff 
to: — come again; and to always chose the "beth one." Never 
make a committment that cannot be kept, and keep an eye 
on those pictures and sales books. Good luck next year 
from: Kish, H-Bomb, Cheese, Becky, Sandy, Michelle, 
Erica, Ryan, Jessy, Andrew, Warren, Ange, Gin, and Sean. 

Virginia D'Ambrosio, Mikala Daigle, Tiffany Roberts, Angela 
Naples, and Cindy Reynolds take a break at 2 AM.. 

172 Clubs and Activities 

Ms. P. and Josh Hill at the Back to School Dance 

Vicki Matthews, Nathan Knight, and Alicia Hill hang posters. 


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^r, jl^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 

^^^^^^^^^^^K'" j^^^K-'^^^^^l 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 'r^^^ .^^HBl^Efi^^^^l 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^F ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ *" ^^^^^K-"^ ^^^iflM^^^^^^^I 

HpJBJ-' 4^jQpS|^J 

^Hjl^^^l^ ^m^f^ "^/mtijt^f^ ^G^l^i ~ J^^^^H^ '^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l 

^^^^^^^^^^^^v ^.^.^^^^ ^^^^^HmI^^k > B"^ ** f^^^^^^^H^rP^' '^'^^KmP 

K^^^^^^^^^I^^^^^^^hVv^ "^ ,«^ ^^^k^^^Ik ' ' '^^^^^1 

Wj^tjaM m ^^l^^M^M 

■^^^P ^^I^H 


IHBHiW?Vji^ i 

H^Kiiii^\ ^^ 

A. NapMSenior Ed) • S. Szwed, B. Cronin, J. Villano(Assis. Ed. in Chief), V. D'Ambrosio(Ed- in Chief), A. Pinto(Assis. Ed in Chief), W. 
Matthews, T. Roberts, C. Reynolds • D. Dupruis, E. Bertolo, R. Horton, E. Lelli, M. Martin, S. Henimings, B. Chapman, K. Thoraas, N. Knight, 
M. Daigle • L. Kashkis, S. Delory, M. MeUo, A. Ferrisi, M. Reizakis, V. Matthews, A. Hill • J. Mahoney, K. Murray, H-Bomb, Cheese. 

Jon Shea selling a yearbook to Nick O'Brien. 

Brie Cronin and Angela Naples at the Back to School Dance. 

Clubs and Activities 173 

The cheerleeding squad cheers at a home football game 
during the half- time show. 

The Varsity field hockey team gathers for a group photo 
after tying the faculty. 2-2 in the teacher/student game. 

174 Sports Divider \Sj 

A varsity soccer player passes the ball to her awaiting 
teammates positioned in front of the goal. 

Points of 

Plymouth South 
sports teams began with 
a rocky start upon the 
spUtting of the North and 
South teams three years 
ago. Through the years, 
the teams have grown 
stronger and closer, form- 
ing bonds between 
coaches and teammates 
that will never be forgot- 

ten. Facing daily chal- 
lenges and obstacles, the 
teams give it their all. As 
the years progress, more 
championships will be 
won, more all-stars will 
rise to the occasion, more 
coaches will be recog- 
nized for their 
excellance, and teams 
will continue to grow. 

'It was an 

honor to play 

in the leagues 

soccer tourna^ 

menty even 
Jhough we 
jdidn-t win!^^^' 

sports Divider 175 


• "Tackle" Box • 

From the double sessions this summer 
to the football banquet at the conclusion of 
the year, this years football team showed 
spirit on and off the field. Despite their 
losing record, the season was highlighted 
with a first ever Thanksgiving Day football 
game with now cross town rivals Plymouth 
North. Wednesday before the game, a Pep 
Rally was held to celebrate the fall sports 
teams impressive seasons. This years Pep 
Rally was considered one of the best ever by 
students and faculty alike. A highlight of the 
rally was the fall sports video shown on a 
large screen. The fifteen minute video was 
played to music and starred the students 
athletes and the coaches of Plymouth South. 
At its conclusion, head football coach Don 
Dorr tore through the sceen and pumped up 
the crowd. 

Coach Dorr worked especially hard with 
his players this year. Along with holding 
long, strenuous practices. Coach Dorr also 
worked behind the scenes. He has been 
pushing for a change for the football team 
from Division 1 to Division 2. The reason 
being: Plymouth South has a young program 
and he feels that our school does not have 
enough interest from the student body to 
field a strong enough team. Varsity and J.V. 
field much of the same players. Coach Don- 
would like to see this change so his players 
can enjoy the game they love to play. 

•, I 



1# ^ 

Junior Center Rob Lagrutta awaits Bither's cadance prior to the .snap. Rob, Brian Carloni. and the rest of the offensivtj 
line provided ample protection for the quarterback. 

Quarterback Brian Bither rolls out of the pocket, pitching "Big Cat" Brian Carloni lead the Panther squad with o\ e !^ 
off to one of the teams running backs on Thanksgiving. one hundred tackles. One. a helpless offensive phi\ c J 

from longtime Old Colony rival Silver Lake. 




letting our actions speak 

• Season Highlights • 

League Record 1-9 

• All Stars • 
Brian Carloni 

• OCL Sportsmanship Award • 
Sean Hanrahan 

• D orr's Senior Standouts • 

Shawn Williams 

Sean Hanrahan 

Brandon Bither 

David DiSanto 

Todd Matalavage 

Brian Wheaton 

The twin threats Justin Close (2) and Adam Close 
(3) work together to return Silver Lakes kickoff. On 
this play Adam ran for a touchdown. 

Co-Captain David DiSanto was a threat both 
offensively and defensively. He could be seen 
catching and intercepting passes all season. 






Varsity- Row l:Shawn Williams, Sean Hanrahan, 
Brandon Bither, David DiSanto; Row 2: Justin 
Close, Brian Carloni, Dan Hogan, Adam Close, 
Ryan Sullivan, Rob Lagrutta, George Loranger, 
Brian Silva; Row 3: Leo DeRosa, Jeff Costa, Mike 
Greene, Chris Morse, Jason Maramner, Mike 
O'Donnell, Rob B.; Row 4: Steve Ainlsey, Mike 
Green, Scott Mohr, Shawn Nickerson, Nate 
Buchannan; Row 5: Seth Gesce, DJ Koons, Jeremy 
Morgan, Steve Moyer, Vinnie Chiusano, Nick Ecker; 
Row 6: Coach Wayne DeMeo. 

Freshmen- Row 1: E. Almeida, S. Deloid, 
M.Marenelli, J. Andrews, D. Olds, D. Williams, T. 
Keenan, R. Thomas; Row 2: K. Jeffrey, J. Roop, T. 
Perry, J. Koontz, S. Mcphee, P. Walls, R. Higgins, 
T. Sullivan; Row 3: D. Charles, A. Ghomes, D. 
Infesseli, M.Abramo, K. Leaman; Row 4: B. 
Hanrahan, M. Andrews, K. Leman, N. Cucuroo, R. 
Schelle, D. Nicherson, J. Romano; Row 5: P. 
Mcnulty, C. Downey, P. Greenwood, A. 
Jencyowski, B. Canucci; Row 6: Coach Loranger, 
S. Reisig, E. Lawless, Coach Petruzelli. 


Sports 177 




Making their Mark 

don Y let the skirt fool you 

Debbie Galante and Holly Hastings help decorate Ms. Ahearn's car tor spirit before the Plymouth North night game. 
The Panthers tied the Eacles ()-() and later in the season beat them 2-0. 

• Season Highlights • 

Tying Falmouth and beating Barnstable. 
Winning 2-0 Against North in the final 
game of the season. 

• All-Stars • 

Jessie Shaw 

Beth McKeown 


Jessie Shaw 

Beth McKeown 

Tracey Kelly 

• Ahearn 's Senior Standouts • 

"All 8 seniors contributed to the 

team. We will miss them all and 

remember them in the years to 


Varsity- Row 1: Coach Ahearn, Kim Hough, Tracey Kelly (capt), Jessie Shaw 
(capt), Beth McKeown (capt), Kim Smith, Jen Hull (mgr); Row 2: Deb Galante, 
Jaccjui Hoyt. Virginia D'Ambrosio, Holly Hastings, Tobey Geller; Row 3: 
Jacqui Abbasciano, Dorothy Moyer, Krist\- Ahbasciano, Casey Wibben, Hollie 
Powers, Suzanne Lincoln, Meagan Beck. 

JV- Row 1: E.McFadyen, K.Finn, K.Santino, L.Weidner, J.Lombardo; Row 2: 
A.Goode, A.Hoxie, J. McLean, K.DeOlivera, J.Sullivan; Row 3: L.Kegel, 
L.Jeffrey, N. Cardinal, J.Carchedi, K.DeMarsh, B.Yanuskewicz, Coach 

Freshmen- Row 1: S.Mahoney, S.Sinclair, C.D'Ambrosio, L.Stone; Row 2; 
C.DeStefano, S.Hans, E.Sore; Row 3:A. Cogswell, M.DiCecca, K.Stefani. 

178 Sports 


(Top) - Jessie Shaw fights to gain possesion of the ball during a home game against Silver Lake. Jessie was a Captain 
along with Brockton Enterprise All-Scholastic Beth McKeown and senior Tracey Kelly. 

Captain Tracy Kelly sprints up the field to pass the ball off 
for someone to shoot on goal. 

Sophmore Meagan Beck is congratulated after a fabulous 
save. Meagan shared goal tending responsibilities with 
junior Jacqui Abbasciano. 

• More Than 
Meets The Eyes • 

Speed, determination,and hard, 
long hours of training, combined to- 
gether paid off for the panthers. Even 
though the score does not show it, the 
panthers had an unforgettable sea- 
son. They tied the number one team in 
the league (Falmouth) and defeated 
the second place team in their league, 

The defense was strong, as well as 
the offense. The foward line was one 
of the fastest in the Old Colony Me- 
morial League. And for the first time 
in years, the defense understood how 
to "mark"and was backed up by two 
extremely skilled goalies; Meagan 
Beck and Jacqui Abbascianno. The 
team was packed with talent and 
worked together well. Miss Ahearn 
summed up her team by informing, 
"This team was unique, we had nine- 
teen players who stuck 'together' from 
start to finish with a true sense of team 



• Tough Times • 

The Cross Country crew knew the 
season was going to be a long one. since 
losing 13 of last years seniors, most of 
them top performers, and under guid- 
ance of a new coach. The teams were 
badly hurt this season when some key 
runners went down with injuries. Girls 
Co-captain Stacey Foskett went down a 
few races into the season with tenden- 
tious. In her early season performance 
she paced the lady Panthers. 

On the boys side, Co-captain James 
Rose and Junior Jim Croke were the 2nd 
and 3rd men on the squad. Jim suffered 
a stress fracture in his right foot which 
led to him becoming a spectator rather 
than a performer. James reoccuring shin 
splints caused his physician to tell him to 
. cut his cross country career short. 

With the loss of these performers, 
other runners were asked to step up. and 
in many cases they did. However, many 
individual performances were quite im- 
pressive, as each runner improved 
throughout the season. The team is 
looking towards a succesful, injury free 
season in '97. 


^^^^^^P? ^^^^^^W^ '^^^Bf 

m ' 

utBm Mk 


u^ SI 


40^ W^ 


Captain Steve Infacelli and junior standout Jim Croke work together on the home course vs. Falmouth. Both Steve anc 
Jim attended running camp this summer which helped pave their pathway to success. 

Four year runner Chris Tibbets saved his best season for Freshman superstar Michelle Palmercould be found in tht 
last, making himself a powerful force on the cross country front of the pack all season long. M ichelle was a contends 
squad. as the best freshman runner in the state. 

Blazing Trails 

emerging from the shadows 

(top) Junior Nick Anderson paces himself on the 3. 1 mile 
home course. Nick came across the line in first place 
against Quincy in October. 

(bottom) Rookie runner Josh Hill commented,"! joined 
cross country because it is an individual sport, and you 
have no one to blame for your bad showing but yourself." 

» Season Highlights • 

Michelle Palmer's strong 

showing at Brown Invatational 

Infascelli's photo Hnish at OCL's 

and qualiflng for N.Y. Regional 

• All-Stars • 
Steve Infascelli 

• Kelley's Senior Standouts • 

Nelle Coady, Stacey Foskett 

Alison Laffan, James Rose 

Steve Infascelli, Josh Hill 

Chris Tibbets, Mark Desautles 

Skip Lucey 

Captain Stacey Foskett rounds the comer on the Plymouth 
Soth cross country trail. She was unstopable at the home 
Cross-Country meet 


41 il 

wk^^fjr m. jm 

%■ vf 



1 iiM 

Girls- Row 1: Merrideth Airuda, Liz Harrington, Nelle Coady (capt), Stacy 
Foskett, Erin Burns, Sara Packard; Row 2: April Selgado, Junko Kumokawa. 
Ali Ferrisi, Rhiannon Varmette, Elizabeth Almada, Michelle Palmer; Row 3: 
Coach Kelley. 

Boys- Row 1: Jamie Foskett, Skip Lucey, Steve Infascelli (capt), Jim Croke, 
Mark Desautels; Row 2: Nick Pasolini, Joe Rozak, Chris Tibbets, Nick 
Anderson, Coach Kelley; Row 3: Tim Harrington, Jon Cook, Brett Sadler, Josh 
Hill, Dave Sullivan. 

Sports 181 

- fv* .^•>««afe>r'. 5H i twr, 



5'6>c ' Him 

kicking their way to the tourney! 

Eyad Marzuq looks to Coach Kasarjian on the 
sidelines prior to tailing the corner kick. 

Junior Chris Penney fends off an opponent 
after steahng the bail. 

• Season Hig hli ghts * 

Advancing to the Division 1 

for a second year in a row 

Varsity- Row 1 :Coach Kasarjian. Dana Nevens. Joel Perry. Jarred Askins, Chuck Quinn, 
Corey Raasch, Eyad Marzuq, Tyler Fairchild, Jason Miller; Row 2:Warren Matthews, 
Andy Manson, Jaryl Fraser, Brian Bacci, Derek Varasso, Dan Brandt. Mike Eaton. Pat 
Shannon; Row3; Tim Palowski, Jeff Smith. Helizo Basilic, Jake Lauzon, Steve Brophy , 
Jason Percey. Grahm Smith, Matt Seuffle, Chris Penney. 

JV- Row 1: Coach Stanton, M. McClellan. B. Dunay, M. Pierce. M.Gosdigian;Row 2: 
G.Ouellette, M. Westgate. J. Spinney, A. Gorse;Row 3; A.Conso, M.Zaniewski, J.Driscoll 
T.Boyce. M.Griem, S. Brophy; Row 4: K.Luongo, D.Cushman, G. Kiernan. 

Freshmen- Row 1: P. Kerry, S. Coontz, J. Shea, Z. Raasch, B. Fitzgerald, R. Penney, R. 
Lacero; Row 2: T. Reid, J. Oimat, G. Sawiski, C. Vogel, B. Churchey. G. Histen; 
Row 3: Coach Kahrl, T. Lynch, J. Croke, S. Delaney. 

182 Sports 

Co-Captain Chuck Quinn swiftly dodges oncoming defenders on his way to the goal. 

All-Star Corey Raasch boots the ball out of 
the Panthers end of the field. Corey played 
his third year of varsity soccer this year. 

Four year player Derek Varasso tried defense for the 
first time this year, and he excelled. Derek started at 
the right defense postion all season long. 

For students who played a fall sport they 
were reminded of an unfortunate incident 
every time they played on the varsity field. 
A large black circle marked the spot of a 
tractor that had blown up a couple of weeks 
before the start of school. The boys soccer 
team had wrapped up another exhausting 
pre-season practice, and a janitor went out 
to mow the field. Minutes later a loud bang 
was heard all over the school grounds, and 
a torched tractor laid motionless. The 
janitor was fortunate enough to know some- 
thing was wrong and bailed out in the nick 
of time. The lone casualty was the John 
Deere, which now lays behind the janitioiial 
headquarters. The fall sports teams played 
on the blemished field, which caught the 
attention of the opposing teams more than 


• Giving us a 
Boost • 

The Plymouth South Soccer Booster 
Club is a group organized by parents 
which tries to raise money for expenses 
during the year. Meetings are held every 
couple of weeks to come up with new 
fund-raising ideas or plans for special 
occasions. A lot of work goes unnoticed 
behind the scenes. 

Anyone is allowed to attend these 
meetings and give both their insights 
and ideas. This years officers were 
Barbara Hurney, Grace Hill, Margie 
Rundell, and Marcia Penney. The offic- 
ers along with many other club members 
worked behind the scenes to ensure a 
quality soccer program at PSHS. 

This year, the players were awarded 
with duffle bags, with the Panther logo 
embroidered on the front. Each player 
would receive a bag if they sold car wash 
tickets to raise money for the club. The 
club also arranged for parents to volun- 
teer at the snack booth at all of the 
varsity games, selling gooodies to the 
fans. The Boosters Club was estab- 
lished to help the soccer teams grow and 
gain recognition. We thank them for 
their support and a job well done. 

Julie Holt chases down a Falmouth opponent. Running track last year helped improve Julie's stamina. 

Junior Lynn Hurney looks for a teammate upfield Amy Conso follows through after drilling a shot at th€< 
while controling the play. Lynn helped the Panthers Taunton goalie. Amy fmished off her soccer career as 
both offensivly and defensively this season. a top player in the league. 

Soc ' Her 

"heading " their way to the tourney 

• Season Highlights • 

Making the Division 1 South 

Tournament for the first time as 


• All Stars • 
Amy Conso, Jen Karbott 

OCL Sportsmanship Award • 
Bev Titus 

• Patten 's Senior Standouts • 

Conso, Karbott, Titus 

Jamie Caveny, Lauren Anthony 

Karen LaPointe 

Coach Patten gives his team a pep talk before the game. He tries to establish a family rather Iha a team when the soccer 
season rolls around. 

Varsity- Row 1 iKellie Gates. Julie Holt, Bevy Titus, Jen Karbott, Amy, Lynn 
Humey, Margret Leonard. Row 2: Suzanne Schroeder, Kelly Swift, Tracy Strawsbough, 
Aja Lordan, Liz Spellman. Kelly Hohl, Stephanie Clarke; Row 3:Jenny Mastendrea. 
Karen LaPointe, Linsey Enegess, Kerry Sotomayer, Meghan Rundell; Row 4: Ass. coach 
Jen DeCoste. Jaime Caveny, Coleen Antonini, Sara Garvey, Jen Consalvi, Stephanie 
Pretti, Coach Patten: 

,/V- Row 1: M.Shannon, A. Hill, V.Matthews,T.Straughsba,B.Cronin,D.Casella,E.Fahey 
Row 2: K.Detolo, D.lvers, B.Leary, P.Tousignant, K.Braton, A.Delgado; 
Row3:L.Cochreck,L,Sullivan,L.Levine,A.Paskavitch,C.MacRae, L.Manton, J. Caveny: 

Freshmen- Row 1 :M. Shannon, K.Green-Bradley, J. Vayo, B. Budgell, E.Fahy. Row 2: 
T.Brace, E.Honan, C.Lauzier, L.Dion, K.McDevitt, J.Geller, T.Stuffa: Row 3: Coach 
Mastendrea, A.Barett, T.Knickerbocker, L.Anderson, K. Swift, A.Griem. L.Levine: 

^ Sports 185 


'Sef ting a 

The Plymouth South Volleyball 
Team had a rather succesful inaugural 
season. Coach Shana Cobban came to 
PSHS to field the first team of its kind. 
Teaching a handful of inexperienced, 
yet willing young women was quite the 
challange. They held try outs prior to the 
school year, and selected Varsity and 
J.V. teams. The teams pulled through 
and worked hard to learn what it means 
to be a volleyball player and not just to 
play vollleyball. The seven graduating 
seniors will be dearly missed next year. 
They should be proud to know that they 
established a tradition of hard work and 
team spirit for future Plymouth South 
Volleyball Teams. 

The team capped off this year with 
an impressive win over cross town ri- 
vals, Plymouth North, to end the season. 
It was a very emotional and highly 
intense game for both teams. 

Coach Shana Cobban and the girls get syched before their first game. Coach Cobban took the job knowing \W 

would be a challange. She commented,"They should be proud to know that they started a tradition of hard workj 

and spirit." 

OCL All-Star Darcy Morin passed up on her Senior ' 

Lyn Dienhart stretches out for the bump. Lyn and her soccer season to become part of the groundbreaking j 

spirited play will be dearly missed next year. Panther volleyball team. 

Spirited Serve 

bump, set, spike 

(top) Michelle Kearney readies herself to set the ball. 
Michelle was someone who made up for her size with 
quick reflexes and powerful moves. 

(bottom) Reaching down for a solid bump pass, Jen 
Dore eyes the ball. Jen will miss the leadership the 
seven graduating seniors provided this season. 

• Season Highlights • 

Beating cross town rival PNHS 
to end the season with a win. 

Record 6-11 

• All Stars • 

Darcy Morin, Crystal Panarelli 

• OCL Sportsmanship Award • 
Jennifer Dore 

• Cobban 's Senior Standouts • 

Darcy Morin, Lyn Dienhart 

Suzanne Colonna, 

Michelle Kearney, 

Michelle Martin, 

Tiina Ritval, Michele Savery 

Senior Tiina Ritval performs one of her many spikes 
this season. Being the tallest member of the team, Tina 
was called upon for much action close to the net. 

Girls Varsity - Row 1: Michele Savery, Michele Martin, Michelle Kearney, Girls JV- Row 1: Heidi Graser, Coach Carey, Sarah Dore; Row 2: Jen 
Lyn Dienhart, Darcy Morin; Row 2: Stacy Ryan, Crystal Panarelli. Jennifer Nickerson, Christine Sullivan, Kelly Young, Jen Bus; Row 3: Shonna Scott. 
Dore; Row 3: Melissa Paquette, Suzanne Colonna, Melissa Morin. Pam Webber. Michelle DeMille, Valerie Harkin. 

Sports 187 

Putting for par 

on the green 

At Atlantic Counlry Club on ilic seventh hole, senior Josh Danny Reardon concentrates on making the finshing put 
Bann\ ilie taps in a put tor par. tor the badly needed points. 

Season Highlights • 

Nearly Qualifying for 
State Tournament 

Mike Fein winning the OCL 
Sportsmanship Award 

Mike Fein 

Almada's Senior Standouts 

Josh Banville, Ted Dickerson 

Kevin Packard, Jon Tibbets 

Rookie Jon Tibbets plays his first home match on the Atlantic C.C. 
course. Although new to the sport, he provided leadership throughout 
the season. 

188 Sports 

First year golfer Kevin Packard rips a long drive down the fairway. Kevin commented, 
"Golf is an enjoyable game, I wish I had began playing my freshman year." 

Teen Spirit 

panthers on the prowl 

\ At the fall sports pep rally a sea of students fill every available seat in the bleachers and spill onto the gym floor. 
Onlookers heard speeches from the fall sports team captains and coaches. Teachers agreed that the crowd 
showed more enthusiasm than ever before. 

Lillian Stevens is all smiles after w atching the Panthers Joel Perry, Jeff Pierce, Steve Spillane, and Chris LaChance could be found at many of this years sporting events, 
score on Thanksgiving. This year these four got to cheer on their Senior classmates in their final high school football game. 

Sports 189 

^' ■cH^h-"" 


• Panther Spirit • 

By looking at the perfectly 
coordinated cheerleaders all in the 
same neatly put together uniforms, 
it may not be easy to imagine the 
long, strenuous practices that 
come first. For the Plymouth 
South High School cheerleaders 
practice has been anything but 

With practices longer than 
most sports teams and just as fre- 
quent, the cheerleaders have defi- 
nitely worked to achieve perfec- 
tion. This season has stood out as 
one of positive change and chal- 
lenges. Both the Varsity and JV 
squads have attempted, and with 
work, completed stunts that have 
left the Plymouth South crowd 
looking up - way up! 

The Varsity squad strikes a pose at the end of their dance to the Beach Boys', "Be True to 
Your School," at the Pep Rally before the Thanksgiving Day Game. 


Senior Janelle Dubois performs during the 
half time show. 

Captain Stephanie Sellman cheers at a home 
game. Because the fields are lacking lights, 
all home football games had to be played on 
Saturday's during the day. 

Above the crowd 

reaching new heights 

Taylor Plympton watches the football team Shauna Prifti cheers at the Thanksgiving Day Game held this year at Plymouth North 
as they try to put forth another good effort. High School. 

Varsity- Row 1 : M. Stratton, B. Penotta, K. Haskins, S. Prifti, K. Boccaci(capt.). 
J. Higgins, S. Sellman (capt.); Row 2: J. McKenney, C. Harmon, K. Gerrior 
(capt.), J. Dubois, T. Plympton, K. Gushing, K. Sullivan; Row 3: S. Szwed, T. 
Riordan, A. Witmer, B. Simon, M. Sullivan, S. Lincoln. Missing from photo: 
L. Sisouvong. 

JV- Row 1: M. McLellan, K. McGrath, K. Ulmer, Row 2: L. Ghittapong. K. 
Sisouvong, L. Hamilton, K. O'Meara; Row 3: S. Silva, D. Higgins. R. Jameson, 
M. Hogan, L. Sempos; Row 4: N. Tringale, G. Gilman, M. Olwell, K. 
Naughton, J. Heller. 

Seniors Katie Gerrior and Merrideth Sullivan enjoy their last 
football halftime as Plymouth South cheerleaders. 

Sports 191 

One leap ahead 

beam work 

Karen Infascelli goes through her uneven bar routine during practice 

Sondra Martin demonstrates the flexibility needed to be a great gymnast. 

'92 Sports Q 

■v'i'iy ja!<.rt.f:<fr..r •.'.'^*\m 

anther Gymnastics- Row 1: Michelle Savery, Becky Kearney, Lisa 
[anton, Jill Kelley; Row 2: Jillian Hart, Sondra Martin, Karen 
ifascelli, Sarah Jacobs, Coach Sue Robbins 

The Panther gymnastics team had 
a disapointing season in terms of 
numbers. Individual perfor- 
mances were impressive, with a 
couple of the underclassmen step- 
ping up. A small squad, the team 
of 12 last year was hacked down 
6. Yet when the league meet 
rolled around, the team let their 
spirit shine through. Senior 
Saundra Martin commented, 
"With such a small squad, we 
knew we were not going to be 
able to contend with the bigger 
schools. We just tried to have 
fun!" Each team member wore 
braided pigtails to express their 
team unity. Tean unity played a 
major rol in the success of the 
team, despite the sports seem- 
ingly individual nature. The hours 
of practice at Aldriches Gym 
paid off, and next years team 
shows the potential to contend 
once again. 


Pressing Forward 




The highlight of the season was the 
Panther's comeback win vs. North Quincy - 
Down 22 points with 10 minutes to play - 
Captain Skip Lucey hit a three point shot at 
the buzzer for a 64-63 victory. Senior co- 
captain Tyler Fairchild chipped in with four 
3-pointers in a 20 point effort. 

Despite the overall record this season the 
Panther hoop program made tremendous 
strides. This was the first season that we 
clearly competed with the better Tournament 
teams in the league. Outside of our two 
games with Taunton, we played all the other 
Old Colony teams very tough. 

Seniors Mike Eaton, Chris LaChance, as 
well as co-captains Skip Lucey and Tyler 
Fairchild played hard all season. Juniors 
Adam Close, Leo DaRosa, Justin Close, and 
Dan Hogan contributed and will be counted 
on to take up some of the slack. Sophomores 
Jeff Smith and Jason Hegerich came on 
strong as the season progressed and both 
should battle for starting positions. 

Both the Junior Varsity program coached 
by Mr. Hanna and the Freshmen team 
coached by Mr. Hicks had winning records. 
We as a staff feel that we are on the right 
track and are optomistic about next season. 

Dr. Swan 
Varsity Coach 

Junior Leo DaRosa displays his skills as lie runs by a Varsity Taunton player on his way to another two poin 

Co-Captain Skip Lucey was one of the Panthers top Three year varsity player Chris LaChance elevai 
performers this season. Going baseline is a move he against a Taunton opponent for an easy two points 
has be quite successful with. 


Full court press 

hoop dreams come true 

Season Highlights • 

Record: 6 Wins 13 Losses 

Comeback win vs. North 
Quincy - Down 22 points 
with 10 minutes to play. 

* Swan 's Senior Standouts • 

Tyler Fairchild 

Chris LaChance 

Skip Lucey 

Mike Eaton 

The Panther team reached a new plateau of sucess this season. Here the Panthers gather together after the 
starting lineups were announced prior to their home game with OCL rival Falmouth. 

Varsity - Row 1: Pete Walls, Tyler Fairchild (capt). Skip Lucey 
(capt), Mike Eaton; Row 2: Coach Swan, Jason Hegerich, Chris 
LaChance (capt), Jeff Smith, Leo DaRosa; Row 3: Dan Hogan, 
Justin Close, Adam Close. 

JV - Row 1 : J. Andrews, M. McClellan, S. Nickerson, J. Percy, J. 
Leach, Row 2: J. Gamble, R. Sullivan, S. Moyer, B. Dunay; Row 
3: Coach Hanna, J. LaPage, R. Bryant, M. Fein 

Freshmen - Row 1: J. Reynolds, R. Eby, S. McPhee, T. Perry, 
E. Scanlon, D. Infascelli; Row 2: J. Mullin, S. Kuntz, B. Churchey, 
J. Gustafson, J. Koons; Row 3: M. Schuefele, M. Gates, 
B. Hanrahan, Coach Hicks. 

Sports 195 

• Fresh Faces • 

The girls basketball squads had their 
work cut out for them this 1996-97 sea- 
son. It' s programs three previous coaches 
were now out of the picture, and three 
new coaches were needed. Ms. Coupe 
won the role as the freshman coach, Ms. 
Marani for the J. V. squad, and Mr. Barrett 
to over the varsity throne. 

Senior Kristy Abbasciano com- 
mented, "This season was a trying one 
for the team. Most importantly we 
learned to work together as a team." 
"Players felt that they were defeated 
mentally, although morally victorious." 
Although many of the younger players 
will miss the mature, skilled play of the 
class of '97, fresh young faces along 
with a new head coach show for a 
promising future. 


The Morin sisters, Darcy and Melissa are in the middle of the action as a loose ball is up for grabs. 

Tina Ritval looks for an open Panther under the basket Sophmore Megan Rundell shoots a long range jumpj 
for a clear shot. over a defending opponent. 

Lady to lady 

court IS in session 

• Season Highlights • 

First Win 
50 - 40 over Quincy 

Win over Taunton in 
Christmas Tourneyment 

• Barretts Senior Standouts • 

Darcy Morin 

Tina Ritval 

Liz Morland 

Kristy Abbasciano 

Erica Ferraro 

Kristy Abbasciano boxes out a Barnstable player and Captain Darcy Morin dives for a ball bouncing quickly 
awaits the rebound. out of bounds. 

Varsity- Row 1: Tobey Geller, Darcy Morin, Liz Moreland, Shila 
Sinclair, Megan Rundell; Row 2: Coach Marani, Kristy Abbasciano, 
Tina Ritval, Karen Murray, Beth Yanuskiewicz, Coach Coupe; Row 3: 
Megan Beck, Melissa Morin, Coach Barrett. 

JV- Row 1 : Jen Burke, Jacqui Abbasciano, Ana Delgado, Erin O'Brien; 
Row 2: Leah Paskavitch, Melissa Paquette, PatricaTousignant, Brianne 
Leary; Row 3: Dari Muscato, Coach Marani, Jen Johnson. 

Freshman- Rowl: Jessie Geller, Sarah Hans, Jill Lenoard, Nicole 
McMinimen, Erin Fahey; Row 2: Chritine Sullivan, Kelly Ryan, 
Amanda Olson, Sara Mahoney; Row 3: Alison Barrett, Christina 
D'Ambrosio, Coach Coupe. 

'^'r^^j Sports 197 


Tough Times 

The Varsity Hockey team knew it 
was going to be a long season after their 
opening day game against North Quincy. 
We lost a lot of players due to injuries. 
Mike Staruski, Mike Golden, Robbie 
McShane, and Sean Kelley are just some 
of the major ones. Coaches also experi- 
enced tragedy, when J V coach McCash 
lost a family member. 

Through all the tough times the 
teams stuck togther to get their first win 
against Barnstable on Feb. 12th. This 
win was long deserved. 

"The Junior Varsity team played 
one of the best games I've ever seen", 
stated Mr. Bischop after the Falmouth 
game. This was the first time any of the 
Plymouth hockey teams have ever tied 
the number one team in the OCL. 

Both teams have been through a 
lot this season. But both teams have 
accomplished incredible feats through 
these hard times. 

Ice Magic 

it's all in the wrists 

> Season Highlights • 

• Captains • 

Pat Griffin 

Robbie McShane 

Mike Staruski 

Paladino 's Senior Standouts • 
Griffin, Bailey, Staruski 
McShane, Jezerski, Kelley 

Varsity- Row 1 : Ghram Smith, Mike Perry, Tim Anderson, Stephen Evans, Mike Jezerski, Tom Boyce, Josh Garvey, 
Joe Foley; Row 2: Coach Ward, Steve Brophy, Danny Reardon, Ryan Hughes, Mike Staruski (capt), Robbie 
McShane (capt), Pat Griffin (capt). Matt Bailey, Sean Kelley, Mike Golden, Coach Anderson, Coach Palidino. 

Junior Varsity- Row 1 : Justin Strausbaugh, Tim Cribbie, Ed Hoitt, Chris Morse, John Riccardo. Matthew 
Daniels, Roy Maxim, Mason Cunningham; Row 2: Coach McCash, Justin Simoneau, Danny Naples, Brian 
Somers, Matt Christman (capt), Anthony Bischop, Joe Arcese, Christopher Warner. 

What's Your 
Favorite Sport? 

"Track, because it rocks and you 
gotta have the love." 

Lyn Dienhart & Tracey Kelly 

"Hockey, because it is the fastest 

and the most physically 
demanding sport in the world." 

y/rf^ean Kelly ^ ^ 

"Golf, because no two shots are 

the same and because it is almost 

impossible to master." 

Chris Tibbetts ^ 

/ ■ f 

"Wrestling, because it is good to 

see the results of hard practice 

on the mat." 

Mike Adelmann 

Sports 199 




*Home Sweet Home* 

"On the road again.." It well 
could have been the Winter Track 
team's theme song during the 
indoor season. Having no indoor 
track, the team is forced to have 
it's meets at other locations. In 
it's second year of existance, the 
team found it self running at the 
Taunton High School Field House 
and The Reggie Lewis Track and 
Athletic Facility. The Reggie 
Track is a state of the art, multi- 
million dollar facility, made with 
a mondo track, and banked turns 
much like a racetrack such as 
Dayona. It is a well kept, five year 
old building. The Taunton 
Fieldhouse on the other hand is a 
diffrent story. Any track member 
will tell you it is much like running 
in the gymnasium at PSHS. The 
turns are tigh, and slippery. It is a 
dark cold building, more than 
twenty five years old. 

On a typical day the team 
would leave the school at 2: 1 5 for 
Reggie Lewis and would not be 
back until 8: 30 that night. It makes 
for a long night when one factors 
in homework, studying, and a bite 
to eat. Yet the vast majority of the 
athletes balance the two priorities 
and manage to excell in both, 
something Coach Kahrl is 
especially proud of. 

David Fetterman was quite impressive for a first year high juniper. In this jump Fetterman jumps to a 2nd plac< 
finish vs. North Quincy. Fetterman was guided all season by Jay Miller, one of the best jumpers in the league! 

Co-Captain C.J. Gibbons uses perfect form while OCL All-Star Jessie Shaw uses a five step routine td 
passing a Falmouth oppnent in the last turn in the 300. toast her Falmouth competition. Jessie also plays a bi^ 
C.J. was intrumental in the teams sucess this year. part in the teams 4 X 200 relay team. 

Gotta have the love ! 

home on the road 

(top) Coach Livvy Williams and Chris Tibbetts share 
a laugh at the trackside. Chris quallifled for the state 
meet and set a new school record in the 600 before 
going down with a season ending injury. 

(bottom) Three year "thrower" Lyn Dienhart prepares 
to pereform the shuffle throw while heaving the 8 
pound shot. Lyn and her "Arms of Steel"had an 
exciting season while breaking the school record more 
than once. 

• Season Highlights • 

• All-Stars • 
Steve Infascelli 
Jason Miller 

* KahrVs Senior Standouts • 

Infascelli, Miller, 

Hanrahan, Kelly, 

Dienhart, Hill, 

Fetterman, Tibbetts, 

Tibbetts, MacDonald, 

Wright, Bacci, 
D'Ambrosio, Foskett, 
Shaw, Laffan, Smith 

Co-Captain Steve Infascelli had a most impressive 
season. "Infa" qualfified for states in a handfull of 
events and established school records that will be 
standing for years to come. 

Boys- Row 1 : Coach Williams, B. Fitsgerald. J. Lemmo, S. Infascelli (capl), P. Shannon, 
R. Lagrautta, C. Gibbons (capt), N. Anderson, J. Miller (capt). Coach Kahrh Row 2:J. 
Foskett, J. Croke, R. Penney, G. Histon, C. Tibbetts, D. Fetterman, J. Tibbetts, S. 
Hanrahan (capt); Row 3: J. Driscoll, J. Rozak, B. Bacci, R. MacDonald, T. Palowski, M. 
Desatles, B. Taylor, C. Davidson; Row 4: M. Roberts, R. Mahoney, K. Luongo, J. Cook, 
J. Hill, A. Conso, C. Penney, D. Varasso, D. Peterson. 

Girls- Row 1: Coach Willams, J. Carchedi, K. DeMitrsh, L. Dienhart (capt), J. Shaw (capt), T. 
Kelly (capt), S. Foskett (capt), K. Smith; Row 2: S. Packard, M. Lenoard, J. Holt, A. Liiffan, C. 
MacRae, S. Lincoln, T. Knickerb(X'ker; Row 3: M. Duggan, C. Lauzier, S. Pretli, M. Palmer, V. 
Harkin. J. Mahoney, C. Antonini, E. Honan; Row 4: B. Budgell, K. Brayton, J. Sawiski. E. Rizzo, 
A. Hannah, A. Paskovitch, K. Green Bradley. ^^^^ -~-v 

Sports 201 

Banner Years 

enjoying the fruits of their labor 

All stars Billy Ferguson and Henry Folsom wrestle eachother in the wrestling 
room. These two have wrestled for four years and have paid their price. 

• Season Hig hli ghts * 

Co-Champions - OCL 
South Sectional Champs 

Shawn Williams 
Durfee Tourney Champ 

• All Stars • 

Mike Pierce (112) 

Henry Folsom (125) 

Eyad Marzuq (135) 

Shawn Williams (145) 

Billy Ferguson (152) 

Jesse Telford (215) 

Warren Mohr (Heavyweight) 

• Loranger's Senior Standouts 

Telford, Ferguson 

Folsom, Williams 

Marzuq, Carreiro 

Mohr, Cesero 

Wrestling - Row 1 : Aja Lordan, Mike Carriero, 
Warren Mohr, Sean Williams (capt), Eqad 
Marzuq, Henry Folsom (capt), Jesse Telford 
(capt), Billy Fergeson (capt), Jodie O'Donnell; 
Row 2: Mike Pierce, Matt Sheridan, Brett Sadler, 
Ryan Williams, Mike Dinon, Matt Griem, Mark 
Gosdigian, Matt Westgate, Billy Sullivan, 
Jeremy Morgan, Nate Buchanan, Laura 
Chochreck; Row 3: Dave Nickerson, Rick 
Thomas, Tony Martel, Tre Fortes, Rick Schelle, 
Nick Curcuru, Eric Lawless, Joe Smith, Matt 
Shibley, Alex Magolziak; Row 4: Tim SuUivan, 
Tim Keenan, Ryan Lucero, John Marrano, Mark 
Marinelli, Jeff Sweetnam, Mike Roberts, Pete 
Greenwood, Steve Boissonneau, Mike Adleman; 
Row 5: Coach Forniciari, Coach Loranger, 
Coach Mastendrea. Missing from photo: Zack 
Raasch, John Cesero. 

202 Sports 

Top : Shawn Williams and 
Eyad Marzuq work on 
techniques in the wrestling 

Left : Jessse Telford and 
Warren Mohr square off 
during practice. 

^Pay the Price ...• 
To Repeat 

For two straight years the Panther 
wrestUng squad have been Co-Champs 
for the OCL title. After being co- 
champs with Weymouth last year, the 
team was happy. For a second year 
program to win a title was unthinkable. 
The seniors along with under classmen 
took charge, and under the guidance of 
Coaches Loranger, Fornaciari, and 
Mastandrea, brought another banner to 
the Panther Dome. The match against 
Bridgewater was one to remember, with 
Warren Mohr winning his match by 
points 4-0. The Panthers beat the Tro- 
jans by 1 point. If not for a bad call and 
a time keeping misjudgment vs. 
Weymouth, the Panthers would have 
sole ownership to the title. 

Although many of the seniors are 
leaving, the younger wrestlers will have 
the talent and experience that will lead 
them to an unpresadented third title. 
Mike Pierce, Mike Adelman, Nate 
Buchanan, John Marrano, Matt 
Westgate, Matt Greim, and Jodie 
O'Donnell are among the promising 
underclassmen talent to emerge from 
the mat and prove themselves. 

Mike Carriero ties up Eyad Marzuq in a "chicken wing" which 
is one of the many moves taught by Coach Loranger. 

Genny Griss Mill 

The Plymouth Rock Trolley 


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Solid Support 

Supporting Volume 
VII of The Rock, com- 
munity members donated 
money to become Pan- 
ther Patrons, while doc- 
tors, lawyers, and other 
legal specialists helped 
by selecting to be Profes- 
sional Sponsors. Thanks 
to the generous contribu- 
tion of many advertisers, 

the final production of 
this volume, "Reflec- 
tions", was made pos- 
sible. Companies, busi- 
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mouth South, and other 
advertisers were given 
the choice of 1/8, 1/4, 
1/2, and even full page 

''We would like to 

thank everyone who 

contributed their time 

and money to make the 

" roduction of this book 

possible. Your support 

IS 2reatly apprecuUedf^^ 

e 1997 Yearbook Staff 

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Senior Messages 


^gBM||^^ Emily Carroll, 

J^^^^^mH^^^ Did you ever know you're our 

^^B^^ <ia^^V hero, and everything we would 

^Mf -w ^^^^w '■'^^ y°" '° ^^^ ^^ ^'"^^ ^^y 

^f . "^^^^^^^^ higher than an eagle, for you 

^ ^^^i^^^^H are the wind beneath our 

^HHi wings. 

'^m ^°^^' 

.JHR_ Mom, Dad, and John 

1 .^Oi 

L w^ys^ 


Liam O'Brien Coughlin, 


proud of you, and love you 

very much! 

Dad, Mom, Brie, Brendan, and 


Heather Alisa Spencer, 

You will always have a place 
in our hearts to come home to! 

We love you. 
Mom and Dad 


You've given us love, joy, 

pride. To the world a better 


Love always. 
Mom and Dad 


2:30 A.M. & later Deadliners, 


First, I would like to give you 

^^^^^^^K_ -^^H 

some advice - DON'T DO 

^^^^^^gji^,« ^Hnm^i^^^i 


^^■h^*"^ ▼ _^H 

(as if you didn't know that 

Hr '^ '<H 

already.). Secondly, I would 
like to thank you for all of your 

help and for keeping me 

amused at four in the morning. 

Wedidit!This/?ocA:5! Best 

wishes in everything you do. 



M ^^^^H^^^Mfl Justine, 1 

m ^^^^mlf 

Our little angel has grown into 

m ^^ ^ ^^^Bv 

a beautiful and intelligent 

V ''^^^■9 ' 

young woman. Listen to your 

P ^^K ¥ ^^^r^ and follow your dreams ! 1 

ii t ii'^mKbm Remember that success takes | 

time, devotion, and sometimes 


a little disappointment. Always 


believe and you will achieve. 

f ' ^^TfUVv 


|// "^ W Wf Mom, Dad, Anthony, and 1 

- Nicole 1 


As you leave our nest, you 

depart with our hopes and 

dreams for a bright future, one 

full of promise and discovery. 

Go then, find your way and 

contribute to society! 

Love, Daddy and Mommy 


Patrick F. Gorse 

"Packer" - Go for the gold! 
Reach for the stars! Congratu- 
lations! We love you! 

Mom, Dad, Muffin, Queenie, 
and Mostest 

Patrick David Griffin, 

You have made us very proud! 

We wish you all that will make 

you the happiest. Our love and 

support will be yours always. 

Pat, Donna, Matthew, and 
Brigid Griffin 



Taylor Plimpton, 




From the first day of school to 

the last.. .You will always be 

our patent leather, polyester 





Dad, Mom, Lara, Ash, and Em 




Jen Gilman, 

God bless and keep you always 
may your wishes all come true. 
May you always do for others 

and let others do for you. 

May you build a ladder to the 

stars and climb on every rung. 

And may your heart remain 

"Forever Young". 

We love you! 
Mom and Dad 



^m^ -^^^ , -i^^^i 

"Hitch your wagon to a star."- 

^^^^^^■^ ^"^^^^^H 

R.W. Emerson 

^^^^^^^^^^^m ^^SS^a^Jf jf^ ^^^ 

Always keep your love of 


family and friends, your 

^ ^^^^H 

balance of laughter and 



sensitivity, your respect for all 


creatures and your strong work 




Mom and Dad 




You have given us so much joy 
and many wonderful memo- 
ries. We are very proud of you 
and all your many accomplish- 
ments. Meg, you are very 
special to us and we hope all 
your dreams come true. 

All our love forever. 
Dad, Mom, and Derek 

Sean Robert O'KeeJe. 

Dear Sean, you have been and 
always will be our dream come 
true. Now you have a dream- 
follow it through. 

We love you, 
Mom and Dad 

Krista Callicchia, 

18 years ago I never thought I 
would see this day. We have 
been through many good and 
bad times, but I wouldn't trade 
ya! I love you and good luck - 
my sweatin', sweatin' baby. 


Brian and Jeff Wheaton, 

Live-laugh - love - be 


We are very proud of you. 

Always know that you can rely 

on your family. 

Congratulations. ..This is your 


Dad, Mom, and Kelly 

Shannon and Danielle Gill, 

To Shannon and Danielle, 

you're our greatest gift. We 

love you with all our hearts, 

you made it!! Good luck to you 

both in whatever you choose - 

we know you'll be successful. 

Mom and Dad 



Lauren Smith, 


«~ l^^l 

Congratulations! "A dream is a 

wish your heart makes!" May 

all your dreams come true. 


i ^1 

We love you. 

Mom, Dad, Shawn, Brian, and 


IM M. 



You'll always be my baby. 
You can do anything! 

I love you, 



There are many memories, 

where do I start? How about 

stealing gum in the shopping 

cart? The golden shoe has 

become ritual, and the thumb 

thing? Well, it's habitual. 

MOM SAID NO, times in the 

snow, we'll always love you, 

that you should know!! 

Mom, Dad. Jenn, Janine 



You are so special to us. Life 
hasn't always been fair or easy 
for you, but you are a survivor. 

Reach for the stars. Conquer 

the world, but remeber you can 

always come home to us. 

Mom & Dad 


Jen Harding, 


We love you and we'll always 

:^^^ ^S 

be here for you. Love, Mom 

■^K nk 

and Dad. See you tomorrow 

■■m^m-' "^ Hfenir 

Josephine because I live with 

I^^B' yith' igii ^KjM 

you - Chris. It has been a fun 

^^r ^^1 

journey; Fla96, the net, license 

exam, Xmas mug, sharing B- 

^^^ .^^1 

day with KAM; may the rest of 

^^H^' .^^1 

the trip be as memorable. 

^Iv '^^l 

Bob, Sandy, Allison, Kelsey, 

^^^^^B l^^^^H 

Mom, Dad, and Chris 



Oh little one, where has the 
time gone? All dreams that are 
now. We wish you a life full of 

laughter, love, and serenity. 

We love you. 
Mom, Dad, and Tapioca 

Chad Pittsley, 



Congratulations Chad. We are 


so proud of you. You've grown 
to be such a wonderful person 

with so much to give. There 
isn't anything you can't do, the 
future is yours. Don't ever lose 



your smile and your personal- 
ity. We love you so much. 

^.^■^•**\ I 



Mom and Dad 



You've come a long way, 

Here's looking at you, kid! 

Mom, Dad, and Dave 


Kimberly Michelle Smith, 

I think of the sweet little girl 
you were and the wonderful 
person you've become, and 

each time I realize how 
thankful I am for the special 

love I'd never known if it 
hadn't been for you - you are 
the wind beneath my wings. 

Mom and Dad 


Jared Purser. 

Your smile has stood frozen in 
our hearts forever. Thank You 
for all of your wisdom, good 

^«-^ -— ^aa 

will, and spirit for guiding us 

m^ w^M 

through the happiest years 

1 ^m 

of our lives. Your heroism and 


compassion has bonded us 


together and has given us 

many beautiful memories to 


With Love Always, 

The Class of 1997 



My partner in crime, my funny little ck)wn, my most 

favorite friend, my hero.. .my brother. Congratulations, 

sweetie - pie! 

Love, T. 


We are so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. 
You are a wonderful daughter and sister. We love you very much. 

Love always. 

Mom, Dad, and Erin 


Believe it or not, we've helped each other grow over the 






" Phippsy ", 

The twelve 


that we"ve known you have been great! 

Good 1 

uck in college 

- and 

everything el 

se in your life. 



stay in 

touch with us! 



Teresa, Emily 

, Eli, 

and John 





Rob, " Ed ", and Pat, 

Congratulations! Good luck in your college years. Study 

hard, but don't forget to have some fun too! 


The MacDonalds 



Thank you for making me laugh! I love you and I will 
always be here for you! Reach for the stars and always remember the 
tree, poseses, " I hate to iron!" - our slippers - The Cape and Papa's! 


your best bud, Michelle Marie 

Derek Varroso, 

Since you were young you've been known as a leader, not a 
a follower. We are proud to have a son like you for the others to 
follow. You've always made the right choice in our eyes, Derek, now 
we wish the best for you! 

Love, always & always. Mom, Dad, Kyle, Ashley, & Jared 




Mom, Dad, Jason, and the cats! 



made it! We're very proud of you! College or work - 

what ever you 

decide, you'll have our total support. There's plenty of 

time to d 


what to do. 

All our love, 

Mom, Dad, and Christina 


The last three years have been a very important part of my | 

life and 1 

am looking toward to many more. Congratulations, you did ] 

it! 1 love 




I'm greatful for the many lessons you 

have taught me, you [ 

are an incredible person. Good luck in everything you do and 


remember how much I love you and believe in 




Andy, Rats, Erica, Andrew, Ry, Shel, Warren, Brie & Sally, 

I just want to thank you for all you've done for me, you 
will never know how much you have shaped and molded me into 
what I am today. Through good and bad times, we have always 
managed to stay together. The loving bond we share will be kept 
sacred in my heart forever. I love you all, XOXO Angela XOXO. 


Congratulations, you've made us very proud. Deanna, you 
have overcome a lot in such a young life. The future is yours for the 
taking. We're always here for you! We love you. 


Mom, Dad, and Cassie 


Greg Bougopoulos, 

Congratulations! We are very proud of you. You have been 
a great student, brother, and son. 


Mom, Dad, and Melissa 



We have been close. 

We have been distant. 

But you are always in my heart. 

I am so proud of you ! 

Love, Mom 


You did it! I'm so proud of you! Remember how much 1 
love you and that I'll always be your big sister. 

Love always, 


You have accomplished all your goals throughout high 
school. We are very proud of you and wish you luck in college! 

Mom, Dad, Mike, and Karen 

Joe Shibley, 

We're very proud of you. Have a wonderful future. 

Dad, Mom, and Matt 

Lesley Desaulniers, 

You've always chosen the road less traveled. We wouldn't 
have missed the ride for the world. As you now travel on your own, 
take all our love, pride, and support with you. 
Love Always, 

Dad, Mom, Lauren, and Bobby 




Reach for the stars, believe in yourself and you'll always 

find sucess! You make us proud. 

Love Always, 

Mom, Dad, Elizabeth, Kari + Hali 


It has been so great being there to watch you march, run, 
fall, and achieve. Four years have gone by so fast. We hope the 
memories will be as great for you as they were for us. 
Love you lots!!! 

Pete. Mom. Jade, and Maryann 

Jessica R. Cook, 

Great Job - Congratulations - Good Luck in your future 
endeavors. Remember - BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! 

Mom and Mike 

Erin Linehan, 


Good luck with your 
Lots of Love, 
Mom & Hon 

future dreams. 


David Ames, 

We're very proud of you. May all your dreams for the 
future come true. Remember we are always here for you. 

Mom, Dad, and Heather 

Camryn (Cammie - Poo) 

"Zowie"! Great memories! Life with you has been ideal. 
Show the world what we all know. are spectacular! Reach for 
your dreams; " reaching " stretches the imagination! You bring joy & 
laughter to life. We are sooo proud of you congrats & love you loads. 

Mom, Regan, Grammie & Gretch 


Katelyn Miller, 

Congratulations! You made it! Was there ever any doubt? 
We are very proud of the woman you have become. Be strong - set 
your goals - and follow your heart. 


Mom + Dick 


Lyn Dienhart, 

Those wings of yours have been flapping since New 

Zealand! Enjoy your travels and your journey through life. Continue 

to grow from within and you'll be successful. 


Mom and Claire 



Stevie Morse, 

Congratulations! Although your graduating makes us feel 

very old, we are very proud of you! ! May all your future dreams 

come true. 


Uncle Peter & Aunt Barbara 



Erin Tanner Johnson, 

How can we express how much we love you. We are the 

proudest parents in the world because of the person you became. 

We love you. 

Mom and Dad 

Christian, Pooh-Bear, 

You are the greatest girl in the world. I thank you for loving 
me more than anything, save Jesus. You've helped and motivated me 
to growing up to be a responsible honeybear. 

David, your tweet 

Jamie L. Caveney, 

a reality. 

Aim high, never ever quit and all your dreams can become 

Love Always, 

Mom. Dad. Julie, and Jessie 


Keri Boccaci, 

You did it! We're so proud of you honey. It hasn't been 

easy but you hung in there. Now it's YOUR turn to fly. Make those 

dreams come true, and remember we'll always be here for you! 

We Love You Sunshine! 

Dad. Mom, Keith. And "Sasha" 


We've had many good times together. East Coast, West 
Coast we've traveled afar. Whether by plane, train, or by car. As you 
head out on life's journey, may you always remember to look both 
ways when crossing the street. Love, 

Your Fairy Godmother 

Kim Collins, 

Finally, wt 
years and I love you 
to come. 

made it. You have been my best friend foi 
for it. Happiness in all you do. Many more 





To us you have always been first; first born, first in school, 
first in sports and now first to graduate. We want to be the first to 
congratulate you and thank you for choosing us as your parents. We 
are so darned proud! Love, 

Mom, Dad, and Brothers 

Skip, Ryan, Lyn, Stacey, and Loychai, 


The more the merrier! Thanks for all your help. 


Ms. P and the class of 1997 



Erin Cleary, 

See Sweetie, some dreams really do come true. 

We love you. 

Mom, Dad, and Scott 




We've been through so much together. No matter where 

life brings you 1 will always love you, and cherish the memories 

we've shared. Good luck. 

Love always, 







Some of the happiest moments of our lives have been | 


g you play 

baseball. You have always given 

your very best in 

all your 


Here's hoping the best will come 
Margie and Grandpa 

; back to you! 



Congratulations. ..We are very proud of you. We know that 
you will do great in life. Good luck in everything you do. 

Sitto, Gido, Aunts and Uncles 


Kathleen Anne Burns, 

Congratulations Katie! We 

are so proud of you. 


re on 

your way to achieving 

your dream. We love you and wish 



and happiness. 


Dad, Michael, Tim, 





Congratulations!! We are so very proud of you. Keep up the 
hard work that is ahead of you. We love you. 


Mom, Dad, Erin, Shannon 




We made it! We've 

; been through a 

lot these 

years, and 


always stuck together. 

Thanks for the 


and for 


being my best friend. 

1 love you, 








son on all your hard work. 

You deserve the | 

best in life 

. I will always be there to support your efforts. 

Good luck 

in college' 



Ryan Horton, 


Love you for always. Love you forever. Good luck in New 


Mom & Dad 


Jennifer M. Burgess, 

You did it! Congratulations - We love you Jennie 
- Mom, Dad, Jay, and Jeff 



Michael Sacco Riordan, 

'Your heart is free, have the courage to follw it" 

Brad Ruxton, 

Stand proud. Go after your dreams. Know you can! 

Love You, 





Congratulations Dan, you're off to a great start! 




as we do son. 

and anything is possible. 

With Love and Pride, 
Mom and Dad 







You are 

the best! 

Your Senior year passed 

so quickly. How 1 

we will 

miss you! 

Best of luck in school next year, and remember.... | 

We Love You, 

Mom, Dad, Max, 





Shannon Alisa (Foo- Foo), 

You did it! We are very proud of you. Remember us when 

you are rich and famous. Look out world, HERE SHE COMES! 

Love you the most. 

Mom, Dad, Chunny, and Maggie 

(She's smiling for you) 



Chris Larsen, 

Don't forget us when you make your first million! 


Dad, Mom, and Rick 


Caitlin A. Bythewood, 

Congratulations! We are so proud of you! You'll always be 
the apple of our eye! 

All Our Love, 

Mom, Dad, Tara, Erin, Daniel +Dennis 

To my big sister Angela (Brat), 

A few words from your brother : "Shut- Up! No! I Don't 
Like It!" Good luck in the future. Angela, I am glad you finished 
well in High School. I hope your expectations are high, and you 
reach for them. 

I love you. Mom & Kevin (Brat 2) 


Go for it! 

You've worked so hard! Anything you want can be yours! 


Mom, Dad, Michael and Troop 


Joshua J. Toney, 

We've shared joy, we've shared pain and through it all, our 
love remains. Go for your dreams. We'll be beside you all the way! 
We love you. 

Mom, Dad, and John 


Kinnie Fowla, 

What can we say? Remember the fun. .."Back in the day"! 

Nice touch "Little one"! Congratulations! 

Your Bestest Friends, 

Reg, Kristian, 'Ris", Crit, Paul, Josh, Breton, and the 

rest of the "House" Gang. 



Kimberley J. Davin, 

To the 
fullest and reach 

special young lady in our lives, i 
happiness along with prosperity 
Love Always, 
Mom, Dad, Jim, 

nay you 


to the 


Teri Lynn Witcomb, 

Congratulations! We wish you happiness, love and sucess 
in all that you do. 

- Mom and Dad 




Kellie Gates, 


re very proud of you and all you've accomplished. 



your determination and drive will take 

you as far as you want 

to go. 

Love always. 
Mom, Dad, 

Micheal + Tina 





Jen (Little Meatball Eyes), 

You are the best. We are so glad to have you in our lives. 

We wish the very best in all that you do. Happy future. 


Mom and Dad 


David Wright, 

It's time to go forth boldly in your future. Face each 

opportunity as a challenge to be conquered. Take pride in what 

you've accomplished and don't let anything stop you in reaching 

your goals. We're proud of you. Love, 

Mom, Dad. Pat. & Bill Wr 



Erin Pestill i, 


ve grown from our baby doll into < 

1 lovely 




very proud of you. You've worked hard. 

Believe in 


and set your goals high. 


Mum -i-Dad 



Jessica Villano, 

Jess, we're proud of you. You excelled with style. 


Dad, Mom, and Ryan 



Dear Andrew, 

Throughout our hves, we venture forth, we learn and we 

i;ro\s . Having you lor a son, has been our greatest adventure. ...and 

the adventure continues. 

With Love and Pride, 

Mom and Dad 


Andy (Mookie), 

Through the years, we've endured both good and bad 
experiences. Aitht)ugh high school did not end as it started for us, 
always remember...! Love You. Quite like these past four years, 
working together we can make our friendship last. 

Always With Love, Angela 


To all my friends who are leaving me behind, 

Whether you know it or not, you've all made a huge 
impact on my life. Just by being there to make me happy, you made 
me value life and friendship much more than I did when I first 
entered this school. I wish your future to be full of love and success. 
Don't forget me!! -Tiffy 

This book is dedicated to: All those who we 
miss and love & all who go above and beyond! 

To all my people: Since you have all entered my life you have been 
with me. I've put you all through a lot and I've tried all of your 
patience, but all of you have stuck with me and helped me through it. 
For that I am truely greatful. I wish you all good fortune and I will 
always remember the things you've taught me. I hope you remember 
everything I've taught you. Your Only, Warren Matthews 




'i (Danielle, Shannon, Kellie, Meredith, Erica 

& Debbie) 

What? Time to make the Donuts? Who-ever 

said the 

broad - 


wouldn't come through?! Time to close. , 

See yah on the 

next Shift!!! 





Kristy-(My buddy, my pal!,niy patner in crime), - Our fnendsip is 
like a space shuttle. It experiences some tubulance at times, but is 
always soaring on it's way to new heights,excellent adventures,and 
Mama Mia's pizza! You've allways known how to fly and suucceed. 
Good luck in everything you do. When you become a pilot, I want to 
he your first passenger. Love, your best bud, Virginia 


Hey Sneaky^ 


We Love You! 1 


Mom & Dad 1 




Our friendship is like a paint pallet. Our colors haven't 
always mixed, but through it all, the canvas changes. We've some 
how have managed to produce a master piece and this art work is 
priceless. Love, 



To all my senior friends, 

I would just like to say that you will all be greatly missed. 

While you're all off at college I will be stuck here for another 2 

years. All I ask is that you don't forget me and that you come back 

and visit. Love Always, 



To My Mock Seniors Sally and Brie, 

Only two years have passed, but it feels as though you've 
both been a part of my life forever. You have contributed so much 
to the best years of my life, and the memories that we've made are 
one of my greatest possessions. (...No cliche goodbyes...) 


"When the night has come, and the land is dark, and the 
moon is the only light you see... no I won 't shed a tear, just as long as 
you stand. ..stand by me. " Thank you for being my best friends, I 
will never forget all of your laughter, support, and wisdom through- 
out the years. 

Love Always, Jessy 


Love, Ryan Mackenzie Horton 

To Justin and Sean, 

Since I met you guys, you've made life more fun. No one 
makes me laugh as much as you do! Best of luck. Follow your 
dreams and climb to the top of life's ladder. 

Your Friend, Josh Hill 

To Andrew, Erica, Mike,Angela, Warren,Ryan,Adam,Andy,&Jesie, 

Though we've only known each other for two years, the 
memories you've given us will last a life time. In this short time 
you've become our best and most cherished friends. Each of you 
holds a special place in our hearts. Thanks for all the love and 
laughter. Your friends forever. Brie and Sally 

To the 1997 Yearbook Staff 

Thank you for a great year. You all excelled when things 
got hectic. And you all know it was hectic most of the time. I will 
never forget this experience and in the words of Sarah MacLachlan. 
" I Will Remember You"! 

Your Friend and Adviser, Sean 




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Abbacciano, Jacquelyn 

■98 110, 111, 159, 

160, 178, 179 
Abbasciano, Kristy '97 

52, 105, 155, 156, 

158, 159, 163, 178 
Abramo, MitcheirOO 132 
Abruzzi, Maryanne '99 

120, 155, 157, 160, 

163, 166 
Adams, Natasha '00 141 
Adelmann, Michael J. 

'99 22, 46, 120, 121 
Ahearn, Miss Kate 145 
Ahearn, Miss 

Maribeth 38, 145 
Ahem , Michael '99 120 
Ahern, Mary-Rene 

'99 120 
Ainlsey, Steven '99 120, 

Alberti, Justin D. '97 52 
Alden, Sarah '98 115 
Alger, Kristen 

'98 110, 112, 166 
Allan, Amy Lynn '00 141 
Allan, David '98 110 
Allan, Jeremy P. '97 52 
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Amendolare, Miss 

Maria 145 
Ames, David '97 53 
Ames, Shannon 

'97 53, 158, 166 
Anderson, Jessica L. 

'00 132 
Anderson, Lindsay E. 

'00 132, 183 
Anderson, Melissa S. 

'99 39, 120, 157, 160 
Anderson, Mrs. 

Pricilla 38, 145 
Anderson, Nicholas 

'98 110, 179 
Anderson, Sarah L 

'98 110 
Anderson, Shaun 

'97 53 

236 Index 

Anderson, Timothy M. 

'99 120, 165 
Andrade, Jessica 

'98 110, 160 
Andrade, Rachel M. '98 

37, 115, 160, 161, 

Andrews, Jacob 

'00 132, 177 
Andrews, Michael R. 

'00 132, 177 
Anthony, Lauren E. 

'97 53, 183 
Anthony, Mrs. Mary 145 
Antonini, Colleen M. 

'99 120, 159, 183 
Antonini, Ryan A. 

'98 110 
Apostolec, M. 163 
Arana, Mrs. Susan 145 
Arcese, Henry J. '00 132 
Arena, Mr. Rich- 
ard 145, 161 
Arruda, Meredith L. 

'97 53, 161, 179 
Askins, Jarrod 

'97 54, 73 
Audette, Ms. 

Michele 145 
Axon, Dane '00 132 
Azevedo, Michael 

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Babini, Douglas '00 132 
Bacci, Brian 

'97 54, 104 

Bahnemann, Matthew 

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Baker, Kerri Lynn 

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Baleyko, John '99 120 
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Basilic, Heloizio '98 110 
Bastoni, John '98 165 
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'97 54, 158 
Beauregard, Jacob 

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Bemis, Katherine 

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'97 54, 158, 161, 162 
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Berry, Lisa '97 102 
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Bertolo, Emily 

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Besser, Marianna 

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Bettencourt, Robert 

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Betts, George '00 132 
Bicho, Jessica '00 132 
Bishop, Mrs. Doris 145 
Bisschop, Anthony 

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'97 40, 55, 176, 177 
Blaha, Rebecca '98 110, 

157, 163, 178, 179 
Blake, Jonathan '00 132 
Blanchard, Mrs. 

Suzanne 145, 148 
Blanchard, Scott '97 55 
Boccaci, Keri 

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Boccelli, Joseph '99 120 
Bohlken, Mandy '99 120 
Boissonneau, Steven 

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Boncek, Peter '00 132 
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John 145 
Bosse, Brian '98 110 
Bougopoulos, Gregory 

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Boulerice, Alfred '00 132 
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Boyce, Thomas 

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Boyden, Danielle 

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Boyden, Nicole 

'97 52, 55 
Brace, Gregory '99 120 
Brace, Theresa 

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Bradley, Steven '00 132 
Braley, Jarred '98 115 
Braley, Luke 

'99 120, 165 
Branch, Jason '98 110 
Brandrup, Lauren 

'98 110 
Brandt, Daniel '97 55, 

Brant, Matthew '99 120 
Braun, Mr. Karl 145 
Brayton, Kelly 

'00 132, 183 
Bregoli, Nathan '00 163 
Brennan, Paul 

'99 41, 120 
Breton, Janelle 

'97 56, 158 
Brewer, Rebecca 

'99 120, 158 
Briggs, Michael 120 
Briggs, Mrs. 

Jane 43, 145 
Brophy, Stephen 

'98 110, 182 
Brown, Gary '99 120 
Brown, Jessica '00 132 
Brown, Kurt '98 110 
Brown, Mr. 

Fred 145, 147 
Brownlee, Mark '97 56 
Bruhn, Jennifer '00 132 
Brundle, Jason '98 115 
Brundrett, Keith '00 132 
Brunelle, Crystal 

'99 120, 162 
Brunelle, Jessica 

'99 120 
Brunkhorst, Kimberly 

'97 39, 56, 110 
Bruno, John '00 141 

Bryan, Shane '98 110 
Bryant, Robert '98 110 
Bryant, William '00 132 
Bryson, Amie '00 132 
Bryson, Shannon 

'98 110 
Buchanan, Nathan 

'99 121, 177 
Buckley, Christine 

'99 127 
Buckman, Joshua 

'99 121 
Buckman, Lauren 

'97 32, 56, 68, 87 
Budge, Meagan 163 
Budgell, Gregory 

'97 57, 157, 167 
Budgell, Rebecca 

'00 132,183 
Buler, Justin '97 57 
Bulman, Ryan '99 121 
Bumpus, Kristen '00 13i 
Burdick, Jennifer '98 110, 

112, 157, 158, 160, 

166, 167 
Burgess, Jennifer 

'97 57 
Burke, Aaron '00 133 
Burke, Mr. Adam 34 
Burkett, Brianna, 

'00 133,163 
Burns, Erin "99 121, 158, 

160, 168, 179 
Burns, Kathleen '97 52, 

57, 158, 159,160 
Burton, Crystal'OO 133 
Busi, Jennifer 

'00 133, 187 
Buttenworth, Kimberly 

'00 1 33 
Bythewood, Caitlin 

'97 12, 56, 57, 16" 

Nathan Knight and Erin Dyer at a PRIDE meeting 
to prepare for the Valentine's Day Dance. 


''^7"v^^;^Ji'^-'^v*3fMKlall^Wle'^fr , ^-^niY-^'^^i] 

Bythewood, Daniel 
■00 133 

Cabral, Antonette 

'00 133 
Cabral, Randy '98 110 
Cafarella, Joshua 

'00 1 33 
Caffelle, Jeffrey '98 115 
Caffelle, Russell '00 133 
Calhoun, Tarah '99 121 
Calhoun, Tyler '99 121 
Calicchia, Krista 

'97 15, 57 
Callahan, Crystal 

'00 133 
Campbell, Jacob '00 133 
Campbell, Laura '97 58 
Campobasso, Laura 

'97 58 
Canevazzi, Andrea 163 
Cannon, Matthew 

'98 110, 161 
Cannucci, Brian Jr. 

'00 133, 177 
Carchedi, Julie 

'99 121, 178 
Cardillo, Richard '99 121 
Cardinal, Nichole 

'99 121, 159, 178 
Carloni, Brian 

'98 110, 176, 177 
Carlson, Jessica '99 121 
Carlson, Terry '00 133 
Carlton, Katrina '97 58 
Carlucci, Leanne 

'99 121, 158, 163 
Carney, Catherine 

'98 110 
Caron, Kimberly '98 111 
Carpenter, William 

'97 63 
Carreiro, Michael 

'97 58, 157, 164 
Carroll, Emily 

'97 12, 58 
Carter, Lilonni '99 127 
Carter, Shane '00 133 
Carvalho, Jessica 

'00 133, 161 
Caseau, Mark '98 111 
Casella, Danielle 

'98 111, 183 
Casey, Jennifer 

'97 58, 158 
Cass, Jason '98 12 
Caveney, Jamie '97 12, 

16,18,59, 183 
Caveney, Jessie 

'00 133, 183 
Cederquist, John 

'99 121 
Centola, Kristie '00 133 
Cerrato, David '97 59 
Cesero, Jonathan 

'97 59, 167 
Chapman, Rebecca '97 
59,68,69, 104, 158, 
159, 183 

Charles, David Jr. 

'00 133, 177 
Charpentier, Kham Pha 

'99 121, 161, 163 
Chase, Julie 

'97 59, 158, 159, 165 
Chase, Michael 

'98 111, 163 
Chase, Sarah '99 127 
Chavez, Mrs. 

Sharon 145 
Cheese '97 173 
Childers, Jessica 

'98 121 
Chittapong, Lynda 

99 121, 158, 160, 191 
Chiusano, Vincent 

'99 121, 177 
Chochreck, Laura 

'99 46, 121, 159 
Christian, Scott 

'98 37, 115 
Christman, Matthew 111, 

Christnnan, Mrs. 

Frances 145 
Churchey, Brandon 

'00 133 
Chute, Andrew '00 163 
Chute, Ben 163 
Ciccone, Nicole 

'98 35, 111, 158 
Clancy, Mr. Walter 145 
Clark, Stephanie 

'99 121, 183 
Clarke, Matthew 

'98 111, 163 
Clayton, Steven 

'97 102 
Cleary, Brian '99 121 
Cleary, Erin '97 59 
Close, Adam 

'98 111, 177 
Close, Justin 

'98 111, 177 
Closter, Mr. Gary 145 
Coady, Nelle 

'97 19, 60, 160, 179 
Coakley, Mr. Robert 

L. 144 
Coelho, Ryan '97 60 
Cogswell, Angela 

'00 133, 158, 178 
Cohen, Christopher M. 

'97 60 
Cohen, Kimberly '97 

60, 157, 160 
Cohen, Sarah 141 
Colantonio, Desirae L. 

'97 60, 162, 166 
Coles, Michelle '98 115 
Colettti, Elizabeth 

'00 141 

Colley, Clifford 146 
Collins, Kimberly A. 

'97 15, 60, 160, 167 

Collins, William J. 

'99 121 
Colonna, Suzanne M. 

'97 61, 158, 161, 187 

Comiskey, Dr. 

Patricia 146 
Comperchio, Ronald 

'99 47, 121 
Conboy, Candace J. 

'99 121 
Concanon, Sarah A. 

'00 133 
Connell, Joshua 

'97 61, 115 
Connolly, Mrs. Mary 144 
Consalvi, Jennifer 

'99 120, 121, 

160, 183 
Conso, Amy Elizabeth 

'97 61, 100, 182, 183 
Conso, Anthony J. 

'98 111, 182 
Contois, Andrew J. 

'99 121 
Conway, Richard T 

'99 121, 165 
Conway, Ryan M. 

'00 133 
Cook, Jessica R. 97 61 
Cook, Jonathan C. 

'99 121,179 
Cook, Joshua B. '00 133 
Cook, Mark G. '99 121 
Cook, Nichole L. '99 121 
Cook. Timothy '98 111 
Coombs, Casey H. 

'98 111 
Coombs, Emily Jane 

'00 133, 161, 162 
Coppolino, Angelina 

'99 121 
Corbett, Ms. Wendy 146 
Corsini, Christopher 

'00 133 
Cosman, Mindy M. 

'98 111 
Costa, Jeffrey J. 

'98 111, 177 
Costa, Robert '99 121 
Costello, Matthew 

'98 111 
Cote, Joseph E. '98 111 
Cote, Marjorie C. '97 62 
Cote, Matthew R. 

'97 102 
Cote, Sean P. '99 127 
Cotter, David J. '00 133 
Cotti, Jill 163 
Coughlin, Liam O. 

'97 62 
Coupe, Miss Casey 146 
Courtney, Crystal 

'00 141 
Courtney, Shawn 

Mike McLeavy • Thanksgiving football game field show. 

'00 133 
Couture, Maureen L. 

'98 111, 158, 159 
Covell, Joshua '98 111 
Crawford, Christina M. 

'97 62, 158, 159 
Crawford, Richard J. 

'00 1 33 
Creager, Frederick S. 

'99 121 
Cressey, Debra 

'97 23, 62, 158 
Cribbie, David J. '00 133 
Cribbie, Timothy M. 

'98 111 
Crispo, Dana W. '99 121 
Croke, Gerald F '00 133 
Croke, James R. '98 111, 

156, 161, 178 
Cronin, Brienne '98 11, 

13,22,37,50, 111, 

159, 161, 173, 183 
Crosby, Danielle L. 

'98 111, 160 
Crosby, James J. IV 

'97 62 
Crosby, Nicholas Jr. 

'97 62, 84 
Crowley, Michael R. 

'99 122 
Crowley, Mrs. Ann- 
Marie 146, 159 
Crowley, Shannan M. 

'00 1 33 
Cubie, Mrs. LaRue 146 
Cunningham, Alyssa 

'97 63, 167 
Cunningham, Mason M. 

'00 133 
Curcuru, Nicholas 

'00 134, 177 

Curtis, Daniel 115 
Curtis, Jason M. '97 63 
Cusack, Brian James 

'98 111 
Gushing, Elizabeth 

'99 122, 161, 162 
Cushing, Kara L. "97 19, 

Cushman, Dennis J. 

'99 122, 182 
Czaja, Michael J. Ill 

'00 134 


Dacosta, Amanda 

'98 111 
DaCosta, Julie '99 122 
Dagget, Sean 

'97 50, 63 
Daigle, Mikala '98 23, 

122, 123, 158, 172, 

Dailey, Mrs. 

Janet 146, 157, 159 
Dainys, Brad '00 134 
Dainys, Michaer98 111 
Dale, Peter '00 141 
Daly, Thomas '98 111 
Dam, Thomas '97 63 
Damato, Mathew '98 111 
D'Ambrosio, Christina 

00 134, 159, 163, 178 
D'Ambrosio, Mrs. 

Kathleen 146 
D'Ambrosio, Virginia '97 

64, 103, 158, 159, 

160, 172,173, 178 
Daniels, Charles 

'97 66, 84 

Index 1^7 

Brian Bacci • Soccer 

Daniels, Matthew 

'00 134 
Daniloff, James 

'00 111, 134 
Darosa, Leonel 

'98 111, 160, 177 
Darsh, Angela 163 
Darsh, Michael 163 
Davenport, Jessica 

'99 122 
Davidson, Christopher 

'99 122, 159, 161 
Davin, Kimberley 

'97 64 
Davis, Stephen '99 122 
Dawes, Adam '00 134 
Dawson, Mrs. 

Nancy 146 
Days, Johnathan 

'00 134 
Debra, Mrs. Hanley 171 
DeCost, Stephen '97 52, 

64, 156, 160, 162, 

DeGutis, Carrie '97 64 
DeLa, Meghan 

'97 64, 158, 159, 160 
Delancey, Daniel 

'98 73, 111 
DeLaney, Charles 

'97 64 
Delaney, Sean '00 134 
Delano, Stephanie 163 
Delgado, Anna Maria 

'98 111 
Deloid, Sean 

'00 134, 177 
Delory, Sarah 

'98 9, 47, 112, 173 
Deltano, Anthony 

'97 65 

238 Index 

Deltano, Sean '00 134 
Demaio, Anthony 

'00 1 34 
Demarsh, Brian '00 134 
DeMarsh, Katherine 

99 122, 125, 161, 178 
Demille, Michelle 

'00 134, 187 
Dennen, Christopher 

'00 134 
Dennen, Jonathon 

'98 112 
Denoncourt, Nichole 

'97 17, 65 
DeOliveira, Kristen 

'98 112, 178 
DeOrio, Nicholene 

'99 122, 162 
Deptula, Christopher 

'97 65 
Desaulniers, Lesley '97 

Desautels, Mark 

'97 66, 157, 161, 179 
Desrosiers, Sara 

'00 134, 163 
Destefano, Corey 

'00 1 34 
Destefano, Courtney 

'00 1 34 
Destefano, David 

'00 134, 158 
DeStefano, Kristie 

■97 66, 161, 162, 178 
DeStefano, Michael 

'99 122, 163 
Detrani, Joseph '98 112 
Devereaux, Steven 

'99 122 
DeYoung, Naomi 

'99 122 

Dicarlo, Kristin '00 134 
DiCecca, Marissa 

'00 134, 178 
Dickerson, Amber 

'98 10, 112 
Dickerson, Theodore 

'97 66, 188 
Dienhart, Lyn '97 17, 38, 

52,66, 100,104, 

156, 158, 159, 161, 

186, 187 
DiGrasse, Ms. Jodi 146 
Digravio, Melissa 

'98 112, 158 
Dillon, Brendan 

'97 21, 66, 157, 161 
Dillon, Patrick 

'99 122, 158 
Dillon, Shannon '00 134 
DiMambro, Ms. 

Francesca 146 
Dimauro, Matthew 

'00 134 
Dinon, Michael '98 112 
Dinon, Thomas 

'97 67, 166 
Dion, Lenore 

'00 134, 183 
DiSanto, David 

'97 67, 177 
Ditmars, Michelle 

'97 67, 161 
Dixon, Dean '98 112 
Dobson, Jarod '00 134 
Doherty, Daniel '98 112 
Donahue, Patrick 

'99 122 
Donlan, Christine 

'98 112 
Donnelly, Melissa 

'98 112, 160 
Dooley, Charles '98 112 
Dore, Jennifer 

'98 112, 159, 187 
Dore, Sarah 

'99 122, 187 
Dorr, Mr. 

Donald 37, 146 
Dotolo, Catherine 

'99 122, 159, 183 
Doucette, Jonathon 

'98 112 
Downey, Christopher 

'00 134, 177 
Driscoll, Jarrod 

'98 112, 182 
Druan,Amy'00 134 
Druan, Jessica '00 134 
Drude, Karl 

'00 134, 183 
Drude, Lauryn 

'97 67, 99 
Dubois, Janelle '97 12, 

Dubose, Kim 

'97 56, 67, 158 
Duerden, Ms. Marie 146 

Duffy, Richard Jr '98 112, 

157, 160, 167 
Duggan, Megan '00 134 
Dunay, Benjamin 

'99 122, 159, 182 
Dunner, John '00 134 
Dunville, David Jr 

'99 122 
Dupuis, Dionne 

'98 112, 162, 173 
Dwyer, Leigh '98 112 
Dyer, Erin '99 8, 122, 125, 

158, 161, 163 


Eason, Billy '99 122 
Easter, Amanda '99 122 
Eaton, Michael 

'97 68, 70, 182 

Eby, Ronald 

'00 134, 163 
Ecker, Nicholas 

'99 122, 177 
Edminster, Barbara 

'98 112, 161 
Edson, Brendan '98 112 
Egan, Eric '00 141 
Elias, Tara '00 135 

Jonathan 163 
Elliot, Chad '99 122 
Elliott, Patrick '00 135 
Elliott, Ryan '00 141 
Ellis, Anthony '99 122 
Ellis, Jared '98 115, 164 
Ellis, Jessica '98 112 
Enegess, Brian '97 102 
Enegess, Lindsey 

'98 112, 183 
English, Mark '97 70 
Eufrazio, Jacob '99 122 
Evans, Joseph '00 135 
Evans, Stephen Jr 

'99 122, 161 
Evirs, Shelley '00 135 

Fabricius, Rebecca 

'98 112 
Eager, Melissa 

'97 70, 166 
Fahey, Erin 

'00 135, 160, 183 
Fairbanks, Mr. Will- 
iam 146 
Fairchild, Tyler '97 69, 

70,104, 158, 159, 

Faulkner, Shannon 

'98 112 
Fausner, Anthony 

'97 70 
Fausner, Michael 

'99 122 
Feci, Justin '98 112 

Feeney, Robet '00 135 
Fein, Michael 

'98 112, 188 
Ferguson, William '97 

Fernandes, James 

'99 122 
Ferraro, Erica '97 71, 

Ferrisi, Allison 

'99 122, 173, 179 
Ferrisi, Jonathan 

'98 112 
Fetterman, David '97 71 
Fetterman, Scott 

'98 112 
Fialkowski, Mr. 

Jack 146 
Figueroa, Jose '97 103 
Finn, Jonathon '99 122 
Finn, Kristen 

'99 36, 122, 178 
Finn, Mrs. Marsha 146 
Fishel, Christina '99 123 
Fisher, Walter '97 102 
Fitzgerald, Brendan 

'00 135 
Fitzgerald, Douglas 

'98 112 
Fitzpatrick, Jason 

'99 123 
Fitzpatrick, Stephen 

'98 115 
Flaherty, Matthew 

'97 103 
Flattery, Michael '00 135 
Flood, Shane '00 135 
Flynn, Erin '97 71 
Foley, Joseph 

'98 115, 165 
Foley, Natalie '99 123 
Foley, Shawn '00 135 
Folsom, Henry Jr '97 71 

Fontaine, Mrs. 

Donna 146 
Ford, Adam '98 112 
Forend, Jason 

'98 44, 112 
Fornaciari, Mr. 

Mark 146 
Forni, Christopher 

'00 135 
Fortes, Ayres '98 115 
Foskett, James 

'00 135, 179 
Foskett, Stacey '97 4, 

52,71,104, 158, 

160, 178, 179 
Fowler, Camryn '97 71 
Franklin, Heather 

'00 135 
Frazer, Jaryl '97 34, 72 
French, Jason '97 72, 

Froman, Mr. Scott 146 
Fry, Mrs. Ruth 146 




Gabriel, James '97 72 

Galante, Debra 

'98 112, 159, 178 
Galiano, Nicholas 

'99 123 
Galipeau, Steven 

'99 123 
Gallagher, Michael 

'98 115 
Gallant, Rebecca 

'00 135 
Gallivan, Brian '00 135 
Gallo, Jesse '00 135 
Galvin, Jennifer '97 17, 

Gamble, Justin '99 123 
Garcia, David '99 123 
Garcia, Ryan 

'99 123, 127, 163 
Garippa, William 

98 112, 157, 160, 167 
Garvey, Jonathan 

'00 135 
Garvey, Sara 

'99 123, 159, 183 
Gates, Kellie'97 14, 52, 

Gates, Michael'OO 135 
Geese, Seth 

'99 123, 177 
Gehring, Pamela 

'00 135 
Geller, Jessie 

'00 135, 158, 183 
Geller, Tobey '98 10, 11, 

112, 159, 160, 178 
George, Ms. 

Lorraine 146 
Gerrior, Katie '97 69, 72, 

Gerrior, Mr. Paul 146 
Gibbons, Charles 

'98 112 
Gibson, Deanna '00 135 
Gifford, Loretta 

'98 45, 157 
Gildea, Marisa '98 112 
Gilden, Ryan '97 73 
Giles, James '97 73 
Gill, Danielle '97 36, 73 
Gill, Mrs. Elizabeth 146 
Gill, Shannon '97 38, 52, 


Gilman, Carianne 

'00 135,191 
Gilman, Jennifer '97 74 
Ginnetty, Erin '99 123 
Gledhill, Mrs. Lynn 147 
Glendye, Mrs. 

Candace 147 
Glenn, Jessica '99 123 
Glynn, Trisha 163 
Godek, Kevin '00 135 
Golden, Michaer98 112 

Gomes, Aaron 

'00 135, 177 
Good, Amanda 

'99 123, 178 
Goodwin, Bradford 

'99 123, 165 
Goodwin, Derek '97 21, 

74, 164 
Goodwin, Miss Jane 147 
Gorse, Adam 

'99 123, 182 
Gorse, Audra '99 123 
Gorse, Patrick '97 16, 

74, 164 
Gosdigian, Mark 

'98 112, 161, 182 
Goulart, Nicole 

'98 112, 162 
Grande, Rebecca 

'99 123 
Graser, Heidi 

'99 123, 187 
Graziano, Laurie '98 113 
Green, Jessica '99 8, 123, 

158, 161, 166, 167 
Green-Bradley, Kirsten 

'00 135, 183 
Greene, Danier98 113 
Greene, John '99 123 
Greene, Michael 

'99 123, 177 
Greenwood, Peter 

'00 135, 177 
Gregg, Brian '99 123 
Gregory, Mrs. 

Kathryn 147 
Greim, Andrea '00 135, 

158, 159, 183 
Greim, Matthew 

'98 113, 159, 182 
Griffin, Brian '98 113 
Griffin, Patrick '97 74, 

Griffith, Derek '99 127 
Griffith, Jeremy '00 135 
Grillo, Michael '00 135 
Guarnotta, Michael 

'97 74, 164 
Gubbins, Patricia 

'98 115 
Guertin, Douglas 

'00 135 
Guidaboni, John '99 123 
Gunn, Branden 

'99 123, 158, 161 
Gustafson, Jared 

'00 135 
Gustafson, Lauren 

'98 10, 113, 161 


H-Bomb'97 173 

Hackett, Melissa '00 136 
Hadaway, Carrie 
'97 19, 74 

Haggett, Dawn 

'98 112, 113 
Haley, Joseph '98 115 
Haley, Shayna '97 102 
Hall, Melissa '99 123 
Hall, Michael '98 113 
Hall, Rebecca 

'98 113, 163 
Hamblin, Karen '00 136 
Hamilton, Lisa 

'99 123, 191 
Hanafin, Ms. 

Madeline 147 
Hankard, Jennifer 

'97 75, 162 
Hankard, Katie 

'98 113, 158 
Hanley, Mrs. Debra 147 
Hanna, Ashly '00 136, 

158, 159, 178 
Hanna, Mr. James 147 
Hanney, Lisa 

'99 123, 167 
Hanrahan, Brian 

'00 136, 177 
Hanrahan, Sean '97 75, 

Hans, Sarah 

'00 136, 178 
Harding, Courtney 

'00 1 36 
Harding, Jennifer '97 75 
Harding, Laurell '98 113 
Harkin, Valerie 

'00 136, 187 
Harmon, Christine 

'97 75, 91, 191 
Harmon, Derek '98 113 
Harrington, Elizabeth '98 

113, 123, 158, 159, 

160, 179 
Harrington, Timothy 

'99 123, 179 

Harris, Andrew '99 123 
Harris, Christina '97 103 
Harris, Joseph '97 103 

Harris, Matthew '99 123 
Harris, Stephen '98 113 
Harrison, James 

'99 123, 161 
Harrison, Mr. Gary 147 
Hart, Jillian '00 136 
Hart, Mr. Roy 147 
Hart, Mrs. Kelley 147 
Harteil, Miss Lynne 147 
Hashey, Laura 

'00 136, 163 
Haskell, Mr. Barry 144 
Haskins, Kristen 

'98 113, 191 
Hastings, Holly 

'98 113, 163, 178 
Hastings, Sean 

'99 123, 167 
Hathaway, Adam 

'98 113, 166 
Hathaway, Brendan '97 

Hathaway, Chad '97 103 
Hathaway, Cyra '98 112, 

113, 157, 160 
Hathaway, Kimberly 

'00 1 36 
Hayden, Jay 

'98 113, 161 
Hayden, Kristopher 

'99 124, 165 
Hayden, Lindsay '99 124 
Hayes, Erik '99 124 
Hayes, Jacqueline 

'99 124, 167 
Heffron, Cassandra 

'00 136 
Hegerich, Jason '99 124 
Heller, Jeanine 

'00 136, 191 
Hemmings, Sandy '97 

Heslin, Mr. Tho- 
mas 147 
Hess, Amanda 

'98 113 
Hicks, Brett '98 115 
Hicks, Mr. Tho- 
mas 147, 150 
Higgins, Deanna 

'99 124, 191 
Higgins, Jennifer 

'98 76, 113, 191 
Higgins, Robert 

'00 136, 177 
Hill, Alicia '99 124, 163, 

172, 173, 183 
Hill, Christopher 

'97 17, 76 
Hill, Joshua '97 9, 76, 

Hill, Peter 

'00 136, 158 
Histen, Gavin 

'00 136, 160 
Hoban, Jacquelyn 

'97 103 
Hoban, James 

'00 136 
Hobart, Dareck 

'98 113 
Hoff, Matthew 

'99 124, 167 
Hogan, Daniel 

'98 113, 177 
Hogan, Meghan 

'00 136, 191 
Hohl, Kelly 

'99 124, 183 
Hoitt, Edward '00 136 

North/South Thanksgiving Day Game 

Index 239 

Cindy Renolds, Mikala Daigle, and Tiff Rberts • New York 

Holbert, Chad '99 124 
Holland, Jennifer '98 113 
Holmes, Erin 

•99 32, 124, 158, 159 
Holmes, John '98 113 
Holmes, Luke 

'98 113, 167 
Holt, Julie '99 124, 125, 

156, 161, 182, 183 
Honan, Erin 

'00 136, 183 
Horan, Catherine 

'97 76 
Norton, Ryan '97 21, 23, 

34, 42, 46, 50, 76, 

Hough, Kimberly 

'98 113,178 
Howe, Jamie '97 41, 52, 

77, 157, 160 
Hoxie, Anna 

'99 124, 159, 178 
Hoyt, Jacqueline '97 15, 

68,77, 159, 163, 178 
Huckle, Nicole '00 136 
Hudson, Michelle 

'99 122, 124, 158 
Huffmaster, Elaine 

'00 1 36 
Hufnagle, Kerri 

■98 113, 161, 163 
Hufnagle, Kurt '00 136 
Hughes, Ryan '97 44, 77, 

Hull, Jennifer '97 77, 

159, 178 
Hunter, Chad 

'98 113, 164 
Hunter, Rebecca 

'99 124, 158 
Hurd, Caitlin 

240 Index 

'98 8, 113, 163 
Hurd, Derek '00 136 
Hurd, Matthew '00 136 
Hurley, Ryan '97 52, 73, 

77, 160, 167 
Hurney, Lynne 

'98 113, 182, 183 
Hutchinson, Mrs. 

Jacqueline 147 

landoli, Erik '00 136 
Infascelli, David 

'00 136, 177 
Infascelli, Karen 

'98 113, 161 
Infascelli, Stephen 

'97 12, 77, 178, 179 
Ingemi, Christian '97 78 
Ingemi, Michelle '99 124 
Inglis, Sara '99 124, 162 
Irvine, Chris 163 
lula, Nanette 

'98 113, 160 
Ivas, Jason '98 115 
Ivers, Deborah 

'99 124, 159, 183 

Jacobs, Margaret 

'00 136 
Jacobs, Sarah '98 113 
Jameson, Rhonni 

'00 136, 158, 191 
Jeffery, Kenneth 

'00 136, 177 
Jeffery, Leanne 

'99 124, 178 
Jencyowski, Anthony 

'00 141, 177 

Jencyowski, Justine 
'97 78 

Jennings, Stephen 

'99 127 
Jesse, Jeremy '99 127 
Jezierski, Michael '97 4, 

Jitiam, Jacklyn '97 16, 

38,39,78, 158, 159, 

Johannesen, Erica 

'00 136, 163 
Johnson, Erin '97 12, 16, 

Johnson, Jennifer 

'98 115, 158, 159 
Johnson, Mr. Ear- 
nest 147 
Jolie, Robert '00 136 
John, Kelley '98 113 
Jolliemore, Jenalee 

'00 137 
Jones, Erica 

'99 48, 49, 124 
Jones, Mr. Bruce 147 
Jones, Mrs. Kathy 147 
Jones, Susan '98 115 
Jones, Troy 

'98 113, 163 
Joyce, Mr. 

John 44, 147, 164 


Kahrl, Mr. Ben- 
jamin 147, 148 

Kaiser, Mrs. 

Donna 148, 161 

Kalaher, Jonathon 
'98 113, 159 

Kalaminsky, Ms. 169 

Kamachi, Natsuki 

'98 113, 160 
Karbott, Jennifer '97 69, 

78, 104, 158, 182, 

Kasarjian, Mr. Peter 148 
Kasarjian, Mrs. 

Debbie 148 
Kay, Meredith 

'98 18, 113 
Kearney, Matthew 

'99 124 
Kearney, Michelle 

'97 20, 50, 79, 187 
Kearney, Rebecca 

'98 113 
Keating, Mrs. An- 
drea 148 
Keegan, Christopher 

'00 137 
Keegan, Jillian '00 137 
Keegan, Katherine 

'98 113, 158 
Keenan, Timothy 

'00 137, 177 
Kegal, Lindsay '98 111, 

113, 158, 159, 160, 

163, 178 
Keith, Sherry 

'99 124, 127 
Kelley, Jiir98 113, 183 
Kelley, Mr. Michael 148 
Kelley, Sean '97 18, 39, 

79, 163 

Kelly, Sean '00 137 
Kelly, Tracey '97 17, 52, 


159, 160, 178,179 
Kempton, Jonathan 

'98 113, 165 
Kent, David 

'98 113, 158, 161 
Keris, L. 163 
Kerrigan, Jennifer 

'97 69, 79, 158, 161 
Kerry, Patrick '00 137 
Kiernan, Gabriel 

'98 113, 182 
King, Adam '98 115 
Kirby, Kaitlin '00 137 
Kirby, Mr. Richard 148 
Kishkis, Lynda '97 79, 

158, 173 
Kleinberg, Jeanne 

'00 137, 159, 163 
Kleinhenz, Kimberly 

'00 141 
Knickerbocker, Tara 

'00 137, 183 
Knight, Gary '97 21, 79 
Knight, Nathan '99 124, 

158, 172, 173 
Koch, Ian '98 113 
Koons, Donald 

'99 124, 177 
Koons, James '00 137 

Koplan, Julie 163 
Kozlowski, Jennifer 

'00 137 
Krause, Nichole 

'99 50, 124 
Kumakawa, Junko 

'99 124, 160, 17C. 
Kuntz, Joseph 

'00 137, 177 
Kurkoski, J. 163 

Labrie, Kimberly '99 12 
LaChance, Christopher 

'97 80, 113,159, 

Laffan, Alison '97 80, 

161, 178,179 
Laffan, Audrey '00 137 
Lafond, Michelle '99 12; 
Lagrone, Michael 

'99 124, 158 
LaGrutta, Robert '98 5, 

113, 176 
Lague, Mrs. Alice 148 
Lally, Michelle '00 137 
Lamb, Mr. John 148 
Lamb, Mrs. Carol 148 
Lamotte, Gary '99 124 
Lamotte, Kristy '98 113 
Landry, Christopher 

'99 124 
Landry, Jennifer '99 12' 
Landry, Marcel '00 137 
Landry, Michael 

'98 48, 113 
Lang, Robert '00 137 
Langlois, Crissy '00 13' 
Laperriere, Ms. Beth 14; 
LaPointe, Karen 

'97 15, 80, 183 
Laramee, Nicole '98 It 
Larochelle, Branden 

'00 1 37 
Larsen, Thomas '98 11: 
Larson, Christopher 

'97 80 
Lauzier, Cassandra 

'00 137, 158, 183:j 
Lauzon, Justin '98 113 
Lawless, Brian '99 124 
Lawless, Eric '00 177 
Leach, Justin 

'99 36, 124 
Leaman, Kenneth 

'00 137, 177 
Leary, Brianne 

'99 124, 159, 183 
Leavitt, Lisa Marie 

'98 113, 162 
Lee, Shawn 163 
Leili, Erica'97 16, 50, 8* 

Lembo, Jennifer '00 13' 
Lemmo, Jason 

'99 46, 124 

Keliie Gates • Octoberfest 

Leonard, Erin 103 
Leonard, Jillian 137 
Leonard, Margaret 124, 

159, 183 
Leonard, Mrs. Carol 40, 

Lepage, Jeffrey '98 113 
Lepage, Jennifer '00 141 
Levine, Lena 

'00 137, 183 
Levy, Mr. Barry 148 
Lewis, Steven 

'99 124, 165 
Leyden, Thomas '98 113 
Libby, Jason '00 137 
Light, Lindsey '99 124 
Light, Ryan '97 103 
Lincoln, James '98 115 
Lincoln, Stacey 

'98 113, 191 
Lincoln, Suzanne 

'98 113, 178 
Linden, John '98 107 
Lindquist, Shawn 

'00 137 
Linehan, Erin '97 15, 80 
Linnehan, Adam '00 137 
Litchfield, Dana '99 124 
Lloyd, Mrs. Barbara 148 
Lombardo, Jill 

'99 124, 178 
Lonergan, Don '99 124 
Lopes, Nathan '97 103 
Loranger, George '98 113, 

160, 161, 177 
Lordan, Aja '99 35, 46, 

124, 141, 183 
Loretta, Gifford '98 112 
Lorranger, Mr. Mark 148 
Loughman, Jennifer 

'99 124, 134, 166 

Luce, David '99 124 
Lucero, Ryan '00 137 
Lucey, John Jr. '97 52, 



Luciano, Anthony 

'98 113 
Luciano, Tina '99 124 
Luddy, Mrs. 

Deborah 148 
Lunt, Marianne '00 137 
Luongo, Kevin 

'98 113, 163, 182 
Luoto, M. 163 
Lydon, Adam 

'99 124, 167 
Lynch, R. 163 
Lynch, Timothy '00 137 
Lyons, Kerry '97 81 


MacAllister, Mrs. Su- 
san 148 
Maccaferri, David 

'98 113, 163 
Maccaferri, Ms. 

Judy 148 
MacDonald, Robert 

'97 81, 161, 166 
Maciejewski, Kara 

'00 137 
MacKay, Amanda 

'00 137 
MacKenzie, Douglas 

'98 113 
MacLachlan, Morag '98 

11, 112, 113, 159, 

160, 161 
MacManus, Nichole 

'99 124, 161, 162 

MacNeil, Deanna 

'00 137 
Macomber, Jason 

'98 113 
MacRae, Carolina 

'98 114 
Magdziak, Alexandra 

'98 114, 160 
Maguire, Robert '99 124 
IVIahoney, Deanna '97 9, 

Mahoney, Jean '99 124 
Mahoney, Jillian 

99 124, 158, 159, 173 
IVIahoney, Julie '97 82 
IVIahoney, IVIichael 

'97 82, 158, 159, 163 
Mahoney, Ryan '98 114 
Mahoney, Sara '00 137, 

158, 159, 161, 163, 

Malaguti, Keith '97 82, 

Malaguti, Michael 

'98 115 
Malonson, Justin 

'00 137 
Mann, Timothy '99 127 
Manoli, Dennis '98 114 
IVlanson, Andrew '97 16, 

Manton, Lisa 

'99 124, 183 
Marek, Jaime '99 124 
Marinelli, Amanda 

'98 159 
Marinelli, Mark 

'00 137, 160, 177 
Mark, Christopher 

'98 114, 161 
Marks, Mrs. Kathy 148 
Marrano, John '99 124 

Marshall, Joshua 

'00 137 
Marshalsea, Kendra 

'00 137 
Martel, Amber '98 114 
Martel, Anthony '99 124 
Martin, Cari '98 114 
Martin, Charlotte '00 137 
Martin, Danielle '00 137 
Martin, Dax '00 137 
Martin, Jill '98 114, 158 
IVIartin, Michele '97 82, 

158,161, 162, 173, 

Martin, Mr. Thomas 

E. 144 
Martin, Mrs. Susan 149 
Martin, Sondra '97 83 
Martitz, Jason 

'00 137, 158 
Marzelli, Mr. David 149 
Marzuq, Eyad '97 83, 

Marzuq, Kholoud 

'00 137 
Mascio, M. 163 
Masi, Paul '99 124 
Mason, Gabrielle '98 114 
Mastandrea, Andrea 

'99 124, 158 
Mastandrea, Jennifer 

'99 124, 183 
IVIasters, Joshua '97 83 
Matalavage, Darrell 

'98 114 
IVIatalavage, Todd '97 

103, 177 
Matthews, Jesse '00 136 
Matthews, Victoria '99 

124, 163, 172, 173, 

Matthews, Warren '97 8, 

13,50,83, 154,173 

Maxim, Roy '99 124 
May, Jillian '00 137 
Mayer, Laura 

'99 124, 160 
Mayner, Victoria '99 124 
Mazzilli, Michelle 

'99 124 
McCarrick, Charles 

'98 114 
McCarthy, Shannon 

'98 114 
McClellan, Jonathan 

98 114, 156, 161, 163 
McClellan, Matthew 

'99 124, 182 
McClellan, Melissa 

99 120, 121, 125, 191 
McCormack, Patrick 

'99 125 
McCray-Byrne, Erin 

'98 114 
McDevitt, Amy '98 115 
McDevitt, Keri 

'00 137, 183 
McDevitt, Michael '97 

McDougall, Nichole 

'00 1 37 
McDowell, Vanessa 

'98 114 
McEachern, Joseph 

'99 125 
McEnroe, Scott '00 137 
McEnroe, Shaun '98 115 
McFadyen, Elaine 

'99 125, 178 
McFarland, Melissa 

'00 137 
McGanty, Kelley '98 125 
McGrath, Keryn 

'99 125, 191 

Mr. Souza, Mr. Westfield, and Mr. Kasarjian prepare lunch for seniors at 

Index 241 

McGuire, Janel '98 115 
McHugh, Caitlin '00 137 
McHugh, Dawn-Marie 

'97 15, 83 
Mclnnis, Ms. Ellen 149 
Mclntyre, Sean '00 137 
McKenna, Candice 

■99 125, 158 
McKenney, Jennifer 

'98 114. 191 
McKeown, Elizabeth 

'97 16, 83, 178, 179 
McLaughlin, Maureen 

■97 16, 84, 158, 161 
McLaughlin, Stephen 

■97 84 
McLaughlin, Wayne 

■98 115 
McLean, Johanna 

■99 125, 160, 178 
McLeavy, Michael '97 

14,68,84, 156, 163 
McMahon, Helen '98 114 
McMinamin, Nicole 

00 137 
McNamara, Mrs. 

Phyllis 149 
McNulty, Ms. Sheila 148 
McNulty, Patrick 

00 137, 177 
McPhee, Stephen 

■00 137, 177 
McPherson, Denise 

'98 114 
McPherson, Katherine 

'99 125, 167 
McShane, Robert '97 

84, 105,160 
McSwiggin, Amanda 

'99 125 
Mearls, Amy '00 137 
Meehl, L. 163 
Meigs, Erik '00 42, 125 
Meigs, Ginger '97 103 
Melillo, Anna 

'00 137, 158 
Melillo, Michael '00 141 
Melito, Danier99 125 
Mell, Japheth 

'99 125, 161 
Mellace, Brian '99 127 
Mello, Edward '98 114 
Mello, Michelle 

'99 51, 125, 173 
Mellor, Brianna '97 17, 

Melone, Jennifer '99 125 
Melone, Jessica '00 137 
Mendez-Godley, April 

'99 125 
Messier, Ms. 

Rhonda 149 
Metta, Ms. Maureen 149 
Micozzi, Mr. Nicola 144 
Miller, H. 163 
Miller, Jason '97 85, 

158, 182 

242 Index 

Miller, Katelyn '97 85 

Miller, Magen '99 125 
Miller, Tracey '98 115 
Millerick, James '99 125 
Milliken, Melissa '00 137 
Mingace, Jennifer 

'99 125 
Mitchell, Julie '00 141 
Mitchell, Laura '99 125 
Mohr, Scott 

'98 125, 177 
Mohr, Warren '97 85 
Molloy, Robert '00 137 
Monaghan, Erin '99 127 
Monaghan, Jason 

'99 125 
Monahan, Kevin '00 137 
Montgomery, M. 163 
Moore, Lyndsay 

'00 137, 162 
Moore, Melissa '00 137 
Moore, Scott '99 127 
Morais, Corey '00 137 
Morals, Mark '00 137 
Morales, Katie 163 
Moreland, Elizabeth 

'97 16, 52, 85, 161 
Morgan, Jeremy 

'99 125, 163, 177 
Morgan, John '00 137 
Mori, Anthony '00 125 
Morin, Darcy '97 38, 69, 

Morin, Melissa 

'99 39, 125, 162, 187 
Morin, Michael'gs 114 
Morrison, David '98 114 
Morse, Christopher 

'99 125, 177 
Morse, Gregory '97 86, 

Morse, Jon '99 127 
Morse, Leah '98 114 
Morse, Stephen '97 38, 

Morton, Mrs. Paula 149 
Moses, Mr. Phillip 149 
Mottola, Pasquale 

'99 127 
Moyer, Dorothy '97 37, 

Moyer, Stephen 

'99 125, 177 
Muir, Mr. Robert 149 
Muldoon, Richard 

'00 141 
Mulkahy, Jonathan 

'00 141 
Mullen, Wayne '97 36, 

Mullin, John '00 137 
Murray, Karyn 

'00 138, 183 
Murray, Katelyn 

'99 125, 158, 173 
Muscato, Carry Lynn 

'00 125 


Nadeau, Mr John 149 
Nalette, Jessica '98 115 
Naples, Angela '97 13, 

23,46,73,86, 158, 

162, 172, 173 
Naples, Daniel '99 125 
Natale, Jennifer 

'99 122, 125 
Naughton, Caitlin 

'00 138, 158, 191 
Neault, T. 163 
Needel, Jared '00 138 
Ness, J. 163 
Nevens, Dana '97 86 
Newman, Samuel '97 

Nicholson, Scott '97 87 
Nickerson, Craig '99 125 
Nickerson, David 

'00 138, 177 
Nickerson, Jason 

'98 114 
Nickerson, Jennifer 

'98 114,187 
Nickerson, Matthew 

'00 1 38 
Nickerson, Melinda 

'00 138 
Nickerson, Shawn 

'99 126, 177 
Nielsen, K. 163 
Noddin, Sally '99 141 
Nordgren, Erika '97 50, 

Novotny, Justin '00 138 
Nunnari, Mr. Leo 149 


O'Brien, Erin 

'00 138, 183 
O'Brien, James '98 115 
O'Brien, Katherine 

'00 138 
O'Brien, Mark '98 114 
O'Brien, Nicholas '97 87 
O'Brien, Patrick '98 114 
O'Brien, Patrick '99 126 
O'Callaghan, Michael 

'98 103, 114 
O'Connell, Lawrence 

'00 138 
O'Connor, M. 163 
O'Day, Mr. Robert 

C. 144 
O'Donnell, Jodie '98 114 
O'Donnell, Michael 

'98 114, 177 
O'Keefe, Sean '97 15, 

Olds, Derek 

'00 138, 177 
Oliveira, Katie '98 114 
Olsen, Amanda '00 138 
Olson, Michael '99 126 
Olson, Ryan '99 126 

Lisa Hanney and Brian Silva • Walt Disney World 

Olwell, Melissa 

'00 138, 160, 191 
O'Malley, Chris '97 22, 


O'Meara, Katherine 

'99 126, 159, 191 
O'Neil, Kathryn '99 126 
O'Neill, Jonathan 

'98 12, 114 
Orchard, Mr. 

Gordan 149 
Orchard, Mrs. 

Bethany 149 
Ormsbee, Kassianna 

'00 1 38 
O'Rourke, Michael 

'00 138 
Osgood, Shelly '99 126 
Ostby, Richard 

'99 122, 126 
Ouellette, Gary Jr 

'98 114, 182 
Ouimet, James '00 138 
Ouimette, Mrs. 

Carol 149 
Owens, Daniel '97 103 

Packard, Kevin '97 88, 
158, 180 

Packard, Sarah '99 126, 

158, 162, 179 
Paine, Christopher 

■99 126 
Paine, Jennifer '97 88, 

Palacios, Shawn ^99 126 
Palmer, Michele 

00 138, 163, 178, 179 
Palmer, Sarah ■OO 138 
Pambuko, Donald 

■00 138 
Panarelli, Crystal 

'98 114, 187 
Paquette, Melissa 

'00 138, 187 
Parece, Ms. Susan 149 
Parker, Joseph '00 138 , 
Parker, Matthew '99 12( 
Parrell, Christopher 

'00 138 
Paskavitch, Anne i 

'00 138 
Pasolini, Nicholas 

'98 42, 114, 167, 17, 
Patrician, Rachel '97 86 1 

Pawlowski, Timothy 

'98 114, 163 
Peacock, Jason 163 
Pearson, Jennifer 

'99 126 
Pedini, Valerie '99 127 
Peirce, Michaer98 114 
Pelton, Douglas '00 141 
Penney, Christopher 

'98 114, 182 
Penney, Ross '00 138 
Pennucci, Matthew 

'98 114 
Percy, Jason '99 126 
Pereira, Mr Ken 149 
Perkins, Ms. Kathy 149 
Perrotta, Bridget 

'98 114, 191 
Perry, Ami-Jean '98 114 
Perry, Crystal '00 138 
Perry, Joel '97 36, 87, 

88,160, 189 
Perry, Michaer98 114 
Perry, Michael J. '00 13! 
Perry, Sheri '98 114 
Perry, Thomas '00 138 

Perry, Troy 

'00 50, 138, 177 
Pestilli, Erin '97 88, 105 
Peterson, Charles 

'99 126 
Peterson, David '97 49, 

88, 166 
Petitpas, Justin '98 114 
Petrangelo, Mr. 

Jules 148 
Petrocelli, Ms. Sheila 52, 

147, 148, 149 
Petruzzelli, Mr. Lou 149 
Phillips, Abby 163 
Phillips, Ben 163 
Phillips, Jeremy '98 114 
Phipps, Carley '99 126 
Phipps, Jenna '97 38, 

89, 158 
Pierce, Jeffrey '97 36, 

Pierce, Michael '98 182 
Pierson, Jeanna '97 20, 

50,89, 166 
Pimental, Jeffrey '99 126 
Pimental, Sarah '00 138 
Pinkham, Ms. Lori 150 
Pinto, Andrew '97 8, 22, 


161, 173 
Pires, Sharae '00 138 
Pittsley, Chad '97 22, 89 
Pizzarella, Christene 

'98 114 
Pizzarella, Michael 

'99 126 
Plante, Renee '00 138 
Plimpton, Taylor '97 89, 

Polito, Janneen '99 126 
Pomeroy, R. Daniel 

'98 114 

Pope, Kelly '99 126 
Porter, Mr. Jonathan 150 
Powers, Hollie 

'98 114, 178 
Prada, Joshua '00 138 
Pratt, Andrea 

'00 139, 163 
Pratt, Michelle 163 
Preciado, Joshua '97 

Prescott, Regina 

'98 23, 112, 114 
Pretti, Stephanie '99 120, 

121, 126, 160, 183 
Prifti, Ryan 22 
Prifti, Shauna 

'98 114, 191 
Pulsifer, Matthew 

'00 139 
Purdy, Mr. 

Michael 148, 150 
Purser, Jared '96/97 

Pytko, Donald 

'98 114, 163 


Quero, Jessica 

'99 48, 126, 166 
Quigley, Katherine 

'98 114 
Quinn, Frederick 

Charles '97 90, 182, 

Quintal, Sean '00 139 
Quirke, Jarred '98 115 


Raasch, Corey '97 68, 

Raasch, Zachary 

'00 139 
Raleigh, Michael '00 139 
Rapose, Mr. Scott 150 
Raymond, Tania '97 43, 

90, 105 
Reardon, Daniel 

'98 114, 188 
Rebell, Jesie '97 90, 158 
Redgate, Derek '00 139 
Redman, Jamie '98 115 
Redman, Rachel '98 114 
Reid, Thomas '00 139 
Reihl, Nicole '97 87, 90 
Reimels, Joseph 

'00 139, 163, 177 
Reisig, Scott '00 139 
Reisig, Virginia 

'98 114, 161 
Reizakis, Marcos 

'99 44, 126, 161, 173 
Rennie-Stanton, Mrs. 

Marilyn 150 
Renz, Julie '99 126, 158 
Reynolds, Cindy 

'98 114, 173 
Reynolds, James 

'00 1 39 
Ribeiro, Cacilda '97 41, 

Ribeiro, Kevin '00 139 
Ricardo, John '00 139 
Rice, Stephan '00 139 
Richard, Palmer '00 141 
Richmond, Elizabeth 

'97 91, 105, 114, 167 
Richmond, Pamela '97 

Richters, Emily '00 139 
Ricker, Michael '00 139 
Ricker, Sarah 

'99 126, 158 

Drum Major Steve DeCost 

Seniors Kim Davin and Shannan Ames sit under the hair dryers in Cosmetology. 

Riordan, Michael '97 16, 
158,160, 161 

Riordan, Mrs. 

Denene 150 
Riordan, Tiffany 

'98 114, 160, 191 
Risotti, Gina '98 115 
Risso, Erin '00 139 
Ritval, Tiina '97 20,91, 

Rivoire, Jennifer '97 15, 


166, 189 
Roach, Nemith '97 17, 92 
Robbins, Glenn 

'99 127, 165 
Roberts, Donald '98 114 
Roberts, Heidi '00 141 
Roberts, Jessie '00 139 
Roberts, Matthew 

'00 139 
Roberts, Michael 

'00 1 39 
Roberts, Tiffany '99 42, 

123, 126, 158, 172, 

Robinson, Mr. John 150 
Robishaw, Allison 

'98 114 
Rodrigue, Mrs. 

Carole 144 
Rogan, Sean '98 115 
Rogean, Travis '98 114 
Romano, Christine 

'98 114 
Romano, Joseph 

'00 139, 177 
Romano, Mr. John 150 
Romano, Samantha 

'99 126, 158, 162 

Roop, Joshua 

'00 139, 177 
Rosario, Myreiana-Rose 

'99 139 
Rose, James '97 92, 

Ross, John '98 114 
Rothwell, Mr. Frank 150 
Roy, Mr. Guy 144 
Rozak, Edward 

'99 126, 179 
Ruemker, Christine 

'99 126 
Ruemker, Eric '00 139 
Rundell, Megan 

'99 126, 159, 183 
Runkles, James '00 139 
Ruprecht, Nicole '99 126 
Russo, Mr. Peter 150 
Ruxton, Brad '97 92 
Ryan, Kelley 

'00 139, 158 

Sadler, Brett 

'98 114, 163, 179 
Salgado, April 

'00 139, 163 
Sampson, Leighann 

'98 115 
Sampson, Lisa '99 126 
Samuelson, Sherer 

'99 126, 163 
Sanford, Michael 

'00 139 
Sanphy, Jeff '99 115 
Sansone, Mr. Peter 150 
Santheson, Keri '99 126 
Santiago, Devon '99 126 
Santiago, Erik '00 139 

Index 243 

Paula Hastings • Period 3 

Santiago, Leonardo 

'00 141 
Santino, Kristin 

'99 126, 178 
Santos, Danielle '00 139 
Santos, Heather '00 139 
Santos, Michael '00 139 
Sarceno, Jonathan 

'00 139 
Sarno, Kevin '97 92 
Savery, Michele '97 92, 

157,158, 161, 163, 

Savino, Christine 

'99 126 
Sawiski, Gregory 

'00 140 
Sawiski, Jan '00 140, 

Scaglianari, Robert 

'00 140 
Scanlon, Eric '00 140 
Scaranari, Lisa '98 115 
Schaller, Jeremy '00 140 
Schelle, Richard Jr 

'00 140, 177 
Scheufele, Matthew 

'00 140 
Schneider, Deanna 

'00 140 
Schoonmaker, Mrs. 

Judith 150 
Schroeder, Suzanne 

'98 115, 183 
Schuster, Jennifer 163 
Scola, Marco '00 140 
Scott, Racher99 126 
Scott, Shonna 

00 140, 158, 162, 187 

244 Index 

Sellman, Stephanie '97 
190, 191 

Semer, Jim 22 
Sempos, Andrea 

'98 115, 183 
Sempos, Laura 

'00 140, 191 
Sessoms, Stephanie 

'98 115 
Shannon, Kathleen 

'98 115, 158, 162 
Shannon, Megan 

'00 140, 183 
Shannon, Patrick '97 9, 

Shaw, Jessie '97 32, 52, 

93, 158, 178, 179 
Shaw, Meagan '97 18, 

93, 167 
Shea, Adam '97 8, 50, 

68, 103,158, 163 
Shea, Eric '99 126 
Shea, Jonathan 

'00 4, 140, 173 
Sheridan, W. Matthew 

'00 140 
Sherman, Jason '97 103 
Shenwood, David 

'98 44, 115 
Shibley, Joseph '97 68, 

93, 158 
Shibley, Matthew 

'00 126 
Shores, Elizabeth 163 
Shorter, Simone '00 140 
Shultz, Ian '00 140 
Sidman, Dr. Bernard 144 
Silva, Antonio 

'98 45, 115 

Silva, Brian 

'98 49, 115, 177 
Silva, Debbie '97 93, 99, 

158, 161 
Silva, Jessica '00 140 
Silva, Marissa '00 140 
Silva, Mr. Richard J. 144 
Silva, Robert '97 50, 94, 

Silva, Sara '00 140, 191 
Simon, Brieanne 

'98 115, 191 
Simoneau, Justin 

'00 140 
Simpson, Angela 

'00 140 
Simpson, Ryan '98 115 
Sinclair, Sheila 

00 140, 158, 178, 189 
Sisouvong, Karen 

99 126, 158, 159, 191 
Sisouvong, Loychai '97 


Sivertsen, Michael '97 

Sivertsen, Erik '97 103 
Skellet, Gregory '97 94 
Slover, Nicholas '99 126 
Slowey Joseph '99 126 
Slowey, Laura '97 35, 

Slowey, Shawn '97 56, 

Small, Patrick '97 95 
Smith, Daniel '99 126 
Smith, Graham '99 126, 

Smith, J. 163 
Smith, Jeffrey '99 126 
Smith, Joseph '00 140 
Smith, Kimberly '97 15, 

95, 178 
Smith, Lauren '97 16,95 
Smith, Melissa 

'99 126, 163 
Smith, Miss Karen 150 
Smith, Nicole '97 103 
Smith, Sarah '00 140 
Smith, Sarah 

'99 126, 166 
Somers, Brian '00 140 
Sore, Lisabeth '00 140, 

158, 159, 161, 163, 

Sorenson, William 

'99 126 
Soto, Kathryn '98 115 
Sotomayor, Kerri 

'99 126, 160, 183 
Soule, Matthew '00 140 
Souza, Mr. John 144 
Spellman, Elizabeth 
'98 115, 183 
Spencer, Heather '97 

Spillane, Jay '98 115 

Spillane, Sara '00 140 
Spillane, Steven '97 17, 
68,95, 189 

Spillane, Thomas 

'99 126 
Spinney, Jesse 

'99 126, 182 
Spooner, Matthew 

'99 126 
St. Cyr, Mrs. Lou 

Ann 150 
Stanton, Mr. 

Michael 150 
Staples, Billy '00 140 
Staples, Eric '98 115 
Staruski, Michael '97 

Stefan i, Kate 

DO 140, 159, 160, 178 
Steiger, Emily 

'99 126, 159 
Stein, Tanya '99 127 
Stenquist, Crystal '97 

Stephens, Luke '99 126 
Stephens, Sarah '97 96 
Stephenson, Ms. 

Amy 150 
Sterling, Ms. Ram 150 
Stevens, Alexis '99 126 
Stevens, Lillian '98 115, 

159, 162, 189 
Stevens, Mr. Kent 144 
Stevens, Mrs. Sally 150 
Stewart, Nathan '97 96 
Stiles, Ethan '97 19, 96 
Stiles, Marc '00 140 
Stoffo, Christina 

'00 140, 183 
Stokes, Karii '00 141 
Stone, Gary '00 140 

Stone, Lindsey 

'00 140, 178 
Stork-Hanson, Chris 

'99 126 
Stracuzzi, Mrs. 

Mary 150 
Strassel, Philip '97 68, 

Strassel, William '00 12 
Stratton, Melissa '98 11£ 

160, 161, 163, 191 
Strauch, Jessica 

'98 115, 160, 166 
Strauch, Mrs. Jane 150 
Strausbaugh, Justin 

'00 140 
Strausbaugh, Tracey 

'98 115, 124, 183 
Stuart, Brian '98 115 
Stuart, Emily '97 103 
Suarez, Steven '99 127 
Sullivan, Christine 

'00 140, 187 
Sullivan, David 

'00 140, 179 
Sullivan, Elizabeth 

'99 126 
Sullivan, Jade 

'99 126, 178 
Sullivan, Jeremy '98 
Sullivan, Joseph '00 
Sullivan, Joseph '99 
Sullivan, Kathleen '97 

96, 158, 191 
Sullivan, Lauren 

'99 126, 160 
Sullivan, Lindsey '98 11 
Sullivan, Meredith '97 

Sullivan, Richard 

'00 140 




Loretta Gifford distributes the attendance as Katii 
Quigley delivers an order from Culinary during fift| 

Sullivan, Ryan 

'98 115, 177 
Sullivan, Timothy 

'00 140, 177 
Sullivan, William '00 140 
Sutherland, Eric '99 126 
Sutton, Nicholas '97 73, 

Swan, Dr. James 150 
Sweetnam, Jeffrey 

'99 126, 165 
Swift, Katie '00 140 
Swift, Kelley 

'98 115, 183 
Sykes, Mrs. Chris- 
tine 34, 150 
Szczepaniak, Mrs. 

Elayne 151, 161 
Szwed, Sally '98 13, 50, 

115, 158, 161, 173, 


Taglieri, Miss 

Theresa 151 
Tallent, Kimberly '99 127 
Tamosaitis, Allison '97 

Tassinari, Raymond 

'00 140 
Tavares, Andrea '98 115 
Tavares, David '00 1 40 
Tavares, Stacey '00 140 
Tawa, Andrew '98 115 
Taylor, Brian '98 115 
Taylor, Shaun '98 115 
Tedstone, Christopher 

'99 127 
Telford, Jesse '97 97 
Thatcher, Randall 

'00 140 
Thibodeau, Jason 

'00 140 
Thibodeau, Shannon 

'99 127 
Thibodeou, Shannon 

'98 50 
Thomas, Kenneth 

'98 115 
Thomas, Kristin 

'99 9, 127, 158, 173 
Thomas, Richard 

'00 140, 177 
Thomas, Shane '97 97, 

Thompson, Bobbi 

'00 140 
Thompson, Mark 

'99 127 
Thornton, Mrs. 

Sylvia 151 
Tibbetts, Christopher 

'97 36,46,97,104, 

178, 179 
Tibbetts, Jenny 

'00 140, 159 
Tibbetts, Jonathan 

'97 98, 158, 188 

Tibbetts, Nicholas 

'00 140 
Timulty, Sean '99 127 
Titterington, Jeffry 

'97 91, 98 
Titus, Beverly '97 16, 

46, 69, 84, 98, 175, 

Tobin, Thomas '97 98 
Toney, Joshua '97 20, 

Torrey, Marilyn '97 98, 

Tousignant, Patricia 

'99 127, 159, 183 
Tozzi, John '99 127 
Tracey, Kate '00 140 
Tracy, Mr. Greggory 163 
Tracy, Mr. Gregory 151 
Trainer, Greggory 

'00 141 
Trapanier, Mrs. 

Pamela 36 
Tremblay, Jenifer 99 
Trepanier, Pamela 151 
Tringale, Natalie 

'00 140, 158, 191 
Tripp, Mrs. 

Nancy 151, 157, 159 
Trosuk, Greggory 163 
Tupper, C. 163 
Turner, Jennifer 

'99 127, 163 


Ulmer, Kristen 

'99 127, 160, 191 
Usher, Jamie '00 141 

Vacchi, Michaer98 115 
Valente, Mr. Warren 144 
Vandenburgh, Mrs. 

Lynn 151 
Vandersnoek, Mrs. 

Andrea 151 
Varmette, Rhiannon 

'99 127, 163, 179 
Varosso, Derek '97 36 

99, 159, 183 
Vaughn, Katelyn '99 127 
Vayo, Jamie '00 140, 

159, 160, 183, 183 
Veasley, Caleb '99 127 
Vecchi, Mr. Paul F. 144 
Vechi, Mr. Robert 151 
Vechi, Mrs. Patricia 151 
Vendetti, Derrick '00 140 
Venezia, Kimberly 

'00 141 
Vickery, Andrew '97 8, 

Vierra, Mr. Frank 151 
Villano, Jessica '97 10, 



Vincent, Eric '98 115 
Visconti, Eric '97 100, 

Vogel, Craig '00 140 
Vohnoutka, Ellyn '00 140 
Volinic, Jamie '97 46, 

100, 158, 163 


Wager, Daniel'OO 140 
Waite, David '00 140 
Walett, Katherine 

'99 127 
Walker, Melissa '00 140 
Walker, Mrs. Mary 151 
Walker, Timothy '99 127 
Walls, Peter 

'00 140, 160, 177 
Walsh, Becky 

'98 115, 158, 159 
Walsh, Geoffrey '99 127 
Walsh, Lauren '98 115 
Walsh, Paul '99 127 
Walsh, Peter '97 100 
Ward, Charles '97 50, 

Warner, Christopher 

'00 140 
Warnock, Mrs. 

Marie 151 
Watt, Kristin '00 140 
Waugh, Jennifer '98 115 
Weare, James 

'00 141, 161 
Webb, Sarah '99 127 
Webber, Pamela 

'00 141, 187 
Webber, Steven '00 141 
Weidner, Lana 

'99 127, 178 
Weidner, Timothy 

'99 127, 164 
Welch, Paul '99 127 
Wermuth, Erica '99 127 
Werner, Mrs. 

Pauline 144 
Wesley, Ms. Helen 151 
Westfield, Mr. 

Joseph 148, 151 
Westgate, Matthew '98 

9, 111, 112, 115, 156, 

160, 182 
Westgate, Sean 8, 172 
Wheaton, Brian '97 101, 

Wheaton, Jeff '97 101 
Whipple, Colby 

'99 127, 165 
Whitcomb, Teri '97 101, 

159, 160, 166 
White, Andrea '97 101 
White, Daniel '00 141 
White, Kelly 

'98 115, 162 
White, Kimberly 115 
White, Mrs. Patricia 151 



Whiting, Michelle 

'99 127 
Whitley, Ryan '00 141 
Whitney, Richard 

'00 141 
Whittaker, Ben '98 115 
Whittle, Mr. Richard 151 
Whittle, Ms. Carolan 151 
Wibben, Casey '98 115 
Wibber, Casey '98 
Wightman, Paul '99 
Wightman, Tracey 

'00 141 
Wilde, Patrick '99 
Williams, Angela 

'99 127, 158, 160 
Williams, Derek 

'00 141, 177 
Williams, Michael 

'00 141 
Williams, Ryan '98 115 
Williams, Scott '97 103 
Williams, Shawn '97 

Williams, V. 163 
Wilson, Richard '99 127 
Winchell, Eric '98 115 
Winokur, Mrs. 

Jacqueline 144 
Winship, Deanna 

'99 127 
Wipfler, Caitlyn '99 127 
Wipfler, Mark '98 115 
Witmer, Allison 

'98 111, 115, 191 
Wolf, Ms. Ann 151 
Wood, Benjamin '00 141 
Wood, John '00 141 
Wood, Melissa '98 115 
Wood, Michael '00 141 
Wood, Sean '98 115 

Wood, Timothy 

'98 49, 115 
Woods, Mrs. Olivia 151 
Woodworth, Melissa 

'97 101 
Wright, David '97 102 
Wright, Elizabeth 

'00 141 
Wynne, Jason '99 127 

Yanuskiewicz, Beth '98 
115, 159, 161, 178 

Yee, Janine '99 43, 127, 
158, 160, 165 

Young, Daniel'OO 141 

Young, Kelly 

'00 141, 187 

Zaniewski, Matthew 
'99 127, 182 
Zappala, Nick '97 102 

Zito, Frank '99 127 


Mr. Brown • NHS Blood Drive 

Index 245 

The Yearbook Staff Would Like To Extend Their Thanks to. 

• Mr. and Mrs. Ballum for heping us get started and for 
being there when ever we needed help or had any questions. 
•Mrs.Christman for helping with sales, relaying messages 
& helping in any way she could. 

• Mrs. Anthony for keeping our finances straight. 

• Mr. Braun for coordinating fall, winter, and spring team 
photo sessions. 

• Nancy Green for her work far above and beyond that of 
an official yearbook photographer. 

• Mr. Kahrl for his support. 

• All Photo Contributors whom without this book would 
not be possible. 

• Sean Westgate for putting his life on hold for a year in 
order to be our advisor. 

• Hiton Photography for taking faculty and underclass 

• Mr. and Mrs. D'Ambrosio for allowing us to move into 
their basement for the year, to stay all hours of the night and 
for helping us in any way they could. 

• Mrs. Sykes for taking the time to help with the collage . 

• E.J. and the custodial staff for putting up with us. 

• The Secretaries for helping out as much as they could. 

^ &<S)i^{/^<^<V^ 

Production of 525 coppies of the 272 page 1997 The Rock 
involved the work of the staff, advisor Mr. Sean Westgate, and 
Walsworth Publishing Company. David Roth, local Walsworth 
Representetive, provided assistance and patience throughout the 
year; M. Joy Boley oversaw production at the plant in Marceline, 
Mo. • Reflectioiu was produced entirely on Macintosh computer 
using Aldus Pagemaker 4.2 and 5.0. Most body copy and captions 
were printed in Times Roman type on 80 pound gloss paper. The 
cover was designed by staff editors, advisor, and Scott Pyle from 
Walsworth's Creative Services Department. It is made of black 
suede, silver foil, lithograph, and had an embossed binding. 
Endsheets are Series I Black with silver foil. • The official 
photographer was Nancy Green of Plymouth, MA. David Hilton of 
Worcester, MA was the underclass photographer. • The 248 page 
text Reflections was distributed on May 29, 1997. A 24 page 
supplement, Afterthoughts, followed in September 1997. 

246 Reflections of Thought 

1997 is a year to reflect upon. Graduating 
Seniors begin their journey 's down lifes seperate 
paths, leaving many memories behind only to 
begin their new lives, schools, careers, and goals. 
Friends and good times at Plymouth South High 
School will be gone, but not forgotten. New 
experiences await us all, and we welcome them. 

Parents, guardians, teachers, and friends 
have supported and guided the Class of 1997 on 
their way to graduation. They provided the 
stepping stones needed to start us on our way. It 
is up tp us to create the rest.It is our time to 
shine, and we must make the most of what has 
been taught to us, and make the most of what we 
strive to accomplish with the rest of our lives. 
Reach for your goals but remember those who 
helped you build your reflection. 

1997 Volume VII, The Rock 

Mike Staruski playing football at Octoberfest. 

Megan DeLa, Mike Adelmann, Jen Paine, and Lucas Purser at 
John Alden for the Jared Purser Benefit concert. 

Reflections of Thought 247 

248 Reflections of Thought